Prophecy: Covid 19, What’s next?

Hi everyone, today I have decided to create a very special reading, with the subject what is going to happen next on the world stage, more specifically where are all these major karmic events taking us as a collective? What can we expect? And of course how are we all going to live through this?

After much meditation and prayer, I do believe that the Divine mind has allowed me to perceive, to the very best of my intellectual capacity and understanding the BIG picture of this karmic pattern and I have decided to share this insight with all of you.

The Wheel, Hermit and 2 of Swords represent the present moment and most probably the general feel of next week and this is a really interesting combination, because it speaks about the fact that we haven’t seen nothing yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg, the true unfolding of karma, it’s most profound and life changing manifestation is yet to be witnessed. Also another very important karmic charge is that of separation, because most people are forcefully being disconnected from their states of normality, which also involves that for many people this is the very first time in their lives, when they have the chance to discover that they also have a 6th sense and by allowing that sense to guide their minds, a totally whole new face of the world becomes suddenly visible to them and this inner awakening, even if for most people this doesn’t change absolutely anything, is still giving everyone equally a chance to think outside of the box and immerse into what all of this means for them personally, while at the same time they also awaken to the fact that the future is not going to be anything the likes of which they have been planning, for many things which they took for certain and granted, have all of a sudden become very ephemeral, where they can no longer ground themselves into the illusionary safety and stability of society. This wake up call can be extremely BIG and revelatory for some people, which means that their lives and the person who they are is never going to be the same after this, while for others, this reflects all the futility of certain big ambitions, followed through by sacrifices and effort, they have been obsessed about in the past… a past that can just be 2-3 weeks ago.

The Wheel of Fortune is a clear sign, that even if all of this seems very negative, chaotic, distressing, it’s a necessary evil, human kind built everything that should have represented stability and safety on illusionary values and that is the only reason this seems to be so very negative and harmful for a certain category of people, but in essence, for the planet itself, for nature, and for many other people who have always been free spirited, this feels like the total opposite, where this forced isolation and the crumbling of world economy was something they have waited for and desired all their lives. Either way, regardless of the polarity, this is a huge pivotal point for modern society, this was what the Saturn – Pluto conjunction (12th of January 2020) concocted up on the cosmic drawing board to enable the big change and quantum leap of humanity into the new era. So, from this perspective, in my own personal opinion, not only is this leading us into the future, but we should all be appreciating the fact, that if mother nature, karma, the Universe, regardless of what we call the divine intelligence, wanted us to harvest what we truly deserve as a species, it could have found much easier and quicker ways to wipe us off the planet, yet it has chosen the mildest and most symbolic way to isolate us and force us into contemplation. So, this should be one of the conclusions that each spiritual person should let sink in well, whatever is happening, even if it’s frightening and chaotic, it’s still the most merciful, mildest, less harmful way to open our eyes, which can speak volumes about what kind of energy “motivates” the Universe, for choosing something symbolic, remediable, survivable, fixable to open our eyes is a gesture of mercy, gentleness and sheer good will. If anything, by looking extremely honestly at the destructive potential of nature and comparing it to how it played out, we can all reach the life philosophy of the world’s most fabulous and talented astrologer, Nadiya Shah, that the Universe is truly wise and loving. The Hermit card follows and naturally it’s meaning has much to do with isolation, solitude, but also service to others, doing the greatest good for all. All of these are really obvious, this part of the lesson was understood even at the time of the first quarantine, that this is a “time out” for most of the planet, where not only are we challenged to face loneliness and solitude, but also to seek our own inner truths, regardless of how spiritual we were before. This crisis and isolation simply triggers our most primordial instincts and forces us to use our human intelligence to make sense of all this and that can only happen if we start contemplating and digging deep in the furthest corners of our minds. Since this is a natural impulse, which comes from our instincts, there is no way we can shut this down, this is a self conservation instinct of a human being, because when there are no options, one must use their mental powers to think of one and while we are thinking, the truth also reaches us in the most surprising and unexpected manners. Of course, this also means that like it or not, prepared or not, we are also healing from a psychological perspective, because during times like this, we have the tendency to appreciate all those things which meant very little to us in the past, but now they gain a soul level value and this is the very first step towards totally, 180 degrees changing and re-adapting our value systems both as a collective, but also individually. This is where the expensive phone, jewelry, the designer bag etc., suddenly becomes what it has always been, just a piece of material imbued with illusion and the power of greed, while at the same time that classless, unsophisticated, naive shop worker, who always smiled at us and always treated us with respect becomes the new soul level gold, or it could be that very clumsy colleague, who just wasn’t capable of doing anything right, isn’t there anymore to make us look that much more professional, skilled and learned. Regardless of which truths our newly obtained Hermit statuses are revealing to us, the 2 of Swords also suggests, that right now, no matter how intelligent, magical, intuitive, visionary we are, we just can’t see where all of this is leading us in a very palpable and practical way, so all of a sudden the future and what that means changed in our minds. This certainly marks the moment (22nd of March) when Saturn enters Aquarius, a sign which rules the future, our perceptions and foresight about the future, restricting our possibilities to plan, to construct the schemes we would like to be playing out in our lives in the future, leaving us absolutely no other choice, but to abandon all fears, but also false hopes and just to take each day as it is, where only the sheer hope of survival and a hope of a miracle will be the only guiding lights that we can use to ground ourselves in. This is where we are also unable to make choices, unable to decide, this is where a state of peace, serenity can only be obtained by releasing all expectations and coming to terms with the past, by acknowledging the power and wisdom of the divine intelligence, for we have truly reached a moment when all hardships and turmoils of the past, experience wise are our true treasures.

The 10 of Wands, 3 of Coins, Ace of Cups represent the close future. The 10 of Wands, for anyone who knows a bit of Tarot is totally self explanatory: it’s symbolism is Saturn in Sagittarius, so it means the burden that the world as a collective is going to feel, due to the closing of the borders. Sagittarius has much to do with international travel, foreign affairs, foreign business and transactions, international law etc., while in Tarot, Saturn points to restrictions, so all of this means that this is when we reach the point (in my personal opinion around the 31st of March when Mars meets Saturn in Aquarius) when the quarantines and the closing of borders, reach their peak, when isolation is going to turn global and it is going to be rigorously enforced by the law. For many people this is going to feel like a huge burden, which they can not bare, so this will frighten and unsettle a lot of people globally, it can also spark some civil unrest, opposition, violence, but as I said earlier, this is going to be a moment when it becomes very obvious to us that the state, the government has absolute power over us and our lives, so our sense of freedom was an illusion all along, for even if every single citizen of the state opposes this, it means absolutely nothing, none of us have any real powers over the government and this is going to be one of those really big, shocking, eye opening moments of sudden realization, when we will have no choice but to admit to ourselves, that we have been modern day slaves all along. The 3 of Coins takes this much further and it’s symbolism has a triple nuance: For many people, the restrictions and the power of the authorities is going to be so shocking and eye opening, from that moment onward, they will view their professional lives, their careers, their jobs as slavery and a modern day prison, so masses of people will suddenly refuse to sell even 5 precious minutes of their lives, of their freedom, just for the sake of material resources, this is going to be a moment in history, when “what do you wanna do in life?” can no longer be answered by a job, profession, career. The second meaning of this card is that we are going to have critical moments when we won’t need any diplomas or qualifications to volunteer for a role, so ironically this is going to be a moment of maximum crisis, when only our willingness and determination to do something/offer help/perform a task will be the only criteria for recruitment and even though this will last only for a few days and only in few parts of the world, this is gonna revolutionize all of the HR legislation, customs and give birth to something totally new and less discriminatory, but in the more distant future. The third manifestation of the 3 of Coins is going to be a spiritual current, when very many people simultaneously will desire to embrace their soul paths and most probably new groups, alliances, organizations are going to be born on line, where many many like minded people are going to gather, planning to adapt a minimalist, natural, living off the land kind of lifestyle, when all of this is over. When very influential multi-millionaires are going to invest all their fortunes to buy these lands and offer them freely for everyone to join the community… that’s when a big division is going to take place, for many individuals are going to abandon modern society and return back to nature, which is going to create a HUGE never seen before work-force crisis, further eliminating gate-keepers, or rigid requirements to be part of an industry or profession, while at the same time it will start to spike the advancement of robotics and AI technology, this time not out of convenience, but out of strict necessity. Whatever changes and advancements this crisis is going to create, as the Ace of Cups suggests, it’s going to have a very miraculous feeling, a very blissful vibe and this card can even represent miracles taking place simultaneously in various different locations on the planet. Just as in the present moment the world is ruled by fears and panic, in a couple of months or towards the end of summer, it can have the totally opposite feeling for some, where certain individuals are going to step into their positions of power. This card also indicates that depression is going to ravage society, so psychologists and everyone else (mystics, astrologers, life coaches, influencers, public speakers, experienced elders, in other words everyone who has people skills and experience) have to step in to save the day, so new schools of though and ideologies are going to be created,but these are merely going to be seeds, which will flourish after December, when we have a very powerful solar eclipse in Sagittarius, representing the birth of new philosophies and religious movements.

The Hanged man reversed, High Priestess, and Judgment (Eon) represent the more distant future. The Hanged man reversed symbolizes Uranus, the rebel, the revolutionary, the visionary and this represents the point of the huge technological and scientific breakthrough, the quantum leap, so to speak. Additionally it also speaks about violence, protests, uprising, but also about a more non violent ideological war, where the old traditions are going to be dueling the revolutionary future solutions and judging by the position of this card the future wins without a shadow of a doubt. This also represents changes for the individuals, where slowly but surely more and more people are going to step into their positions of power and find the healthiest expressions of their faiths. The High Priestess represents secrets being exposed, secret archives of the states, Vatican etc are going to see daylight, conspiracies are going to be clarified and this is also going to lead to a huge spiritual evolution, there will be a tendency not to separate science and spirituality, in other words science will become the new “language’ of spirituality, while spirituality will become the new driving force for the advancement of science. The Eon card represents stepping into the new paradigm, into the new era and this card has also a fixed date attached to it, because it’s astrological correspondent is the meeting of Saturn and Jupiter, an astrological event which actually takes place on the 21st of December 2020 at zero degrees of Aquarius, a huge karmic event that is going to mark the moment when all of us step into the future, a future that we are co-creating with the Universe and ironically with the help of covid19 in the present moment.

The Devil, 5 Of Swords reversed, and 10 of Coins show us the very distant future and these cards are not prophetic whatsoever, they only deliver one short and simple message: the future is what we make of it, we always have the choice.

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