New Moon in Aries (24th of March 2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to your astrological analysis of this upcoming new Moon, taking place on the 24th of March, at 4 degrees of the sign of Aries. This new Moon is going to be very important for a number of different reasons: one of them has to do with the spring equinox (19th of March), so from every perspective, this coincides with the beginning of a new cycle of the following 3 months, which is true even from an astrological perspective, for Aries represents the new, the start, birth, the beginning of the zodiac. From a numerological perspective, since this is taking place at 4 degrees of this sign, the 6th lunar phenomenon which takes place at this degree, this further puts the emphasis that this also represents stepping through another milestone that leads to significant change, closures and ultimately finding stability, which in itself is a new beginning. Yet another reason why this is so important, is because Aries is linked to taking action, initiative, courage, boldness, daring to go where no one has ever gone before and this is exactly one of the possible manifestation of a new Moon, so there is going to be a really strong synergy in the sky.

For the individual this can mark a fantastic new beginning in that area of life where 4 degrees of Aires falls in your chart, but generally speaking this can have much to do with the general image you have of yourself, how others perceive you, but also the person who you wanna become, it’s really a very good time to get to know yourself even better, find the courage, trust and belief in the Self to do new things, which you might shy away from normally, it’s a really good time to follow your instincts, to allow yourself to be guided by the primordial self, to enliven the inner child and fearlessly act upon whatever the most innocent part of your being would like to experience. The Sun is really strong in this part of the sky, for this is where it’s exalted, meaning that it can bring forward it’s higher qualities, this is where the light of the core of our beings can guide us, nurture us from the inside and make us feel powerful and competent enough to embody all our virtues. This can be also a really good time for creativity, coming up with new ideas, plans, goals and generally like all new Moons, it’s ideal to meditate setting new intentions, planting seeds of our desires into the Universe.

Collectively this can be a really powerful time as well, for a new Moon in this part of the sky can reveal a new collective purpose, a new identity for human kind, a new and stronger sense of self knowledge, but even more importantly, under the circumstances we are facing collectively, we can really use the virtues specific to Aries, in order to implement new solutions, step up with maximum courage and bravery for those who are weak, vulnerable, helpless, to make a huge difference in the lives of everyone in our collective. Aries is a type of energy, which possesses a very sharp, instinctual intelligence, which works perfectly with all of the situations we are facing collectively, because it can be a guiding light, an impulse where our “gut feelings”, our instincts, especially survival instincts can just push us to discover the most revolutionary and ingenious solutions.

All of this energy is also correlated to the aspects which this new Moon is going to hold with other planets, but at the same time even those aspects which do not converse directly with the Sun and Moon, can also have a massive impact.

One of these aspects is a sextile, a conversation of harmony held by the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in Aries and Saturn from Aquarius. Saturn is going to be quite powerful in this part of the sky, because being in zero degrees amplifies it’s symbolism, while at the same time it’s also the ancient ruling planet of Aquarius. This sextile can play out in a number of different ways:

  • Saturn in Aquarius empowers the individual and everything which makes the individual unique, distinctive, stand out, be one of a kind, so this energy combined with the initiatory vibes of Aries can represent coming out of our shells, owning our uniqueness, this energy empowers visionaries, rebels, deep thinkers, philosophers, fighters, warriors, investors, scientists, influencers the most.
  • This can be a wonderful moment where small collectives, alliances, friendships can be formed, where people with similar views, ideologies, ways of thinking come together and join forces.
  • Aquarius is a very futuristic sign and partially it rules the internet, seen as a projection of our collective consciousness, so this favors internet based activities, projects, ideological movements spread via the internet, digitalization, technological advancements etc.
  • Collectively however this can be a really powerful and fated moment, for Saturn is the lord of karma, so this is where it is going to reveal to us where all of the events of 2019 and also the Saturn Pluto conjunction (January 2020) wanted to take us karmically. The conjunction of Mars-Jupiter and Pluto perfecting just a few days before the new Moon are definitely going to reveal to us all the lessons, everything that we need to detach from, abandon the old ways of doing things, how we need to amend our past mistakes as a collective, so the new Moon can simultaneously also enable all those new beginnings that need to follow this very powerful karmic purge. Chances are, it’s not going to be a miraculous new beginning straight away, but it’s gonna be a slow and steady one, manifesting over the course of the next 6 months.
  • This new Moon can definitely be the rise of new and very relevant public figures, new leaders, new visionaries, new ideologies can be born, new plans and visions about the future are gonna take shape and form and at the same time individually this can represent extremely talented people who have incredible skills and talents finally coming out of hiding and honoring the world with making their uniqueness public or sharing the amazing ways of their souls.

At the time of this new Moon, we are going to have a very powerful aspect, which even though doesn’t converse directly with the Sun and Moon, it can be a major game changer and among all this karmic wrath, it going to be one of the most pleasant and fortunate energies for Venus from her home sign of Taurus, receives a trine, an aspect of supreme harmony from Jupiter and Mars, dancing together. This can be really powerful for Venus is extremely potent being in her home sign, Mars is really strong and calculated being in his exalted sign, while Jupiter is at it’s weakest here, but that may be actually a good thing, because it won’t make this excessive and imbalanced, rather measured and steady. This energy can represent a BIG blessing, a major karmic or fated help from a very influential person, it can mean the generosity and kindness of someone reaching you, it can also play out as an incredibly prosperous career or job offer, it can also play out as sheer good fortune helping you in very palpable, material ways. Since this is so positive and uplifting for the individual it can also play out similarity on the world stage, where we might see big power players on the world stage deciding to send help, support, whatever they can to less fortunate countries and nations, or where sheer good fortune can somehow help us collectively prevent severe financial losses. Since this is a very powerful karmic energy for some people all the negativity and turmoil that is ravaging the world stage, can represent the total opposite, when most people lose and suffer, they harvest incredible karmic rewards and they can start living their dreams, even if these times are so very challenging for the collective.

Another very relevant energy is going to be the Sun and Moon meeting Chiron and Dark Moon Lilith in Aries. This speaks about really deep healing, where the very intense psychological and subconscious purges, which took place while Lilith was in Pisces (autumn 2019), was merely a setup, a spiritual preparation triggered by the karmic forces, to abandon all our unhealthy attachments, our self defeating attitudes, our self victimization tendencies, so that this very powerful new Moon can open to doors towards true healing for us, both individually and the collective alike. The corona virus phenomenon can be perceived as a symbolic threat which is sweeping over our world, to trigger healing, where the social distancing gives us all the time and opportunity to think about our lives and what true, authentic happiness means to us, while at the same time it also heals humanity as a collective, because we are learning the necessity to come together and join forces in every perspective, to fight off challenges and to make sure this world can be at least minimally fair to every single living being on it. This is also where we learn how to master our shadows, where Lilith in this part of the sky can really stir up our egoistic, narcissistic tendencies, it can blind us with survival mentality, but this is where the global events will help most us us to the exact opposite, where our shadows no longer burden us with the importance of the self, but rather it gives us extra courage, resourcefulness, boldness to find solutions and to help other people the best we can, so even though things are rather dramatic materially, spiritually and morally this energy is actually profoundly healing and this regenerative vibe is going to extend as much as the next 6 months after this new Moon takes place.

Eris, goddess of discord is also in this part of the sky and even though she forms no aspects with this new Moon, her simple presence is already sufficient to set the tone, that this is also about independence. Since she squares Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, partially this is about material freedom, but the most important nuance is what we personally perceive as independence and freedom, and this is where it gets multidimensional, for some people might view independence as being able to do what they desire socially, for others it represents the lack of emotional restrictions, for others still, freedom might involve totally breaking free from society and living in nature.

Another idea I would like to add, to close this horoscope is that we can symbolically view the energies of this New Moon as the resurrection of the inner child. The number 4 is associated with transformation which leads to stability, it can be the energy of grounding, it’s more negative expression is that of greed and hoarding, but it’s most elusive symbol is that of resurrection, where the child who we used to be is definitely making it’s way back into our minds and heart, this is where the karmic forces are also reminding us that regardless who we are and what we have done in our lives, we are still children and this child like innocent state is an eternal part of our souls and acknowledging and honoring it means, honoring the Universe. The inner child needs a responsible, diligent, understanding and compassionate parent, because only if we treat the child who we are with maximum love and care, is that part of our beings going to fill us with it’s most pleasant qualities: laughter, lightheartedness, sense of adventure, imagination, fantasy, pure, child like love and devotion etc. Healing, caring and nurturing our inner child means nurturing the world, society and the whole Universe.

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