Pick a card reading: “How will the energies of this equinox manifest in my life?”

Hi everyone! To celebrate today’s spring/autumn equinox, I have created a special pick a card reading with the subject: “How will the energies of this equinox manifest in my life?”. In the parts of the world where I live, we are celebrating the Spring Equinox, while people on the other hemisphere are celebrating the Autumn Equinox, regardless of which one of nature’s cycles begins, this very important celestial event is opening for all of us collectively, it also marks the time when the Sun enters the sign of Aries, the opening sign of the zodiac, which represents a new beginning, awakening of all your instincts to life, a perfect time to set new goals, plant new intentions, to renew and regenerate yourself from every single perspective. Equinoxes are very special moments when the veil between the worlds is especially thin, so this makes outer reality become more reactive than at any other time to our psyche, while at the same time it’s like a pitching fork setting the overall tone for the next 3 months of our lives. From an astrological perspective, the days after the equinox, bare an extremely potent and rare karmic charge, which are destined to instantaneously trigger extremely potent karmic discharges on the world stage, because this coincides with the moment, when Mars activates the point of January’s Saturn – Pluto conjunction, manifesting the first palpable signs of this huge political and economical change, while at the same time it dances in a tight conjunction with Pluto and Jupiter, so everything that reaches our awareness is going to be magnified and it will also serve as the truth being exposed. Later on towards the 31 st of March, Mars is going to meet Saturn in Aquarius and this is also a very mixed energy full of challenges and obstacles, but which can guide us to finding the most ingenious solutions and new ideas. There are going to be a lot of very important celestial movements until the end of spring, but perhaps the most relevant is going to be the nodes of the Moon retrograding into the Gemini – Sagittarius axis, which will further place the astrological emphasis on the element of air, greatly empowering our minds and mental spheres and challenging us to find practical applicability even to our most elevated, perhaps philosophical sources of knowledge.

Look at the plies of three cards for a couple of seconds, then choose the one which draws your intuitive sense the most and jump straight to the interpretation.

Pile 1: 5 of Air, the Magician:

The combination of these two cards speak about a lot of challenges and obstacles that are present in your life and most of 2019 was about removing them, or somehow being able to manage to find a way or options to declutter your life, make things much more dynamic, quicker, but most importantly to step into your position of power, from where you can regain control over your life. Even though your have made incredible progress, you have achieved a state of alignment, where you feel more ready then ever before to invest all your passion, ambitions, time and energy into your work as a professional, thereby hoping to install a state of greater balance and stability in your life, by finding new connections, or somewhere where you can feel appreciated and comfortable. This might have to do with your career, or it can also represent your place in the world, a community, or simply a much greater material and social stability. This new cycle of the next 3 months begins with challenges and triggers, for the very first energy that is going to enter in your reality is going to provoke you in many different ways to speak your truth, to express yourself, to communicate much more, to share your unique experiences, but most importantly to stand up for yourself and speak your mind in circumstances where others might challenge your truth, or they might task you with favors, work, or to sacrifice your time or energy on things which mean nothing to you. Even though this is a rather assertive energy, this is something which you need to embody in the next 3 months, because you simply can’t have your way, can’t complete your plans, can’t advance with your future hopes and dreams if you don’t make your voice, opinion and preferences heard. Also, chances are you might need some help or favors from other people to make certain situations that you are going to be facing a little bit easier, but unless you do not speak up, no one is going to offer any help, even though many of your acquaintances are indebted to you morally, for you have been a saving grace in their lives. To ask for help, or to speak out might be the easiet thing for most people, it might be the very first gesture they do in times of need, but you are totally different, where either because of your pride, or because of a certain shyness, you never truly voice your needs, so this is both a karmic lesson for you, but also a really potent healing journey, which will restore your self confidence in your communication and relational abilities.

The magician goes even further and it highlights the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of communication, where a very strong sense of confidence and self trust is needed to make affirmations powerful and magnetic. So not only are your words going to gain more impact on other people, but you will also unlock the magic of affirmations, where those words or affirmations you speak with power and conviction are going to enter reality before you very eyes and this will be the most useful skill you can unlock, for your are going to do great things with this towards the end of 2020. For some of you this might represent an unexpected new role in public speaking, communication, becoming a TV or radio host on a local station.

Pile 2: Seven of Earth and The Wheel of Fortune:

For those of you who have been drawn to pile 2, these cards also speak of a very important karmic manifestation that is going to be playing out in your lives the next 3 months and it has much to do with your work. For most people, this doesn’t point to a job or their earthly careers, even though it’s not excluded, for some people their passions and working towards embodying their principles is actually part of their careers, but for most people this represents a creative/passion type of work which might have much to do with their life paths. This can take different shapes and forms for different people: for some this speaks of the past 7 months, which were full of good intent and humanitarian, compassionate gestures, where they have either done some charitable work, helped people unconditionally, or it could be some specific people which they have helped who were very close to them or they were family, but regardless of who was the recipient of their kindness, this is gonna be the moment when the karmic forces return all they good they have done for others in very relevant and symbolic ways, where the Universe will clearly let them know, that they have done a really good job. For others, this might have much to do with a hobby, creativity, learning, perfecting, mastering a skill which they have always neglected. The 7 of Earth speaks about the fact that last year, they felt guided to invest much time and effort into their creativity, project, or hobby, but other than becoming really really good and highly skilled and talented at what they have started, there weren’t too many material rewards. The Wheel of Fortune can indicate that for some, all of this changes, where a very lucky breakthrough or unexpected opportunity can start a new life for them professionally where they will have the chance to make a living out of what they have learned and perfected to do last year. For others still, this has to do with their life-missions, which is something that has little links to material well being, so for people who fall into this category, material life was always challenging and full of restrictions, because what they came here to do, has nothing to do with materialism, modern society, so they could never ever fit in or find their places in society. The Wheel of Fortune, which might indicate Mars dancing with Jupiter can represent a huge lucky breakthrough when they receive something really big from the Universe (for example lotto win, huge sum of money, a massive donation, gift, house, land, multimillionaire lover entering their lives, etc.) allowing them never to worry about materialism ever again and they can focus on their life mission, even 24/7 for the rest of their lives if they so wish.

Regardless of your individual situation, karma is going to give you a much needed push in the right direction to find greater stability and most importantly a greater sense of material satisfaction and equity in that area of your life.

Pile 3: Six of Water, Ace of Wands reversed:

These cards mean different things for different people, but both versions have to do with certain karmic events that have started in the past, maybe distant past, but have never seen completion and it is these that are going to be the highlight of the next 3 months, it could also very well have to do with the period it takes Mercury to transit the sign of Pisces, which has much to do with the past and completions of unfinished past events.

For some people the 6 of Water represents love, a relationships which just simply couldn’t form in the past, for reasons which were outside yours and that person’s sphere of influence. For most there was just a mutual attraction and a really really good and positive vibe that they have felt in the presence of this person, but it might not have went anywhere form there, it just stopped and life separated you. Some of you might not even be aware of who this person possibly could be, the experience was short, so it could have been buried deep in the subconscious, while for others the simple meeting or those few days/weeks left a huge impact and they know exactly who this person could be. Either way, in a very unusual and unexpected manner, this person is going to return into your life, but all of this is going to seem like a synchronicity, a coincidence, being at the right place at the right time and chances are that Ace of Wands, the symbol of passionate love might instantly reignite in both of your hearts, or for some ignite for real this time and that can give birth to a really beautiful, intense and very passionate new relationship. Of course this is going to be fated, so this will also highlight the karmic lesson of divine timing, where the long years of separation and being unaware of each other, served both of you to become your most honest and authentic selves, for only like this can a fated relationship work, when the ego won’t interfere.

For others, this has nothing to do with love, but rather with spiritual practices or arts. Regardless if you are a spiritualist, mystic, dreamer or an artist, a person of great talent, who is looking for their place in the world, the 6 of Water, represents that you are going to find a new community or a new group of people, who are just like you, expect that they are well established and very stable form all possible perspectives. As soon as you get connected, or discover them, you are going to feel as if this is what you have been looking for/waiting for all your life, and in your case the Ace of Wands reversed represents that BIG, magical, fated opportunity which you have been desiring all your life, but the one that has always evaded you. All of this can come as a shock or a big unexpected surprise from life, so until this contact enters reality, you might be in a very passive and dreamy state, where hope and sadness will oscillate, taking you into a constant up and down. After the fated moment takes place, life will seem like existing in a totally new dimension, where all rules of the game have instantly changed.

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