Weekly horoscope: March 16-22 The evolution of Covid 19, Saturn into Aquarius, Mars activates karma


Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of March 16-22, we have a very active and extremely powerful sky, it’s going to be an important week, where life changing events are destined to take place on the world stage, but also in the lives of individuals as well, for Mars meeting and perfecting a conjunction with Jupiter, later on Pluto, while at the same time activating the degrees where the Saturn and Pluto conjunction took place this January, is bound to unleash some never ever experienced before karmic forces, where everything that takes place during this time is meant to reveal really big and powerful truths to all of us, while at the same time it’s also giving us to tools to enable change and transformation, both individuality and collectively. Now, if under the present circumstances, where the world is facing a time of great turmoil, Mars unleashing the full force of karma wasn’t enough, Saturn, the lord of karma itself, at the beginning of the weeks stays in anaretic degree of it’s ruling sign Capricorn, which means severe restrictions, crisis, oppression, limitations, but at the same time karmic tests and temptations reaching us from every corner, after which finally, it moves into it’s ancient ruling sign of Aquarius, where it places the emphasis on the element of air and the symbolism of Aquarius, which makes things much lighter, easier, it lifts certain material and physical restrictions, but it creates new ones, specific to the symbolism of Aquarius. The Sun also enters Aries, activating this part of the sky, while at the same time Mercury slowly advances into Pisces a sign where it’s not really comfortable, but since it’s traversing it’s shadow path, it’s energies can be revelatory and clarifying. At the very end of the week Venus also forms supremely harmonious aspect with Mars and Jupiter and this can represent an energy of blessing, material rewards, harvest of your labor for many individuals, while for others it can be surprises of the pleasant kind in love and relationships.

Most of the week the cluster of planets in Capricorn, dancing really close to each other (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, on the 18th the Moon as well) are going to form aspects of harmony with the Sun in Pisces, at the same time Mars and Jupiter are also going to converse this way with Neptune in Pisces. This energy is really positive, really optimistic, inspirational and it comes as a celestial help trying to dispel all the fear, panic, paranoia, obsessive reactions of certain individuals regarding the events happening on the world stage. This energy is that of grounding and balancing, because Capricorn represents the density of matter, it represents physical reality and all the rules and laws that govern it, Pisces on the other hand is deeply mystical, illussionary, it’s the divine, source energy and our own relationship to it, so when these 2 apparently contradictory forces converse harmoniously in the sky, this energy represents balance. It is where we find the healthiest and strongest expression of our faiths, what we believe in, what we love unconditionally, our dreams, our spiritual paths and this is Neptune and the Sun in Pisces, this energy is completed by the realistic, down to earth, rational and logical symbolism of Capricorn, so this provides us with a state of balance, where what we hope for, what we seek to accomplish spiritually, what we love unconditionally takes a very realistic shape and image in our minds, where we align with all those thing that we do have power over and surrender in perfect love and trust to the Universe everything that is beyond our capabilities and when we act from such an empowered and balanced state, that is when we are living in the present, in the eternal NOW, this is where we are actively attracting opportunities and options into our lives, by simply knowing that the Universe is not just black and white, but it’s multidimensional with an infinite number of possibilities which can help us to overcome all our limitations and obstacles, with maximum dignity, respect for ourselves and for all life and of course equity. Under a sky like this, where Saturn is at it’s most powerful, this is where dignity, equity, morality, fairness are the most important virtues that we could possibly possess, these are our karmic shields, where if we act from such a place, where if we embody our spirit of compassion and humanitarianism, we can know for certain that we are absolutely safe from everything. Of course sextiles are not guaranteed blessing, they are merely divine inspirations, intuitive signals from our higher selves, actions, choices blessed by the dance of the stars, so this requires us to process all of this, for it to turn into a veritable blessing in our lives. This means that it’s not sufficient just to try our best to believe in all our virtues, but we need to embody them, set an example, remain calm, retreat into our own inner sanctuary of faith and serenity, where we can always find the divine presence and also we need to do our very very best to withdraw from any activities that are outside the law, from embodying greed, intolerance, hatred, from acting from a place of service to the self, or giving into our shadow selves (Lilith in Aries), for if we fail this karmic test, chances are a very powerful and strict Saturn (as strict as it can get), is going to trigger the immediate enforcement of the law may that be karmic or earthly. So, in conclusion all of this sextile energy is meant to offer us help, clarity, a gentle, but necessary moral, spiritual push in the right direction, but at the same time we are invited to look at things even from a strict non spiritual, material, physical perspective and only take any action once we are certain that we are balanced and open minded enough to be doing the best thing both for ourselves and those who we share a community with.

In this next part, we get to the most important celestial dances, where Mars at the beginning of the week gets closer and closer to Jupiter, perfecting their dance on the 20th of March. This is really important for a number of different reasons, one of them is the fact that it coincides with the Spring Equinox (19th of March), but also the Sun entering the sign of Aries. Our ancestors, ancient civilizations knew that equinoxes are very special moments of the year, because that is when the veil between the worlds gets very thin, allowing the cosmic energies to enter our world, but at the same time it starts a new cycle, where the seeds of intentions which we are planting as we speak, are going to be built on and nurtured by the Universe, so this also involves that karmic closures at this time are going to pick up speed and manifest all those symbolic events that we need to be aware of both individually and collectively. The Sun entering Aries is important, because it activates that part of the sky, giving us that much more control over our instincts, our primordial selves, the person who we are trying and working towards to become, but it also enlivens the inner child’s fiery self, which is the energy of courage, initiation, daring to believe in yourself, so this energy shift allows us to stay in our positions of power and take any relevant action from here, where our instincts don’t blindly lead us, but the light of the Sun gives us the clarity and wisdom to control our instincts, not allowing fear and panic to have a grip on us, but rather the opposite where wisdom and greater love an be the main motivational forces. Mars meeting Jupiter in the sky represents a number of different things:

  • Jupiter is the symbol of inner truth, justice, the law, while Mars is our power, action, drive, the celestial activator, so this means that very powerful, life changing truths are gonna be exposed on the world stage.
  • Mars meeting Jupiter is also the symbol of the law, justice, so this means that very important international, or national court cases, trials, legal matters, which have a collective influence are going to advance, complete or for some corrupt leaders their pasts are going to exposed and they will have to answer for all their crimes.
  • This can also create severe economic, financial and political crisis, for Jupiter expands everything it touches, so a corrupt, poorly functioning, unstable political, governmental structures and organizations are going to fail, which will create moments of crisis and severe material losses, but this can also represent the total opposite for certain people and on the world stage for certain industries, because this can also represent lucky opportunities for those who act with greater foresight and have prepared for times like these.
  • This celestial dance can also trigger powerful solutions to be born at the time of crisis, for Mars is the planet of action and blessed aim, this can be a time when scientific research, careful planning, prevention measures, diligence can pay off handsomely, not only leading to potential solutions to all problems which we are facing collectively, but it can even exceed it’s purpose, meaning that it can become something which we are going to find very useful in the future, or we can build future technology, political and economic structures on it.

For the individual things might not be this severe, because Mars meeting Jupiter is usually an energy of blessing, evolution, achieving what you have worked for, gaining popularity and respect, your inner truth being able to be expressed in physical reality, so this can trigger blessings, evolution, unexpected help, solutions or success by following your plans through with determination and ambition. This is also the energy of generosity, solidarity, mutual help, so being kind and compassionate to others, especially if you are a highly skilled professional or have mastered skills can lead to great karmic rewards and increase in reputation and popularity. If you have any planets or important points between 22-24 of Capricorn (or other earth signs), this can be a really prosperous or action oriented time for you, when you achieve a very significant break-through or a completion.

Also worth mentioning that the Moon on the 18th of March is going to be joining the conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Jupiter, later on Saturn and this is where a soul level clarity can reach us, for Jupiter expands the light of the Moon, which is our inner light, how we make sense of everything that is happening in the world, in physical reality through the intelligence of the soul and this energy is going to help us decide, make up our minds, draw conclusions of what everything that is playing out externally means for us personally and what is going to be our attitudes towards it. At the same time it can also reveal very powerful karmic truths in our personal lives, giving us the power to cope, to adapt, to endure and to see our own worth.

Perhaps Sunday, the 22nd of March is going to be an even more important period, for that is when Mars meets it’s higher octave Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, while at the same time Jupiter is also at touching distance, so this is going to be really big. This energy is rather mixed, just as the Mars and Jupiter conjunction, this can play play out in a number of different ways on the world stage:

  • Mars and Pluto together, especially in this part of the sky where Mars is exalted, represents the absolute power of the state, of the government, this is going to be the point where our rights and liberties might be restricted for our personal safety, or if these restrictions appeared before this period, then it is going to make the restrictions that much more severe.
  • This can also represent assertive power, so this can brew powerful tensions and contradictions between the power and authority of the state and it’s citizens, especially that during this time Saturn forms a square with Uranus, planet of revolution, also at the same time Eris from Aries squares Pluto and Mars and this represents civil war, uprising, revolution, the power of the people trying to negate the power and authority of the state.
  • This aspect can also deter diplomatic relations between world powers, it can reconfigure the power setup on the world stage, it can create very powerful tensions between big global power players and this could be also a moment when the corona virus, but also the political instability gets out of hand, causing a huge blockage and never experienced before crisis.
  • This celestial dance takes place at the point where Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, Sun and Ceres met on the 12th of January 2020, so Mars, the activator, is going to bring forth yet another very important karmic manifestation of however this very rare astrological event, which took place in January (happens only every 500 years or so) is destined to change, deconstruct and reconstruct the structure which holds modern society together. This also gives us a very real, authentic, palpable preview of the future, this is when it becomes very evident for us, what is gonna take place in December 2020.

For the individual, similarity this can represent a moment, when we claim back our powers, our authority, when we consolidate our place in the world, this is when the power of fate (Pluto) meets the power of our sovereign wills (Mars) and through an inner alchemical fusion of the symbolism of these two powers, we break free from the past, from our limitations and we step into our futures. This can be a time for action, very important choices, very relevant personal karmic manifestations which shape and further adapt your life story, this is when all of us can see if we truly are on the right paths towards the future we desire to experience, or if we need to change, adapt, maybe surrender a little bit more.

Both for the individual and collective alike, everything that is meant to take place karmicly, goes hand in hand and is going to be tightly correlated to the dance of Mars and Jupiter, so take this as a huge work in progress, as a continuous manifestation and evolution, which will keep on changing things, rearranging our priorities until the very last day of March and potentially even beyond that.

Pluto is the great celestial alchemist, the planet of transformation, but it also rules death, so each time it converses with other planets, Pluto becomes the dominant influence, it absorbs into it’s self all the symbolism and power of the other planets and it unleashes it in form of the events that need to enable the big change. This is really important, because truth be told on the 22-23rd of March when it receives the power of Mars and Jupiter, and also the square from Eris, this can represent a period when the death tolls skyrocket out of control, where it’s not just the corona virus which can produce lethal blows, but also the conflicts, violence, fear and panic ravaging the world stage. This can also represent the assassination/death of a relevant world leader/religious leader/CEO of a huge international company, which can in an instant change everything politically, financially and can even create military response.

This can also have physical repercussion like bone fractures, pains in the bones, loss of teeth, changes in the skeleton etc., so for the elderly and vulnerable this time can be associated with a huge amount of physical pain.

Also on the 22nd Saturn finally exits the anaretic degree of Capricorn and enters zero degrees of Aquarius. On one hand this is going to be like a breath of fresh air, because it will greatly empower our minds, our logical sense, it will call upon our sense of duty, responsibility, not as professional or the roles which we play, but as individual human beings and this can awake a lot of people to truths which they have ignored up until this point, but at the same time this is where collectively we wake up to the fact that every single gesture of ours made compassionately can help another human being, so we need to be closer to each other emotionally, mentally, morally than ever before. This can feel liberating mentally, socially, psychologically, but definitely NOT physically and socially, but this might not even be a bad thing because during these times of great physical limitations (for many people true sense of imprisonment), very powerful, life lasting new alliances and friendships are going to be born.

Regarding the corona virus, this might not be the very best of news, because Saturn forms an imperfect square, tensionate aspect with Uranus from Taurus and even though this square is never going to be exact, it is still going to produce severe material losses, borders of many countries being closed, it will almost totally restrict travel, business, exchange, commerce, but not the flow of information and on-line activities. This can also represent the mutation of the corona virus, when it becomes truly dangerous and even more virulent, for Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so this cam mean that it’s becoming super airborne, which will make it an even bigger threat.

Individually however, this can represent a really good period, for some people this can feel like finally breaking out of the prison of their own lives, this is the moment when very relevant and strong karmic manifestations can offer them everything they need to plan their futures and take solid action to reinforce all those plans. For those who lack plans and clarity, this is foresight what the Universe is going to offer them, those who have all the clarity and information they need, but do not have resources, the Universe can enable their flow, or others still, those who need closures (divorce, end of a contract, end of a situation etc) are going to harvest their karmic rewards in form of being able to break away from their restrictions. For those people who operated outside of the law, or have gained wealth or power through illegal, immoral, manipulative ways, this can represent karma brutality ravaging their lives and reducing everything that they have gained through immoral means to zero, for many this represents prison or even worse.

From a totally different perspective, Saturn entering Aquarius, it’s ancient ruling sign, can be an energy of revelation and empowerment, for it shifts our focus from the past and present onto the future and it is well known that Aquarius rules the future, our hopes and dreams for the future, so this can reveal to us exactly where we are heading, how the future is going to look like, what we need to do individually and collectively to close doors to the past and everything that was hidden from our awareness can now be exposed. It greatly empowers diversity, the individual, small groups, circle of friends, ideological alliances, very small communities and it takes away the celestial empowerment from unity, centralized power, top down authority (Capricorn), so this is where very powerful alliances can be formed between people sharing the same truths and principles.

Saturn empowering the individual also means an even quicker pace for scientific progress, discoveries, coming up with the most ingenious and futuristic solutions.

Saturn touching zero degrees of Aquarius, may not be the very best energy for everyone, mostly because of the quarantine and limitations. Those people who lived in ignorance, but happy and free lives until this point can enter a very strong depression where their inner structures fade to dust, leaving them in a helpless and vulnerable state, especially young people who lack life experience. This can also cause the number of suicide cases due to depression and mental health problems to skyrocket. At the same time regardless of how we look at this sky one thing is very obvious for every astrologer, spirituality, faith, your own relationship with Source is the only saving grace that can help you and guide you through this, so this can be a really tough time for those people who are totally alien to spirituality and their own inner worlds, Saturn in Aquarius can disconnect you from your normality, what you held until that point as normal and this can cause severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia etc. Regardless of how much or little your spiritual path preoccupied you in life, regardless of how much knowledge and spiritual wisdom you possess, you always have the choice to turn to the Source for help, guidance and comfort, may that be just a cry of help, a prayer or mentally opening up to the divine power, if there is nothing else in your life which you can hold onto, anchor yourself into, not to lose sanity, then going within, praying, just believing that a higher intelligence has your back can send you unexpected help and comfort in the most miraculous of ways.

Last, but not least maybe the very best aspect of next week, especially for the individual can be Venus receiving a beautiful and harmonious trine from Mars and Jupiter. Both Mars and Venus are greatly empowered, for Venus is in her home sign, while Mars in it’s exalted sign, so this can be a huge material blessing, major good fortune which either leads to material gain, or increase in popularity, it can be gestures of BIG generosity, unexpected help from someone influential, or simply presents and a really good time in matters of love. With this aspect we can see big lotto wins, big gestures of maximum generosity, we can see talented people, who were totally anonymous before, rising very quickly, but at the same time we can also see big compensations from authorities for people who have been wronged in any way, while at the same time for some it can be a BIG karmic reward, especially for those who have done a lot of free, unconditional or charity work the last couple of years.

Both next week and the week which follows are going to be really really tough, the situation on the world stage is going to aggravate, but also evolve, advance towards solutions very quickly, certain gestures coming from authorities might be misinterpreted and might be perceived as a threat and abuse of power, so this can create a lot of restlessness and violent actions, Mercury into Pisces can further create fake news, exaggerations, panic and paranoia, but at the same time, since it’s direct, it can also offer emotional strength and faith, where you will need to shut down the overthinking mind and try to perceive things through the heart. Whatever you do please, do not fear, do not panic, do not make unwise choices and decisions, do not fear missing out on anything, the very best course of action is to try our best to stay detached, to always see things as objectively as possible, never to act from a place of fear and survival mentality and most importantly during the Mars Pluto conjunction we must not allow anger, despair, hatred, rage, aggression the control over us, we must keep a state of inner peace and for our own personal safety, not to take part in manifestations, acts of violence and rebellion.

Thank you for reading, please stay safe, diligent, aware and if you need someone to talk too, me and many other astrologers and spiritualists are here for you always.

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