Pick a card reading: What makes you beautiful? & Mini love reading

Hi everyone! Today is a special day of the year for me, since it’s my Venus return I have decided to create a special pick a card reading with a Venutian subject, to fit the theme of today. Today’s pick a card reading has 2 readings in one, for the first card of the spread represents: “What makes you beautiful?”, while the remaining two cards are different for those of you who are in an established bond and those who are single and looking. Singles should ignore the third card of the spread and focus on the second one for the theme: “How will I meet my future love?”. Those who are in an established bond, should ignore the second card and focus on the third with the theme: “The future of our love”.

Usually my Venus returns are very quiet periods of my life (even though it should be the exact opposite, but I guess that’s my luck), so I have decided to make the lives of others more beautiful with this reading.

Look at the three piles of cards for a couple of seconds and then choose the one which draws your intuitive sense them most, then jump straight to it’s interpretation. Please remember the first card of your chosen pile speaks generally for everyone, the second one only for singles, the third one only for those who are in a relationship. Thank you for playing and wish everyone a blessed day!

Pile 1:

What makes your beautiful? Ace of Water. This card may not really need a very sophisticated interpretation, because it’s meaning is almost self explanatory: the Ace of Water is the symbol of your soul and emotional purity. This means that you are not like most people, you have an incredibly advanced emotional intelligence, empathic sense, thanks to your huge EQ, not only can you understand the feelings of others with great ease, but you can also pick up what they are feeling, even without any communication, just by looking in their eyes. This may make your life very complicated, it may have made you a magnet for toxic narcissists in the past, but right now you are fully aware of who and how special you are and you are guarding your soul from such people. Even though you are really holding back at expressing yourself and who you truly are, still your emotional mastery and the purity of your soul simply enchants the hearts of everyone who enters your sphere and it is your child like purity, naivety, idealism, the intensity which you live through emotional states, which has a very very powerful and profound effect on people. It has always been like this, but you may have ignored this aspect of yourself and attributed the effect you have on people to “they wanting to see you like that”, but in truth this is your power, your aura, what you emanate from your being. It is when you laugh and can be your true lighthearted self, when the power of this Ace radiates from every pore of your being, making others feel as if they have stepped in your own personal dimension, where nothing is harder than it seems, where every second of being alive is an opportunity for celebration, where everyone in your presence is simply fed and nurtured by your emotional power. Of course this requires you to be in a good mood and to genuinely feel lighthearted, for when you are in a really bad mood and depressed, this turns into an aura of fear, and people have the tendency to avoid eye contact with you. Regardless of your mood, your innate emotional mastery gives you the blessing of Neptune, meaning that you are as attractive, magnetic as you allow yourself to be, what you feel for yourself is what others have the tendency to feel, which is a great power, but also an even greater responsibility.

For Singles: How will I meet my future lover? 9 of Swords reversed. This card actually speaks about the not so distant future, where you are going through a time of feeling down, where you find it really hard and challenging to believe in yourself and in your true worth. It is absolutely true, that you have had these issues for many years, if not all your life, but most probably Saturn’s influence is triggering all of this once again, but this time around you have very powerful coping mechanism, knowledge of psychology, inner wisdom and a burning determination not to allow the blues to take away your power, so it won’t be a classic depressive episode, but one where you are gonna fight it with all you’ve got. Maybe it is going to be this “fight” of yours that’s going to attract another person, who will serve as a mirror into your life and that person is going to reflect back at you just how wonderful and worthy of love you truly are. This won’t be any act of charity, for that person will enter your life seeking your help, guidance or expertise on emotions and psychology, they will feel guided to interact with you, offering you their trust and faith and only after you help them, listen to their stories and offer this person guidance, is when it becomes evident that they have very similar personality and life-story to yours and this is all it’s gonna take for this relationship to form. By healing this person, your are going to heal yourself even more, everything that you will give, will be reciprocated in ways which exceed your wildest romantic fantasies.

For couples: The future of our love? The Tower reversed. This card represents a moment of crisis, upheaval, external events ravaging both of your lives, this may have to do with certain hardships that have entered in the life of your partner, or it may represent material, social, professional difficulties that both of you are facing. For other people your home might be in danger (debt, legal issues, previous divorce, succession), or it could be that you are planning to purchase your first home, all of these external, material type problems are going to threaten your relationship and your emotional stability. For some people this is already taking place, for others it’s going to appear very soon, regardless of when it happens, it’s going to be a really tough time, when both of you might expect an imminent separation, but much to your surprise and delight it won’t turn out that way, in fact the crisis is going to strengthen your bond, where both of you are going to adapt a very healthy state of detachment from the outside world, the external drama, friends, family etc, and by doing so your relationship won’t be just a romantic one, but it will turn into a true soul level alliance, which might have been missing from your lives. Those who are not yet legally committed to each other, might actually end up getting married.

Pile 2:

What makes your beautiful? 8 of Earth. Those of you who have been drawn to the second pile, the most beautiful thing about your being might reside in your instincts, which means that only those people who had the chance to get very close to you can experience this. Even from an early age, your had very advanced parental instincts driving you and this is something that you inherited from your past existences, where you were either a very well respected elder/matriarch/patriarch in each of your past lives or you might have been a teacher who prepared generations of children for life. The experiences of your past lives, simply infused your instincts with a very powerful caring nature, where you always care for other people, you always serve their best interests, their highest goods, you simply jump as a diligent and responsible parent would, when someone in your life is in need. Of course this also makes you painfully honest, open and direct, so only those people who get you, understand you, trust you can see the beauty of who you truly are. Your strict, take no BS nature may not make you very popular in certain social circles, but professionally, as a friend, as a parent, as a mentor, as a teacher and most importantly as a lover/partner you are infinitely valuable, more than perfect, everyone who has the opportunity to have you in their life or sphere of awareness is simply blessed and they know this. It is when big karmic pivotal points of your life play out when you can actually see your beauty and magnetism, because it is in those moments when it reaches your awareness that some people, can no longer even conceive not having you in their lives, a life without you may not really be worth living.

For Singles: How will I meet my future lover? The Chariot reversed. This card represents a certain point in your life when you are going to get totally stuck with your plans, goals, ambitions and these restrictions are gonna be external, but also internal, for you are going to put everything on hold, because you will consider the need to re-adapt, restructure your inner truth and even your soul path. This doesn’t represent major spiritual confusion, but more of a situation when you know all the emotions you want to experience, but you can’t find the physical means to live what you desire. Whenever you are in such a state, your shadow side tends to be dominant, which makes you really hard to “get”, but fortunately your future partner is going to be attracted like a moth to the flame by your rather ignorant attitude. They will realize that if they want to have anything to do with you, they need to help you get that Chariot moving and it is when you are gonna see their practicality and their spirit of sacrifice is when the attraction is gonna go both ways, for this is the archetype of the person you have been waiting for all your life. Your Chariot all of a sudden is going to have an extra seat, which means that you will have a companion for your next big life adventure. This card reversed might also represent that your future partner is going to plan to relocate to where you are living, so they might even be a foreigner.

For couples: The future of our love? The Wheel of Fortune. This is really interesting, because both you and your partner are totally on the same page in the present moment. You might have the same future plans, the same dreams, same goals and desires, but also the same obstacles in life. Whatever you are planning and dreaming about, in the present moment is a fantasy, it’s something a little bit way too BIG, way too miraculous or improbable to happen to you and your partner. Well the Wheel of Fortune doesn’t really agree with this, because it’s telling both of you, that whatever you are focusing on in the present moment is gaining a huge spiritual and emotional gravity, for the psyche of both of you are continuously planting this seed of intention into the Universe, so it’s really a question of time when whatever you are dreaming about enters your lives one way or another. Just as it is written in your daydream “script” it’s gonna be something that will change your lives forever and it might open a totally new door for both of you, so regardless of what you are dreaming about: traveling the world, moving into the heart of nature, owning a farm, opening your business, winning, buying your dream house etc. the Wheel of Fortune represents that the Universe has every intent to give you what you desire and the miracle of that fated event is going to make your bond last beyond this life.

Pile 3.

What makes your beautiful? 5 of Water. This is a very unusual card, because it represents that the most beautiful thing about you is your mystery. You might be a deeply spiritual person and as someone who witnessed MANY things which can’t be unseen, ignored or forgotten ever, you have your secrets, but most importantly you have your intuitive sense which you use to read people like an open book. The problem is you simply can’t reveal your mystery to 99% of people in your life, so the fact that you are attractive, magnetic and everyone who ever comes in contact with you reflects how unique and one of a kind you are, is not helpful, but rather disappointing, because it makes you feel that much more lonely and misunderstood. Only very few people can see you for who you really are and those are gifted, mysterious people themselves, but most times in your life it’s exactly archetypes like yourself who disappointed and hurt you the most in life, so you might not be in the happiest of states. You know that there are a few people out there in the world who do get you, regardless if you have met them already or not, you know they exist and that you will cross paths with them once and when that happens is when your beauty will have no bounds and restrictions, for you can show everything that you are openly. This card also suggests that while for most people it is their joyful and happy selves which brings out the real beauty, for you it’s your sacred sadness. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a specific reason, sadness is one of the most elevated and magical feelings for you and you are among those very few souls who can see the beauty and divinity within that very misunderstood emotional state and each time when you enter into such a state (this doesn’t mean depression or mental health problems, it just means a watery, melancholic state of being) it brings out your divine beauty, all pointing to the fact that you are an incredibly ancient soul, who shares mother nature’s pains and sorrow, for outside your human self you are one of her most beloved children.

For Singles: How will I meet my future lover? 7 of Coins reversed. For you guys, the 7 of Coins, the card of harvest and reward is reversed position suggests, that it might not be someone totally new. This speaks about a relationship in the distant past, which doesn’t necessarily be a romantic one, but rather it started off as a friendship, where both of you might have shared your spiritual knowledge, or even if it’s not sharing, this was something that you had in common, just that neither of you were actually ready. The 7 of Coins represents that whatever happened in the past, however this played out (some of you might have already forgotten it) served both of you to reflect each other’s immaturity and the limiting beliefs that you carried with you, but this is why another meeting is destined to take place in the future, for both of you have changed, matured and evolved, so in the present moment you might be more compatible than you could possibly imagine. In the future, this person has to come into your life to reflect who you became and much to your surprise you are going to fall in love with how they make you feel, but this surprise is going to be double edged, for no one ever made them feel as alive, as magical, like you are going to, so this will be a fated moment which you have to harvest from the karmic forces, not only have you worked your boots off for it, but the other person has invested similar efforts into becoming their very best versions, so the fated meeting is going to be a reward for both of you.

For couples: The future of our love? Ace of Swords reversed. This card is not the most positive one, because it represents a duality, which may cause you problems, instead of being something which glues your relationship together. This card clearly represents the breakdown in communication, it means that you are not communicating your deepest feelings, what you are truly feeling, neither are you exposing your weaknesses and vulnerabilities to each other and this created a very tall wall which separates you from each other, from a psychological perspective. The causes for this might have to do with the fact that both of you are really intelligent, cerebral, rational, logical, so your views of the world, your perspective and your future plans differ, but this difference is perceived as an incompatibility by both of you, when in truth it should just add more color to your relationship. You may mutually feel as if you and your partner can simply not understand each other and each time you have to talk about something really serious there is a splitting a hair in 4 tendency, which usually ends up in arguments or hurt feelings. This doesn’t have to be this way, for yes both of you are very different, but as long as you keep an alliance on a soul level and just know that you are there for each other unconditionally, that can make all the contradicting perspectives be a very minor inconvenience, which you can just brush off, while when you meet situations when you need to work together perfectly all of this becomes a huge strength and advantage, bringing out the very best of both of you. Unfortunately if you do not fix these communication and trust issues your relationship can’t go on like this much further.

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