The astrology of Covid 19

Hi everyone and welcome to a very special article destined to look at the astrology behind the corona virus phenomenon. Many astrologers have created such videos and articles, so I feel it is my duty to do the same, for every source of knowledge, every fresh perspective can help people understand and process much better what is going on and it can potentially help them to cope with all this fear and hysteria blackening our lives in the present moment.

In the first part of the article I would like to speak about the astrological dances which could have potentially triggered this event to play out on the world stage and this is where different astrologers have different opinions and views about which aspect actually guided the energies to take the shape of this very potent biological threat. Before I expose my own view and opinion I would like to highlight the most wide spread perspectives:

  • Astrologers in my culture tend to share the opinion that the corona virus is, in fact, the manifestation of Dark Moon Lilith, when she was in anaretic degree of Pisces (around the 20th of January 2020). This perspective makes a lot of sense, because Lilith on her own has much to do with the shadow side of the sign which she transits, further more reaching 29 degrees greatly amplified her symbolism. The sign of Pisces is usually associated with the world of emotions, distant past, past lives, subconscious, but at the same time it also rules secrets and hidden matters and from a physical perspective it rules the immune system and it’s extreme negative expression includes hospitals, isolation, quarantine and great imbalance of the immune system. If we add all of these interpretations up, we get a very clear and viable astrological picture, that the karmic forces are going to trigger an event which has much to do with all the shadow side of Pisces both physically (immune system), but also emotionally (fear, panic, paranoia).
  • Other astrologers, attribute this to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, a very rare celestial dance (in this format it only takes place once every 500 years) held by Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Sun and Ceres on the 12th of January 2020. From this perspective it is Ceres, the asteroid of mother earth, nature, agriculture which gave shape and form to this major karmic showdown, but the essence is not the illness it’s self, but rather it’s devastating effects on the stability and structure of our social, economic and political systems, so this very powerful karmic manifestation intends to deconstruct our current social structures and major influences, by highlighting all the flaws, weaknesses, corruption, abuse and misuse of power of the world leaders and authorities, thereby forcing all of us collectively to evolve, change, adapt and it’s this adaptation which represents the reconstruction process. However, this is merely one of the many tools that serves this purpose and astrologers anticipate that this won’t be long term, so another crisis has to take it’s place, for Pluto, the planet which is actually responsible for the deaths and damages only leaves this part of the sky in 2024.
  • Other astrologers still, consider all of the above merely the world stage being set up for this disaster, where it was actually Mars entering Capricorn and forming a conjunction with the South node (humanities collective karma) which manifested and gave power to the spread of this virus. From this perspective, the “cherry on top” is still to be witnessed, for very soon Mars is going to touch 22-23 degrees of Capricorn, where it conjuncts with Jupiter and Pluto and when this takes place (from 19th of March, until the very end of March) is this situation going to aggravate, but the aggravation also births new solutions, which are going to be enforced by the power of the state. This is where things might get complicated, because this involves taking away certain rights and liberties of civilians, which can greatly backfire.

My personal opinion is a little bit different, for I have written about this in the second half of November, when Mars transited it’s ancient home of Scorpio. Scorpio rules very many things that can be linked to the corona virus, for this is the sign of death, the ultimate transformation, so diseases, toxins, pandemics are directly linked to it. Last time when Pluto transited it’s home sign of Scorpio, Pluto being it’s modern ruler, also the higher octave of Mars, was directly correlated to the appearance and spread of the HIV virus, which devastated so very many lives. Mars transits this sign every 2 years, but last year it formed an opposition with Uranus in Taurus (24-25th of November 2019) and it is this opposition that started to “brew” this dangerous virus. Taurus is an earth sign, closely linked to mother earth, nature, wildlife etc., while Uranus is futuristic technology, experimentation, but also nature’s very own intelligence. So, this opposition could play out in different ways, but all ways would lead to the corona virus: it could be something produced in a laboratory, which accidentally broke out, for when Mars and Uranus oppose each other accidents are very likely to happen; it could very well be no accident, meaning that it was designed to serve as biological warfare (Mars in Scorpio); but at the same time nature could have produced this on her own where the arrow of Mars projected it onto human kind for obvious karmic reasons. At the time of this opposition Uranus was trined by Jupiter, the planet of expansion at 28 degrees of Sagittarius, which is the sign that rules international travel, global movements, so this is the element which provided the fact that it’s gonna be global, traveling across borders, infecting several nations. Jupiter at this time was conjunct Venus, which in it’s most unfavorable expression is global economic loss. If all of this wasn’t enough, at the time of the Mars – Uranus opposition, the Sun (Sagittarius) formed a minor astrological aspect, called a quincunx with Uranus in Taurus, which can represent surprise of the unpleasant kind, where something minor and insignificant can take titanic proportions. Now, this only marks the time when the energies entered our earthly sphere and haven’t yet had time to take shape and manifest, so in my opinion this was the moment when the karmic forces and the incredibly powerful creational energies, which entered our sphere through the Jupiter – Galactic center conjunction, were ready to give humanity a big karmic purge. Of course this is when my personal opinion is very similar to all of the possible astrological interpretations written above, because the other celestial dances promoted events to take this exact shape and form, including Lilith’s transit through Pisces, Ceres being an important player in the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, Mercury retrograde in Pisces (which filled the internet and media with fake news that provoked panic and paranoia), Mars meeting the South node in Capricorn and in the present moment Saturn being at 29 degrees of Capricorn, it’s ruling sign, makes things that much worse, oppressive, limiting and restricting.

Before I get to the part where we take a look at what is likely to happen next and how events can play out on the world stage in the close future, we must also look at the BIG picture, why all of this happened and what the karmic forces are teaching us, where is all this guiding us as a collective to.

All of this is, without as much as a shadow of a doubt, the manifestation of humanities’s collective karma, but this is where we might misinterpret it, for this under no circumstances is the wreath of the heavens, of the gods, neither it is Mother nature’s revenge, because if we are absolutely honest with ourselves, humanity as a collective deserves much much more than this, so if the karmic forces would want to punish us or seek revenge, we would be extinct in a flash of an eye, so all of this is a huge mirror, which the Universe placed before all of us, both collectively and individually and it invites us to take a very close look and if we see anything that we do not like, do not approve of, we are invited to think, reflect and then change.

What is the South node actually reflecting back at us? One of the big things that we need to become aware of, has nothing to do with the corona virus itself, but rather the way modern society is organized materially, economically, hierarchically and most importantly morally. Capricorn has everything to do with the density of matter, law and order, rules and regulation, the use of power, the control and dominance and it is something that we simply can not function without, all of us do need to surrender a little bit of our powers and enforce collective rules and laws, but it is when those laws no longer reflect who we are and who we are becoming, that is where society stops to function internally, psychologically, for the purposes of individuals are not really being promoted and enabled. This is where we can see the big contradiction between those few elites who hold the power and their interests and the individuals, the components of society, who are being forced to shut their eyes and ignore the misuse of power, for the sheer sake of survival. When the billions of souls, who compose the wholeness of the human collective, on a soul level no longer find a capitalistic approach of the organization of society useful, when the forms and moral rules of trade are severely outdated, when justice and fairness are laughable, then if we do not wake up to these realizations, the Universe has to give us a gentle push and place the mirror in front of us. So basically, we are all invited to witness just how severely our current social strictures are failing us, when trade is blocked even for a short time, everything crumbles to dust. What is even more important that the “trade” doesn’t serve our highest well beings, but only of those very few elites who own everything. We really need to think about all of these aspects, for change is coming one way or another. The Universe is giving us time to re-adapt, restructure, reach a state where our physical lives can reflect our collective inner truths, if we find ourselves incapable to change for subjective (ignorance, flawed education) or objective (the government possesses sovereign power over our lives) reasons, then the Universe will do it in our place, but if it gets to that, we are gonna have zero choice of what our new reality can look or feel like.

Another very important karmic lesson or better said reflection has to do with our sense of morality and humanitarianism. So very many of us feel as if humanity is already existing in a futuristic age, where space travel, genetic engineering, very relevant neurological discoveries are opening the gates to a new era, where many things which were once impossible, where certain theories that were SCI-FI, are entering our current reality. It is absolutely true that we have the theories, scientific research, technologies, resources and everything we need to step into a new era, but is our morality and sense of unity intact or are we still in the dark ages, from a spiritual and moral perspective? Well, the hysteria caused by the media has clearly shown us that many of us are even way below animals, it has exposed our true face, one which is infinitely ugly and plagued with greed, hatred and intolerance. The North node in Cancer does suggest a spiritual return to our roots, to our ancestral heritage, it does suggest that we need to tighten our borders, in order to preserve our cultural distinctiveness and in this case it is the foreigner that can be perceived as a threat. Naturally, we overdid it, severely in my opinion, because the immigrant crisis, simply offered us a chance to point the finger at someone, to project all of our frustrations, anger, dissatisfaction at a sacrificial lamb. Considering the violent history of our kind and the very recent 9/11 and other similar events, all of this is understandable, right? Well this is exactly why the Universe gave us this mirror, because when it is our co-nationals, neighbors, friends, those who we share the same culture with, who at the very first signs of any threat, instead of doing all the humanitarian and moral gestures, run off to supermarkets and obsessively worry only about their own survival, while at the same time direct their hatred and anger towards those of their co-nationals who they THINK without knowing for certain, that are “spreading” the disease, for the simple fact that they became infected …. all of these gestures do reveal who we REALLY are and how ugly the heart of the collective truly is. This is where we are invited to see the HUGE contradiction between our technology, our collective intelligence as a species and our very very poor, twisted and primitive moral standards and sense of unity. Can we truly consider ourselves to be a species when we behave like we are each other’s biggest enemies? Are we truly ready for a space age like this?

Of course, this isn’t all negative, because this also means to reflect all those things that we are doing right, where many people have shown infinite compassion, courage, humanitarianism, consideration, so many have volunteered, so many are trying to keep a state of calm through their internet based work and many governments are actually showing that they DO care and the well being and security of their citizen’s is truly top priority, so it isn’t just doom and gloom everywhere. Regardless of the emotional charge of what these very powerful karmic events reflect, this is the truth, this is the current state of humanity from a moral and spiritual perspective, every single individual has it’s own right to draw their own conclusions.

Now we get to the last part of the article where we take a look at what is likely to happen. My personal opinion is that all of this is not as big, bad and dangerous as it is meant to sound, but the real danger is rather in the economical, financial and political aspects, which are going to evolve extremely fast, by the end of March we are all going to have a very very clear picture what to expect next and how our futures are likely going to look like by the end of 2020. The Sun transiting the sign of Pisces is definitely a good thing, because it means truth, light, clarity even from a scientific perspective, so that means that science is going to find the means to handle this. Mercury reentering Pisces, even if it’s still in shadow, is also a good sign, for it can help dispel fear, the media, journalists, people who put up info on the internet are going to have much clearer, precise data and also the moral duty to calm people and guide them. Mars further advancing in Capricorn and meeting Jupiter and Pluto is mixed news, because on one hand Mars dancing with Jupiter is gonna produce very powerful karmic manifestations, which can potentially make things a bit worse, it can amplify all the problems and make the virus even more contagious, while at the same time it can shift the focus onto the financial side of things, where the losses are gonna be great, but for some the profits are gonna skyrocket. Jupiter’s trine with Venus in her home of Taurus is bound to birth new financial economic solutions and Uranus in Taurus is certainly going to revolutionize and upgrade certain industries with greater ease. It is when Mars meets with Pluto, when things may get out of control, for both planets are very assertive, volatile and can cause a LOT of damage and disruption, especially when they meet in Capricorn because that can represent the supremacy of the law, military action, armed conflicts, violence, abuse of power, where conflicts can even arise between different nations. Since both of these Planets are gonna be squared by Eris, speaking from Mars’ home of Aires, this can mean civil war, uprising, protests, violence the streets, civilians opposing the rules of the authorities etc. The same time when Mars and Pluto meet Saturn still remains in the anaretic degree of Capricorn, which further points to abuse of power, lock-down, installment of states of emergency where the government has full power and control over anything and everything. So, from this perspective from the 19th of March this can complicate things severely. After Saturn exits Capricorn and moves into it’s ancient home of Aquarius, this can make the virus even more contagious, it can even cause mutation where it instantly becomes air-born, forcing states to shut off their borders and go into quarantine. The square it forms with Uranus represents unexpected financial losses and never seen before economic crisis, but all of this can be prevented, for Uranus rules Aquarius, so it also offers foresight. In my personal opinion, things should greatly improve by the middle of May, when the South node leaves Capricorn and retrogrades into Sagittarius, but since this is the part of the sky which rules international affairs, politically it might not make things all that better. In the summer time Mars will have already entered his home of Aries, from where he will square all these planets that he conjuncted in March, which could trigger even more repercussions of all these karmic events.

My personal opinion and my advice is for all of us to have a very deep and honest reflection about everything that is going on on the world stage, for this big karmic mirror is not really meant to hurt us, neither is it an invitation that we should take any specific action, but rather just to open our minds, open the eyes of the mind and look at the world from a perspective which is outside of our comfort zones. Whatever we choose to do for our and our loved one’s personal safety, should not be done with fear or panic ruling our beings, we need to preserve a state of calm and detachment, because the quicker we become aware of what the Universe is trying to tell us trough these events the quicker the drama ends for us personally, for once we know and process the lesson, wisdom, truth, we are no longer needed to witness the ugliest facets of whatever is happening on the world stage. Sometimes disconnecting from the external drama, is not really ignorance, but wise, for the aggravation of all of this is not meant to intimidate us and keep us in a state of fear, but rather it is persisting to invite the world leaders, to open the eyes of their minds and rethink all their future plans, for the quicker they reach the conclusion of the collective they represent, the quicker harmony and peace can settle in and it is then when the gates of the future and the new era truly open before us collectively.

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