Weekly horoscope: March 9-15

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of March 9 – 15, we have an active and powerful sky playing out all week, where the overall tone is going to be set by Mars further advancing into Capricorn, a very dynamic energy which on one hand can speed up material progress in the lives of individuals, while at the same time it can keep on triggering very powerful karmic events to be playing out on the world stage. On the other hand Mars in Capricorn is a very disciplined, calculated energy, where expressing the sovereignty of our wills, taking courageous, focused action can potentially take us that much closer to obtaining whatever we desire, at the same time investing time, effort and energy ambitiously into work, our professional lives and making choices from a place of alignment with our desires and self confidence can help us advance in these areas of our lives. Mercury stopping in the sky and going direct in the sign of Aquarius is an energy that’s going to dominate all of next week and it’s really helpful to complete, finish or mobilize all those elements, ruled by Mercury (the evolution of documents, circulation of information, communication, travels, online business, contracts, legal agreements etc.) which entered stagnation before or during this Mercury retrograde season, while at the same time it can also be extremely beneficial to dispel confusion through logic, rationality and authentic sources of information and this might be that much more important on the world stage, where fake news and exaggerations are causing massive disruptions. At the very start of the week, we are going to have a rather emotional full Moon taking place in the sign of Virgo and this can be a wonderful energy to ground ourselves, our feelings and our thoughts in reality, living in the present and making sure that we are aligned with the healthiest expression of our faiths. Venus advancing in her home of Taurus and meeting Uranus here can represent a lot of unexpected surprises some of which might delight us, but there is also the potential of shock, either materially or romantically.

We begin the week with a very powerful and revelatory full Moon, taking place in the sign of Virgo and this energy is extremely mixed, not just because the connections the Moon is making, but also thanks to the conjunction of Uranus and Venus being exact on the same day. Both the symbolism of the full Moon, but also the conjunction of Uranus and Venus are rather contradictory energies, which can stir up some powerful emotions, guide us to some very impactful epiphanies and realization, all of which are an invitation of the stars for us to reach inner balance. During the full Moon, the Sun, illuminating the Moon in Virgo, from the sign of Pisces is going to be conjunct with Neptune, the ruling planet of that sign, which means that it’s going to shed a very powerful and revelatory light on our deepest and most sacred feeling and emotions. This is also a highly spiritual energy, so all of this is going to bring to the surface, even from the outer reaches of our subconscious minds everything that composes our unique faith, our deepest desires and dreams and on it’s own this can be a really dreamy and surreal energy of maximum bliss, serenity, when the light of our faith and dreams just envelop us from the inside and catapults our heads and hearts onto dreamy clouds of fantasy. Since all of this opposes the Moon shining from the grounded, highly realistic sign of Virgo, which can represent our earthly, practical intelligence,this can act as a very powerful reality check and grounding energy, which even though highlights our faith, dreams, spirituality, optimism, our desires for inner peace, it also shows us what is possible, what can exist in the palpable material world and which part of our most inner feelings and emotions can only exist as ideals, dreams and fantasy. For some of us, this might be a well needed reality check, for the Moon also receives trines, conversations of supreme harmony, from Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, from Capricorn, so this balancing, grounding, reality check, even if it might be uncomfortable, even if we might not be fully open to letting go of our ideals, even if this can be a bit painful and disheartening, it is still form our highest good, for it helps us to embody our inner truth and the healthiest expression of our faith, which involves being totally honest about limitations, what is and what is not possible in physical reality. For other people, this can be a time they are being called to analyze in a very truthful and objective way their inner motivation, specifically the balance between service to the self and service to others. This is where the light of this full Moon is inviting us to acknowledge that a life without love and compassion is an empty, illusionary one, for just serving the self and the ego is an emotionally very empty existence, while at the same time excessive compassion, too much self sacrifice, allowing our hearts to rule us without the reality check of cold, hard logic is also similarly self defeating, for it is our number one karmic duty to provide for ourselves the earthly, physical stability that we need as human beings to function properly. Sacrificing for others is without a doubt a very positive karmic charge, but if done without thinking, judging may actually lead to bad karma, for if we hurt ourselves by giving away either our time, power, or our resources leaving ourselves helpless, vulnerable is just going to produce further obstacles, hardships until we learn that we have to be No. 1 in our own lives and that is not something selfish, but rather wise and balanced.

For others still, this can be a time of wonderful manifestations, guidance and visionary dreams, for full Moons bare the power to enable manifestations, may they be completions, closures or empowerment by highlighting the truth, things hidden from our sights and this is where the trines formed with the cluster of planets in fellow earth sign Capricorn, can help us embody, manifest, physically live our dreams and what we believe in.

The conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Taurus is a somewhat similar energy and since it takes place exactly at the time of the full Moon, this adds that much more emphasis on the relationship between mind and feeling. Venus, in her home sign of Taurus represents the earthly expression of love, worth, the joy of life, where all that we feel deep within our hearts has to be lived through and perceived with our 5 senses, for that is one of the reasons we incarnated in matter, that is why we possess physical bodies. Our spirit animating matter gives us the power to influence earthly existence, to take action, to get things done, but at the same time, it also serves us to feel through and experience everything, especially all the pleasures, joys, beauty and sensuality of life. Uranus on the other hand is a totally different energy, it’s all about awareness, the highest and most sophisticated octaves of the mind, rationality, objective truth, so this tells us that we must always be aware of the difference between love and pleasure, love and lust, if you wish. Neptune conjunct the Sun in Pisces is divine, unconditional love, Neptune also being the higher expression of Venus, the kind of love that only exists inside of us, while Venus in Taurus represents the shape and form of how that unconditional love can manifest in our earthly lives. Having expectations for the idealistic, Neptunian kind of love to be present in matter, is an illusiuon, an ideal which can never really be accomplished and this is the power of Uranus complementing the symbolism of Venus, the need to know the difference, but also not to confuse the love and desire to experience earthly pleasure with real, unconditional love. Venus is extremely strong in her home sign and here she can bring out her best qualities and if we add to this the magnetism and quickness of Uranus, this can be a time of either major epiphanies, a big wake up call about love which might feel really uncomfortable at first, but it serves our highest good, this can also cause us to desire freedom, independence, to live life the way we desire, the way it feels most comfortable to us and these desires might be a bit frustrating and overwhelming, but for some very lucky people, this might be much more than an epiphany or moment of sudden realization, for what they might be thinking and dreaming about in terms of love, self worth and material gains, might just enter their lives unexpectedly. Each time Uranus and Venus meet in the sky (once every year) is a really good time for surprises and delights, regarding matters of love and romance to enter our lives: so you might be shocked by declarations of love, people opening up about their feelings, offers of love and partnerships, gifts, presents, generous gestures, but it can also be a really good time to get close and physical, for Venus here is rather sensual and she takes great pride in her physical beauty.

This very powerful revelatory energy works beautifully with Mercury standing still in the sky, around the 10th of the month and going direct. Next week it will move rather slowly, so it won’t yet exit Aquarius, but this is a really good thing, because it gives us that much more time and opportunity, to find completions for all those things left pending in our lives at the beginning of this Mercury retrograde and at the same time it’s fantastic to come up with plans, bring out the inner genius, find practical solutions, communication and making choices in official matters should go well and since Mercury is going to be sextiled by it’s higher expression Uranus, this can be a really good time to make new or adjust existing future plans and bring out the very best of our sense of logic, rationality and foresight.

This is also really important for events playing gout on the world stage, because at the beginning of this Mercury retrograde, events that impacted all of us collectively, like the diplomatic conflicts, the spread of the corona virus, the natural calamities have caused panic, confusion, paranoia among the world population. Given the fact that Mercury went retrograde in Pisces, a sign in which it’s very uncomfortable in, but it has also to do with illusions, the immune system, emotional confusion and even lies and deception, it’s most extreme shadow side, we can see how all of the negative symbolism of Pisces affected the media, internet, press, journalists, all of which fall under the rulership of Mercury. Now, as it goes direct, it can clarify all of the fake news, flawed information, it can help the media get authentic and truthful information and guidance, all of which can help undo the confusion and paranoia that they themselves are responsible for. This can also represent moments when very important and revolting truths come to daylight, which can cause quite a strong reaction from the public.

At the end of the week, we are going to feel the first signs of Saturn entering the anaretic degree of it’s home sign of Capricorn. This is rather important, because any planet being at this degree has it’s symbolism amplified, especially it’s more negative, shadow expression, which can be even stronger given the fact that Saturn rules this part of the sky, this is where it’s naturally at it’s strongest. This can play out in a number of different ways, it can make all of us feel that much more acutely the financial, social and economic crisis, this is where we are going to see all the financial damages the corona virus phenomenon produced, we can even see huge international companies and profitable organizations facing collapse, this is where the the state and institutions of the state can install very strict, severe and rigid rules and regulations, causing public protests and revolt and since Jupiter is also present in this part of the sky, it can expand all of this, making these manifestations severely oppressive in certain parts of the world. This can also highlight the rigidity, corruption, incompetence of certain institutions, leaders, even world leaders, where it might become very evident that they are clinging onto their seats of power, not even considering making compromises for the well being of the collective. Since Saturn rules karma, this can also manifest karmic events that need to further lead us to the big global change, that was set up by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on the 12th of January 2020.

For the individual, this can represent a lot of temptations, tests of faith, karmic tests of honor, dignity and equity and it can represent a time of great restrictions and hardships for those who operate outside the law or are making profits disregarding morality and moral justice.

Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful, magical and blessed full Moon and always remember if feelings get overwhelming, if all of this gets really difficult to process, remember there are always people who are ready to listen, who you can reach out too, including myself and other astrologers, mystics and spiritual workers, but of course there are free helplines and free psychological counseling available on-line, local support groups and charities, so you are never alone!

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