Pick a card reading: Virgo Full Moon

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading, today’s subject is the Virgo super full moon taking place on the 9th of March 2020. As all full Moons, this can be a time of completions, fruition, endings and closures in that area of life, where 19 degrees of Virgo falls for you personally. Generally speaking this full Moon is a rather mixed energy, because the Moon forms aspects of supreme harmony with Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, which is definitely an energy of blessing, harvest, divine help, but it might be the case, that whatever blessings are going to enter our lives, might not appear that positive, we might not even perceive them as blessings, but rather emotional turmoil, for the Sun, illuminating the Moon from Pisces is conjunct Neptune and this can mean a very melancholic, depressive, hopeless couple of days, where the opposition of the Neptune Sun and the Moon can disillusions us, break our bubbles of hope and optimism and force us to undergo a major reality check. Generally speaking, this might highlight our self sacrificial and self victimization tendencies, it might deliver us the painful truth that maybe we are exaggerating in our attempts to protect, heal and serve others and this can cause an imbalance where we might wake up to the truth that we have absolutely nothing more to left to sacrifice. For others, this can play out in the opposite way, where they might be feeling as if they are not doing enough for other people and for themselves and in this case the light of the full Moon can deliver them the truth in form of gratitude, appreciation and praises coming from all those people who are really appreciative for all their efforts, time and sacrifice, dispelling the misaligned belief that they are not useful. Regales of how this plays out, it’s definitely going to be a very emotional period, where dreams, visions, intuitive perceptions might deliver us very powerful messages from beyond the veil.

Today’s pick a card reading attempts to uncover how the energies of this Virgo full Moon are going to manifest in your life. Take a look at the 3 cards for a couple of seconds and then choose a magical object that sparks your intuitive senses the most, then jump straight to it’s interpretation.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a blessed full Moon and if these energies and emotional ups and downs get way out of control, please keep in mind that there is always someone you can talk to if you are feeling overwhelmed, myself and other kind spiritualists out there are always here to listen.

Pentacle: 10 of Wands reversed.

For those of you who chose the Pentacle symbol, this full Moon is going to be extremely intense when it takes place, it might stress your out a little bit, it might be even hard on your nervous system, leaving you feeling overwhelmed with all the problems present in your life and of course anxiety goes hand in hand with this, but either just a few hours or a couple of days later, you might get an unexpected surprise. The 10 of wands in upright position usually depicts when a person’s “cross” get extremely heavy, almost unbearable and this means that ever since the start of 2020 and even going back 7 months 2019, you have been struggling, you invested all your power, effort, did everything you could possibly do to make your situation a little bit easier to endure, but the fantastic progress you have made, all the amazing things you have achieved, felt bitter sweet, because it consumed you. In the present moment you might still be trying your very best not to crumble and break under all the pressure (both material problems, emotional problems and strange inner restlessness), but you are extremely tired both mentally and also your soul finds it unbearable to exist like this anymore. This is exactly why the power and magic of the full Moon is going to send help your way, so the 10 of wands is reversed, because over the course of the next 10 months, all your worries, hardships are going to disappear one by one from your life, until your cross will be just a faint memory, offering your freedom, the opportunity to just be yourself and enjoy life without all the drama and the doom and gloom of those who surround you. This help can take different forms for different people: some of you might receive unexpected help from someone very influential, or it could be someone with a really prosperous material situation and that person is going to become a permanent part of your lives; for others this could be job or career related, where it’s not a person, but rather a company or a group of people recruiting you and turning your life into a BIG workshop of creativity, arts, projects, or maybe it can represent you learning to master something, you have been desiring for a long time; for others still, this could either be their partners, if they are in an established bond, or a new lover for singles, who is going to take all the problems off your shoulders. Either way a new dimension of life, a new chapter of your life’s stories is going to open before your eyes, a chapter where it’s all about ease and creativity. The reason why it has to be this very hard in the present moment, is a karmic one, because your desires, the life that you truly deserve to be living has to build up a huge inner pressure, so that you can never ever doubt your choices in the future, so that you can always remember this special moment in time as your rebirth.

Key: Death reversed.

For those of you who had been guided to the key symbol, the Death card represents that you had a lot of losses in the last 3 years of your lives, but at the same time you tried your hardest to produce a very significant and relevant change, hoping to find a much more balanced and peaceful life, regardless of what that means or which shape or form it takes, all you desired was to just exist in peace and harmony, accepting and embracing anything that was needed or required for this to happen. The losses, disconnecting from everyone who you used to know and most importantly the very profound and painful psychological purges were embraced with open arms, while at the same time your tried your hardest to live in truth, your own inner truth. It would be the biggest lie to even dare to think that all of this was in vane, because you had your miraculous moments, when you felt more supported by the divine and your own spirit, then ever before in your life, but the change that you have worked for just didn’t really manifest in the material and romantic aspects of your life. At first it was a waiting game, then it was maybe you need to make specific moves and take specific action, so ambitioning yourself, followed by moments of surrender almost drove you mad. Right now, this hasn’t changed all that much, you are in a constant state of surrender and you may expect this full Moon to just pass by without any magic entering your life and this is exactly where you are gonna have a very pleasant disappointment, for the clarifier card, the Green 10 represents higher forces, divine intervention, where you will finally enter the reconstruction phase of your life. The fated event may not be instant, but what is going to appear without a shadow of a doubt, are premonitory dreams or heightened intuitive perceptions comforting you and making you a direct promise that it’s coming! How the reconstruction, regeneration, is going to take place is a secret that the divine is keeping for it’s self, but it has much to do with your biggest lack, with your most urgent need: for some it can be unexpected material gains giving them the chance to recover everything that they have lost, for others is a journey overseas that is going to open new doors for them, while for others maybe an unexpected lucky career opportunity or maybe new love.

Regardless of how this plays out, this is a divinely orchestrated event, the green 10 indicates that it’s gonna feel like as a higher power invaded your life, where one lucky event is going to follow another, as in a chain of good fortune healing your life.

Dagger. 5 of Water.

Those who have been guided to the dagger symbol are in for an extremely emotional full Moon, which can trigger a mini depressive episode or a nervous breakdown. This card is the card of sorrow, disappointment, not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, where you might feel like all your life’s work was just a huge divine joke, you might see yourself as a modern day Don Quixote, where you might really question if everything that you have done in your life was actually real and served a good purpose, or if it was your fantasy coming to life and sucking you into a world of illusion and self deception. This can be an extremely hard energy, it can open up all physiological wounds, but it might really surprise you, for very powerful guidance is going to enter your awareness telling you that absolutely nothing was in vane, what you really need to be aware of is simpler than you could have ever imagined: the Universe is encouraging you to live your life, to live for yourself, to make your inner child happy, this is ALL that remains from your karmic duties, for you have done everything else in life. As long as the need to serve yourself and write your life’s story as your heart desires, where YOU are the only protagonist doesn’t sink in, the Universe can’t allow you to escape from your own mind’s disappointment. You might think of serving the self as something selfish, but when NO one else in your life serves your own interest, then you are playing a game where your defeat couldn’t be avoided even if the Universe would take form in front of your eyes and beg you to do differently. This is gonna create a truly healthy balance within your psyche, where once and for all you abandon your excessive compassion or being obsessed with your life’s work (which has nothing to do serving your self and your own situation) and will finally learn to live for yourself, for the very first time in your life, without ever feeling guilty or remorseful. When you understand that you are here in physical form to experience life and not make a tool/slave/savior of yourself free willingly, in that sacred moment everything in your life is going to change, and your new crystallized desires (to live, to feel, to strive for your own personal happiness, to allow your inner child to have fun and be naughty) are gonna attract a karmic tsunami of blessing in your life, a life in which the 5 of water won’t exist anymore.

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