Weekly horoscope: March 2-8, Venus into Taurus

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of March 2 -8, we have a very active and and intense sky playing out all throughout the week, where the predominant conversations are those of sextiles, harmonious celestial dances, which provide inspiration and motivation, but require action and follow up to turn into blessings. Venus at the very beginning of the week may cause certain emotional problems, frustrations, inner turmoil, while at the same time very powerful desires for freedom and independence may take over us, but all of this changes as we get into the middle of the week, for she enters her home sign of Taurus, a place in the sky where she is at her strongest, so this can be a very good time to count all our blessings, everything that make us beautiful, attractive, worthy and of course it’s a direct invitation to enjoy all the small and big pleasures of life, for we certainly deserve them. At the same time Mars continues to advance into Capricorn, so this is a time of blessed aim, when your plans, desires, passions can reach their target and produce significant results, as long as you act in a precise and calculated manner and invest your energy and focus into what you want to obtain. The overall feeling of this ongoing Mercury retrograde is also going to change towards the middle of the week, for Mercury is going to retrograde back into the air sign of Aquarius, a place in the sky where it’s comfortable, so this can mobilize energies a little bit and unchain our minds and thoughts from the heavily dreamy and surreal vibes of Pisces.

We begin the week with some very powerful sextiles, harmonious aspects, which can be our saving grace and guiding light as we navigate through this extremely emotionally heavy and oppressing Mercury retrograde, where Venus’ square (conversation of tension) with Pluto and Saturn, makes this energy that much more irritable and frustrating. One of these sextiles is held by Neptune and Jupiter, this is a really harmonious and optimistic energy, where our dreams, desires and even fantasies are infused with the power of the spirit and the creativity of the subconscious mind, so chances are the more power of belief and hope we invest in whatever we are dreaming about, makes it that much more probable for our dreams and hopes to manifest in every day life, giving us a chance to experience them outside the Self. This is also a wonderful and blessed energy for artists of any kind, for this is where even the most simple things in life can bare the power of inspiration as long as you are willing to look at everything with a highly philosophical perspective and since Jupiter holds this dance from Capricorn the sign of manifestation, whatever you create during this time or following your inspiration, intuition can lead you to great rewards and lucky opportunities.

Mars also transiting the sign of Capricorn holds sextiles with Neptune and the Sun and this celestial dance is going to be at it’s strongest and most potent right at the very end of the week, because that is when Neptune and the Sun meet in a conjunction, where their symbolism joins forces. This can be a really helpful and positive celestial influence, because Mars is extremely powerful in a very stable, disciplined and calculated way in Capricorn, which gives us much power and control, while Neptune and the Sun dancing together in Pisces can illuminate all those thing in our lives, especially what we have in the subconscious mind, that are normally hidden from our awareness, giving us a short window of opportunity to have a massive influence there. This is also a reality check, where our illusions, misaligned beliefs, self victimization tendencies are gonna be illuminated and exposed, giving us a chance to change what we need to change and simply embrace a new truth, one that as long as we act from a place of self trust, self love, self respect, we can heal even the deepest psychological wounds, change even the most deeply rooted self defeating subconscious programming which we might have picked up from education or old bad habits, so this can be a time of huge progress and evolution, because if every part of the mind is in perfect harmony with the heart and with our sovereign wills, that is a power which can actually move mountains and make even the density of matter be subjected to our purified and sanctified wills. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is also present in this part of the sky, so this means that whatever we desire, in whatever we choose to invest all our energy and focus has to be honest, authentic and equitable, for this energy doesn’t really favor any activities which are outside the law, even if it’s just karmic or moral law.

Another very powerful sextile is the one held by Mercury retrograde and it’s higher octave Uranus. This dance of the two planets is going to be at it’s most helpful around the 6tth of the month when Mercury retrogrades back into the anaretic degree (29) of Aquarius a sign where it is very comfortable in, but the degree is also very relevant because any planet being in this degree has it’s symbolism magnified, especially it’s shadowy expression. Both Mercury and Uranus have much to do with information, while Mercury rules the lower, much practical, every day functions of the mind, Uranus rules the highest frequency and the most complex cerebral activities, so each time these 2 planets speak to each other it can be a time of great epiphanies, sudden realization, unexpected communication, connections, travels, but also moments of maximum clarity. This conversation can be really helpful in two situations, first of all it can help us work with the Mercury retrograde theme that much more efficiently, because all those things that were unclear, confusing, or blocked when we started this period can now be understood, processed, accepted and and this means a greater degree of mental freedom. On the other hand it can also help us in the most unexpected and mysterious ways solve all those problems which remain from the past, even recent past, that might have to do with Mercury’s expertise: as in any legal documents, legal cases, important communication, projects work on the internet can advance, if you have been promised anything this is the time when you can see the first results, but most importantly this is where you can possess all the necessary information and inner clarity to make safe, sound, original plans for your future, working with what you have. It’s also a rather favorable energy to connect us with people from our distant pasts.

Now we get to the star of this week’s show, Venus the goddess of love and beauty is going to form some very relevant conversation, but she is also responsible for this weeks energy shift, where she leaves her exiled sign of Aries and enter her home of Taurus. Before she escapes her prison of Aries, she is going to be squared by Pluto and then Saturn, right at the beginning of the week, but fortunately these celestial dances of tension and discomfort are going to be rather short term. The square she holds with Pluto is all about power and control, who it is that holds power over us and who it is that influences our lives, these can be perfectly valid questions within an established bond, but also relationship of any kind where we might question how much power and influence we might allow colleagues, a boss, manager, business partner, associate, friends and family to hold over us, but it doesn’t even have to be a person, it can be anything that we love, may it be an activity, hobby, our passions, philosophies and principles. Finding answers to these question won’t be that easy under a Mercury retrograde, where the answers are definitely not in the mind and mental sphere, but they might not even be that much obvious if we seek them within the heart, for it is our instincts, our primordial impulses, the libido, so to speak or the inner child might hold all the answers that we seek, for this heavy Plutonian influence wants to teach us how to discern true unconditional love may that be for a person, activity, principle or anything really, from the kind of attraction we might confuse as love, which sources from our needs being satisfied. For example, because of the nature of my work, I can say that many people who read my work express their love, but if we would strip the practicality from it, they would definitely feel a totally different way about me, because they might care very little about the person who I truly am, if there is no gain attached to it. Another example: I might think I love a TV show or series because it depicts a situation which is present in my life, but if that situation would disappear from my life, most probably I wouldn’t have any interest. These are extremely powerful and useful karmic lessons, because we can’t love, until we know what true, unconditioned love is, but also we need to know when we are attracted to something or someone for very specific and crystal clear reason, which is a highly conditioned love.

So, this could be a very powerful and profound lesson on how to make the difference between love and lust, between loving something or someone unconditionally or loving them for very specific reasons. This dance can guide us to very powerful truths about ourselves and what love actually means to us and once we reach clarity, once we know without a shadow of a doubt why we are feeling all that what we feel, we instantly gain power and control over it. This might be a rather challenging and difficult time for couples, because Pluto transforms everything it touches, but this can lead to either a strengthening of the bond, but in other cases it can end the relationships offering freedom to both. From a totally different perspective Venus conversing with Pluto like this, in this very instinctual part of the sky can also spell an increase in sexual desires, almost reaching the point of obsession. For couples this can potentially spell trouble, because the Plutonian influence can create fated moments of infidelity, which can complicate things. For others however, especially those who are single, this can represent overwhelming desires, obsessive curiosities.

Venus’ dance of tension with Saturn, can feel like salt on our wounds, especially if those wounds are unmet desires, because it can highlight everything that we are missing, all of our needs, all of our restrictions, but at the same time it can trigger the ego, because we might feel extremely disadvantaged for not having in our lives all those things that we deserve. If we even worked for them but the fruits of our labor did not produce harvest, this energy can send us into a deep deep depression. For couples, this energy might not be that simple because Saturn also represents security, grounding, stability, fulfilled needs, so even if we might think we need more freedom, love and appreciation, we might not really wanna make a move, specially if our relationships do provide us with any kind of security and comfort and this is where we kind o boil in our own juices. Fortunately both energies are short lasting, they might be at their most intense on the 4th when Venus is going to be extremely stressed out by the squares, the vibes of Aries, but also being in 29 degrees of her exile sign, this can be a moment when our frustrations, dissatisfaction and ego crisis just bursts out of us. What comes after this is both a delight and surprise, because the goddess of love and beauty enters her home of Taurus. In this part of the sky she is known as the earthly Aphrodite, bringing out Venus’ night time expression, which has much to do with all the finer, valuable, exquisite things in life, the joy and pleasure of being alive, but of course this also spells a good period for love and romance. This energy can last all through March, but at the very end of the week Venus meets Uranus in the sky and this can be a very powerful, moment, which can play out in more than one ways. For some, specially those who are single this can be a very lucky period when love knocks at their doors in the most unexpected manner and this can start a period of romance, love and passion. For others, the very powerful Uranian energies can cause a certain level of anxiety, where their desire for financial independence and freedom can be overwhelming and this energy can just convince them to step out of their comfort zones, be open to things they never even considered trying or experimenting with, all for the sake of getting out of the routine and to have more freedom and independence in their lives. This might be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, but this can give birth to the most inspired actions, taken risks of any nature can lead to the fulfillment of the purpose in ways which can even exceed their wildest expectations, this is the type of energy when you really really have to believe that anything is possible and that you deserve it. For others still, this can be an energy of blessing, joy, freedom, where all the delightful things in life might just fall in their laps in the most unexpected ways, where romantic surprises can come out of the blue and where their self worth can give them the magnetism of a quasar. During this energy repeating affirmations, feeling attractive, valuable, beautiful, knowing that you deserve the best and finest things in life, knowing that you deserve all the love in the world, for that is what you project onto everyone can truly do miracles, Mars and all the cluster of planets in fellow earth sign Capricorn, even if this week they don’t converse with Venus yet, can still prove to be enough for powerful manifestations to take place.

Thank you so much for reading wish every a very happy week and may you enjoy the energies of Venus in Taurus.

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