March Tarot-scope & Astrology guidance

From an astrological perspective the month of March is going to be extremely dynamic, very important energy shifts are going to take place and in the second half of March the powerful karmic forces that have been slowly but surely gathering in the sign of Capricorn are going to be activated and released by Mars as it conjuncts the planets already present there.

The very beginning of March up until the full Moon in Virgo, taking place on the 9th, can be somewhat uncomfortable and emotional, for Venus, before exiting the sign of Aries, she is going to be meeting Eris, goodness of discord in the sky and squaring Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which can stir up irresistible desires of freedom, longing to be free and independent in any shape or form and even though this energy fades away briefly, as Venus enters her home of Taurus, which is a totally different energy and has a totally different feel, but soon as she enters, she meets Uranus in her home sign and this meeting can stir up even more powerful emotions and desires for freedom. On the world stage this can play out as huge series of protests, revolutions, civil war, incredible acts of violence against authorities and the current law and order. This is one of the moments when this energy peaks, for Venus conjunct Eris and later on Uranus will cause us to feel this very intensely, but even after Venus moves on, Eris and Pluto are going to hold this square all throughout 2020, so this will be an ongoing theme. Venus entering Taurus is also one of the energy shifts and this can be a really really good period for enjoying all the pleasures of life, for indulging yourself in all those things that give you joy and make you feel alive, while at the same time it can be a very good period for love and romance, especially the kind of relationship which gives us a feeling of stability and brings out our true worth. Later on in the month when Venus is going to be trining (conversations of supreme harmony) the Capricorn planets, it can be a really good time for harvest, enjoying the fruits of your labor, taking pride in all your achievements, being successful with all those things you have sacrificed time and energy for, but of course it can be your personal magnetism and beauty which attracts great success and appreciation in your life. The trine of Venus and Jupiter, can be a really really lucky energy, especially professionally and financially.

Around the 9th of the month we are going to have a very powerful Full Moon in Virgo, which can be a time of great blessings, rewards, completions, for the Moon is going to be trined by Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Saturn, so this can be a really good time to become your very best self and most superior version professionally, your mastery, skills and talents can be used to find or attract solutions to every problem, both for yourself, but also for others, which can add to your value. The Sun at this full Moon is going to be dancing with Neptune, so this can also represent a reality check, when you find the strength within you to declutter your life, mind and heart from all illusions, unnecessary activities which are purely out of habit, bad habits, a good time for detox and quitting escapist tendencies of all kinds. Collectively however, because of the powerful karmic energies Mars is unleashing, this may make the corona virus extremely strong and potent, so this may not be the very best of news, but it’s a huge wake-up call for all humanity, that karma is very real regardless if we wish to be aware of it or not.

Just after the full Moon, Mercury is going to stand still in the sky and prepare to go direct, this can be a time for massive epiphanies, bringing out the inner genius, thinker and problem solver.

The sextile, conversation of harmony it’s going to hold with it’s higher expression Uranus can make this energy become that much more practical, helpful, useful in every area of your life, this is where you can receive all the information, guidance, or very practical know how to step into your future, execute all your future plans.

In the second half of March we are going to have an incredibly powerful concentration of energy in Capricorn where Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and on the 18th the Moon are all going to be conjunct. This is without a shadow of a doubt karma and fate manifesting in a way we have never ever seen before in our lifetimes. Collectively, we can imagine that the events are gonna be violent, assertive, it will represent the supreme authority of the state, the control the government has over us, but since it’s also going to square Eris, the population will have none of this and will respond in equally violent manner. For some parts of the world, this can be a time when they proclaim their independence and will break away from the authority which ruled them up until this point. It can also represent military action which leads to the shift of power on the world stage. Individually however it’s gonna be a time when the material aspects of our lives evolve very very quickly and drastically. Individually as well we are all subjected to the unleashing of the karmic forces, but this is where things can also have a very positive and delightful turn, for all those events in our lives, especially the fated ones that were started or took place in January, are going to further evolve and complete themselves in the second half of March.

The Sun moving into the sign of Aries on the 20th is going to be another relevant energy shift, activating this area of the sky which has much to do with our primordial selves, our instincts, our ambition, courage, also around the 24th of the month this sign is going to be hosting March’s new Moon, which can be a really lucky energy to take action, follow your instincts, express yourself and desires with maximum courage and self confidence, but most importantly it can enable you to make significant changes personally, regarding your identity, how others see you and perceive you, giving you a certain level of control over this area of your life.

Around the 22nd of March the most powerful energy shift takes place where Saturn finally leaves for a couple of months it’s ruling sign of Capricorn and enters into Aquarius, it’s ancient ruling sign. This can feel like a breath of fresh air, as if all of us both collectively and individually alike have stepped into a new dimension, where life can be observed through totally new and unique perspectives. Some astrologers associate this with division, where while it was in Capricorn, Saturn empowered all those structures which enforced law and order, which held society together, which gave it structure, stability etc., in Aquarius however it’s all about the individual, it’s decentralized power, where the smallest components of the collective receive the emphasis in an empowering way, but this is where the responsibility and the sense of duty is also transferred onto the individual and small communities.

Last but not least, the very last major energy shift takes place around the 31st of March where Mars follows Saturn into Aquarius, further de-concentrating the very strong Capricorn vibes, placing the focus onto air, from earth, which means that the power is going to be held by our minds, mental and intellectual resourcefulness, our ability to adapt and of course to embody our uniqueness and distinctiveness, this might also disconnect us from the present and being too immersed in the material aspects of our lives, our attention will go to our future plans and the future we would like to create for ourselves both individually and collectively, this is going to be one of those moments when we can witness the rise of humanitarianism and all of it’s guiding principles.

The second half of the article contains the tarot-scope for all 4 elements of the zodiac:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire sign natives are going to have quite in intense period, from every single perspective, in the moth of March 2020. On one hand this is their opportunity to make progress with all those things they have initiated at the very end of 2019, but at the same time this is when multiple opportunities are going to enter into their sphere of awareness, where they will have to make choices and plans for the future. These are not major and radical changes, but rather smaller ones which have accumulated leading to a very profound change, but this needs time and much input from fire signs. All of this may sound very positive and it actually is, but the requirement is a very difficult one, for fire signs are invited to act from a place of maximum diligence, wisdom and not to make choices, not to take action out of instinct, but rather by aligning the head with the heart, a task which may prove difficult for many natives.

The 2 of coins reversed is a rather positive sign because it means that finally their material situations are going to change, but this change might not have much to do with their current source of income, but rather their status in society. Some of these natives are going to reach the conclusion that they deserve to be treated and respected as valuable components of society, where as in the more distant past, they might have actually had the opposite goals, where they have tried to detach themselves and break away from the collective, from the mundane, from all the chaos and drama of society. This can come as a moment of epiphany, where they look back at their lives and it hits them that they have invested so much effort into become their very best selves, where they have learned so many different skill, where they possess much more knowledge and know how than even the most relevant members of society and in the present moment, to not even try and put the fruits of their personal labor (obtaining practical knowledge and know how) to good use, would be a massive waste. For the first time they might see outside their shells and come to the conclusion that fully believing in their selves and their worth as honest, good willed and masterful members of society, doesn’t source from the ego, but it’s a fact, so from this perspective, not treating themselves with the respect and honors they deserve is an injustice. This can represent a very powerful motivational energy, when they finally make the choice to take action, express themselves, pursue a much higher social position, the very first bricks in the foundation of this future are going to be laid down. This might imbalance their lives a little bit, for time and effort needs to be invested in putting the plan together, enrolling to do a course, take an exam, or do whatever it is needed to create more opportunities in their lives, but this imbalance won’t represent a problem as long as the motivation is present. The 3 of Wands represents that with each step they take towards the right direction, more truths, conformations, guidance is going to reach them, not only will they find new people to help them out and advantage them, but they will also get the chance to prove just how serious they are about all of this both to themselves and to others. This can also signify travels, especially across a body of water, new business, new projects, new perspectives which may lead to connecting to someone in a foreign country, but most importantly it means that finally after much time spent in procrastination vibes, they can finally see the future clearly, they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, the realization that they have so very much to live for, so many exquisite and unique experiences await them.

The reading is closed by the alchemist and this speaks about psychological fortitude, healing, regeneration and most importantly regaining their inner peace. This doesn’t mean perfect balance, it doesn’t mean something which is quiet and static, but rather the kind of balance which is the most natural for fire sign natives, when their excitement, their child like restlessness, their thirst for life and their desire to share all of it with others, can put them in their positions of power and standing and acting from such a palace is what being at peace means for them and it is absolutely wonderful, even if sometimes this leads to excess, for that is the role of the fire element, unlike the other elements, it needs to always burn, be under permanent transformation in order to keep it’s self in existence. Another representation of it’s symbolism might have to do with people close to your heart, where they might go through a very difficult and challenging period in their lives, but this is where your own sacrifices and emotional strength can actually perform miracles in the lives of your loved ones, helping them overcome all obstacles with greater ease and permanent support from your behalf. On one hand all of this is natural, you wouldn’t have it any other way, but from a different outlook, this is one of your karmic duties, so completing it with maximum responsibility and care will later on advantage you even more spiritually.

Earth signs: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Astrologically speaking natives born under earth signs are going to have a very busy period all throughout March, because the cluster of planets in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Mars) are going to produce karmic events, important completions and new beginnings alike, but at the same time offer follow up momentum to all those karmic events that have already entered their lives from December last year. At the same time, Uranus in Taurus, continues the series of very important life changing truths entering their sphere of awareness, all of which dissolves their comfort zones, forcing them to take specific actions, which they normally would just shy away from. Even though all of this at certain times can feel a little bit overwhelming, tiresome and stressful, this period is extremely important for progress and for laying down even stabler foundations for the future.

The reading is opened by the 3 of Cups reversed and this card speaks about different events, which have a good, but also bad side attached to them. On one hand this represents a very symbolic shedding of old skin from a strict social perspective, for natives born under earth signs might all of a sudden awake to the truth, that they no longer resonate with their current roles in society and their circle of friends and acquaintances. This isn’t anything unpleasant as conflicts or contradictions, in fact there might not even be any kind of communication, rather just a retrospective look at their lives where they can see just how much their have outgrown the way their lives are from a social perspective in the present moment: certain activities which used to be fun, have turned to routines; they might find their current circle of friends no longer inspirational, where they just complain about the same problems and dramas every day, taking away the element of surprise, fun and excitement; this can also play out just as a sensation of not fitting in anymore, desiring a totally different kind of way of life, the one they used to have when they were much younger; they aspire for inspiration, motivation, lightheartedness and fun, all of which are missing from their lives in the present moment, or for some natives it is them who provide all of these for their circle of friends, but this is where they got really tired of always playing the same role. Those of you who are in established bond, the 3 of cups reversed might complicate things a little bit, for this might spell jealousy, for your partner may spend more time with their friends or best friend, than with you and this might create tension and challenges. For those natives who are very artistic and have any kind of artistic skills, this card can indicate when the time for inspiration ends, but the time to create and act upon the inspiration which you received in the last 3 months is finally here. If you had any plans, ideas, or very strong intuitive guidance that you needed to create something or to express yourself artistically, then following your intuition can lead you to unexpected success and appreciation.

The Queen of Coins represent prosperity, soul level fertility and also a grounded and stable future. The month of March is going to be a period in your life when you start focusing on this aspect, this is where first of all you become aware of all those things which represent priority for the future you want to experience and with great motivation and ambition you start building. Depending on which area of your life has greater needs, it is those needs that are going to be slowly, but surely and constantly being met, so for those of you who are in need of improving your professional lives and careers or simply your material situation (managing debts, income, relation with banks and institutions) it’s gonna be a very significant period for this; those who need to progress with business, projects, goals and intentions of such nature, can have a fantastic period, but one that also requires effort; while those who need to settle down, establish a family and perhaps have children, the first opportunities for all of this are going to appear. This isn’t easy energy, regardless of how plays out, even if there is a huge amount of karmic help to guide you, it will still need you to be present in your life maximally, always be aware and diligent and of course none of this is possible without ambition.

The Wheel of Fate is a very important message, because it represents stepping into your future, this is where the life that you are destined to live finally knocks at your door, this is the moment when you are maximally aligned with your inner truth, with your self worth, while at the same time this was the main reason for all the blockages, obstacles and bad times in the past, for you needed to abandon false dreams, fake hopes, illusions and conditioning that you picked up along the way. Even though all of this clearly has a divinely orchestrated feel to it, stepping into this future is definitely not going to be like entering a ready built stability, where you instantly have everything you need. It is going to be like stepping into a chaos, uncertainty, mystery of the unknown, yet because you do not fear it and you are aligned with the truth of just how powerful and resourceful you are, this is where you perceive this chaos, as the most wonderful opportunity to make it what you desire. It is this courage, ambition, thirst for life and a soul level certitude that you can handle absolutely everything, which makes sure that this future is a stable, prosperous and magical one, where each second is gonna be a unique experience that will stay with you and empower you for the rest of your life.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The month of March is going to feel like stepping into a totally new dimension, which these natives never really experienced before. This isn’t really coincidental, this is almost fated, because all through 2019 and for some people this goes back ever further, life was a living chaos, when all their traumas, insecurities, hurts and pains returned, they have been severely disappointed by certain people who they trusted the most, they may have had huge material losses, a tough illness etc., in other words their lives descended into chaos and the dark night of the soul began. Simultaneously a very profound healing process began, where the seemingly endless purges, misfortunate events, depression or problem of any nature just forced them to be totally truthful with themselves and everyone around them and this honesty and truth started to heal them, started empowering them to release the past, find forgiveness and at that time many natives had no clue where all of this is leading them, the destination is going to be revealed in March.

The reading is opened by the 8 of Swords reversed and this is a very positive sign, for it represents the completion of the work that started 8 month ago (for some people way before), a work which had one major goal, that to obtain freedom and total independence. The material and even moral aspects of life may not reflect very faithfully the freedom, but the mental and emotional sphere of air sign natives are attachment, illusion, expectation and trauma free and this is what actually represent the true sense of freedom, for when the mind and heart are not at war with each other, absolutely nothing can truly weigh them down, for air signs have a wonderful ability to act like air and just dilute away from the density of matter, reforming themselves when strictly necessary. This is where not taking life and any drama that seriously is a major blessing, because if nothing can really pull you down and imprison your thoughts and feelings, those problems can’t remain in your life for long, one way or another they will just pass through you as if you were made out of air. This also means no emotional blackmail from others, not taking criticisms that seriously, being perfectly OK and regret free with the past and what they have done until now and most importantly the humor, lightheartedness and being lost in the magic and randomness of each moment is what is gonna open up a whole new dimension to air signs, a dimension where they can feel right at home. The meticulous inner work of the past, the purges and learning how to release and detach from any problem, leaves their desires, passions and soul level goals to remain pure and untainted by self defeating thoughts and negative self talk, so they become like a mental spider’s net, which can attract and catch all opportunities with great ease, where air sign natives just like a spider can jump to the opportunity and seize it or discard it. Where as in the last couple of years life felt static, boring, everything moved with great difficulty, in this new phase everything is gonna move with the speed of their airy minds much to their delight, for they will no longer be limited by the fear of missing out on anything and perhaps this is the beauty of being free and independent. The Eon (Judgment) card promises a major karmic completion, where one of the most important karmic lessons of this current life is gonna be learned, mastered and then embodied. Whatever this lesson is, it’s extremely important and you might have had obstacles in your life ever since childhood because of this, it might have much to do with self criticism, how you see yourself, how you judge yourself, in other words it has much to do with your relationship with the Self. The moment when you start appreciating who you are, the moment when you can be as forgiving and indulgent with yourself as you are with other people, as soon as you are going to practice being compassionate with the self, life is going to start treating you as you treat yourself. Much past hardships, regardless of which nature they were, material, emotional, health issues etc. just didn’t want to go away, because subconsciously you weren’t treating yourself with respect, dignity, you weren’t embodying self love and because of the karmic rules this was what you were creating in yourself, without even realizing it, more trials, more moments of crisis, more disappointments and moments of failure. These seemed never ending, because deep inside you were never ever satisfied with yourself, your thoughts may have said differently, but just thinking something without embodying it is not sufficient to tip the balance. Now, that the balance is as it should have always been, life and external events are gonna have such a totally different feeling, where you will live exactly what you invest in yourself and your life. Everything is going to react to your will, to your emotions, to your thoughts and this means regaining control over your life, over your destiny, you have the steering wheel to drive your future in directions which are the most important for you. The reading is closed by the Sun card and this can represent the very first signs which make you aware that life all of a sudden is not how it used to be, because this card represents moments of happiness and joy, feeling alive, feeling as the VIP of your own life’s story, not just a filler and it is this energy of lightheartedness and passion for life which heals all the wounds you may have received through life. For some natives this can also mean gaining a new friend, a soul who you can connect with very deeply, someone who doesn’t just understand you, but can’t get enough of your company and this can represent the start of a very beautiful soul level alliance. For others it can be moments of success, of being appreciated, of being the stars of the “show”, all of which are feelings and states which your soul has been longing for. For others still, especially for artistic air natives, this can represent success through your art or self expression.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

For water sign natives the month of March is definitely going to be shocking, it’s going to be full of surprises, mostly of the pleasant kind, but some of these surprises may come from within their beings, for it’s also going to be a time of huge epiphanies, realizations, they will finally be able to understand in a very direct manner, where it is that they may have made karmic mistakes, who it truly was that disadvantaged them for many years, and who their true friends and allies are. These energies are karmic in nature, where just becoming aware, just looking at life through a totally new perspective is going to be more than enough to highlight which cords need to be severed for water natives to enjoy freedom and living life more for themselves and their own passions and less for social parasites.

The Ace of Wands opens the reading and this represents the element of surprise and shock, which can mean different things for different people, but one thing everyone has in common is that it comes unexpectedly and it’s going to be the very first sign of a future of freedom and less limitations. For some people this can represent BIG opportunities that they have been tirelessly searching for or trying to create in their lives, especially if this has anything to do with work, business, professional lives. This is extremely important, because this can offer the means and absolutely everything they need to break free from current business partners, associates, colleagues, companies which are using and abusing water natives. If you have been looking or trying to create this opportunity in your life for some months now, this can mean success and your chance for independence and to be your own boss. For others, especially those who are looking for love or those who are caught in a dying relationships, this can mean Cupid’s arrow, when the big love that they have been waiting and dreaming of enters their lives and a totally new chapter of their lives story begins. For others still, this is the unbound power of truth, where regardless if this means ‘detective” work where they uncover something that was hidden from them, or if it’s just an inner realization where they can all of a sudden know and see clearly what they need to do to succeed, or where the blockage lies, or this can also mean simply a divine help where their instincts awake and take over the steering wheel of their lives, forcing water natives to have moments of maximum courage and speak their minds, or express themselves, which can attract a major benefit into their lives.

The Devil reversed, shows us where the Ace of Wands is taking you and in each case it’s freedom, all strings being severed, living a life based on your inner truth and personal preferences where all compromises are rejected and all those people who may tie you down one way or another are going to exit from your life. This can point to your business or job, where someone might have been using you or taking advantage of your generosity, but secretly they are either stealing from you or are collaborating with competitors. It can also represent a manipulative and abusive partner, who is going to be an ex very soon, but at the same time it can also mean self imposed limitations, breaking free from your own idealism and naivety, or simply closing all doors of your life to a certain spectrum of society which you do not resonate with any longer. Either way, the Devil, the symbol of compromise, psychological or moral binding, lies, deception, fake friends or self limiting beliefs is going to be exorcised from your life, giving you back your freedom.

The High Priest closes the reading and it bares a double symbolism, on one hand it represents the power, authority and control you posses over your own life from every single perspective, even that which normally doesn’t depend on you, like fate and luck, where you are going to do things very differently, for your inner structure, your own rules and regulations which govern your life are gonna be changed, upgraded, more intact, more based on your truth and this can only spell out a time of regeneration, getting your confidence and drive back and of course building a future for yourself which can offer a permanent stability and material safety. On the other hand the High Priest is also the symbol of your faith and spirituality, because the Ace of Wands, the surprise or opportunity at the beginning of the reading is a direct result of your inner work, spiritual practices, so your faith is going to be rewarded through divine means. Experiencing such a wonderful divine gift is going to be everything your soul needs to burn with the brightness of the Sun, this is where you are truly going to align with yours self confidence and just be grateful and appreciative for the love and trust the Universe invested in you.

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