Weekly horoscope: February 24 – 1st of March, Mars meets the South node, the power of law and karma!

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of February 24- 1st of March 2020, we have a very active and dynamic sky playing out all throughout next week, where one of the most influential planets is going to be without a shadow of a doubt Mars, who continues it’s transit through it’s exalted sign of Capricorn, where it touches very important power points activating them and unleashing their symbolism even in the world of matter. At the same time, the conversation of supreme harmony it holds with Uranus, can make this period, especially the first days of next week full of surprises, which may come from any external source, but at the same time we could also experience moments of maximum courage, bravery, total self confidence, where we might take certain risks, express ourselves, take a leap of faith, or take any action which we would normally shy away from, which could create unexpected and very prosperous opportunities in our lives. This energy is also a little bit assertive, for Mars in Capricorn is also the symbol of the power of the military and while we might see this paying out on the world stage, where conflicts between different layers of society are almost unavoidable, we could also see the assertive energies playing out in our own lives, for the influence of Uranus can determine us to stand up for ourselves and not allow anyone else to have any kind of power over our freedom and personal choices. The assertive vibes are counterbalanced by the very dreamy and ethereal energy of Pisces, where the Sun, Moon, Mercury retrograde and the ruling planet of the sign, Neptune meet and this energy invites us to take deep inner journeys, focus on our emotions, our psychological well being and close all doors to the past.

We start the week under the influence of the Pisces new Moon, a very powerful celestial phenomenon, for both Mars and Uranus sextile it and this gives these highly ethereal, almost static energies an unusually accelerated state, where dreams, inspiration, divine guidance, moments of maximum honesty with ourselves can just reach us out of the blue, much to our surprise and delight. This is a fantastic period for any kind of spiritual or artistic practice, spending time with yourself, opening your soul up to divine inspiration, going out in nature and enjoying the quiet, letting go of the past, any kind of emotional healing and most importantly setting intentions, planting new seeds of desires into the Universe, from a focused, ambitious, but also innocent state, where we allow the divine power to manifest as it desires. This Pisces new Moon is going to set a very strong spiritual tone for all of next week, chances are most of us are going to be preoccupied by connecting to the Divine and our own souls, through our unique individual ways, may it be meditation, breath work, spiritual practices, yoga, prayer or just simply having a moment alone where we can reflect and contemplate. Because of the many sextiles Mars and Uranus hold with the Sun and Mercury in Pisces, but also the beautiful sextile Jupiter holds with Neptune (both planets are the rulers of Pisces), this is a window of opportunity when dreams and fantasies can suddenly enter our reality, giving us the chance to live and experience them making our lives and our stories richer emotionally and spiritually. This might be more true and effective for deeply spiritual people and “hopeless day dreamers”, because this personality archetype is the most efficient under a deeply spiritual and magical sky like this.

This is also a fantastic energy to complete many things left unfinished from the past, even distant past, regardless of their nature: it can be as simple as just an experience you always wanted to live, but never quite found the motivation for it; it can have much to do with someone in the distant past, for Mercury retrograde in Pisces dancing with the Sun is ideal to find forgiveness, or even courage to reach out, but of course this can also happen in a very fated way, where you just bump into people from the distant past coincidentally; this is also a very good energy to rebuild bridges which have been burnt; a fantastic opportunity to rediscover a past passion, goal, hobbies, big dreams; resume past studies which have been interrupted; fulfill promises that have been made a long time ago; but most importantly this is a wonderful energy to heal the past, to find acceptance, forgiveness within, to look at the past very objectively (the Sun illuminates our subconscious) and break away from self victimization tendencies, no longer allowing pain and hurt to cloud your vision and this way you can see all the positive sides of the hardships and challenges which you had to overcome in your life. The Sun dancing together with Mercury retrograde in a part of the sky which rules the distant past, hidden, concealed things and even past lives, is an absolutely fantastic opportunity to find the answers to those questions which can only be found deep within you, any inner journey, any action you take during this time for your emotional healing, or just releasing the past and certain attachments are gonna be really effective. This is also a very good energy for cleansing, detox, nurturing your body, quitting bad habits which damage your body and psyche like substance abuse, severe escapist tendencies and also, Pisces rules the immune system, so this is also a very good moment to boost your immune system by self care and perhaps taking vitamins, or supplements which boost your body’s natural defenses.

Next week can also be a time when you experience moments of epiphany, sudden realizations, come up with the most ingenious and unique ideas, when your desire for independence and freedom takes over and becomes your no 1 motivation to succeed with everything that you decide to achieve this state. If you happen to have any big ideas, sophisticated plans which may seem a bit too complicated to be acted upon in the present moment, if you happen to just wake up knowing that you need to do a certain thing and you feel really strongly about this, it would be a good idea to keep a journal, to write down everything, because after Mercury leaves retrograde and Pisces, you might have true alchemical “gold” in your journal and you might find new connections which people who can enable your ideas, or they might even wanna make them their own which can lead to profit and gain. This is also a rather lucky energy, so we might see big lottery wins, huge leaps of faith or risks taken by certain people, which will pay off big time, we can also see massive karmic completions, karmic harvests taking place, where some people’s live can change in an instant, from a material perspective, more true for those who sacrificed a lot in the past.

The dreamy, magical and spiritual vibe of Pisces energy is just one side of the spectrum, because simultaneously a totally different kind of energy is going to be playing out, especially on the world stage, but in our lives as individuals as well, as you probably suspect it’s Mars transiting Capricorn. Capricorn is the exalted sign of Mars, which means that it’s symbolism is greatly empowered, it has the power to move matter, create change, momentum, break-through situations and the fact that it is trined by Uranus makes it even quicker, more magnetic, more influential. One of the first key moments happens at the time of the new Moon (23rd of February) and a day after, for this is when Mars touches the degree where last December’s solar eclipse in Capricorn took place. This can represent a fated moment, when the symbolism of Mars stirs up certain events which are going to lead to the new beginning meant to take place in this area of the sky. This is merely seeing the first signs of where the events of 2019, ’til the present moment have been leading us collectively and this means that there are going to be fantastic new initiatives to change and improve rules, regulations, matters of law and order which govern society, new solutions, projects which can potentially solve the financial crisis and instability, it can represent the power of the law, where corrupt leaders are gonna face trial for their uninspired past choices, it can also represent new military alliances, a total reconfiguration of the political scene, new military campaigns, but of course these events can be also rather destructive and assertive at first, like protests, civil war, social unrest, revolution, increased efforts of the state for battling crimes and corruption, all of which only later on, lead to a new beginning or to evolution, progress. Since Uranus is involved in this dance as well, this can also represent secrets being exposed, which will shock the world, the collective and trigger very powerful reactions, new futuristic technologies that have been developed over the past couple of years can be exposed and their efficiency might shock us all, it can also represent digitization of a domain which wasn’t susceptible to this, huge breakthroughs in nano-robotics and A.I. technology and last but not least digitization of the financial sector, crypto-currency gaining much higher ground. This can also expose secret alliances of different world powers, which have been concealed from the public eye, Uranus usually acts as the sword of cold hard truth descending down on what has been hidden, making us become aware of it, because awareness means that we do have a certain degree of influence and power over the matter, much more than in a state of ignorance and not knowing.

Uranus and Mars speaking from earth signs, even if it’s a trine, a conversation of harmony, it can also spell natural calamities, for those might be negative and harmful for us, but for mother nature it’s a totally different question, this is where she holds the power, this is where she can take relevant action and through the events which she triggers, she can “communicate” let us know who she “feels” and what her plans are. This can mean heatwaves, volcanic activity, seismic activity, wild weather phenomenon, winds, hurricanes, storms, but at the same time it could also spell an increased risk of fire hazards, even unexpected solar flares heading our way. Usually such a dance creates huge spikes in the Schumann resonance, disturbing our sleep patterns, making us anxious for no reason at all. Beware of panic attacks and social anxiety, also animals might behave strangely.

For the individual Mars touching the eclipse point can represent the first signs of a new beginning, evolution and progress in that area of life where 4 degrees of Capricorn falls into. It might have much to do with your career, material situation, job, your hobbies, passions, life goals, studies, or if you need to complete something left behind from the past. Regardless of which area of life it falls under, if your personal aspects permit, this can be a fantastic time to act with self confidence, knowing your worth as a professional, your skills and talents can increase your reputation, it can be a very prosperous time when you harvest the fruits of your labor, or it can literally be a time for new beginnings where you might receive career, job offers, invitations to collaborate on project type work with others, your reputation as a professional can connect you with the most ideal people and associates, but at the same time it’s also really good for anything that you wish to pursue with passion and ambition, it’s a fantastic period to invest all your energy into your work, knowing that the rewards are definitely going to show themselves.

Another very important moment is when Mars dances together with the South node, a symbol of past deeds, karmic harvest (depending on your past actions and your motivation), but also the opportunity to cleanse ourselves from any karmic obstacle that might be blocking us, by understanding the lesson and then doing things from a place of empowerment, where our conclusions and the answers we received from a karmic perspective are going to guide us to take all the right actions. For those individuals who have always been hard workers, never shied away from sacrifices, from acts of compassion and who kept their dignity and equity at the highest standards are most probably going to receive karmic rewards, with the condition that they need to be perfectly aligned with their healthiest sense of self worth. Mars is our drive, the singularity of our desires, our inner power fueling us with ambition and passion, but it’s also our survival instinct, our primordial energy, so believing in ourselves, owning our powers, owning our strength and integrity is imperative for karmic harvest to take place, because the Universe can only mirror your own judgment of yourself. Many individuals who have been always compassionate, kind and made a lot of sacrifices suffer during these karmic periods, because they do not receive any harvest, wrongly accusing the Universe with unfairness, the Universe mirrors our own fairness, so each time when we choose to allow unfairness in our lives, each time we choose not to stand up for ourselves, not to express what we truly feel, just not to inconvenience others, is a source of bad karma, for we hurt our own beings, we open our lives to disadvantages, we offer ourselves as a free sacrifice, so we can’t expect anything good to happen to us in this earthly plane of existence, merely in the divine spheres can all our extreme good deeds and sacrifice be rewarded. Our biggest karmic duty is towards ourselves, our own life’s story, to embody our spirit, in such a way where we can also learn the biggest lessons of earthly existence, so giving up on our own identities as human beings or turning ourselves into a sacrifice without any-kind of measure or condition is not something that goes well with these Capricorn energies, that is why we are invited to learn the biggest karmic lesson of all, compassion, unconditional love, offering a helping hand to others, being the guiding and healing light in the life of another person can only be true and authentic, once our lives permit us to do this, once we also embody all these truths, because if we just give and give and make the black hole in our lives bigger than the center of the galaxy, then we are living an illusion, we are not setting a very positive example. If we change this subconsciously, if we re-write that programming which forces us to be sacrificial lambs for others, then things are going to change drastically and all the good karma you have accumulated can pour down on you. Your souls is pure, free, divine, it doesn’t need any reward, it doesn’t really need any gains, for it’s connected to the Source, it has an unlimited amount of “supply” to keep it’s self in existence forever, your human identity, however, has very many needs and it can’t survive without some of those needs being met. Once you realize that it is your soul’s duty to provide everything your human self needs, then extreme self sacrifice and living for others, isn’t as pure and positive ass we might think, it’s rather a waste of the time the Divine gave you in this earthly plane, for it is not just one person’s duty to sacrifice everything for the well being of the collective, the sacrifice and rewards need to be shared and equally, fairly split up. At the same time not living life, missing out on your major karmic experiences, because you choose to just give and give to others or to just shy away from life and live your own drama is also a source of bad karma, for you are not living with the blessings the Universe gifted to you to fulfill your life’s mission, which, besides your work or what you do in service of others, has also very important personal elements, without which you can never be complete. Your soul might enjoy existing in a state of purity, but this is where your human self is gonna just fade away, leaving you to become “invisible” both to society and to the divine, while at the same time attracting narcissists and really low vibe people to profit off you. If during this extremely karmic period, absolutely nothing shifts or happens in your life, these might be the reason why, because you might have abandoned and neglected service to your self, going after your own needs and desires.

Those who have been operating outside of the law, or have been living dishonest lives, profiting off others and manipulating people in their lives, can have a very difficult and nightmarish period, for Mars with the South node either means clashes with the law and justice, or manifestation of bad karma. This may not happen straight away, but over the course of next month it is extremely likely, for Mars will also meet Jupiter the planet of truth and justice, Pluto, the planet of transformation and alchemy and Saturn the planet of karma and harvest.

On the world stage, this can play out in a number of different ways, because humanity as a collective has very many past deeds which we can’t really be proud of, both Mars and Uranus speak from earth signs, so this can mean that we get what we deserve from mother earth. This can also play out politically, legally and it might even have to do with religious institutions, where shameful deeds and crimes hidden in the mists of time might be exposed.

Regardless of what takes place on the world stage, regardless of how much pain and suffering we might see playing out in the world, we need to be aware, we need to observe and understand the lessons of why it is happening and how humanity is responsible, but at the same time we must never allow ourselves to get sucked into and immersed in the drama. Detachment is going to be strictly necessary.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, transiting it’s fall sign of Aries is going to hold conversations of tension with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter and this can spell aggression, irritability, dissatisfaction, disillusions for those who are in an established bond, because this energy challenges them by bringing to the surface all those things that they do not like about each other, but also all those things which are part of their lives, but don’t make them happy. Pluto’s square with Venus can potentially end relationships, especially those which do not survive all the challenges that already exist in their lives, being amplified by Jupiter, while at the same time Saturn is sure to create new temptations, obstacles, restrictions to test the authenticity of their love and bond. This doesn’t necessarily have to play out in our love lives, this can simply create moments of maximum frustration when we are really really tempted to give up, surrender, abandon our passions and to just move on. It is highly advised not to make any sudden decisions, not to abandon anything while this aspect lasts, because you might feel totally differently after the squares break up. Also, because of a Mercury retrograde, it’s not really a good idea to believe any big promises of any nature, neither to make any. Venus traversing this part of the sky is also very sexual, carnal, it awakens our reproductive instincts, so this can create a lot of infidelity, temptations, dangerous attractions can be born under this sky.

Thank you so much for reading have a blessed and magical week!

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