Weekly horoscope: February 10 -16

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of February 10 – 16, where the tone for this week, from an astrological perspective is definitely going to be set by a very active and powerful Mars, but also Venus meeting Chiron in the fiery sign of Aries. Our passions, desire to express our inner truth and life principles are gonna make us very active, ready to take action, seize all opportunities heading our way, but the flow of information, documents all of our communications might slow down as Mercury, the ruling planet of all of these, slowly stops in the sky and prepares to go retrograde in the sign of Pisces, which is a rather slow energy in itself. Emotionally, however this is a blessing, this energy is going to reflect just how much of our pasts we have actually healed, it can highlight the striking difference of who we used to be and who we became and most importantly, Pisces is an energy which has much to do with completion, so being able to understand and view our own stories with perfect emotional clarity, makes us that much more empathic, compassionate and loving to everyone present in our lives and the fact that we found the strength deep within us to forgive certain people, who wronged us in the past, makes it that much easier not to allow anyone in the present and future to hurt us, because if we build a fortress out of love and compassion around our heart-spaces, offensive gestures or things we might perceive as offensive won’t get the chance to touch our souls, not even a pacified ego, who is perfectly comfortable in the life it’s living.

We start the week heavily under the influence of the full Moon in Leo, which for some people took place on the 9th, while for others it’s taking place on the 10th, but regardless of how this manifests in our lives, we are going to be inspired by the absolutely beautiful trine Mars holds with the Moon to be our most passionate and courageous selves, to take pride in our passions and the intensity of the love which burns in our hearts, it gives us a level of self confidence, the likes of which we don’t normally experience like this. Mars speaking from the highly philosophical and optimistic sign of Sagittarius, offers us a kind of self confidence, where we might feel as is the whole Universe is backing us up and when we feel the presence of the Divine mind in our lives, it’s actually difficult not to believe in ourselves and whatever we may be passionate about. Leo is also the sign of passionate love, so the energy of the full Moon can create romantic, love at first sight moments, or simply turn our hearts into a pyre of burning desire.

Also, a predominant energy which has much to do with Mars is the sextile it forms with the Sun in Aquarius, this is a fantastic aspect for creativity, to embody our inner truths, to take great pride in our faith and life philosophies, all of which makes us exotic, unique, one of a kind and this is the type of energy where we learn to appreciate our flaws that much more, for it is actually those and their unique balance which makes us be able to find common ground with other people, many times it is common flaws and weaknesses that create the most beautiful friendships. A very good energy professionally, for long distance, international travels, for study, to publish your work, to make yourself known based on what you are the most passionate about.

Towards the end of the week, however, things are going to change a little bit, because Mars becomes even more powerful, on the 13th of the month it’s going to meet the Galactic center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and this can be a moment for a lot of people, when they start making past paced, almost miraculous progress with something that they are investing most of their intellectual and spiritual energy into, for Mars the symbol of our wills, desires, the singularity of our focus, where we direct our energies towards and when it receives pure, unrefined creational energy from the Galactic center this can make us quantum leap towards our desires, as long as we invest all the power of our beliefs into it.

Towards the very end of the week, Mars is going to enter, what astrologers call the anaretic degree of Sagittarius, (29 degrees of any sign), making it’s symbolism extremely potent and very hard to contain. Even though this is a perfect energy for being ambitious, passions, learning, trying to surpass your limits, it can also be extremely aggressive, fanatical, intolerant, where we might find our frustrations, impatience, irascibility extremely hard to contain and not express. This might play out on the world stage as acts of violence, religious fanaticism, increase of crime rates, especially hate crimes, fire hazards and natural calamities that are fiery in nature. Self control, self discipline, the power we have over our thoughts and the desire to express them might be challenged by the imperfect trine Mars forms with Uranus, a trine that it’s gonna perfect after Mars enters Capricorn, the second half of February. After it enters it’s exalted sign it is going to have a totally different feel, where the fires of passion might influence our work ethics, our lucrative purposes, our careers, but also the power we have over others, the authority we have over ourselves and what we allow others to have over us.

The aggressive and assertive vibes of Mars can be counterbalanced, not as much through self discipline, but rather allowing the energies of Jupiter sextile Neptune and Mercury (almost stationary retrograde in Pisces) to make us our most compassionate and peaceful selves, where we stand from a place of simply wanting to understand and be in harmony with other people and since we have been through so much turmoil ourselves in the past, it is exactly those scars and negative experiences that we have accumulated, which can help us feel through that much more intensely, that everyone needs love and compassion in their lives and the fact that we can offer it unconditionally, is what makes us strong, generous and fortunate. Mercury being sextiled by Jupiter makes this that much easier and pleasant, where we are guided to become counselors, emotional healers, or offer a sympathetic ear unconditionally for those people in our lives who might be going through a tough time. During this time, if others approach us for emotional support and sympathy, we can perceive it as a honor, as an act of trust and love, making us that much more proficient.

As I said above, Mercury is going to slow down and stop by the very end of next week, where a day after retrograde seasons starts. This energy can be confusing for some people, where they find it hard to understand their own emotions and why they are feeling the way they are, but at the same time it’s the most perfect opportunity to dig deep within and come up with answers. For others, it acts like a mirror, when it is their fantastic progress they made on their healing journeys that is gonna be reflected and chances are recurring patterns from the past, are gonna enter our lives giving us the chance to prove to ourselves, just how different we are and how differently we live our lives, for our wisdom and faith in ourselves can make us stay on our paths and not fall into the temptations and weaknesses of the past and all of this can be done with great emotional ease, where it’s no longer a struggle anymore, it just flows through us like a divine blessing. This might also trigger our self victimization tendencies, but this is where the sextile Mercury holds with Jupiter comes in as a saving grace and it comforts us with the truth that reality is what we choose it to be, if we don’t want to be a victim, all we need to do is stop feeling that way.

Finally, the other predominant energy of next week is Venus, who freshly entered the sign of Aries. In this part of the sky, the goddess of love and beauty is not at her strongest or her most profound expression, but regardless this energy is also a saving grace, even if it can cause complications. On one hand it’s dance with Dark Moon Lilith and Chiron can create connections, events, occurrences in our lives, all of which guide us towards emotional healing, for Venus in Aries is extremely instinctual and chances are if we were severely hurt and disappointed in the past in any type of relationship, we instinctively defend ourselves by projecting mistrust and a certain type of psychological aggressiveness towards others, especially new people who enter into our lives. Even though we might be triggered to do the same, chances are we can be disappointed in a positive way, where those who we connect with prove us wrong and treat us with fairness, acceptance and love and it’s exactly this gesture of them not meeting our worst expectations, that is gonna provide us with profound healing, where our primordial selves, might not feel threatened anymore and our instinctual self defense mechanism tunes down to very healthy levels. At the same time this energy can make you the healing force in someone else’s life, where it’s your own healing journey, you embodying the symbolism of Chrion, the wounded healer, in other words, it is exactly your past wounds which give you the power and gentleness to offer another person healing, inspire them with confidence, trust and ultimately to sooth their agitated egos with your calm. If fate happens to choose you to take on the role of the healer, then take it as a great honor, for this is the mirror of fate reflecting back at you just how far you came in your own healing journey.

Venus in this part of the sky is also very sexual, so this healing can also be accomplished through sexual means where others who are very attracted to us, might just undo our limiting beliefs about our own beauty and magnetism and once we reciprocate the attraction and passion, a synergy of healing energies, which feeds both souls is created. The downside of this energy is very strong sexual desires, the grip of carnality or our reproductive instincts taking over us and causing a lot of agitation and restlessness, increased by a very potent Mars, symbol of our energy and drive.

It doesn’t have to be about love and sex, for Venus in Aries can also represent self confidence, instinctively being aligned with your self worth, so this is a fantastic energy for standing up for yourself, interviews, overcoming challenges that require confidence and trust in yourself, creative type of work, where the creative energies come from instinct rather then deep emotions, very good energy to embrace your leadership skills, to perform, for exams and competitions of any kind.

Thank you so much for reading, have a blessed week!

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