Astrological guidance and pick a card reading: In which ways is the Leo Full Moon going to influence my life?

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading with the subject: “In which ways is the Leo Full Moon going to influence my life?” This month’s full moon takes place around the 9th of February 2020, depending on which side of the planet you’re on.

Before I get into the reading I would like to say a few words about what this celestial dance is going to represent from an astrological perspective. Full Moons are associated with completions, culminations in one area of life, it can also represent an ending, or the very last phase of a creation process. The sign of Leo has everything to do with the matters of the heart, passion, creativity, inner child (or children if you are a parent), self expression, passion, leadership and nobility, so chances are that the energies of the Moon might trigger events related to these subjects. The apogee of the lunar cycle, from an astrological perspective is the opposition of the Sun and Moon, so it also represents that two areas of life, where the Sun and Moon stand across the sky from each other, are going to balance themselves out and it is the installment of this balance which creates the sensation of completion, culmination, ending or it simply sheds light on things which were hidden from our sights. The Sun illuminates the Moon from the sign of Aquarius which has everything to do with the “head”, as in our thoughts, how we plan and envisage the future, who we are from a mental and intellectual perspective, while Leo is the heart, our heart space, who we are based on our passions, what we love and how we express that love. Symbolically, we can interpret this as aligning with our passions, being able to make very important choices, decisions based on what our heart tells us and this is where our thoughts adapt, rather than to work against us, but it could also play out as looking at our lives and the way things are through the perspective of the heart and this can represent a moment of truth, clarity, being satisfied and happy with ourselves and with the choices we may have made in our lives each and every time when we listened to the voice of our hearts, or when we gave into our passions. The Moon holds a celestial conversation of supreme harmony, a trine with Mars, from the fiery sign of Sagittarius, a part of the sky where it’s very powerful, so this can represent a moment of maximum courage, when you feel as if your passions, the love you have in your heart empowers you so intensely, that you will be capable of handling situations, making choices, speaking your truth, expressing whatever you feel with maximum courage, boldness, self confidence, fearlessness and alignment with your inner truth. This can be a wonderful time for love, because during this aspect, we will definitely not shy away from expressing what we feel, but at the same time others, who might have feelings for us might express them without any kind of fear of rejection. This energy is ideal for love at first sight type of situations, but at the same time this can also play out the other way around, for if it is rejection or repulsion which dominates the feeling in our hearts, we might express is totally uncensored. Leo has much to do with creativity and expressing who you are, so this can represent a moment of courage or a leap of faith where you believe in yourself so strongly, that you will take off all masks and show the world who you feel that you truly are, without any kind of fear of what others might think and it is exactly this attitude which will earn the respect and admiration of others. This is also perfect energy for long distance travels, putting your studies and everything that you have studied to good use with total self confidence, expressing your faith and making choices standing from a place of total unity with your beliefs; for artists and creative people this can represent the most amazing period to weave their distinctiveness and uniqueness into their work, for Mars is just a couple of degrees away from the Galactic center, which is pure divine creational energy and also the heart of the Milky way, so this can be a profound spiritual experience when your heart unites with the heart of existence it’s self and something wonderful is born out of this. Regardless of how this plays out, a trine always represents a blessing and when it comes from a very powerful Mars it definitely represents courage, confidence, action, choice, persuasion, getting your way and what you desire, but not in a selfish way, but rather manifestation of your faith and passion. The Moon also holds two minor astrological aspects, cuincunxes with Pluto and Neptune and this might indicate that for some people it’s gonna be a total surprise, for Pluto and Neptune are karmic, fated energies which can trigger completions in a very unexpected way, which might have to do with a choice or action which you might have made in the past, but it is only now when you see the consequences or results. At the same time this can also represent something reaching your awareness, light being shed on something very important, which can give you hope, faith and courage to accomplish the impossible. This can be quite miraculous energy for deeply spiritual people, for Mars empowered by the Galactic center speaking in supreme harmony with the Moon, the symbol of the soul in the part of the sky which rules the heart, also influenced by Pluto and Neptune can cause your deepest desires or fears spring to life and manifest, in a way that is outside your control.

This pick a card reading is meant to offer you a little bit of extra insight on how these energies can play out in your life. Look at the 3 piles of cards for a couple of seconds and choose one which appeals to your intuitive senses the most, then jump straight to the interpretation.

Pile no. 1:

8 of Air, High Priestess, High Priestess.

Much to my surprise the High Priestess card makes an appearance twice and this complicates things a little bit, because among her many possible interpretations, the High Priestess is also the keeper of secrets and divine mysteries, so partially this indicates that it’s gonna be a total surprise, the cards are not allowed to reveal this secret, you have to live it to see it. On the other hand, whatever takes place in your life after the culmination of the lunar cycle, is also going to reveal very important secrets about your soul journey, past lives and a hidden talent, skill or ability you might possess, which can only be accessed through inner work, by tapping into your subconscious. Yet another very important message told by the High Priestess is that these deep, soul level truths, information, guidance is going to reach you in either dreams, visions or a very powerful epiphany. For deeply spiritual people, the combination of these cards can represent pure magic and divine mystery manifesting one way or another in your life, but it is something so personal, deep and profound that no one else, except you can even come near understanding or being able to comprehend what it can be and how it enters your life, what can be know however, is that you are going to be totally shocked and surprised and chances are, that it’s not only your life that’s gonna be influenced by it, but also the lives of those people who you share emotional values with, like friends, family or someone really important.

For others, this can play out as something you might have learned in the past either through auto-education, a course or official studies, higher education, maybe a qualification you might have, but in all cases, you are not actively using the skill, knowledge, expertise you have mastered, so the light of this full Moon can show you why you have been guided to study those subjects or take the qualification and at the same time through an epiphany, synchronicity, or an advice from someone unexpected, you might receive guidance on how to put those skills, studies or experience to good use.

For others still, this can represent a powerful moment which completes a long process of emotional healing or releasing the past, which is going to trigger a powerful karmic event allowing you to accomplish something or to experience something that was desired deeply in the past, but you simply weren’t ready at that time, because the person who you were back then had way too many fears, blockages, self defeating thoughts, maybe prejudices, so no matter how hard you tried, the Universe always stopped you, but it promised you either through dreams, or guidance that it will unite you with what you desire when you are ready. That time might be very near, but approach this totally expectation free, for the double appearance of the High Priestess means that however it will play out is a complete surprise, but one which will lead you to a profound sense of completion, accomplishment and inner peace.

Pile No. 2:

2 of Water, Emperor, Magician.

For those of you who have chosen pile No. 2, the energies of this full moon are going to be empowering both spiritually, but more importantly psychologically. The last couple of years (2018 and 2019) have been times in your life when your life changed from every single perspective, there were a lot of moments of release, surrender, inner purge and even though it was extremely hard to navigate through the life crisis, which never seemed to end, it also produced the biggest miracle of your lives: you finally, for the first time, found in yourself true and unconditional loyalty, acceptance and gratitude for who you are. Just feeling this wasn’t really enough, for fate forced you to embody your self love and loyalty towards the Self, your life might have been flooded with karmic temptations, where you had to stand up for yourself and prove just how serious you are about embodying your inner truth. Recurring patterns of the past, where you might have chosen unwisely or made mistakes kept returning, testing you, provoking you, but you stood your ground and demonstrated to yourself and the Universe that you have truly become your wisest and most diligent self. For some of you this might have to do with your love life, where you always saw yourself as a very difficult person, hard to love and accept; for others this wasn’t about a romantic relationships, but rather people who you associated yourself with, who might have belittled your self worth, without you even realizing it at that time; for others still, it might have to do with your professional relationships, where a certain job from the past might have had a very negative effect on you and took away your confidence in yourself as a professional. Regardless of how this played out in your life, you are over the hardships emotionally, you know your own truth and you are happy with yourself and it is this deep feeling of satisfaction which represents loyalty to the Self, a loyalty which is going to be mirrored by the Universe and all your guides. All of this is going to awaken the expression of your inner Mars, where your ambitions, self confidence, your passion, the power you have over your life gets so very strong, that everything that has been stagnating in your life (pretty much every area) is going to immediately pick up speed, start evolving and start producing progress, accomplishments and achievements, in other words the very things which you have been waiting for the past 2 years. The Emperor might indicate, that it is when Mars enters Capricorn, it’s exalted sign (second half of February), is when progress and success will start to culminate. You life, once again will be under your control, under your own rulership, it is when the Universe gives you back the steering wheel and this can mean, depending on your individual case: either finding the person who can receive all your love; for others professional success and opportunities; for others still, finding true and loyal friends who bring out the very very best self.

Pile No. 3:

10 of Fire, The Alchemist (Temperance), Queen of Coins.

For those of you, who were attracted by the third pile, the 10 of Fire indicates that you may have suffered certain losses in the recent past or have been through a very powerful and exhausting purge. Sometimes the best help the Universes can offer us is to burn away all the illusions, misaligned beliefs, those connections with others, which are counterproductive and just waste our emotional energy, but at the same time it could very well be our own idealism, nativity, our masked fears or limiting ideologies which keep us chained to something which is only real to our egos. The positive expression of this is regeneration, finding the healthiest and most elevating ideologies which fit us and our own life situations like a glove, when we lose connections with those people, who on a soul level simply don’t belong in our lives, making place for new ones, but also we make place for our own souls and minds to just take a breather and enjoy the company of the spirit which we embody. Regardless of what kind of purge or losses the 10 of Fire represents, you are already perfectly aligned with the truth, that it was in your being’s highest good and you are truly appreciative of how your life has transformed, but most importantly all those things that you have been almost obsessing about are gone and that energy can turn into passion, ambition and of course love. The energies of this beautiful full moon are going to be quite dual, because soon after it takes place, one last thing which you are struggling with to remove from your life, may that be something material and palpable like a debt, contract, or being caught in some kind of moral or legal obligation; may that be something purely emotional, or spiritual is finally going to disappear, giving you a sense of completion and the strength to begin again. On the other hand after a massive purge, from a karmic perspective has to come a time of regeneration and regrowth and this is the main symbol of the Alchemist (Temperance), where the exact opposite of what you have lived through the past 10 months is going to be enabled in your life’s story. As the Queen of Coins suggests, for some people it’s simply a time of healing, where every single area of life starts to regenerate, become stable, finally being able to feel that there are very healthy, productive and beneficial routines in your life, for some this has everything to do with physical healing or medical treatment which starts to greatly improve their health; while for others it means true prosperity, where the material aspect of their lives finally starts to become stable, secure and opens doors for all the small pleasures of life.

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