Weekly horoscope: February 3 – 9 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of February 3 – 9 2020. We have a very active and quite magical sky playing our right now, where thanks to the harmonious aspects held by Uranus, Jupiter and Mars with very other significant power players, this week can be filled with unexpected surprises, reaching emotional clarity, coming up with the most ingenious ideas, which can change our future plans in an instant, but at the same time very powerful epiphanies can guide us to find all those people, social connections, new friends and acquaintances, who we are missing for our lives and who can have a very positive impact on us. We also have a beautiful mystic triangle a magical aspect, which can represent quite a miraculous moment for some of us, but we also have a T-square which can cause us moments of maximum anxiety and stress, but both of these aspects are very short term. Additionally, this week it is Mercury and Venus changing signs, which promote an energy shift and given by the fact that they are both entering parts of the sky where their symbolism is diminished, how this is gonna affect you depends very much on your own relationship with Mercury and Venus. Last, but not least it is worthy to mention, that Mars is out of bound, meaning that it’s influence is that much stronger and while this is a very good energy to make the best out of your passions and ambitions, it can also cause a lot of violence, conflicts assertiveness, fights and moments of courage of the un-inspired kind, so we are certain to be seeing this play out on the world stage.

We start the week with a couple of very positive inspirational and quite lucky aspects, where Jupiter forms a sextile with Neptune and this is an absolutely superb energy for artists, any kind of inner work, spirituality, reinforcing your faith, giving into your heightened sense of optimism, embodying your inner truth, healing traumas and inner blockages that source from the past, it’s also an absolutely amazing energy for inspiration, artistic type of work, creativity, creating music, taking inner journeys and expressing whatever you feel in your heart of hearts. This is a profound spiritual aspect, so divine guidance, dreams, deja-vus from past lives, connecting to Source, unleashing empathy, compassion and unconditional love from within you, are all gonna feel so very easy and natural, but perhaps the most magical thing about this aspect is that for very spiritual people, who have a very strong faith, this can actually be miracle energy, where good fortune reaches them in the most miraculous of ways, depending on what they desire deep inside their souls. For some it can be meeting the love of their lives, meeting someone in the moist unexpected ways from the very distant past, or simply put, your biggest dream coming true before your eyes. Since Jupiter forms this sextile from Capricorn… only people of the highest dignity and spiritual purity can actually feel the miraculous part of this aspect, for everyone else it’s just a dreamy, optimistic, lucky vibe. It’s also a very very prosperous aspects for highly skilled and experienced professionals of any domain. Business, projects, collaborations should go really well.

At the same time a very powerful Mars (out of bounds) forms squares, conversation of tension with Venus and Neptune. This was really hard and oppressing last week, when the squares were exact and this may have caused major spiritual crisis, or a deep sense of frustration and ingratitude, but now that this conversation is starting to break up, we have the chance to feel through it’s more favorable expression which is trusting your inner truth, embracing healthy faith which is not rigid and fanatical and most importantly being able to turn all the stress into motivation, ambition, determination to succeed at whatever you desire to accomplish, especially if that something is a dream of yours or a very personal and spiritual goal. At the same time Mars also sextiles the Sun in Aquarius, and this is a conversation of harmony, where expressing your truth, investing the power of your passions and desires into your communications, into everything that you share with other people, in self expression can produce really really positive changes in your life. You magnetism, personal charm, the power of your passion, embodying your inner truth can attract all the appropriate people into your life and all of this can help you find greater harmony with all your existing relationships, but also form new and very relevant partnerships, associations, friendships which are gonna play a big role in your future. But in order for you to turn into a people magnet, so to speak, you need to express yourself and embody your uniqueness, everything that makes you special, distinctive, one of a kind, during this aspect flaws and weaknesses just make you that much more attractive and appealing socially. Wonderful aspect for legal problems to advance, resolve, very good time for communicating with authorities, signing contracts, fast paced evolution of paperwork, international business and relations, long distance travel, unexpected invitations abroad, or unexpected guests arriving from another country, also very good time for exams, to make your life philosophy and principles part of your every day life and last but not least, your creativity, especially intellectual one can advantage you greatly.

Another aspect which is going to have a major influence from a karmic perspective is the sextile between Venus and Saturn and Venus and Pluto. This is a harmonious celestial dance, made even stronger by the fact that Jupiter, from the same part of the sky also hold this type of conversation with Venus, so her symbolism is completed not by one, but three extremely powerful planets. Venus in Pisces has much to do with romance, love, compassion, altruism, empathy and the true worth of the soul and one’s spiritual purity. Capricorn on the other hand is all about structure, the earthly plane, the power matter has over us, it can represent the karmic laws manifesting in physical reality, so if we put the symbolism of the two together it can play out in different ways in the life of different people: For example for certain people who have sacrificed their well beings, they prosperity to help others compassionately, those who have a repertoire full of good, selfless deeds, are likely going to receive a huge blessing sourcing from the past, for their good deeds have to be rewarded, even materially…the good luck and generosity part if Jupiter’s specialty, the fated event is Pluto’s, and the equity and fairness of karma is Saturn’s. For deeply spiritual people, this is good news of a totally different kind, because this is where the power of their emotions, feeling, the strength of their souls can shape and bend matter, during this aspect, so whatever they need to have in their lives, no matter how impossible it may seem, if they invest all their powers and strength into obtaining it, chances are matter will submit and somehow enable it for them. The only requirement is that whatever they desire has to be selfless and serve the spirit and not the ego. And most important they need to trust their worth and worthiness with all the power of their beings. For others still, this can simply represent your work paying off handsomely, divine guidance, fortunate opportunities heading your way, lucky opportunities for prosperity and greater physical well being, but at the same time it can also be emotional, psychological healing, Venus and Pluto together are really efficient at abandoning illusions, misaligned beliefs, letting go of old hurts, finding forgiveness, finding the inner power to let go of attachments, escapist tendencies, drug and substance abuse. This energy for some people can be slightly painful because Pluto is going to help them transform their standards from an emotional perspective making them either much more open to the love and appreciation of others, while others are gonna find a really healthy expression of self worth where they will finally be able to say NO when they feel it.

Generally speaking this aspect should be a very positive, lucky and emotionally empowering one, good deeds, spiritual gestures, leaps of faith, artistic creations and emotional healing are all advantaged, but those people, who operate outside of the law, perform illegal activities, are dishonest and manipulative, should really obtain from anything like this, at least for the time being, because chances are they can get in severe trouble with the law or can attract bad karma in their lives, which can leave them materially or in any other way crippled for a long time.

We have two very important energy shifts, which are also going to influence the overall feeling, one of them is Venus entering the sign of Aries. Aries is the opposite sign of Libra, one of the signs she rules, so her expression is not very intense in this part of the sky. This isn’t bad news, the goddess of love and beauty is going to have a totally different “personality” and feeling. In this part of the sky she is very self conscious, she knows her worth out of instinct, she can be very direct, very honest, very assertive and chances are during this aspect, if we strongly desire something, we might not have any choice but to go for it with all we’ve got, regardless of what it is. This is wonderful energy for work, ambitions, making choices out instinct, self care, upgrading your image (as long as it’s not permanent and irreversible), trying out new things which always sparked your curiosity and of course in this part of the sky Venus is very brave, bold, courageous she is not afraid to express her feelingse, her needs, her desires… and usually they say that if you ask you are given. The more negative vibe of Venus in Aries is that it can be pretty selfish and self absorbed at times, your passions and desires may simply suffocate you, if they are not fulfilled, this is a rather carnal Venus who loves out of instinct, so temptations of the flesh may be very hard to resist, which is very positive for those single and looking, because they may be very persuasive, brave and attractive during this time, but for those in an established bonds, well, it can cause frustrations, which ultimately leads to infidelity. Even before she enters Aries, Venus forms a sextile with Pluto and even though this is a positive and empowering aspect, it can also empower you to terminate a relationships, not accept any more compromises, so from those relationships which are not working very well this could be a fatal moment.

The true problems begin, when Venus meets Dark Moon Lilith, the symbol of our shadow selves in the sky, because this can make us extremely selfish and rather cruel in everything related to love, it can also cause us to think way too highly of ourselves, so we may rub on other people in the wrong way. The good news is that Venus is also going to meet Chiron, the asteroid of healing, so this means that many patterns from the past, where you might have made wrong choices in life love wise, or missed an opportunity of love and friendship, because of selfish or immature reasons, this may return once again in your life, even though the situation and people are gonna be different, but the pattern, the feeling, however things are gonna play out is gonna be pretty much the same, and this is where you need to demonstrate to yourself and the Universe, just how much you healed, matured and found forgiveness, because this time around you are invited to make the right choices, which source from the truth in your heart, not the head. Generally speaking it is a wonderful and fated time for healing hurts, pains, traumas which sourced from past relationships, or it could also be karmicly triggered events which are testing just how far we have come. If we pass the test, if we truly embody our most loving and wisest selves, truly wonderful things can be born out of this, especially regarding the closer future. Those of us who have been single for a long time, might become extremely emotional and frustrated, with the feeling that time is running out, and they see no chance of finding a person who they can love with all their hearts, if you happen to be going through all of this, do not panic, later on when Venus is gonna be conjunct Chiron, you might attract in your life either a person who can support you and heal your wounds, or perhaps the love which you have been waiting for, BUT you will need to be patient and heal them, because whoever is gonna cross your path will be exactly your own archetype with all the emotional baggage that you once had, so in order to find love, your will have to heal your future partner back to life emotionally. One of the key moments might be the 5th of the month, because Venus is gonna be T-squared (an aspect of maximum tension) by Mars and the Moon, so you might be feeling loneliness and hopelessness that much intensely, but the positive side of this is that it’s exactly this stress that can get you out of your comfort zone and instead of waiting for someone to just drop out of they sky, your might take relevant action to search for someone and chances are it’s your own search that’s gonna produce positive consequences.

Another very important energy shift takes place even before that, around the 3rd of the month where Mercury moves into Pisces. In this part of the sky Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication, travel and though processes, is not at it’s strongest, but it’s at it’s most romantic. Connecting to other people, communications, socializing, planning the future etc. might not go very well, but not because there are gonna be obstacles, but rather you simply won’t feel like it, you will appreciate solitude, time with yourself and listening to your own deepest thoughts, spending time whit yourself and focusing on intellectual activities which bring you great pleasure and emotional comfort. . Solving things from the past, even official matters, sorting out documents, initiating contact with people from the past are advantaged. Also a very good time for healing, even physical healing, going to doctor’s appointments, check-ups, everything that has to do with your immune system or the feet. It’s a wonderful and super inspirational energy for writers, artists, musicians, those who create through feeling and inner harmonies, for them this can be a very very good and productive period. Also excellent energy for meditation, inner work, finding your inner truth, psychoanalysis, regression, obtaining information from our past lives through spiritual means. Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury also holds a sextile with the planet of the mind, and this is also absolutely amazing energy for sudden realizations, epiphanies, coming up with the most ingenious plans, where not only your mind, but also the wholeness of your being supports your thoughts. You may meet people from the distant past surprisingly, unexpectedly and chances are if there were any unfinished business or unsaid words between you two, it’s gonna be a perfect time for that and all of this in the most positive of ways.

At the 6th of the month Uranus is part of a mystic triangle, a deeply spiritual and magical aspect formed by Uranus – Mercury and Uranus – Moon sextiles and a trine between Mercury and Moon. This can either play out as just a wonderful, fortunate day full of surprises and displays of minor good luck, but for others the good luck part could be life changing, especially if they intuitively feel guided in this sense.

Last, but not least we have an absolutely beautiful Full Moon taking place in the sign of Leo, on the 9th of February. As all full moons this can represent a completion, closure, a manifestation or a moment of culmination. Leo has everything to do with the heart and matters of the heart, risk, passion, courage, love at first sight, children, inner child, royalty, creativity and self expression. The Moon is also gonna be trined by a very very powerful Mars, who is gonna be very near the Galactic Center. This can represent an opportunity entering your life, but one which may require you to risk everything to cease it, but the risk can potentially be more than worth it. Whatever you are risking for, has much to do with your passion, whatever you are most passionate about in this life, and this is where you need to make a choice with the heart (Leo) and not so much the head (Aquarius). This could be something career related, where you have the opportunity to work with all your passion, but you have to leave your current position and this is a risk; this could a love at first sight, where you take a huge leap of faith to enter unknown and uncharted territories emotionally; but it could also represent merely an opportunity, which you have to cease by being brave and bold and stepping out totally from your comfort zone. Since, Mars in is Sagittarius, regardless in which area of your life you have Leo energy, whatever opportunity might enter your awareness can have much to do with foreigners, foreign country, long distance travels, or it may require you to express fully who you are, your life philosophies with incredible determination.

This may also play out as having to make a choice, it matters not in which area of life, what really counts is that the feeling in your heart holds the truth, so Mars invites you to live your truth and act accordingly, regardless of the consequences. This can also play out as an ending, where you choose to terminate something which simply doesn’t make your heart happy anymore, for example leaving a well paid job, because you simply do not resonate anymore and accepting the uncertainty, rather then to live with a heavy feeling in your heart. Or maybe terminating a relationships which doesn’t make you happy, but it makes you really prosperous or socially relevant. These are only examples of course, regardless of how this is going to play out in your life, you are gonna be your bravest and most determined self, to do the right thing, whatever right means for your heart.

Thank you so much for reading wish everyone blessed and very magical week and an absolutely amazing, passionate and romantic full moon in Leo! 🙂

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