Tarot-scope for the month of February

Hi everyone and welcome to your Tarot scope for the month of February 2020. February, especially the second half of the month is going to have a totally different feeling than the highly concentrated, dense, karmic, oppressive and surreal vibe, which dominated much of January. Even though Saturn and Pluto are still very close to each other, their dance is just completing whatever, the very powerful conjunction of these two planets with the Sun, Mercury and Ceres, which took place on the 12th of January, have to manifest, change on the world stage. This means that all through this year, very important karmic moments have to take place, which will deconstruct and reconstruct the symbolism of Capricorn (governments, hierarchical structures within society, rules and regulations, customs and traditions, the power our leader have over us etc.), so this includes the month of February as well, where very important and powerful symbolic events might happen on the world stage, which can produce massive changes and open the eyes of the collective to all the flaws and incompetence our leaders and organizations are trying to mask.

Chariklo (Chiron’s wife), the asteroid of spiritual healing and detachment is also in this part of the sky and she can have a very positive influence on that area of our lives ruled by Capricorn, because she can highlight all the lessons, which of course, turn to wisdom and life experience, making us go through our own personal trials and tribulations with more detachment, not being so immersed in the drama and always being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The overall feeling is going to be much lighter for Mercury and the Sun are in the Air sign of Aquarius and this represents momentum, haste, quickness, fast paced evolution. Mercury towards the 4th of the month enters Pisces a part of the sky where it’s at it’s weakest and even though this could decrease our mental agility and strong emotions can get in the way of logical thinking and clear communication, it can also be a fantastic energy for artists and deep thinkers. Towards the 17th of the month it will stand still in the sky and go retrograde for about 3 weeks. Even though Mercury retrograde means a halt in communication, the evolution of documents, clouded thinking and confusion, electronic devices, internet, technology having a mind of their own, it is also a wonderful time to go back to the drawing board and re-plan, re-think, re-examine everything, especially things which might have to do with the past, emotions, past relationships. Mercury retrograde in Pisces can also represent the need for physical healing, medical care, going to hospital for checkups, tests, but of course it can also represent focusing on your psychological well being and either doing some very relevant inner work to obtain inner clarity or going to a specialist, like a psychologist for example. Mercury also holds a conversation of harmony with Uranus, it’s higher octave and this can be fantastic energy for any intellectual work, communication, attracting new business, especially on-line, meeting new people, finding a means to enter new social circles. It can also be time for great epiphanies, sudden realizations, surprises and delights of the most pleasant kind, especially if it has anything to do with news, communication connections, but it can also have a spiritual and metaphysical connotation like divine downloads.

In the first part of the month Mars is going to continue transiting Sagittarius, but it’s gonna be out of bounds, meaning that it’s impact grows in strength and this could manifest on the world stage as religious fanaticism, acts of violence committed in the name of religion. Towards the 12 of the month, Mars is going to start holding a conversation of supreme harmony with Uranus. This is going to be a rather interesting energy, because at the beginning the trine will be imperfect, so it should manifest much weaker, but because Mars is going to be meeting the Galactic center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius, this can be a wonderful time for progress, courage, leaps of faith, ambitions, determination, investing all your intellectual and spiritual energy into something you really wanna progress with. As the power of the trine perfect’s it’s self, Mars is gonna enter the sign of Capricorn, a part of the sky where it’s exalted, it’s extra powerful and it is when it reaches around 3 degrees, the power of this trine is gonna start filling our lives with a lot of unexpected opportunities, big manifestations, breakthroughs and most importantly material progress. Chances are, that when this aspect perfects it’s self, whatever material, professional, career or job related goals you may hold very important in your life, are going to evolve, progress, manifest in the most delightful and unexpected ways, if until this point you didn’t have any relevant opportunities in your life, then this can be a very lucky period when everything that you need can reach you in a flash. Even though this is one of the most positive aspects, each and every time when Uranus and Mars meet in the sky, they tend to shake the earth, so we can expect increased seismic activity and volcanic eruptions or other very unusual and potentially chaotic weather phenomenon.

Around the 8th of the month Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries, a part of the sky where she is rather uncomfortable, because she is in exile (being in the opposing sign of the one she rules). Here, her symbolism is attuned to our strongest instincts and our impulsivity, so this is a good time to satisfy the needs of the flesh, sexual energies are going to spike, but this can also represent conflicts, dissatisfaction, being way too needy and self absorbed and all of this can lead to separations, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, bruised egos. On a positive note, this is an absolutely fantastic period to align with everything that you are passionate about and focusing on your passions can lead to great emotional satisfaction and even material rewards.

Around the 8-9th of the month we have a beautiful full Moon in the sign of Leo, being trined by Mars, this can represent a fantastic completion of something which might have to do with matters of the heart, love, something we are very passionate about, but chances are the completion, harvest, culmination is going to be produced by a huge moment of courage where we step out of our comfort zones and risk everything for whatever we are passionate about. This is where all of us will have to listen to our hearts and make heart based choices and decisions.

February’s new Moon is taking place in Pisces, at around the 23rd of the month, this can represent a fantastic new spiritual goal, passion, something new reaching your awareness, but at the same time is also a fantastic energy for new beginnings that have to do with healing and self discovery. This new Moon is going to form an aspect called a mystic triangle, so it can be a very magical time because Uranus and Mars are going to sextile the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, while holding a trine with each other. This can be a time of really big manifestations, completions, something which you are strongly desiring and dreaming about may just enter your reality in an instant. It’s also gonna be an amazing time for artists, creative people, dreamers and of course spiritualists. Additionally on the world stage this may shed light on secrets, events which took place in the more distant past, which have been hidden from the public and when exposed it can stir very powerful reactions. This new Moon is absolutely ideal to do inner work, meditation, any kind of spiritual practice where you focus all the energy, all the power of your desires on whatever you wish to attract into your life, because Mars, very comfortable in Capricorn can represent the authority and power which you have over your own life, where Uranus in Taurus, the symbol of your magnetism and embedding intelligence, both of them empowering the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in the most mystical and spiritual part of the sky Pisces, so there is a very high chance for your most sacred dreams to somehow become real enough to have a massive impact on the material aspects of your life. This can also be a fantastic period to immerse yourself in esoteric study, practice, developing your skills, refining your intuition and for searching like minded people.

Now we examine what the cards have to say about the main energies of February for each elements of the zodiac:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


Two of Coins reversed, 8 of Wands, 10 of Hearths, the Seeker.

Fire signs are going to have a very dynamic period all through the month of February, giving them the chance to resolve problems and find solution to everything that has been pending from the end of last year. Even though the energies are going to be really hasty and everything that needs to enter and exit their lives is going to take place with great celerity, the problem is that certain things will not go according to the plans and wills of fire signs, so certain resolutions require surrender and working with what they’ve got, even if those are far from being ideal. Also, during this time fire signs are gonna be in much higher spiritual vibes then usual, so this is also a very good time to connect to the divine intelligence and understand what fate, karma, the divine plan wants to inspire them with, but this communication is mutual, so fire signs can also draw in divine help and plant seeds of intention in the Universe. This can represent a fantastic opportunity to use the power of your faith and belief to influence those areas of your life in which you won’t have any other options, choices, where any palpable action to change things is not possible.

The 2 of Coins reversed opens the reading and this speaks about finances and material situation. In reversed position, this might indicate that an imbalance is very likely to effect the finances of fire signs, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be bad news. One of the ways in which this energy can manifest is overspending, maybe taking a loan, getting into a smaller debt, but if the purpose is fully aligned with your needs, you can take this as an investment in your future. This can represent purchasing something quite costly, but whatever you invest your money in, is going to serve a very good purpose in your life long term, so this can be a new car, electronics, a deposit for a home, or renovating your home etc. This can also represent overspending which might not be really wise, especially if whatever you wish to purchase just serves a short term pleasure or is meant to satisfy a personal ambition of yours, in this case, it is advised to think well before you proceed, because this can create serious financial difficulties for the following 2 months. Imbalance doesn’t always mean overspending, for some fire signs it means extra, unexpected income, new sources of money and even though this should be really good news, it might not really come as a delight, because it can enter your life as unwanted extra work, overtime, a request for help which you can’t refuse out of moral reasons etc., so despite the gains and the material benefits, the hours or the effort needed might not be very welcomed.

In very rare cases, the 2 of Coins reversed also represents a potential change of career, job, something which might enter your life as an opportunity, an offer from somewhere unexpected, but this card only shows the opportunity, even if you choose to take it, that part is going to play out in the following 2 months.

The 8 of Wands represents a number of different things: For some people it means long distance travels, maybe an invitation abroad, or if you might have any relatives in foreign countries, it can mean a visit from them. This card generally symbolizes quick paced evolution of business, documents, communication, contracts, legal matters, so this is a really good and positive sign for those people who might have anything related to the symbolism of this card in their lives. Another meaning of this card is end of stagnation, things falling into their places, the end of a long wait, especially if you have been waiting for official communication or legal matters to resolve, it can also mean that business starts picking up, new connections are going to be made and last but not least it can also mean new studies, a new course, or receiving official recognition for something you did 8 months ago.

This card can be seen from a totally different perspective, for the 8 of wands is often the card of love, new romance, and long distance relationships. If you are single and looking, love may find you in the shape of a foreigner; if you are single but have a crush on someone, this card can represent that you might succeed and convince the subject of your affection to give you a chance, while for those who are already in an established bond, this might indicate relocation, home swap, or receiving help from a more distant family member.

The Hungarian card indicates, that the month of February is going to be filled with very strong emotional energies, which can play out in different ways for different people: For some this card represents finding greater harmony in all your relations, people from your life wanting to support you, honor you, show their solidarity, if there might have been any kind of conflict in your life, especially with close friends and family, this can indicate forgiveness and emotional healing. For those who are single and looking, this card can indicate a potential new relationship that is going to prove to be ideal, stable and long term, allowing you to re-plan your future so that you can include your new partner. For others still, especially those who are in an established bond, but things are unstable and not going very well in the present moment, this card can indicate the end of the turmoil, forgiveness, consolidating your love and the spiritual bond and instead of splitting up, you might be willing to give it one last try.

The Seeker closes the reading and it speaks about new beginnings. Fire sings might have prepared themselves to begin something new all throughout 2019, but karma may not have allowed them, all of their attempts to do something new, or simply to start a new life have been put on hold, because there were too many things sourcing from the past which needed closures, either emotionally or materially. The first months of 2020 are going to enable the closures to take place, may they be material in nature, like a debt, a legally binding contract, or simply not having enough resources to move, may they be emotional in nature, where forgiveness, healing and releasing past emotional baggage is needed, but at the same time the very first signs of all those thing which they need to have in their lives to begin anew are gonna appear. For example new connections, an influential person who can “train you” or prepare you for something new, extra source of income, new career or job, psychological healing and reaching a state of self empowerment where you have the courage to do anything without feeling the need to hold back. This card is also deeply spiritual, because the Universe is going to allow them to step into the new, for many fire signs it’s not just one area of life, or an activity, or one very specific new beginning, but rather is stepping into a new reality, where they can be themselves fully, but this requires for them to value all the karmic lessons they have learned all throughout 2019, especially the one which have to do with self worth, but also self respect. Keeping the ego under control, being self disciplined, no longer allowing rage, anger and frustration to turn them into ticking time bombs, being patient with themselves and everyone else is going to be the key no just to step into a new life, but also to keep it stable, balanced and most importantly grounded and permanent.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

The World, Ace of Cups, King of Earth, 8 of Fire.

Earth signs, are definitely still going to be under the very powerful influence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which took place on the 12th of January 2020 and this is a very rare aspect which only takes place, in this format, every 500 years or so. This represents a powerful and profound change affecting all of us, regardless of our astrological configuration, but since it took place in an earth sign, this means that these natives are going to feel this change very radically. This very rare and powerful celestial dance is going to have an influence over the first half of 2020, so the first 6 months are going to feel very karmic, very important fated events need to take place, but these also require your cooperation, your awareness, for you to make the best choices for yourself, because even fate herself at this very important time in your life, needs your input to make sure that whatever shape or form the changes are going to take in your life, they can meet your requirements, your expectations, so that you can enjoy a struggle free future and you can focus on your life path.

The World card is a really good sign, because it represents the harvest aspect of Saturn, so that means that powerful completions are approaching in your life. If you happen to have any major unfinished business in your life, for example a debt which isn’t paid off, a divorce which isn’t final yet, you need to make a big investment, a big purchase, but you don’t have quite everything you need, if you are preparing to launch a business, to make a legal commitment of any kind, or if there is anything owed to you from the past, this card can indicate that you can find completion to all of these things. Equally, if you happen to be in any tough situation, if you might be going through a life crisis, or if many things in your life are just pending, just hanging in the air without progress or any kind of solution, or if you just generally feel lost and unmotivated, the World can mean that all of this changes, you are going to find solutions to everything that you need, may it be something very palpable, or just inner motivation, psychological fortitude, but chances are, that these completions are gonna happen gradually, slowly, they may even extend to the next month. Either way, all of this is strictly necessary to give you a chance to focus on whatever you desire to achieve progress with, you can’t advance, you can’t start new activities, new things, you can’t take action to enable new ideas, if you have very many things in your life which need resolution and are just holding you back, so the World card represents the end of the obstacles, the birth of solutions, manifestation, especially regarding things which do not depend on you, but rather depend on fate or on other people. For those who are struggling in any way, it represent the end of the crisis and a time of rest and regeneration.

The symbolism of the Ace of Cups works perfectly with the World card, because it represent divine help, divine guidance, emotional empowerment, spiritual strength, emotional clarity, so on one hand everything that is gonna enter your life to offer you the completions you need to have are also gonna be divinely orchestrated events, where you might have asked for help and guidance in the recent past, and this just comes as an answer to your prayers, but at the same time it is very likely to take on the form of the divine power entering your life through other people for example best friends, family members, soul mates, even total strangers who are going to support you, encourage you, offer help in any shape or form in which you might need it and simply just make your life an emotionally richer and happier place. For those of you who are single, this can represent new love, romance, an ideal romantic connection, which is going to enter your life unexpectedly, so it is going to be a surprise and delight at the same time. It doesn’t mean that absolute happiness or a happy ever after is guaranteed, but it does mean that you will be given a chance to create your own happiness, because you will receive love and admiration from someone. For those who are already in an established bond this card can represent a blessing, moment of big happiness, or a gesture of great love and compassion made by your partner, which of course is gonna take your love to the next level and strengthen your soul alliance.

For some very lucky earth sign natives this Ace represents miracle energy, where something wonderful and totally unexpected can enter your lives, giving you a huge advantage, but it is not certain in which area of your life. What is certain is that you are gonna feel blessed and very grateful.

The King of Earth can speak about two different things, firstly it represent the Self and it’s mastery over your native element, earth, so this card points to new business, work, financial opportunities, new social connections which are going to advantage you, it can also represents success which can lead you to an extra source of income. On the other hand it can also speak about an influential person or a very experienced specialist helping you achieve something either through legal means or using their skills, work to help you out with something. This can also be an institution, authority of the state organization, bank, council etc, so for some people help or an offer might come from these sources.

The 8 of Fire closes the reading and this tells you to expect the unexpected. Things will not follow your logic, the mental image or plan you might have in your mind of how you intend to resolve things, how you anticipate events to play out in the future are not gonna meet your expectations, because a lot of surprises, unexpected events, sudden changes in plans are gonna require you to step out of your comfort zone and work with sudden and unexpected opportunities. Be open for change, know that certain things in life require a risk,many times you will have to surrender your way of doing things and embrace the unknown, it can be a very stressful time, because earth signs are not big fans of the unexpected and chaos, but these are gonna be opportunities which you can’t afford to miss, so you need to be in top mental shape all throughout February.

This card can also represent surprise long distance travels for some people, which can lead to an unexpected opportunity abroad.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Ace of Wands, Queen of Cups, Ace of Winter, The Star.

Natives born under air signs are going to have quite a versatile February, on one hand it’s going to be a month full of opportunities, where their personal magnetism can attract certain things, events, people, who air signs desperately need in their lives to begin anew in at least one area of life, or for some natives it’s not so much about new beginning, for they have already taken place in theory, they just need to solidify, materialize what needs to follow the new beginning. On the other hand, even if they are going to have much more resources than previously and chances are many events that are gonna happen all throughout February are going to delight them, give them a sense of comfort that finally life is back on track, there are also going to be other events which might burden them very much, because a loved one or a person they deeply care about is going to need their help and support, or a medical condition they might be already facing can complicate further, so this means the necessity to invest a lot of time, energy and resources into improving their physical health.

The Ace of Wands opens the reading and this card is usually associated with big, unexpected opportunities that can represent a fantastic new start, a once in a life time chance to live a dream or desire, but it can also represent the fires of love. For some air signs this Ace promises opportunities, evolution, progress career wise, it can mean either something totally new and unexpected, but which is just too good to be denied, but for other people, especially those who are planning to do/create/achieve something, but they don’t have either the resources, connections or the chance to do it, for them it can mean finding whatever they need to enable their plans. Depending on your situation this might take the shape of a new project, a business offer, a new job/career offer entering your life unexpectedly, for others this can be a like an offer coming from abroad, an offer to live somewhere, where you have always been dreaming of, but it can also simply represent a very lucky event, like a win, or anything that can advantage you greatly. Those who are single and have been single for quite some time now, this Ace can very well represent a fated relationship, a love at first sight kind of situation, where being at the right place at the right time can just change your whole life in a flash. Of course this doesn’t mean perfect stability and completion, it just means that wherever you need the most is going to enter your life, what happens next depends very much on you and how you use the opportunity the divine orchestrated for you.

The Queen of Cups represents the position you have to take all throughout February, this card is the symbol of emotional maturity, compassion, mercy, unconditional love, empathy, all of which is going to be directed towards someone you love deeply, may this be a life-long friend, a parent/child, beloved family member, partner etc. Regardless of who it is and what needs trigger you to take on the role of this Queen, what truly matters is that your spirit of compassion, your emotional fortitude and the power of your love is going to be the saving grace in the lives of those people who matter to you the most, because chances are someone is going to suffer either from ill health, an accident, mental health problems/depression, or it could be hitting rock bottom materially. The pain and suffering of the person dear to your heart is gonna really weigh heavily on your soul, so the dynamism and personal successes which February can bring in your life are going to feel bitter-sweet, but on the positive note, your help, compassion and everything that you will do to help out is going to matter very much, so after the hardship ends, you are going to feel so good about yourself and what you have done.

The Ace of Winter is one of the most negative cards in the Hungarian deck, because it represents disaster, misfortune, illness, very bad news, but because of the position of the previous cards I strongly believe that this can represent 2 possible outcomes: it can represent the fear, shock, suffering you empathically going to take on yourself, when the suffering of the person your love reaches your awareness and this card merely reflects that you are going to get deeply involved, suffering, taking on challenges, hardships shoulder to shoulder with your loved one, but for other air sign natives it can represent their own situation, especially if they have any medical problem that they have been neglecting, it might represent hospital, surgery, medical intervention. For others, especially those who are daredevils or perform any kind of potentially dangerous activity (extreme sports, climbing, working in a hazardous environment) it can represent an accident, so be very careful all throughout February.

The Star card closes the reading and it is a very powerful symbol, because it speaks about all of the previous cards, starting from the Ace of Wands, the new begging, but also the Ace of Winter, the card of misfortune and illness, all good and bad manifestations are going to reflect the power of your hope, faith, in other words your spiritual potency. The Ace of Wands, without a shadow of a doubts comes into your life as a result of your strong hopes and wishes to succeed, you have asked the Universe to give you an opportunity to express your talents, the very very best of you, to be who you truly are and you can take that as a direct answer to your request. In the case of the more negative cards, the Star is a promise that with hope, faith and all the strength of your empathy you are going to successfully turn a bad situation around, your inner power is going to be a saving grace, may it be in the life of your loved one or for you personally.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Knight of Coins, 6 of Coins, IX of Leaves, 10 of Earth.

The predominant energy of February for Water signs natives is that of coins/earth, so this may suggest that it’s gonna be a very relevant month especially regarding the material aspects of their lives. Even though there are only cards which bare earth energy in this reading, that doesn’t mean that every other aspect of their lives, especially the emotional and mental ones don’t play a very important role, because the presence of Neptune in Pisces and the beautiful sextile it holds with Jupiter, the planet of blessing in the earth sign of Capricorn requires faith, emotional empowerment, courage and absolute honesty with themselves and everyone else to tap into the true expression of this blessing, which is double sided on one hand it represent spiritual power, which on the other hand can also greatly effect material prosperity.

The reading is opened by the Knight of Coins and this is fantastic news for all natives who have invested a lot of work, energy, resources, time and intellectual effort in either a project, as business or any kind of activity which they may have initiated last year or even before. This Knight promises evolution, advancement and most importantly the very first signs of prosperity and harvest from their past work. This is important emotionally as well, because it is going to give water signs a sense of security, stability, proof that they are on the right track and a lot of motivation to keep on doing what they are doing because it’s working and the future looks really promising. For other natives, especially those who are not very well off financially in the present moment, this knight can represent unexpected help, a promise or an intervention coming from an experienced, good willed person, may it be someone close, like family member, may it be someone who they don’t know yet, either way the help that they are going to receive is going to matter very much and it can even guide them towards great material stability in the future. For others still, especially if you are single and looking this knight can be a potential future partner, who is going to have a very good influence on your material life, helping you either pay off a debt, or to acquire something of greater value.

The 6 of Coins is the card of generosity but also material breakthrough, when the right idea, the best strategy is used at the right time, this can produce true miracles materially. For some water signs, especially those who work with a lot of people on a daily basis, or those who have a lot of connections in their lives, this card can represent an act of generosity, donation, kindness, which may be unconditional, but it sources from the past, it can be seen as a display of good karma, because you have done something very important, or might have impressed the person you are gonna receive the gesture of kindness from in the past, so this can enter your life in a very unexpected and delightful way. This can also take the form of a good word, influence, advice, professional work, asking their connections to help you with your situation, a job offer, or any other gesture which can result material well being. For others still, especially those natives who are involved in creative, artistic, project, or intellectual type of work, or those who have businesses of their own, this can can represent success, reaching you unexpectedly. The 6 of Coins is the type of energy when you do an activity with extra care, you invest in it a little bit of extra focus, extra passion and love totally unconditionally, but which gains way more success, popularity or causes a great satisfaction, exceeding all expectations. Your intuition, your gut feeling, the 6th sense, so to speak can guide you and make this situation benefit you that much more, so if you feel guided to create, or to perform a daily routine, a job, or fulfill a request with extra effort and imagination, do not fail to do so, because it can lead you to unforeseen opportunities.

The 9 of Leaves similarity represents material progress, a favorable turn of events, new connections entering your life, but this isn’t free and unconditional energy, but it requires a lot of effort and time. Work wise this can can mean a huge volume of work, greatly increased workload, which seems intimidating at first, but completing it can hold great rewards. For other people this represents a very busy period, when extra resources might flow their way, but they will need to invest them with great diligence, make wise purchases and at the same time start creating saving for their futures. So, even though this is excellent news because it serves future stability, it needs either a lot of planning and study to make the right choices, or a lot of invested work and effort, which may not delight water signs as soon as this enter their lives, but their delight is going to be born in the future, when all of this is gonna pay off.

The 10 of Earth is a card which symbolizes the end of a cycle, from a material perspective and this means that the month of February is going to bring a lot of closures and endings. None of these are unexpected, it’s rather something water signs have been working on the past 10 months, some even the past 10 years. This represents something pretty major and impactful, so for some thins could be purchasing a house or upgrading an existing one, for others it means making a well planned out investment, for others still it means the termination of certain contracts, may it be paying off a debt, ending a job/career for a new one, may it be relocating somewhere new. Regardless of how the symbolism of this card plays out, it’s also going to have a very karmic feeling attached to it, because whatever completes, closes, end, or comes to fruition, it will represent the very last gesture of the past, everything that follows after is already for your future, so a new beginning is surely to follow in the next months. But for this new beginning to truly feel fresh, an old way of life, old routines, old ways of doing things and living, need to become just memories, where the wisdom and lessons we obtained from the past 10 years come to reinforce our diligence and life experience, so that we may live freer than we have ever done before, where our lives are not just a series of interwoven compromises, but rather a playground where we can be free and taste life the way our heart dictates. In this new reality wealth and prosperity will no longer mean what we gain materially, but rather the richness of our experiences and emotions.

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