Weekly horoscope: January 27 – February 2, Lilith into Aries

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of January 27 – February 2nd, we have a very active and powerful sky playing out all week and even though everything is going to feel much lighter, much less dense and oppressive, because the massive Capricorn conjunction which took place at the beginning of the month is starting to lose it’s intensity, the conversation of harmony Jupiter holds with Venus and Neptune and later on Saturn also performs this type of dance, can all restore out faith, sense of optimism and make us very hopeful about the future. Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius shift our attention from being deeply immersed in the present, to planning and dreaming about our futures, everything we wish to accomplish and most importantly who we wish to have in it. A subtle, but very influential energy shift also awaits us, right at the beginning of the week, where Dark Moon Lilith, leaves the sign of Pisces and enters Aries, where she is going to meet Chiron in the sky and their conjunction can promote deep healing, especially if we happen to have any psychological wounds sourcing from past relationships, which somehow managed to turn us against our selves.

For some people the sextile Venus holds with Jupiter and Saturn can be a very lucky energy, because both of these planets speak from the earth sign of Capricorn, so this can potentially have much to do with manifestation, because according to the ancients Jupiter is the greater expression of good fortune, blessings, but it is Saturn, who has to allow the manifestation of Jupiter’s symbolism to enter material reality. Venus is the minor planet of blessings, good fortune and worth, who is exalted (extra powerful) in the sign of Pisces, emphasizing our worth, value, purity, strength, from a psychological and spiritual perspective, for Pisces can be seen as the subconscious, so whatever we may be dreaming about, fantasizing about, wishing deep from the heart, has a greater chance to come into existence as if by miracle. To make this even stronger, Venus also conjuncts Neptune, who is her higher octave and also the ruling planet of Pisces and this just adds a huge spiritual gravity and a karmic nuance to this energy.

For some people, this can be a period of their lives which feels fated, very important karmic events can trigger during this time, events that can change how you feel, your emotional state, but also your whole outlook on life, for Venus also forms a sextile with Pluto, the planet of change and transformation and since Pluto dances tightly with Saturn, this aspect can represent divine help, fated closures, which automatically enable a new begging, profound emotional healing where certain truths or help from someone knowledgeable makes you confront and heal an old trauma, or it could also represent successful reprogramming of your subconscious, for Pluto is also associated with psychoanalysis. For others, especially those who are single and looking for the “one”, in the sense that they may have always felt strongly that the love story they are meant to experience in this life is a fated one, have a chance during this aspect, to come across that very special someone, but there is a chance for this to also play out as someone from the distant past to re enter their lives. Another possible interpretation of this energy can be a karmic one, where certain people who have lived very selfless lives and have sacrificed much for the well being of others unconditionally, have a chance to harvest a very significant karmic reward for all their good deeds. Of course this type of conversation, called a sextile needs action in order to be turned into something palpable, so chances are that your intuition, your dreams, your altered states of consciousness can guide you, steer you, inspire you to take all the right actions and right steps, so pay close attention to whatever you are feeling. This is also wonderful energy for artists, creative people those who work with music, painting, writing, during this time inspiration, all the right ideas, the deepest states and feelings sourcing from these, can represent a major blessing, which can lead to significant material gains or recognition.

Mars from Sagittarius also converses with Neptune and Venus, but in a conversation of tension, called a square. This is a very mixed energy, because for some people it represents motivation, ambition, determination to do everything that is needed to make their dreams come true, but for others this can be extremely frustrating, especially if the only choice they have is to invest spiritual power (prayer, meditation, communication with the divine etc.) into the accomplishment of their dreams, because we have absolutely no control over divine timing and when and how whatever we wish is going to manifest. Some people can actually experience the more negative expression of this energy, where they might label their dreams, hopes, wishes, fantasies as illusions and are going to struggle to stay focused in the “real world”, because the power of this square can just over-flood them with emotions and dreamy vibes, much to their annoyance. Even if this energy discomforts us, we must remember that a square is the type of stress or frustration, which we can alter, transform into motivational power, this can ambition us to use all our philosophies, the highest expression of our knowledge, our ability to learn and process new things, our non linear logic, to pursue our inner truth and everything that we desire to accomplish with all the power, skill, knowledge we possess.

Mars also holds a harmonious conversation with Mercury in Aquarius and this is really wonderful energy to express yourself, to show everyone your distinctiveness, your uniqueness, the kind of person who you choose to be and to take pride in everything that you do. Besides the psychological factor, this is also wonderful energy for any type of on-line work, internet based business, any official paperwork to go through or advance successfully, a really good energy for communication, to be understood correctly and clearly, this aspect can create wonderful opportunities to make new friends, to make new social connection, enter new and advantageous social circles. You ideas, thoughts, ingenuity, life philosophies, your truth and opinions may be your strong points during this aspect and they can make you a people magnet and very persuasive. Those who might be planning to relocate to a foreign country or if they are planning long distance travels, maybe international business, have a very good chance to make progress with all these matters.

The energy of the new Moon, which took place on the 24th of January in the sign of Aquarius is still going to linger all throughout next week, for the Sun still holds the square, an aspect of tension, with Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, so this energy can create a lot of surprises, unexpected events, which can suddenly change our future plans. Even though this type of conversation is a stressful one, this can also promote the truth, the cold, hard objective truth, which might reach our awareness in the most surprising fashion and regardless of how we are gonna feel towards whatever is gonna be revealed to us, it will serve our highest good, may it represent how other people truly feel about us, how they really see us, what plans they might have with us; may it represent something which was hidden from our sight, like a secret; but it can also be a delight for example an unexpected offer which requires us to step out of our comfort zones and perhaps take a risk. On the world stage, however, this can expose secrets, the truth, conspiracies, unwise or selfish choices certain very influential people have made, or it could represent a conflict between two or more social groups.

Talking about Uranus, right at the very end of the week it’s going to form a sextile with Mercury it’s lower octave. Each and every time these two planets meet like this, it can represent a time of huge epiphanies, sudden realizations, divine downloads, synchronicity, guidance, coming up with the most ingenious and revolutionary idea, having a huge “eureka” moment. If you perform any internet based work, chances are many new connection are gonna be heading your way and if you are not very popular or if your work doesn’t have a larger fan base, this can change unexpectedly for the better, as long as you publish your work with perseverance.

Now last, but not least, we get to the most influential celestial movement, in my personal opinion, of course, Lilith leaving the sign of Pisces, entering Aries and shortly after forming a conjunction with Chiron. Right around the 26th of the month Lilith is going to be at 30 degrees of Pisces, which astrologers call anaertic degree, because every planet’s symbolism is greatly amplified when it reaches this point of any sign. This might cause a very short episode of the dark night of the soul, which may last a few hours even a day, because Lilith represents our darker side, in this part of the sky especially our self victimizing, vengeful, spiteful, toxic tendencies, and since Pisces is closely linked to the past and the subconscious, all of our traumas, past pains, hurts, fears, everyone who ever wronged us, all our psychological weaknesses and excessive escapist tendencies can be relived very intensely. If you happen to fall into a mini depression or just feel trapped in your own life, in your destiny, if you have the tendency to feel sorry for yourself, know that this is just a karmic moment meant to reflect your healing progress, it’s like a test to show you just how much you have learned from the past, how differently you handle your emotional issues, if the wounds of your heart are truly healed, or if you still have to do some work and most importantly it’s meant to highlight what your relationship with the past is: are you still trapped in the traumas and negative experiences of the past, or can you just see them as a memory and move on, detach emotionally?

Right around the 27th of the month, Lilith, the symbol of our shadow selves, the darkest and most violent expression of the ego, enters zero degrees of Aries, which is also a critical degree, meaning that her symbolism is amplified. This is a totally different energy, for Aries has much to do with our instinctual, primordial self, with our survival instincts, with the most basic sense of self, the lowest kind of awareness, but at the same time it also rules how others around us perceive this aspect of ourselves. Aries is the sign of the warrior, the survivor, of courage and boldness, but one which sources out of instinct, but it also represents the control we have over the lower parts of the self, so Lilith here can cause a lot of tension, anger, frustration, nervous outbreak, especially if we have very little control or knowledge over our instincts. If we are not in a very good relationship with our selves, Lilith in this part of the sky can cause us to turn against ourselves, to condemn ourselves for all our weaknesses, we might consider ourselves cowardly for not taking initiative when we need it the most, we might lose our patience with ourselves, especially if we are waiting for inner clarity or if we might be working to ambition ourselves, but at the same time it can be a very positive influence for those who’s instincts don’t have a very big influence in their lives, they might find themselves much more motivated, much more active, much braver, bolder, less influenced by shame and what others think and all of this might even reflect in their sexual lives, for this is the type of energy where needs of the flesh gain much more influence, where we may struggle with negating everything we strongly feel out of instinct… for example reproductive impulses, attractions, or certain lacks.

Eris, the goddess of discord and rebellion is also present in this part of the sky, which means that we are already severely challenged, for she forming a conversation of maximum tension with Pluto all throughout 2020, so Lilith’s move into Aries, just increases the sensation of discomfort and dissatisfaction with others around us and everything that limits our freedom.

Even though this energy can be quite uncomfortable and in the sign of Aries, many times we might not have the option not to express how we truly feel, Lilith is going to meet Chiron in this part of the sky, closely after she enters here, and regardless of how this energy is gonna feel like, it’s all for our greatest good. Lilith may bring out all of our hurts, wounds, all of our weaknesses, memories of all those times when we were hurt, when others were unjust with us, special emphasis being placed on the feeling of rejection, being rejecting or what repulses us, but everything happens so that Chiron, the wounded healer can show us how to regenerate, how to forgive, how to forget and move on, what it is that we need to do not to allow these very crippling and painful past events not to have any influence over us anymore. The meeting of Lilith and Chiron have the chance to trigger very similar events, to those which hurt us and caused traumas or pain to reenter our lives, giving us the chance to do things differently, to apply all the wisdom that we have learned and most importantly to heal, to move on, to muster the strength not to allow anything or anyone to hurt us anymore. For some people this can play out as meeting a new person, especially making a new friend, mentor, someone inspirational, who can show you the way how to heal, or who might treat you in such a way that the love, acceptance and respect the project on you can penetrate your whole being and just undo the wounds of the past.

It’s not just the meeting of Lilith and Chiron who promote this kind of psychological and emotional healing, but also the aspects Venus and Neptune form with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, but most importantly their own conjunction, because this is meant to rip out the past and all it’s significance from our hearts, it can help us to find forgiveness even if crimes were committed against us and most importantly it can help us find the true beauty of love and compassion in ourselves and this can turn into our new drive, our new strength, where our new goals are not based on survival or to achieve this and that, but to live with dignity, compassion and finding the strength to project our own self love onto everyone who is present in our lives. At the end of the day this changes the way we feel, our emotional goals, all of our perspectives and once something totally else becomes the most valuable part of our existence (Pluto sextile Venus) a whole new world, dimension, reality opens up before us, for we can now see value and beauty in those places which we were blind to before. The world is truly a totally different dimension for a person who is driven by survival mentality and the ego and for someone who is full of love, acceptance and humanitarianism.

Collectively however, especially around the beginning of the week, we might see a spike in crimes and violence, because Lilith at zero degrees of Aries can agitate people, bring out their most intolerant and violent selves, many will struggle to contain their anger.

Thank you so much for watching, have a blessed week everyone!

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