Pick a card reading: How is the Aquarius New Moon going to influence my life?

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading meant to offer you a bit of clarity and guidance on what this very powerful Aquarius new Moon, taking place today, 24th of January 2020, can bring into your life. The potency of this new moon is given by the fact, that the conjunction of the Sun and Moon form a celestial dance of tension, called a square with Uranus, the planet of shocks, surprises, revolution, the unexpected, which is also the modern ruling planet of Aquarius, so this conversation activates a very powerful synergy. Even though these energies can feel rather uncomfortable, anxious, stressful, it also represents the raw, unrefined, objective truth, which is likely to produce a new beginning in your life, in the most unexpected and surprising ways.

Look at the 3 piles of cards for a few seconds, then choose one which appeals to your intuitive sense the most, then jump straight to it’s interpretation. Enjoy!

Pile No.1: The Sun, The World, The Art (Temperance).

For those of you who were drawn to Pile No. 1 the energies of this new Moon are going to manifest certain closures and completions, which are needed for a new beginning. The World card suggests, that for you guys the new beginning part of the reading is not really a surprise, but rather it’s something which you have been working on for quite a long time and even though you have a lot of plans, imagination, creativity and most importantly a very strong desire to finally step into the new and do certain things which you have dreaming of for years, you still need certain chapters from the past to either end or clarify, offering you a sense of closure, but at the same time you might also need resources, opportunities and social connection to enable your new beginning. For some of you this may have to do with your job or career, for other people this can represent a project, or a chance to try out something new work wise, like an experiment to see what chances you have in a specific industry, while for others still, this might have to do with a way of life they wish to try out, which may require a lot of sacrifices and radical changes in your routines. The World card is a clear indication that the completions and closures you need are heading your way, so regardless of what is holding you back in the present moment, those obstacles, obligations or even inner limitations are going to disappear from your life. If it’s material resources, or a source of income you require for your new beginning to crystallize, the World card can also represent harvest, gaining rewards, the fruits of your labor, for work or any activity you might have performed in the past. This also has a slightly negative connotation, because any harvest also involves separating the good harvest from the spoiled one or from the impurities, so this means that certain ideas, plans, goals you have in the present moment, which serve as a plan B, as a backup if things do not go very well, are also going to disappear from your life, because they will prove to be either empty promises or options you can no longer work with. This can also worry you, frighten you, unsettle you, because you might perceive all this as losing your stability, losing your grip and control over every area of your life. No matter what or who disappears from your life during this time, know that you don’t need to worry or feel fear, all of this is for your greater advantage, because the Universe and your guides are simply showing you the wrong path, everything in which you shouldn’t invest any time and effort into.

The Sun card is the most wonderful sign, because it represents that ultimately everything that’s gonna disappear from your life is gonna be replaced by something way more ideal, igniting the flames of your passion, determination and love for life. Whatever enters your life as a replacement of everything you lost last year is going to delight you, overjoy you, awaking your true optimistic and life loving self and this is the person who you are going to be in the future: a living, breathing Sun, embracing everyone in your life with warmth, unconditional love, optimism and hope. For some people the awakening of their very best selves is going to bring them new social connections, new friendships, people who are going to admire you and seek your company, may it be just for friendship, may it be to collaborate with you and form alliances. For others, it represents the actual new beginning, which has much to do with their creativity and form of self expression, this could point to your new career, new source of income or new way of life. For others still, the Sun card doesn’t specify any well determined events, but rather it points to unlocking your true power from a psychological perspective, accomplishing the true meaning of self empowerment, which will make you such an incredibly magnetic person, that everything you’ll ever need is gonna just pop up in your life as if by magic.

Regardless of how the Sun’s symbolism plays out, it indicates a period in your life where you’ll have every reason to be happy, to take pride in who you are and everything that you do and this isn’t just positive self talk, most people present in your life are going to reflect back at you what a wonderful and inspiration person you are, being appreciated is one of those things which means happiness for you.

The Temperance card represents the dual nature of this new Moon, for all the closures and ending you need are equally as important as the new beginning, especially that you are already planning that new beginning, new way of life or new start anyway, so it’s just a question of time. Both karmic waves are very likely to take place simultaneously, where everything that doesn’t serve you exits your life, while all those things which you need to start accomplishing whatever you are planning, will start to show up one by one. The surprise factor is also very relative, because you might desire all those things meant to enable you, meant to offer you the means to achieve stability and balance in your life, but you might not believe that they will show up in your life just in time. Of course this isn’t any miraculous event, because you worked really hard for this and you have done some very relevant inner work, so whatever comes next, is the result of your own effort, may it be actual work, karma balancing work or inner work.

Pile no. 2: The Hermit, The Sun, The Wheel.

Those of you who were drawn to pile No. 2 have already set out on a new journey or new adventure a year ago, for you guys the new beginning has already taken place, but the problem is that it was only from a social and psychological perspective, materially it’s still a huge work in progress. The Hermit represents what has already taken place in your lives and it speaks about finding your inner truth, this was one of the most relevant, important and impactful moments, because you may have reached a moment in the past, when you just couldn’t continue your life, your journey without being totally aligned with who you are on a soul level and what you really wanna do in this life, without any external influences, programmings, education, or the pressure of society. The light of your inner truth and the journey of self discovery was also a very profound purge, many fake goals, personal illusions, misaligned beliefs, low self worth have been ripped out of your mind, sometimes very painfully and more importantly most of your social connections were terminated either because you couldn’t accept the falseness of certain people or they couldn’t accept your inner truth and who you really are. This has caused you incomprehensible pain, the dark night of the soul episodes, and most probably a lot of material problems, because certain people also abandoned their jobs, their livelihoods. What you have gained from this was finding your dignity, self respect and the strength to love yourself and your story with all your heart, despite the big disadvantages which you might be facing. The Hermit has a second meaning and it tells us that certain people have also found their inner calling where they want to share their stories, experiences with other people and inspire them to have courage and faith, while others wish to dedicate themselves to humanitarian purposes, either healing, guiding, empowering others or it could also be living in nature, desiring to connect to the sanctity and mystery of the Earth Mother and helping animals or nature in any way. The Sun card follows and it’s really wonderful news, because it represents that certain elements which are missing from your life are very likely to enter your sphere after this new Moon. Even though this doesn’t necessarily mean the material resources you so much need, it still represents a huge advantage, even from a material perspective, because this is the card of friendship and soul level connections, which means that your life is going to regenerate, recover from a social perspective. This means that all the people who had to disappear from your life, due to the purge are finally going to be replaced with new ones, who are going to matter very much, because not only will they see you and accept you for who you are, but they will be souls with similar stories, so wonderful new friendships and connections are going to be born. This is the unexpected part of your story, because even if these new connections are not materially better off than yourself, (how could they be if they have similar stories?) when a dream or goal is shared by more than one person, the power, attraction, magnetism, intellectual force grows, which means that each new person is going to represent another opportunity to help you grow and of course vice versa. Just the simple fact that you are going to have people who you love, respect and admire in your life and all of this is gonna be mutual, will already be enough to bring out your very best and most hopeful self. No longer being a Hermit, trapped in your inner reality, the fact that you and your story are going to exist not just for you, but for other souls as well, is going to be so uplifting and empowering that this alone is more than enough to send you into a new phase of your life, where so many things which weren’t possible in the past, all of a sudden become not that hard to accomplish.

The Wheel closes the reading and this represents Jupiter, the planet of blessings and inner truth, a spiritual force which has guided you and has overseen all your progress, so it’s more than natural to enable fate, karma, destiny to unfold, like never before and bring you all those things that you require to start your new life, even materially. The symbolism of the Wheel can only manifest in your life after you are connected with those souls who need to enter your life, either because you have to share your blessings and good luck with someone or if the Wheel is gonna manifest in one of your new connection’s life big time (for example a lottery win, a huge inheritance, a once in a lifetime opportunity to go and live somewhere exotic, someone becoming a world renowned artist etc.) it is them who are gonna share their blessings with you, changing your life forever.

Pile No. 3: High Priestess, Hanged man, Knight of Coins.

For those who chose pile No 3, the power of this new Moon is going to bring you certain truths which will change your life and situation forever. A part of these truths have much to do with your psychology, you may have done very relevant work, or maybe consulted a specialist, to help you remove certain subconscious blockages, or reprogram an old pattern, sourcing from education or childhood trauma which was stopping you from enjoying your life from various different perspectives, so it is this work that is going to progress further. Of course there are going to be other revelations and epiphanies that are going to change your life and these have much to do with your life goals, it’s not their essence which needs to change, but rather the way you go after them, your approach, which might be a little bit too idealistic.

The Hanged man represents your past self, where you had so very much potential inside of you, may this refer to certain skills, your innate intelligence, the power of your mind, or may it be emotional intelligence and creativity, either way you were an extremely valuable person, who always shied away from unleashing their full potential. At that time you may have seen yourself as a victim of circumstances or a victim of the disadvantages of the past (like the family you were born in, material obstacles, unfavorable circumstances in your life when you were younger, inner blockage or escapist tendencies), you might have been the victim of narcissists or of severely judgmental people, because you were made to believe that serving the self and your own interest is selfish and morally wrong and this belief may have caused you years of failures and emotional distancing from everyone, including yourself.

Despite the crippling subconscious programs, you have always been a philosopher, a deep thinker, a visionary and a rebel, because a part of you was always firmly against modern societies unhealthy standards. You might have also been a deeply spiritual person all your life, but because only fake gurus, charlatans and power hungry pseudo spiritualists were only relevant and successful, this discouraged you from expressing your own truth, the way you see things, your own philosophies and your unique and distinctive spiritual practices.

Even though you are no longer in the position of the Hanged man, but much more like a Hanged man reversed, who is recovering, just finding it’s balance, it’s strength to stand on his own 2 feet once more, this process is gonna be completed by the influence of this new Moon, because very relevant and important truths and answers to your big life questions are going to reach you, shattering your idealistic bubble, but at the same time confirming, proving to you just how clearly and objectively you see the world, outer reality, life, just how elevated your way of thinking and life vision is and most importantly just how infinitely great the potential which lies inside of you is. There is going to be no more guessing, no more insecurity, no more lack of self trust, your truth will become as solid and unbreakable as a diamond, empowering you to take significant action to own your power and with that power being unleashed your life is going to change forever, the chapters where you were disadvantaged or a victim closing forever.

The High Priestess represents the buildup of a huge inner power and reaching your spiritual maturity. Whatever reaches your awareness after the new Moon, may it be concrete information or feedback someone gives you, may it be an epiphany or sudden realization, may it be shedding light on a secret, it’s going to have a very empowering effect on you. Certain recurring dreams you keep having are gonna make perfect sense, you are going to fully embrace your role in the world as a wise person, you are going to be incredibly grateful for the power of your mind, the intelligence you were born with, you are also going to understand the strict necessity of certain hardships, suffering in the past, why it had to be you, but at the same time you are also going to embrace new studies, which are going to open the door of your future.

The Knight of Coins is very important, because it tells you that all of this is going to have a huge effect on your material well being, it could represent a new source of income which is gonna be passive, meaning that you will have time to study and do activities which are really important for you, but it can also mean a very influential person discovering you and recruiting you for a very unusual “job” or activity, which very few people have the skills to perform. This might be covered under a veil of secrecy, because you might be asked to keep it a secret, or not to go public, but this dual life and also the amount of material rewards heading your way will just delight you even more.

For other still, the Knight of Coins simply means material progress and advancement, owning your power and self worth are going to unlock your true prosperity, giving you the chance to recover materially, start saving for your future and enjoy all the small pleasures of life one more.

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