Weekly horoscope: January 20-26

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of January 20 -26, we have a very active and quite balanced sky, which holds a lot of potential surprises and unexpected turn of events, given by the fact that a very active and powerful Uranus holds conversations with other planets, but at the same the harmonious dance of Venus and Jupiter can inspire us to tap into our spiritual gifts, our faith, our inner truth and attract lucky opportunities and love into our lives. Also, right around the 24th of January we have a beautiful and quite magical new Moon, in the sign of Aquarius and this can be a time of great inspiration, epiphanies, coming up with the most ingenious and unique ideas to use your creativity in a very practical way, but also it can represent a fantastic new beginning regarding new friendships, new social connection or anything related to the internet, on-line world.

We start the week with a conversation of tension, a square, held by Uranus and Mercury and this is a rather mixed energy, because on one hand it can feel quite uncomfortable, annoying and frustrating, but on the other hand it promotes action, coming up with all the right ideas and a quick paced evolution of official matters, so this is wonderful news if documents, official reply’s, communication with others, or an activity you are doing on the internet, moved, evolved very slowly up until this point. The more challenging expression of this energy might have to do with technology, devices, software, because Uranus can cause unexpected disruption, electronics might have a mind of their own, during this aspect. It can also play out as excessive, overwhelming communication, information, requests or messages you might receive from your social circles or via the internet, but if you know how to manage your time, energy and attention, this could be excellent for business. The more positive expression of this energy can manifest as being bombarded with the most original ideas and plans, may they source from an idea someone else shared with you, something you saw online, or may these ideas be the results of your own brainstorming, if you are inspired or might have moments of sudden realization, during this aspect, it would be a really good idea to write your ideas down, because they might be really useful at a later date, either for yourself or someone who you know.

This energy might also cause you to have problems communicating and expressing your thoughts in a very clear manner, because when these 2 planets meet like this, our cerebral activities might go overtime, making it really difficult to focus your attention one subject, one activity or one person at a time. Later on in the week, the Sun also holds the same type of conversation with Uranus and this can represent the truth, which may reach you in shocking or unexpected ways. This kind of truth might have much to do with how other people see you, what they think about you, how you truly feel about your place and position within society, what you truly think about your friends and all those people who you are associated with, this can be a game changer, because this aspect promotes raw honesty and it might terminate certain social connections which simply do not serve you in any way, but it can also help you to find common ground and things you have in common with other people, who you regarded as strangers until now.

Right at the beginning of the week Uranus also holds a conversation of harmony, a sextile, with Venus and this can manifest either as romantic surprises, confessions, declarations of love coming from someone unexpected, it can also represent very powerful epiphanies which can inspire you and motivate you to express your true inner beauty and take great pride in it, but it can also represent surprising reunions with people, who once, have been part of your life and who are still keeping you in their thoughts. Dreams, visions, altered states of consciousness can all be very intense and revelatory, during this aspect. This is also a wonderful energy for artists, creators, thinkers, philosophers and spiritualists, it can make you very magnetic, it can unleash the full potential buried deep in your subconscious, intuition can be extremely strong and can guide you to the most miraculous experiences.

Venus, being extremely strong in the sign of Pisces, also forms a sextile, a conversation of harmony with Jupiter and this is very lucky and magical energy, because according to the ancients Venus is the lower planet of blessings, while Jupiter is the higher expression of blessings and good fortune, so each and every time these 2 planets meet and speak harmoniously good things happen. Sextiles can manifest as divine inspiration, guidance or just a strong feeling in your heart that you are supposed to take a certain course of action, so whatever you are guided intuitively to do, express, share, publish, bring to the awareness of others, can bring blessings in your life, may that be the love of someone really special, may that be a sponsor, the help of a highly influential person or even an institution or organization; or may that be a much more magical and miraculous manifestation like winning something, or meeting someone fated by pure coincidence. Now, if this wasn’t enough, later on as Venus gets closer to Neptune as they prepare for their meeting in the sky, both of them are going to hold this sextile with Jupiter. This is a really potent combination because there are so many synergies between these planets, Neptune being the higher octave of Venus and each and every time Neptune and Venus meet in a conjunction, love and what we think about love, the way we receive and give love becomes that much more pure, unconditional, that much more idealistic and Jupiter just magnifies all of this. This can be a very miraculous energy, because every spiritual gesture, act based of faith, devotion towards the divine, every type of inner work, embodying your inner truth, being open to divine love, or the sheer fact of being open to receiving whatever blessing the Universe can send your way is already enough to bring magic and miracles into your life. The only requirements to benefit from this energy is to stand from a place of compassion, altruism, not to oppose the divine will and last, but not least, to embody your inner truth with gratitude for being who you are. Regardless of how this energy of blessing, mystery and magic plays out, may it be a display of good fortune, may it be attracting the generosity of someone, or may it be attracting the love and faithfulness of another person by being empathic and generous, all of this wonderful energy invites us to have trust in our intuition, in our own connection with the Divine and of course, to have trust in the divine plan, because investing all our spiritual energies in all those things we love deeply can create very powerful manifestations, while this aspect lasts.

Mars in Sagittarius is the symbol of faith and owning our spiritual powers, the square it forms with Neptune and Venus, comes as an invitation, a strong motivational force to have the courage to believe in ourselves, to believe without a shadow of a doubt that we are integrated in the divine plan and that the Universe is experiencing it’s self through us, so our happiness matters very much and to use this energy of belief and faith and direct it where it is needed the most, onto that area of life which we wish to either change, reconstruct or evolve, because it might unlock the true power of our subconscious and that means manifestation and magnetism. The downside of this energy is expecting things to manifest in an instant, very quickly, for Mars is not it’s most patient self in the fiery world of Sagittarius, and this might cause frustration. There are times when taking very palpable action, investing psychical effort, time, intellectual energy, in other words, working for our blessing is the best course of action, but there are other times, like next week, when the best courses of action are spiritual ones, communicating with the divine and asking for guidance, manifestation, divine help can prove to be the most useful and productive.

Mars also holds a harmonious aspect a sextile with Mercury and this is also a really good energy for long distance travels, for business trips, deciding to study something new, using your knowledge, life philosophies, spirituality, the distinctiveness of your personality to work on creating the very best reputation for yourself, it’s also a really good energy for any on-line business, international business, exchanges with foreigners, the evolution of legal matters, trials, court cases, legally binding, official documents, but also to speak and share your truth, which can attract the sympathy of other like minded people.

A very important energy shift is also taking place around the 21st of the month, when the Sun enters Aquarius and activates this part of the sky. This is going to feel so very refreshing, because we are moving on from the super concentrated energy of Capricorn, which feels really uncomfortable at certain times, because it kind of locks us in the present, where we feel the density and restrictions of matter and every part of the material world that much stronger, especially when it comes to authority, law and order, leaders etc. Aquarius is an air sign, so things are gonna pick up speed, everything will be about the future, what we wanna accomplish for ourselves in the future, it’s going to place the focus on us as individuals, where we are invited to observe everything that makes us unique and distinctive, we might rebel against restrictions, rigid rules and things sourcing from society which simply do not resonate with us, but at the same time it brings out the value of our dignity and true soul connections, all of us might feel an urgent need to embody our humanitarian principles and share our blessings, skills, knowledge and truth with others and also try to put our uniqueness towards a humanitarian purpose. This energy can cause certain conflicts and disconnections, because the Sun in this part of the sky invites us to express ourselves, to embody our inner truth and to take pride in who we are and this may be challenged by certain people, or we might attract people who have a totally different opinion and inner truth and this can cause contradictions to occur.

Just a few days after the Sun enters in this part of the sky, we are going to have an absolutely amazing new Moon, which can shock us, surprise us and it might trigger the most amazing new beginnings in that area of life which is ruled by Aquarius. The surprise and unexpected factor is given by the conversation of tension the Sun and Moon hold with Uranus, so individually we need to be more prepared then ever to leave our comfort zones and just do whatever it takes to embrace the future we desire to experience. Collectively however, this can reveal very powerful, significant, game changing truths about socially very influential people or who have a major impact on the well being of society, some of these truths may shock us, they might cause public outrage, it might bring out the inner rebel out of many people, so these events can create a huge division, but at the same time a unity among those who share the same opinion and perceive things the same way. This can represent the birth of new activist groups, new humanitarian organizations, the union of people who desire to protect individuality, equality and human rights.

This new Moon also forms a sextile with Chiron, so whatever new beginning might be heading our way, or whichever new beginning we choose to create for ourselves it also promotes our emotional healing and regeneration, where we might no longer allow our fears, shame, or social anxiety to get in the way of our success or popularity.

We have a special article about how the energies of this Aquarius new moon can play out in your life:


Thank you so much for reading wish everyone a magical and delightful new Moon!

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