New Moon in Aquarius (24th of January 2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to another astrological forecast for the upcoming new Moon, taking place on the 24th of January 2019, in the sign of Aquarius. Even though the conjunction of the Sun and Moon in this part of the sky is going to hold a conversation of tension with Uranus, it is still going to feel like a breath of fresh air, after the Cancer lunar eclipse and the very rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which took place at the very beginning of January. The heavily concentrated energy in Capricorn required from us to cut ties with the past, to learn and embody all of our karmic lessons, especially the ones which had much to do with our past inner structures and our relations with the rules and regulations that govern society, but at the same time we had to be fully immersed in the present moment, embody our resourcefulness and work or put to good use everything that was available to us, may those be resources, skills, talents or professional connections. The energy of this Aquarius new Moon is totally different, it feels so very much lighter, freer, it bares the optimism and constructive, problem solving thinking specific to Aquarian natives and most importantly it’s all about the future, a future based on your distinctiveness and how, in which way are you going to build around whatever makes you unique and who you are, it’s all about dreams and wishes, where you wanna be in life, the people who you choose and allow to surround yourself with and last but not least it’s all about your mental, intellectual creativity.

Like all new moons, this can manifest a fantastic new beginning in your life, depending on where 4 degrees and 23 minutes of Aquarius falls into your birth-chart, but generally speaking this can be a fantastic time to learn how to express yourself, to take pride in your own distinctiveness, whatever makes you unique, whatever makes you stand out, a very good opportunity to observe yourself from a totally different perspective, where you can notice that all your imperfections are equally as important as your virtues in making you who you truly are. Aquarius has a distinctive extravagant vibe, so if there is anything you desire to have in your life, to help you express who you are, especially if whatever you need is rare, unique, and one of a kind, chances are this new moon can help you attract it into your life, may that be an object, a tool, a style, a person, social connections etc.

This is also absolutely beautiful energy to plan your future, to give a mental shape, form or image to all those goals which you wish to achieve either professionally or just purely personal goals, if you would like to find your place in society, make new friends, connect to new people, find connections which you deeply resonate with and where your distinctiveness just makes you an irreplaceable component of those connections; it is an absolutely wonderful energy to start new projects, new internet, on-line based business, non-profit, humanitarian type activities and projects, or to put your reputation to good use.

As I said earlier, this new Moon is gonna be tightly squared by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, an aspect of tension, but I do believe that we are gonna experience the more positive sides of this square. Uranus has everything to do with the truth, the highest octaves of information, objective truth, originality, the future and it’s a very quick and hasty energy, so it usually creates shocks, surprises, unexpected events. The more positive manifestation of this energy is being overloaded with new ideas, inspiration, creative thoughts, where your mind tirelessly gives birth to one plan after the other. This can feel a little bit too much, but most of these ideas, creative plans can represent future successes, either for yourself of for other people who you are connected to, so during this time it would be a really good idea to write down everything that comes into your mind, especially if your have moments of sudden realization and epiphanies. This energy is also really really good for online business, any kind of activity on the internet, you can attract new customers, new offers of collaboration might enter your life unexpectedly. If you happen to be a writer, academic, artist, or perform any type of intellectual and creative work, making your creations public, putting them on the internet, on any kind of media platform, advertising, or just demonstrating your skills and talents in such a way that the public can access it, can be a really good idea, because Mercury the planet of the mind, communication, co ruler of the internet is also in this part of the sky.

The more negative expression if this energy is being way too desperate to come up with the most original plan for your future, forcing your self to find something which you resonate with, worrying excessively how you are gonna implement your future plans, so it can be quite an anxious time. Another possibility is being overwhelmed by requests of people who you have in your life, especially your on-line friends, this can create excessive communication, where everyone wants to talk to you, converse, ask for your opinion, advice, your collaboration, or this can even play out as way too many new people entering your life one after another. Another possibility is unexpected criticism, undesired advice, people being way to needy, forcing you to meet their standards. This can create stress and frustration, but if you do not allow any of this to take you out of your calm zone, among the things that people might request from you, ask of you, there are gonna be many things which are also gonna be very useful to you in the future, so do not shy away from unusual offers, requests, connections, because it can help you to gain experience, know-how which can be extremely useful in the future.

There are going to be other aspects taking place in the sky, during the new Moon, which even though do not speak to the Sun and Moon directly, they are still gonna represent a powerful influence, one of these aspects being Jupiter sextiling Neptune and Venus in Pisces. This is an absolutely beautiful energy which just inspires you to create, to express yourself, to dream, to believe that everything is possible, it is faith, hope and optimism in it’s most powerful expression, so if you are an artist, or if you practice any form of spirituality, this can be a very powerful time for you to create, get inspired and express yourself. Jupiter can make each artistic or spiritual gesture of yours very lucky, successful, it can attract blessings into your life. During this time, dream as big as you possibly can, do not limit your imagination, your fantasy, your romantic spirit, because the new Moon can absorb all this energy like a sponge and help you to make your fantasy, dreams become real. Mars from the fiery sign of Sagittarius forms a square, a conversation of tension with both Neptune and Venus, but I strongly believe that this is also one of the more positive kind of squares where you can use the power of your will, your belief, all of your minds and hearts energy to fuel your dreams and wishes, to make the very very best use of your spiritual, psychological, esoteric knowledge and just use your soul’s power to make all of this be part of your future. Mars represents our energy, our effort, the singularity of our wills and in the sign of Sagittarius that can the the shape of belief, of the power your knowledge and experience offer you, the strength of your inner truth, so this kind of means taking spiritual action to enable the realization of your desires.

Artists and artistic souls are also required to create, to express themselves, to do everything they possibly can to make their work, the expression of their talent, their creations public and to use this very powerful connection of Jupiter, Neptune and Venus to turn this celestial inspiration into true masterpieces, representing the uniqueness of their souls and the artistic distinctiveness they perceive reality with.

Collectively however, things may not be as magical, because the very powerful square Uranus holds with the Sun and Moon can ultimately reveal very shocking truths about certain highly respected public people, who usually have a pretty big impact on society.

Thank you so much for reading, have a blessed and magical new moon!

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