Pick a card reading: “What can I expect from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction?”

Hi everyone and welcome to another pick a card reading. This reading is meant to offer a little bit of clarity and guidance of how the extremely potent and powerful Saturn and Pluto conjunction, which took place on the 12th of January 2020, in the sign of Capricorn is gonna play out in your life. Before I get into the reading I would just like to mention, that this was an extremely rare celestial conversation, which only happens, in this configuration (Sun, Mercury and Ceres also being part of it) once every 500 years, so the karmic energies that have been released are gonna produce a massive change collectively, but also individually. This isn’t the type of aspect which manifests instantly, because a deep and profound change needs time to reconfigure our personal realities, so for some people these changes can manifest as a completion, followed by a period where everything slowly falls into place, while for others it can come trough as a slow, but very steady change being established over the course of the first half of 2020. After these being said, today’s reading with the topic: “What can I expect from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction?”, will try to give you an insight of how these very potent karmic energies are gonna manifest in your life.

Look at the picture for a couple of seconds and choose the charm which appeals the most to your intuitive senses, then jump straight to it’s interpretation.

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy!


High Priest, Temperance, Death, The Star, 10 Yellow (Hungarian card).

The High Priest opens the reading, it is a very important and quite fitting symbol, because it actually represents the sign of Capricorn, meaning that it has everything to do with your inner structure, your own set of rules and regulations, the power and authority you have over yourself, but also the power and authority you allow others to have on you, may it be other people like friends and family, society, or it may signify your relationship with the authorities which govern the society, culture you belong to.

This card indicates, that the very first change that this very powerful celestial dance is going to have on you is a psychological one, where every part of your being, your consciousness with all it’s layers, finally understands the necessity to toughen up emotionally, to be as direct with everyone in your life as possible, even with the risk of hurting their egos, no longer accepting any compromises that are against your life principles, moral rules and most importantly self respect. With each passing day, you are going to start seeing yourself in a totally different light, where your dignity, equity, high moral standards and the fairness that you treat everyone in your life with, will make you feel genuinely proud of who you are, of all the choices you have made in your life, especially those choices which, at that time seemed rather unwise, because you didn’t choose the easy way, you chose the road walked by few. Needless to say that because of those choices you had to work harder than others, you had to endure injustice, hardships, you had a very heavy cross to bare, all for the sake of honesty and fairness, so there were times in your life, when you really questioned yourself, when you wrongly mistook your high standards for idealism and this may have impacted your self worth, because others who were dishonest, who always compromised, who chose the road walked by everyone had much more prosperous, happier and easier lives and that made you feel like a person of little worth. All of this was purged in 2019, everything that happened to you last year, guided you back to believing in yourself much much more and finding your true and healthiest sense of self worth, never ever allowing others or the illusions of society to bring you down again, at least from a psychological perspective. You understood the dire necessity to support yourself and to stand by your side no matter what and that was the most important lesson the Universe wished for you to learn. Now, in the following 5 months, this inner state, this clarity and self love and most importantly the power you reclaimed from false friends, maybe a work or career which didn’t appreciate you, or from an ex partner who just didn’t get who you are, is gonna be reflected by material reality, making you king/queen of your own castle.

The Temperance card is a wonderful sign, because it means that whatever seed of intention you planted in the universe in 2019, is gonna start becoming part of your reality, offering you balance, stability and most importantly control and power over everything that happens in your life. You have proven your dignity, fairness and trustworthiness to the Universe, to yourself and everyone present in your life, so you are free to build the future which resonates with your heart’s deep desire.

For some people this means finding their place in society and the world, for others it can mean success in their careers, official matters, business, very important contracts, solutions to legal or financial problems, for other still, this can mean the birth of a very relevant professional partnership that is gonna unlock abundance in their lives. If you are in an established bond, this can also indicate marriage, or a new addition to your family.

The Death card indicates, that even though all of what I mentioned above is a big work in progress, it’s gonna happen gradually, it’s still going to represent a radical change, slowly but surely old routines are gonna be replaced by new ones, certain obstacles and “clutter” so to speak are going to be eliminated from your life, especially social connections which do not serve you in any way and last but not least, it can also represent relocation, where you accumulate all the resources and everything you need to start something from scratch, or to adapt a new lifestyle and when you feel ready, when you feel you have sufficient inner and outer stability to embrace a new chapter in your life’s story, you will start to lay down the foundations of your future.

The Hungarian card comes as a warning and it indicates, that with your newfound freedom, power and authority, new challenges are going to enter your life, in the shape of opponents, challengers, people who represent the total opposite of who you are and they are going to enter your life unexpectedly. The advice of the Universe is not to engage in conflict, not to waste even a tiny fraction of your attention and focus on these people, because you simply can’t win against them, no matter what you’d say or do, you just can’t convince them of your truth and the validity of your perceptions, so just treat them with acceptance and respect. The respect has to be genuine and authentic, because even though they are gonna be your opponents, from a karmic perspective they are still gonna play an important role in your life and you in theirs, only a truly wise person can appreciate the value of an anti-example in their lives.

Finally the Star closes the reading and it speaks about owning the true power of a human being, the power of hope. Partially this speaks about your past, there were many times in your life, when you literally lived on hope, sometimes the light of your hope saved the day and it manifested miraculously, other times it didn’t meet your exact expectations, but it still pushed you in the right direction and all of those crisis moments in the past, were meant to show you, just how strong and life saving the power of hope can be, especially when your logical mind can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, when you feel totally lost and defeated, when you have surrendered absolutely everything to the divine will and there is absolutely nothing to save your situation and then in a symbolic sense the “Goddess of Mercy and Hope” makes the impossible possible. All throughout last year, you might have had certain situations when things didn’t turn out the way you hoped, but it didn’t discourage you, you didn’t selfishly and fearfully cling on to the sovereignty of your will, but you worked with the trail of breadcrumbs, the universe laid down for you. At that time you had no idea that this is where the trail leads, but now you can see it, feel it, even if in the present moment you still need your inner reality, your inner truth to manifest in physical reality, you just know deep within your heart that everything is gonna be more than OK and your senses are not wrong, what you hope for is gonna enter your life and you even know that it won’t take the shape or form of how you imagine it and you are perfectly OK with it.

Mystic palm:

The High Priestess, 4 of Earth, 6 of Cups reversed, Merriment, 10 Earth.

For those of you who were guided to the mystic palm charm, the Saturn and Pluto conjunction is going to manifest the most wonderful things in your life, but not before every single component of your soul embraces inner harmony and awakens to the ultimate truth of your life: all these wonderful things can only happen to the wonderful person who you truly are. This isn’t a matter if you believe it or not, because your actions speak on your behalf, you lived a life of compassion and altruism and even though there were times in your younger years, when you mistook your empathy for weakness, or naivety, all the turmoil and failures that haunted your past were meant to open your eyes to appreciate who you truly are. You deserve what you give, but the Universe can’t give it to you, until you learn to truly value your own actions, choices, your soul level purity and kindness. 2019 and all the complications and drama it brought in your life shocked you back to reality, it kick-started your heart back to life, so you are beginning to see the truth about who you really are, you are beginning to appreciate everything you once despised about yourself, your “weakness”, your gentleness, your so called naivety, which means that the Divine is ready to show you it’s true “feelings”, which means that the love the Source holds for you is gonna reflect in your life as a major blessing.

The High Priestess represents everything that I have said above, but it also shows you the person who you are becoming, a person who embodies their soul, their spirit as much as physical reality allows it, for some people even more! Besides your wisdom, intuition, your inner Neptune (empathy, compassion, spirituality, creativity), this card also speaks about certain skills that you possess. You are and have always been a person with a deep artistic sense, your mind and soul have always been an infinite reservoir of inspiration, creativity, you can see beauty, diversity but also unity, harmony, while at the same time also chaos in everything, your mind embraces duality in the most positive sense, nothing is black or white, nothing is gray, you can see the the full spectrum of the rainbow in everything and anyone, you simply project beauty, mystery and grace on everything you perceive. For some of you, your artistic soul, influences your mind and intellect the most, you can come up with the most ingenious ideas, you are excellent writers, visionaries, philosophers. For others, this is all about unbound creativity, where you might express yourself through sound, music, drawing, paining, crafting, photography, digital arts or any other form of artistic expression, where you appreciate the weird, unusual, obscure the most, you give beauty to all those things in which most people can only see the grotesque. Others still, take this to a whole different level, where it’s not just about art, but it’s also your unique form of spirituality, connecting to source, for you guys everything is in the watery world of emotions, where psychology and understanding how consciousness works has also much to do with your artistic souls.

The 4 of Earth completes the message of the High Priestess and it speaks about your work and efforts. Many of you guys have worked your socks off all your lives, regardless if it had anything to do with your passion, arts, or in any other domain, you never shied away from sacrifices, taking risks, sometimes big risks just share your resources with others, those who you loved (some of you might have been used and abused, but you allowed it, so you try your best to approach this with forgiveness of yourself and everyone involved), yet many times your efforts never lead you to true prosperity and material stability. It is exactly this that is going to change in your lives, for some of you this manifests as a huge opportunity to make a living out of what you love doing the most (probably some form of self expression, or humanitarian type of work), while for others karma is going to draw your rewards, your prosperity, the life that you seek, from a material perspective, from a big good deed of yours from past, in the most unexpected ways possible. This card also represents, that you are not going to squander anything that you gain, but rather use what you need to offer yourselves a very stable and secure life, most of you prefer simplicity and then start saving, putting everything you gain aside for a noble cause, which has to do with your soul path. This can either be plans to create an organization helping disadvantaged artistic souls, either a school of some kind, or a non profit organization.

The 6 of Cups reversed signifies 2 things: on one hand this is where you future is gonna be the exact opposite to your past, the reality you desired so strongly to escape, change, establish is finally going to be yours to experience and enjoy; and on the other hand something which you foresaw, wished, dreamed about in your childhood is gonna manifest and it will be the final piece of the puzzle, allowing you to permanently close the doors of the past. For some this can be a person who you loved, admired, felt deeply drawn too in your childhood, returning in your life much to your surprise, shock and delight, while for others this represents an injustice that you suffered, finally being compensated karmicly.

The Merriment card also speaks about something that you always desired to experience, you might be a type of person who loves surprises, who loves the unexpected, who loves the creative and fun side of chaos. Even though in the past the “surprises” of fate were quite bitter sweet, where your joy was always drowned by some-kind of disappointment, or you were always the type of person who despite all efforts could only achieve 2nd place, this time around things are gonna change, for if you learned something the hardest and most painful and agonizing way, that’s how to lose gracefully, how to surrender glory and the spotlight to others. Not anymore! All of this belongs to the story of the person who you used to be, the new you doesn’t desire success, triumph, glory, 1st place, spotlight or anything like that, you just desire peace and fairness, that’s why the Universe is gonna have countless surprises of the most pleasant kind for you. Believe it or not, merriment is the most ideal word to describe what you are gonna live.

Last, but not least the reading is closed by the 10 of Earth (Hungarian deck) and the meaning of this card is rather simple and straight forward: the life that awaits you is the kind where your work, your efforts, the energy you invest is gonna reflect your true worth, it means fairness, getting exactly what you deserve. For some very lucky and deeply spiritual individuals who chose this charm, this can represent a massive good fortune, either a win, an unexpected gain, or a risk, risky investment paying off beyond your wildest dreams.


Hermit, 4 of Air, Magician, Thief, Yellow King (Hungarian deck).

For those of you who were attracted to the Pentacle charm, the Saturn Pluto conjunction is gonna complete an inner change, an inner metamorphosis so to speak, one which you desired to achieve all your life, a desire that was reinforced by study, work and constantly aiming higher, wanting to surpass yourself, always aiming to give your very very best. For some people this might be work/career related, if they are doing what they are most passionate about, while for others, this might be something that has to do with their life paths, something they wish to achieve in life, which has much to do with intellectual work, research, or being relevant and productive at something which serves the greater good of a collective or all humanity (science, psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, humanitarian goals).

The Hermit opens the reading and it represents knowledge, the most profound, relevant, the highest octaves and expression of knowledge available to us in this current era. As I said above, this might have to do with your career, work, but only if what you are doing is your life’s true work, or it can represent knowledge over how the mind works, spiritual knowledge, metaphysical knowledge, or the most practical applications of psychology. Either case, the knowledge and your work benefits the greater good of everyone, a perfect harmony of being in the service of the self and others simultaneously. From a spiritual perspective the Hermit also represents embodying, manifesting, living your inner truth in every sense of the word, being fully immersed in your own personal dimension. This is no miracle, because the past 2 years, most importantly the past 9 months, opened new doors of knowledge for you, new opportunities to learn, to get information, to get to know yourself, this involved a lot of work, like reading, communicating, studying, personal research, but also limitless inner work to filter the knowledge and integrate in your personal truth. Not only did you advance in knowledge, but you also became your own best friend, your own teacher, your own mentor and guide, you discovered that everything that you need lies deep within you, you have came across an infinite well of inner knowledge, which isn’t just philosophy, theories and assumption, but it has much applicability in real life. It also represent very relevant moments of synchronicity, where external sources of information, other relevant people who share the same goals as you confirmed, reflected the authenticity of your inner truth. All of this comes as a karmic completion of all your past ambitions, where you dreamed the expert, highly knowledgeable professional, a true master of knowledge, the epitome of passion for truth and greater awareness, the person who you are becoming into existence and you didn’t shy away from any sacrifices which this process demanded. Furthermore this karmic completion is going to birth the person who you have worked for to become with a very powerful epiphany, that is going to set you on the most ideal path and open new doors of possibility for you, the likes of which, in the present moment, you can only speculate and dream of.

The 4 of Air, speaks about a psychological “achievement” if we can call it that, because it represents being perfectly happy, comfortable and content with yourself, with how your life is, with the story that you are writing, living every single day, with all the results of your work and this in it’s self is gonna turn your life, your reality in it’s integrity into your sacred space, your temple, your seat of power. On one hand this is gonna make it so very easy for you to detach yourself from any external drama, negativity, distraction that can influence you in a bad way, always giving you the privilege to look at everything internal or external standing from a place of authenticity, truth, as if you’d be just an observer. On the other hand the eggs in the nest symbolize your goals, dreams, your inner world, everything that matters and is important for you. Being detached means that you are going to have the time to concentrate and focus on yourself, on your desires, on the completion of your dreams and future plans. At the same time this also represents stability, safety, regeneration and growth, because the events of the last 4 years really really tired you out on a soul level and you need to rest, you need to just spend time with yourself and recharge all your batteries in peace, quiet and for some sacred solitude.

The Magician card means different things for different people: for some of you, especially those who are deeply spiritual and into some kind of spiritual practice, this means that 2020 is gonna be full of magic, manifestations, synchronicity, you are going to witness events, manifestations, occurrences which are going to exceed all of your expectations, this can mean witnessing your own magic at work, but in ways that you couldn’t have even dreamed of. This is where you become the Magician, your life and every little thing about you becomes a portal for magic, mystery, the ways of the spirit. All of this is gonna feel like as if you stepped into a dimension where magic has no limits, but more importantly, you will finally discover other souls who are just as authentic and magical as you are. For others, the Magician represents a different kind of magic, where something that you are planning, something in which you are investing all your focus, energy, mental power comes together in the most ideal way possible, either meeting your exact expectations or surpassing them. For others still, this card signifies a very important connection with a teacher or a highly influential and knowledgeable person who is gonna give them an opportunity they are seeking for many years, but it won’t be the opportunity that is gonna represent the most beneficial aspect of this alliance or connection, but rather everything that you are gonna learn.

The Thief card comes as a warning sign, because it represents a karmic challenge, a lesson which you had to learn in a very painful manner in the past, where many times your opportunities were stolen by other people who embodied the most extreme expression of survival mentality. This card warns you that either in the present moment you already have a person who fits this archetype in your lives, who is ready to “strike” and you need to be careful who you trust, or it can mean that such a person is gonna enter your lives in 2020, so it warns you to be very diligent and careful when someone makes big promises, because it can be a con, it can be a narcissist trying to take advantage of your skill and knowledge, so remember to always approach everything and everyone which seems too good to be true, standing from a place of alignment with your intuition but also rationality.

Finally the reading is closed by the Hungarian card which represents legal matters. This can mean different things for different people: for some it represents a legal protection, rights, advantageous contract, support, help, maybe a grant or some-kind of benefit offered by authorities, institutions of the state, which are gonna offer them the safety, stability and the longevity of their well being from a legal perspective. For others, especially those people who have problems with the law, pending legal cases, have suffered an injustice in the recent past, have been disadvantaged by someone unlawfully, this can mean a favorable evolution of legal matters, promising them closure, resolution, completion. For others still, especially individuals who might operate outside legal spheres, who might be freelancers, self employed, or might be practitioners of certain spiritual currents which are risky (for example plant medicine, unauthorized hypnotherapists, those who work with herbal remedies, life coaches etc.) this card warns them to be very careful who they help, trust because it might get them in trouble with the law, one way or another.

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