Weekly horoscope: January 13-19 Venus into Pisces, experience the magic of romance!

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of January 13 -19. We have a very active and incredibly powerful sky playing out all week, but much of this power is actually due to last week’s very rare and life changing celestial dances that took place, the lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer and of course the highlight of the year, the Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Sun conjunction in Capricorn, a very rare event which only happens once every 500 years in this configuration.

The reason why I start the horoscope with the events of last week, is because all of next week is going to be under the influence of those above mentioned celestial conversations, so very important manifestations can be expected, which can be big game changers for many people, but also collectively.

All of this has a very dense, extremely powerful karmic feeling, where the closures, completions, truth, resolutions promised by the eclipse are very likely to manifest all throughout this week. If you’d like to read more about what this eclipse means in more detail just check out our previous articles and horoscopes. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction, however is a different story, because such a very powerful karmic event might manifest instantly for some people, but for others it might take months, because Capricorn is very very slow and meticulous energy, so how this is gonna play out in our lives depends very much on all the setups and situations present in your life, but what it does promise is a deep, profound and permanent change, especially in those areas of your life which are ruled by 23 degrees of Capricorn. Uranus, and Eris, goddess of discord stood still in the sky and went direct just a day or two before this conjunction took place, so this also adds a lot of energy and pressure, personally everything that was brewing inside of us, may that be the most ingenious new idea, epiphany, business plan, or a strong feeling of revolt, rebellion may be expressed during this time in the most unexpected manner, which can also complicate our lives either in a positive or negative way, but regardless how it’s gonna feel, all of it will contribute to our evolution, our longer term higher good. On the world stage however this can brew conflict, civil unrest, accidents, calamities, revolution, international conflict, but at the same time new inventions and ground breaking scientific discoveries may be made public.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction is a really intense, highly concentrated energy and sometimes the change that it promises, asks us to surrender our selfish ambitions, our old ways of thinking, perceiving and doing things, so for some people it can feel like a very sour, bitter defeat, total loss and hopelessness, but all of this is merely an appearance, because it will lead to something new, honest, authentic in the trues sense of the word, so whatever you may lose, may that be something material, a situation, relationship, or hope or a dream, it’s definitely gonna be replaced by something much much better, but all of this requires you to surrender to the divine will, because the sextile, a harmonious conversation all of these planets in Capricorn are gonna hold with Neptune, represents divine guidance, faith, where the Universe in it’s integrity invites you to be absolutely honest with yourself and after you see and feel your inner truth, have trust and invest all your hopes and power of belief in yourself. This energy can be devastating and cause major life crisis, legal problems, health problems, severe karmic blockages for those individuals who lived very dishonest lives and profited off other people, either directly or by supporting organizations which they knew were dishonest. For those who lived their lives the opposite way, where they always embodied their dignity, honesty, spirit of compassion, this energy can turn out to be a miraculous karmic manifestations, where Pluto might take away their obstacles, problems, lift the cross off their shoulders. The power of meditations, prayer, inner work, aligning with unconditional love and inviting the divine into your life is gonna bare a potency which we may have never ever experienced in our lives. This energy also promises profound and permanent psychological healing, celestial empowerment to release old emotional baggage for good, it can help you quit habits, bad routines, get out of legal trouble, and break contact permanently with toxic or even dangerous people who have a very bad influence on you. If you have been the victim of such people, if you have been caught in a vicious cycle, if you had problems with alcohol, drugs etc. this is the moment when the Universe it’s self gives you a second chance, but this can feel very heavy because first of all it will make you understand in the most painful ways possible why breaking free from such people and influences is necessary and ultimately offer you every opportunity you need to rise and regenerate every aspect of your life. I strongly advise everyone to be very open minded and aware of what karma and the Universe is showing you these days, because it can be a life changer, it can be the best advice anyone could ever offer you, it could save your life, save your future and with a lot of inner work you can be, in no time, in a position where you only feel pride and self love. In other words this conjunctions unleashes all the power of Saturn and Pluto, so depending on how you lived your life, it can be a time of divine wrath when the whole Universe works seemingly against you to open your eyes that you need to change and surrender harmful ways of being, but if you do it, it offers you blessing, help and abundance, as soon as you surrender, solutions are gonna come fast. Or it could be a time of miraculous blessings and karmic harvest where it can compensate all injustice you have suffered, for not being a slave to survival mentality. But as I said earlier, we just can’t anticipate the timing, because Capricorn is extremely slow and it highly depends on your past inner work and how your life is set up in the present moment. Another very important thing I would like to add, this is where we must expect the unexpected, because we are entering something totally new, where the planets, the configuration may not work precisely as they did in past cycles, so there is always an element of surprise, the very best way to go about it is to stay open to new and live the present, because that is where the power is, not in the past and certainly not in the future, which is just creating it’s self.

Next week we are going to have 2 very influential energy shifts, where Venus, right at the beginning of the week moves into Pisces, a sign where she is exalted, she can be her most powerful and pure manifestation. This can awaken our dreams, desires, fantasies of romance, love, every cell in our bodies may desire to feel connected and loved by another person, it is where we can be our most loving, kind, beautiful and soulful versions of ourselves, this can highlight all of the inner beauty that we have inside. This is also the most wonderful time of the year for artists, musicians, spiritualists, writers, those who work in the beauty industry, because Venus can bless us with her most spiritual, most pure, most idealistic vibes, the inspiration and passion for beauty we may receive during this time can benefit our lives and those of others immensely. Now if this wasn’t enough, Venus a little bit later is also going to form a sextile with Uranus, the planet of surprises, who is traversing Venus’ home sign of Taurus, making this synergy extremely potent. This can be a fantastic time for self expression, HUGE artistic and spiritual epiphanies, which can lead to the creation of the most beautiful works of arts, poems, music, declarations of love, acts of compassion, spiritualists may find themselves to be at their strongest when it comes to healing and getting their message across and all of this beauty and creativity can lead to significant material gains. For those who are single and looking the dance of Uranus and Venus might shock them, for they might come across a soul who they have always desired to have in their lives, the love of their dreams in other words, but all of this in the most unexpected manner, coincidences, synchronicity, small gestures leading to BIG realizations, soul level attractions can really be a life changer. Meeting someone over the internet is also very likely, because Uranus rules technology.

Those who are in an established bond, may receive a very different kind of surprise, because Taurus also represents the fertility of the earth, so pregnancy and childbirth can come as an unexpected surprise. Those who are in an established bond, which isn’t working or struggling, however are very likely to meet someone who can offer them exactly what their current partners can not. Later on in the week, Venus is also going to form a conversation of tension, called a square with Mars in Sagittarius, and this can be excess of passion, maybe making wrong choices especially in matters of love, this can mean infidelity, expressing our dissatisfaction in a very hurtful way, all of which can lead to break ups, fall outs, infidelity, much complications in love. Of course this doesn’t necessarily have to play out romantically, business partners, allies, friends may also have contradictory perspectives, life philosophies, religious views etc. This square tells you not to believe any big promises during this time, because chances are you are gonna get disappointed, do not have any expectations, approach everything and everyone who you have to deal with with honesty and openness and do not take anything for grated. Big opportunities, business, travel or love offers might come from abroad, but as I said… approach it with wisdom and diligence, do not allow the haste and the urgency of Mars to make you rush towards a decision, think everything through with as little idealism as possible.

From a spiritual perspective, this time of the year when Venus enters her exalted sign is a really good time for twin flames and soul mates to connect, for long lost relationships or friendships to reunite and try again, this can be a fantastic time when the magic of love and romance just sweeps you off your feet. If you have had a strong crush on someone, like years or tens of years ago but never had the courage to express it and they disappeared from your life, now might be a chance, for Uranus can reconnect you unexpectedly and of course vice versa, someone who had a major crush on your but never expressed it might all of a sudden do so. Unexpected gestures of love, compassion, romantic declarations, symbolic presents, kind words, appreciation may enter your life during this time.

If we add all the karmic theme of this month to this equation, these “meetings” of fate, reunions, unexpected connections can be quite miraculous and feel destined.

Another very relevant energy shift is Mercury leaving the sign of Capricorn and entering Aquarius. This is a really good energy for communications, for coming up with the most ingenious ideas, launching your on-line business, connecting to other people via the internet, social activities, social reunions, embracing your uniqueness and distinctiveness, a fantastic energy for inventors, creators, scientists, IT and computing technology experts, AI researchers, philosophers, scientific experiments.

If you are in need of new friends, new inspirational people in your life, new social circles, clubs, meeting new people based on common interests, like a hobby, crafts, similar ideologies this can be an extremely beneficial energy, as long as you communicate, as long as you express yourself and long as you are open towards being found.

This is also a very very quick energy, so it’s perfect for evolution and fast paced movement of documents, official matters, paperwork, the bureaucratic side of business, launching new projects, books, businesses, applying new ideas, hiring new people etc.

After entering this part of the sky Mercury is also going to form a conversation of tension with it’s higher octave Uranus. This can represent unexpected twists and turn of events, unexpected communication which complicates things, it’s not a very good energy to do things on the run, with great haste, there can be errors etc, which can complicate things very much. During this time technology may also fail, especially phones, computers, systems, internet connections, it can feel as a very mild Mercury retrograde period, where technology just has a mind of it’s own. When Mercury and Uranus converse like this, always think before you speak, because you can offend without intent or you can be misunderstood. Taking major financial risks, making promises, is not advised, because it can lead to loss, if you need to sign very very important contracts double check everything 1000 times if you have too. This can also represent unexpected and harsh criticism, which may reflect the objective truth, so don’t take things personally, rather use the criticism to improve. Friends, colleagues, acquaintances may wish to surprise you, but these can play out in a very awkward way, so use your foresight and rationality to escape delicate and uncomfortable situations, by foreseeing them and preparing yourself.

Ultimately there is a very positive side to this energy, because this further represents the truth, the objective truth, so no matter how shocking or uncomfortable it can get, no matter in which area of life it comes from, it is to your greatest advantage, so know how to take it and process it, don’t perceive it as something negative or hurtful.

This can also play out on the world stage, where very important truths which have been hidden from our sight and which may have played a very significant role in the functioning of society are gonna be exposed causing major scandals, protests, shocks and outrage.

Thank you so much for reading, have a blessed week everyone!

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