Special lunar eclipse pick a card reading

Hi everyone, this is very special pick a card reading, dedicated for today’s lunar eclipse in Cancer, an extremely powerful celestial conversation which is definitely going to be a game changer in the lives of individuals but the collective as well. Even the power of this eclipse appears to be insignificant to what’s about to happen on Sunday, the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, a very rare astrological dance which only take place, in this format every 500 years or so, it foretells the imminent change of socio-political hierarchy, the structures which govern society, so implicitly our inner ones are going to change as well. But, since both evens happen so very close to each other chronologically they are interconnected, and the beautiful, harmonious, magical trine which Neptune forms with the Moon, speaks of divine guidance and support, potentially miracle energy, even if the eclipse can be extremely painful and depressing at first.

The theme of this reading is: “What closures/completions/endings is this eclipse gonna produce in my life?”

Look at the three piles of cards for a couple of seconds and choose the magical object which appeals to your intuitive sense the most, jump straight to it’s interpretation. Usually a person should only have one choice, if you choose more than one it can confuse you and stop the synchronicity from working.

Thank you so much for reading and all your support, Enjoy!

The Key:

Nine of Water, 3 of Swords reversed, 7 of Wands, House, Green Ace (Hungarian deck).

This combination of cards tells the story, that you have been struggling with stagnation for the past 9 months of your life and this standstill even though was extremely frustrating, driving you into madness and confusion at times, it still had a very important role in your life. The 9 of Water is the card of connection to Source, going deep within yourself and discovering all the wonders, miracles and infinite beauty within you. The myriad of inner journeys you took, were absolutely necessary because in the deepest layers of your subconscious there have been very many self worth problems, illusions, self defeating setups, which had to be identified and eliminated by you, as the 3 of Swords suggests, these might have sourced from failed, toxic, unwise relationships, or from your childhood, where your family might not have been very supportive of who you are and more importantly who you desired to become.

The events preceding the 9 of Water might have been linked to losses, health problems which might have forced you to quit a job/career/painful divorce or separation, or losing someone very important. There was a time when there was absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope, nothing to live for and this almost lead to self hatred and self harm, but fortunately, each individual found their own unique inner calling which manifested differently for each person, it may have been that you just felt the urge to go deep within, or maybe you came across a very inspirational person, a spiritualist who helped you, you may have came across a therapist, psychologists, or an old friend, regardless of what determined you to step into the vibes of the 9 of water, it started healing you profoundly and your power, self respect, creativity, faith and hopes grew and grew. This is exactly why the 3 of Swords is reversed, because you are still healing, the past may be just a painful memory in the present moment, but it’s losing all power over you, so one by one your are removing the daggers from your heart, you are no longer a victim, but a wise person, a survivor, who made it with dignity and grace, so these cards are telling you that the lunar eclipse, the power of the Moon is going to reflect the incredible progress you have made. May it be the return of a situation, a pattern from the past which would have sent you into depression and fear, may it be one of your friends or family who is going through the same thing, where you can help with your own experience, but doing so also recalls your own drama, but as the 7 of Wands suggests, you are no longer weak, you are shielded by all your experience, wisdom, knowledge and trust in yourself. By discovering your true fortitude, the power of your soul, this changed the way you view the world forever, because even though others act, behave, make choices in a different way, you can still see in them the same potential the divine saw in you, your know that healing, regeneration, recovery is not just a myth, but it’s something very realistic and accomplishable by everyone, as long as they want this and work towards this. The 7 of Wands tells us that this is both the end and the begging, the energies of this lunar eclipse are going to close the doors to the past, to the old, vulnerable, weak, and hyper sensitive you, and give way to the true warrior inside of you to live the future it truly deserves and has worked for. But in order for this to have happened, you needed to live through and feel it on your own skin so to speak, just how meaningless the opinions, ideologies, misconceptions and most importantly the apparent successes of other people are and how very very important the way you feel is and should be. It doesn’t matter how or what your life looks like from the outside, as long as you are in it, can manage, there is absolutely no need to change it, just because others advise you or if it appears the only logical choice to them. What matters is how you feel and how you happy you are with yourself. For some people success needs to take the form of money, influence, power, gains, appreciation, for you it just takes the shape of a very good day where you go to bed being happy with who you are. The House and Hungarian card are really really good news because they show you where all of this is leading you: first of all you are gonna find your place in the world, you are gonna find contentment, happiness, feeling safe and secure in your own life and this is something that’s gonna be permanent. For other people, this can also have material significance, because the house can also indicate buying a new home, relocation, transforming your current home into the home of your dreams, in rare cases it can also mean moving in with someone who makes every second of your life fun and carefree. The Hungarian card is the card of regeneration, healing and renewed hope, so if you have been struggling with physical or mental health problems in the past 9 months, this card promises you regeneration, even if not total recovery, but a HUGE upgrade in the quality of your life, but at the same time being content will also bring out your most cheerful and optimistic side, which in turn is gonna make life fun, playful and it will unleash the true power of your magnetism attracting like minded and spirited people in your life.

The Dagger:


Nine of Air, 9 of Coins reversed, Emperor reversed, Sadness, 8 of Earth (Hungarian deck).

The combination of these cards tell a very bitter sweet story, I could censor the bitter part and make it look extremely optimistic, but I’m not that kind of mystic, so I am compelled to say exactly what I perceive.

The 9 of Air is the card of the dark night of the soul, when your life crumbles, starting from within, where you lose yourself, lose your faith, lose your strength, lose your will to live, but all of this either in secret, or having to go through this alone. The number 9 speaks about that this started to get better 9 months ago, when you had no other choice but to surrender and offer your life, your situation in the hands of the Divine, you entrusted the resolution of all your problems and your healing in the hands of the Universe. The dark night of the soul has indeed lifted, hope, light, optimism, pure soul food, support, even friends entered your life, so this changed very very many things, yet the 9 of Coins reversed speaks that your wish to be independent, not to depend from anything or anyone, was not fulfilled and this caused you several times to fall back into depression, to be consumed by severe doubts and mistrust in yourself and in the Universe, it caused an oscillation of a state of deep faith and the opposite. The Emperor in reversed position speaks about your super-human efforts to change your situation, especially materially, you fought with everything you had to make your desire come true, to find real freedom, to just be with yourself, to be the king/queen of your own castle, your own life, without having to always compromise your happiness, your joy, your peace for survival and everything else that can just complicate life, yet even though you achieved true personal miracles, you have swept people off their feet with your inner power, skills and knowledge, but most importantly you can no longer see yourself in the same manner as you have in the past, because all that you have achieved in the past 9 months have surpassed your wildest expectations, many times you just couldn’t believe that YOU did all that, that you stood tall, that you achieved success, many people reading this even saved or greatly helped other people. All of this couldn’t have been possible without all the hardship and darkness you endured. The power of the eclipse is not gonna be very gentle with you guys, because it will trigger some kind of emotional crisis, but here is the irony of fate, you may feel saddened, a little bit hurt, vulnerable, emotional, not very hopeful, but you will find it impossible to fall into depression and darkness again, you will find it impossible to be self critical and hateful towards your own beings, despite all the melancholic vibes the eclipse will have very little effect on you, and even if you don’t realize this, this is a MONUMENTAL accomplishment and a miracle in it’s self, for this is the strongest kind of emotional energy which can exist in our reality, for even a simple full moon has the power to bring down in an instant people who’s life purpose is to be optimistic and motivate others, yet it’s not gonna work on you, not now, not ever. You may not even be aware of just how strong and resilient you have gotten, you may not even see yourself in a true light, but from a little pebble, which was washed back and forth by the waters of emotions, you became an island, where the waters can only reach your shores, the core of your being is no longer subjected to drama.

The eclipse in your case, doesn’t have to close or end anything, simply because you are one step ahead of the Universe, you have already done the work of the Moon and the dance of the stars a couple of months ahead, so now, you guys are gonna enjoy a bitter sweet manifestation. The Hungarian card tells you that the independence or better said the kind of life, or the state of life you so much wish to experience is coming, it is as we speak turning it’s self into existence, BUT there is a hidden twist, you worked for it, you sacrificed your psychological mental and spiritual powers for it, you went through all hell and back, from a karmic perspective, that is why however it’s gonna manifest it’s for YOU and you only. What this means is the Universe is gonna make it happen in such a way that you will have to either abandon or restrict certain good willed people who were part of your life, but they couldn’t support you when you were down, not because they didn’t want too, it was just impossible for them to comprehend what is going on with you. You may love them, you may understand them, there might not be any hard feeling in your soul, but karma will split you apart, they just can’t be allowed in your new reality, and this is the bitter part, because you would love nothing more than to share your blessing with your loved ones. If all of this comes as a big opportunity for you, the Universe will respect your choice if you decline it, but it can’t make any karmic compromises, for in the eyes of karma those people just can’t exist in your new life, so you have only tow options: go with the flow and embrace the karmic fruits of your labor, or decline in the name of love and hope that something even if not as ideal comes along.

The Bell:

The Tree (Hanged man), King of Cups reversed, The Lovers, Journey, 7 of Earth (Hungarian)

These cards are telling you that for quite some time now, or it could be all your life, you have been or were seen as an outsider, a rebel, someone who usually challenged rules and regulations, that govern society. This doesn’t man that you were a criminal or such, for you never ever challenged common sense, or anything that provided harmony, cooperation, empathy, mutual help, protection of vulnerable individuals, but rather it was very rigid moral rules, customs, ridiculous new “traditions” that you were at war with. The following are only examples: you might have been against social media, you might have always seen through the manipulative tendencies of society and all the unwritten rules, the notion and definition of success, you might have seen the usual 9-5 jobs and working for big corporations and modern day slavery and refused that kind of life even at times it meant great hardships, you may have fought against society through your art, artistic writings, blog, or simply your way of being and last but not least organized religion always occupied a very special place inn your heart, in the most negative sense possible, for you might have suffered a severe spiritual trauma at the hands of religious fanatics, or were forced to read holy books, obey certain traditions, customs as a child.

One of the most relevant things that triggered you and that you fought against with all your power was “sin” and the notion of “fear of God”, so you might have written about this, you might have expressed your opinions uncensored. Others fought for the freedom of love, especially same sex love, while other still for a more fair, non discriminatory society, where freedom, equality, and the right to just be yourself, regardless of how atypical you and other people are. What might the eclipse have to do with your ideologies and your inner truth? Well pretty much everything, because all of this might have dominated your love and social life, for you might have been a very intimidating presence and many of your ex relationships ended because you were just too much to handle, or very hard to love. Sometimes it was you who came through as the ‘aggressor” ending a relationship just to spare them the suffering, the trying and failing to please you, while other times you let your guard down, because you fell into the illusion that you partner was a similar type of person and you got really really hurt and bruised.

Being a “Hanged man” means that you are ultra smart, especially emotionally, so you kind of healed all your traumas, except one, the misconception that you are difficult, hard to love and emotionally cold. Despite all your efforts, your deep psychological, or spiritual knowledge, some of you might have even received help from specialists, this is something which is simply not changing , not going away, not releasing you, no matter how hard you try. You might intuitively know what I’m about to say next, yes, this is the ending, the closure, the purge this eclipse is gonna manifest in your life, or better said inner world. Most of you reading this are asking yourselves “How?”, other might be saying “Impossible!”, well chances are you are gonna meet someone who is an even bigger and badder rebel than yourself. This is the promise of the Lovers card. This meeting is definitely not gonna be instant, before anything happens, the problem needs to be pulled up from deep within your subconscious by the magnetism of the full moon/eclipse, so you might suffer an emotional purge, where you might feel very lonely, misunderstood, abandoned, no one gets you, you’ll be loners forever, kind of feeling. Just when your coping mechanism snaps you out of this, this may be a a day or a few weeks, the Journey card signifies that either you are gonna get connected to someone online, which many not necessarily have to do with romantic purposes, or you might receive an invitation. This can be small journey, but can also be an overseas one, in which case it might have something to do with a project, work, or spiritual journey. What comes next is: whoever you are gonna come across, will show you just how easy it is to love you, just what a wonderful person you are, humor, laughter, lightheartedness, “craziness” in the best possible sense of the word is gonna be something that will glue you together and give birth to the new chapter of your life emotionally. The Hungarian card promises an unforgettable spiritual and emotional adventure together and lots of travels.

The meaning of these cards are obviously different for those who are in an established bond already, because for them the connections is gonna be another couple just like they are, the birth of a lifelong friendship and alliance and even relocation to another country or another city, which will mark a fantastic new beginning for their families.

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  1. wow very interesting read.

    I chose the dagger, and was left with a dichotomy of sorts:

    Do you accept the rightful fruits of your labor? Or do you deny progression for the sake of love?

    Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I could definitely see how that situation would manifest in the near future.

    • I guess only your intuition and the truth you can find in your hearts of hearts can answer this question or resolve the apparent inner contradiction. Either way I wish with all my heart for you to be guided in the best and most prosperous place for you!!


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