Weekly horoscope: January 6 – 12

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of January 6 – 12, I would usually write that we have a very active and powerful sky, but this week, with little exaggeration we are going to have a hyperactive and extremely potent sky with 2 major and very impactful celestial dances taking place and the fact that Uranus and Eris are going direct, just makes things that much more dynamic and volatile. The 2 very powerful aspects taking place towards the end of next week are: the very potent lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer around the 10-11th of January (depending on which side of the planet you are on), just a day after we can witness a very rare and extremely powerful conjunction of 4 very strong planets in Capricorn, a celestial dance which only takes place once every 500 years or so. Everything happening in the sky next week, is symbolically going to set up the world, humanity and all of us individually to go through a massive change, transformation, which will take place all throughout 2020, extending into the next decade.

Before I get into writing about the highlight of the month, the Cancer eclipse and the highlight of the year, the Capricorn conjunction, I would like to talk about 2 other aspects that can complicate things a little bit, until we get to the end of the week.

One of these aspects is the sextile, a conversation of harmony, between Neptune and Mercury dancing together with the Sun. This is a very helpful energy, because it provides us with inspiration, a touch of spirituality, inner power, intuition, strength to follow and believe in our dreams and most importantly a soul level clarity to align with our virtues, skills, masteries, all that knowledge that we have learned to apply in the most practical ways, allowing us to own our powers, own our self worth and put it to good use, but at the same time it also allows us to have more self discipline, obtained through unconditional love for who we are, being at one with our soul level passions and ambitions. The sheer fact that we are fortunate enough to live through Neptune transiting it’s home sign, is a blessing in it’s self, for this only takes place every 160 years or so, all of us, who are alive today can tap into all the blessings, spiritual vibes and truths, divine and intuitive guidance and openness to unconditional love and connecting to source provided by this rather rare energy. In other words, the simple fact that we have incarnated into a timeline which allows us to experience Neptune in Pisces energy is already a hint, that among very many other things, we are also here to heal soul level wounds we might have suffered over many past lifetimes, but also this is a direct invitation that we need to embrace a higher calling, one that sources from the most arcane corners of our souls and has everything to do with spiritual truths, empathy, humanitarianism, unconditional love and obtaining the most authentic soul level wisdom through self exploration and embodying all of this. The sextile which Neptune holds with the Sun, can provide massive inspiration for all those people who work with self expression, arts and crafts, creativity, are mentors, guides, coaches, teachers, psychologists, counselors, spiritualists etc. This can also represent very powerful guidance through dreams, visions and altered states of consciousness and chances are this guidance has everything to do with your life path, soul purpose, career, your place and role in the world.

The other aspect which I would like to talk about is a minor astrological influence a quincunx held by Mars in the first decan of Sagittarius and Uranus in Taurus. Quincunxes are aspects which bring randomness, awkwardness, surprises, unusual, uncomfortable or fearful situations in our lives, sometimes these small events can be quite funny and humorous, others times quite awkward and very uncomfortable. Even a minor aspect like this one can gain a massive influence when it is held by 2 of the quickest, most impulsive and chaotic energies out there, each and every time when Mars and Uranus converse in the sky, they create sudden, unexpected, shocking, surprising, sometimes horrifying situations, and since Mars is traversing the fiery sign of Sagittarius this can spell accidents, disasters in aviation, long distance travel and accidents with space travel technology. It can also spell fire hazards, accidents and most importantly either earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, especially after the 11th, because that is when Uranus is gonna stand still in the sky and prepare to go direct, meaning that it’s symbolism turns outwards, it is more likely to have effect in the outer reality.

This energy can also spell outbursts of anger, rage, conflicts, sudden and unexpected change of plans or other inconveniences, it’s not a very good time to take big risks, neither a very favorable energy to go on big, long journeys or business trips overseas. This can also spell religious and ideological conflicts, clashes, which can turn quite violent, especially if the main theme is the clash of religions and dogmas, people tend to be extremely fanatic, intolerant and biased, and since there is an element of surprise and unexpected, fights and violent clashes can break out without any warning.

Eris, goddess of discord also goes direct just one day before Uranus, and this also spells trouble because Eris is going to form a conversation of tension with Saturn and Pluto and all the other planets which are part of this conjunction, meaning that protests, angry outbursts, demonstrations, revolution, social uprising, civil wars are very likely to take place, during this time, because both Eris and Uranus have very similar vibes, they are both very volcanic, have an extremely strong magnetism, so Uranus direct can cause us to express all of our dissatisfaction, our version of the truth, our opinions, especially if they challenge the current rules and regulations, while Eris can stir up our emotions masking us extra angry, intolerant, causing our frustrations to take control over us, leaving us no choice but to express what we truly feel. This is the time where people can rage-quit jobs, suddenly decide to abandon a career or organization, when governments, huge global organizations, banks, authorities, universities etc. are gonna be swallowed by inner conflicts, inner power struggles, disharmony, when all their flaws can be exposed by people within.

This can also give birth to a global financial crisis, because Uranus is going direct in Taurus, a sign which rules finances, values, worth and our relations to all of these, so this can spell disharmony, unexpected situations, losses and unfavorable turn of events for banks, financial institutions. But also natural calamity, for Uranus in Taurus represents tectonic movement. Jupiter traversing fellow earth sign Capricorn can just magnify all of this and reveal all the flaws, all the dysfunctionality, all the corruption within organizations. During this time it is advised not to get too immersed in anything that happens on the world stage, this doesn’t mean living in ignorance, choosing not to be aware, because that is mental suicide, but rather observing all that transpires during this time, but from the viewpoint of an outsider, giving you the chance to be permanently detached, not giving into fears, insecurities, worries that all of this can ruin your own life. Becoming violent ourselves and allowing our emotions and frustrations to take over is not really a good idea, because we can’t stop violence and corruption with the same weapons they use against us, what we can do is not allow the violent energies to disrupt our lives, so that we can focus on peace within, on all those things that are important in our lives, because the more people are OK with themselves, during a time like this, the less power violent acts are gonna have.

In the following I’m going to write a short analysis of the Cancer eclipse, if you’d like to read about it’s significance in more detail, we have a free, separate article which you can access below:


Lunar eclipses are very potent full Moons, meaning that the Sun and the Moon oppose each other and provide balance in that area of life where it takes place, in our case where Capricorn- Cancer fall into your chart. Depending on where 23 degrees of the above mentioned signs fall in your personal chart, you can expect a very powerful completion, closure, ending or maybe harvesting the fruits of your labor or some other karmic rewards. The following are only examples: Having this celestial dance take place in your 2nd house can represent a financial gain for something which remained unrewarded from the past, it could be any kind of work, project, activity or it could mean the end of a source of income, being replaced by a more ideal, prosperous one; if it’s your 8th house, it can represent an inheritance, loss of a family member, or equally it can also mean getting out of debt, breaking free from an unfavorable contract; 10th House could represent the end of a career, the completion of a big life purpose, giving you the liberty to begin something totally new, but at the same time it could also represent an unexpected opportunity to advance, take someone’s place who doesn’t want it anymore; in the 12th house it can represent a very profound healing, closing ties with the past and traumas permanently; but all of these are just examples.

The intensity of this very powerful full Moon is given by the fact that the Moon is extra potent in it’s home sign of Cancer, the Sun is also pretty strong at the top of the sky, but it is Saturn which gives a very heavy and intense feeling to all of this because it speaks from the part of the sky where it’s at it’s strongest, while also having the energy of Pluto, Mercury, Sun and Ceres, to add to it’s own. If all of this power wasn’t enough Neptune trining the Moon, also from his home of Pisces makes this energy like a huge spiritual, karmic bomb, just waiting to explode, an explosion which is definitely going to advantage one way or another people who never ever abandoned their dignity, morality, equity and spirit of compassion. All of this intensity is gonna weigh very very heavily on all of us emotionally, whatever happens in your life during that time can expose all your vulnerabilities, it can make you feel as if psychologically you are stripped from all your armor all of your defenses, for some people it can feel as if the whole world, their own families, the people they love and trust the most are against them, while for others, this can manifest subconsciously just stirring up all the past, opening up all the scars, evoking all fears. Regardless of how “bad”, or even good for some people this can feel, know that everything that takes place during this time, is karmic, fated and it is not any kind of punishment, not any kind of divine wrath, because it can be very powerful completions that you need in your destiny to set you free, some people simply do not possess the foresight to figure out where all of this might be leading them, that’s why we have a very powerful Neptune to guide our intuition, our souls, our hearts, out of fear, and into trusting our destinies and the plan the divine reserved for us. For other people the big completions or closures can be instant, right there and then either close to the days of the eclipse or a week before or after, for them this can feel very dual, because on one hand the completion or closure is gonna set them free, but wherever needs to enter their lives to replace what has ended, might still take a couple of months to manifest, so use this time to heal and strengthen your relationship with yourself.

The energy of the eclipse can be really really useful and advantageous if you might be looking to purchase a home, move somewhere you strongly desire, if you wish to break free from shared accommodation, if you wish to move away from your family, if there might be conflicts, disharmony in your family relations, this is a fantastic opportunity to find peace, forgiveness, rebuild burnt bridges, reconciliation, mutual acceptance, also a fantastic energy to heal old emotional wounds, to find forgiveness deep inside you for people who wronged you, thereby releasing all the hurt and pain, it’s very good to break away from trauma, toxic people, if you are in a very unhappy and unhealthy relationship, to find acceptance for the loss of someone dear, or any other kind of loss which bothers you, to find your place in the world both psychically, spiritually, emotionally or psychologically, to find your soul’s deep calling, to find your path or realign with your path, to embrace a deep soul level inner truth, to discover you soul level identity, use the blessing of alternate state of consciousness to connect with your past existences, to gaze much more deeply beneath the veil or deep within yourself.

Regardless of how this is gonna play out in each individual’s life, it can be a very potent, surreal time emotionally, a very deep, mysterious, profound time spiritually, a lot of paranormal and unusual events can take place and for some very lucky individuals who have worked very hard to embody their truths, the spirits of their ancestors may offer them a very powerful blessing, which can help them obtain something that is very important for their souls (for example some people find it extremely difficult and challenging to release attachments or to find forgiveness).

Collectively however, things can be a little bit different, because this energy speaks about the power of the individual, power of small groups, the power of ethnic, cultural, spiritual unity, strengthening of borders, people embracing their ancestral heritages and taking pride in the distinctiveness and all the virtues of the culture they belong to and last, but not least we are gonna witness efforts, plans, ambitions to undo the damage we as a collective have done to indigenous people throughout history.

Finally, we get to the very last day of next week, where on the 12th of January we have a very rare and extremely potent celestial dance taking place in the sky the conjunction of Saturn, planet of karma and manifestation, the cosmic judge, so to speak, Pluto, the planet o transformation, mutation, death, regeneration, rebirth and resurrection, the “Great alchemist of the sky”, The Sun representing the Self, our identity, ego, self expression and creative impulse, the source of our existence, Mercury the planet of the mind, communication, flow and travels and Ceres, goddess of agriculture and grain dancing together in the sign of Capricorn. Last time such a celestial place took place in this configurations was 505 years ago and it coincided with the birth and official recognition of the protestant religious movement, when Martin Luther nailed his proclamation to the church gates, thereby challenging and opposing the institute of the Pope, which at that time was the symbol of authority and centralized power. That act of spiritual and intellectual rebellion changed the world forever, because it took away the power of centralized authority and gave some of it to the individual, causing a massive socio-political and economic change in the world. Jupiter traversing this part of the sky tends to magnify, expand everything that takes place here, so on one hand is is definitely going to revel certain truths, perhaps all the reasons why our authorities can’t function like this anymore, it can reveal all their flaws, mistakes, incompetence, corruption, personal games and interests , after which it can also expand and amplify the solutions, the change, the reconstruction and restructuring of the organizations which govern us. It would be ridiculous to say that all of this is gonna take place on the 12th of January, this is a very long and delicate process, a myriad of different events and changes in circumstances have to take place first, some of which have already taken place, for example all the protests, the situation in China, Venezuela, the Middle East, the Amazon and Australian fires and devastation, the uprising in France, UK, Brexit, the immigration problems, violence and crimes all over Europe and perhaps the most worrying is the ever growing tensions between America and Russia.

Even though right now it is very difficult to believe that all of these worrying, catastrophic, violent, depressing events are actually leading us towards evolution and a very positive change, even entering into a totally new paradigm, a new era, many astrologers, mystics, out there, including myself strongly believe that this is exactly what is happening, this is not the beginning of the end, but rather a new start, a new milestone in our collective evolution.

This can also represent religious conflicts and clashes, all of which are gonna revel the outdated, blind, fanatic idealism and dogmas which govern religion, so one way or another all of this, especially with the total Solar eclipse taking place in Sagittarius this December, is gonna give birth to new, improved, much more open and modern religious movements, this also presumes a profound change and restructuring of the old ones.

I highly recommend anyone reading this to open your awareness to it’s maximum capacity during this time and just observe everything that takes place on the world stage, because symbolic events are gonna take place, allowing all of us to gaze into the future, to anticipate how and towards which direction things are gonna move in the second half of 2020, especially after the nodes of the Moon retrograde into Gemini – Sagittarius.

Last, but not least, the sheer fact that we are alive in the present moment to witness such a rare and extraordinary energy shift, concentration of energy, is a blessing in it’s self, because this gives us a once in an existence opportunity to witness history being written and re-written before our very eyes. We may have heard stories from our grandparents, elders about the extraordinary times they witnessed and how the world changed profoundly, this is our chance to do the same, whatever is gonna play out on the world stage during this time, will definitely crystallize, root it’s self in our memory, making the subject of stories we are gonna tell to future generations.

Thank you for reading and have blessed week everyone!

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