Lunar eclipse in Cancer (10-11th January 2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to the astrological analysis of the upcoming Lunar eclipse/full Moon taking place on the 10-11 of January (depending on which side of the planet you’re on) in the sign of Cancer.

This full Moon is extra special, not just because it’s also an eclipse, which makes it’s influence ten times stronger, but also because it takes place just before the massive Capricorn conjunction, meaning that the super concentrated party of planets (Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres) are going to oppose the Moon, who is also really strong in her home sign of Cancer, so this can be an extremely powerful time emotionally.

We simply can’t speak about the effects of this eclipse without mentioning the main theme of the Capricorn conjunction, taking place on the 12th of January, because I strongly believe that both astrological events are strongly interconnected. The main theme of the Capricorn conjunction is a massive change, deconstruction and then reconstruction of Capricorn’s symbolism, which on the world stage is likely going to create the need to change the way the hierarchy of power is distributed, the power structures of society, rules and regulations, law and order, customs and traditions, relation between governors and their subjects, distribution of resources etc. All of these changes are very likely to be preceded by protests, people expressing their dissatisfaction, petitions and requests for change, uprising, political and financial turmoil, corruption, dysfuncntionality within the authorities, abuse of power are all gonna be revealed and challenged, but at the same time all of this is going to give birth to solutions, new plants, new structures, new way of organizing power. Personally, in the lives of individuals, the Capricorn conjunction is also extremely relevant, because this can represent a massive change and alignment with your life-path, finding your true calling, embarking on a fantastic new career journey, embracing your true worth, your mastery and skill as a professional, or any other such massive change in an area of your life which falls under the rulership of Capricorn. Of course, in order for all of these changes to take place, for us to be able to work with them, very relevant inner and outer truths need to be revealed, closures and obstacles that are preventing us from creating this change need to be eliminated from our lives, we need to find our true soul level calling, because we need that kind of power, that sort of maximum alignment, to be able to build of honest and very stable foundations, may these be inner ones or outer ones. This is exactly where the eclipse comes in, because the main symbolism of any lunar eclipse is that of a massive completion, the fulfillment of something, perhaps an ending that needs to take place, or a very powerful truth reaching us, which can be a massive game changer. This is what we can expect from this Cancer full moon, a very powerful completion or ending, in that area of our life which is ruled by Cancer. Regardless of where the home sign of the Moon falls into your chart, there is the tendency for this to be an extremely emotional period for all of us, where feelings, emotional epiphanies might go very very deep, sending us into a very profound contemplation, where we either gather the strength to break away from the past, or we feel ready and fully committed to sacrifice anything that life might ask of us, in order to serve our true life purposes, to find and unite with whatever we feel that is the right thing/place/activity/work/country/home for us, so very important decisions can be made during this time.

Cancer also rules family, home, your country of origin, the culture your belong to, where your soul feels at home, so this eclipse can represent a massive closure or completion in any of these matters. Of course because the Moon opposes so many different planets all of this can play out in various different ways, but there is a very strong karmic element attached to whatever is gonna transpire in your life, because Saturn and Pluto together are 2 of the most karmic power players. This can represent a moment of good karma, a massive karmic completion, if you have worked very very hard for something related to the symbolism of Cancer, for example trying to buy a home, trying to move out from a shared accommodation, trying to move back home or to your place of origin, finding peace, ending a conflict with your family, finding forgiveness for your family/parents for something they might have wronged you with, accepting the loss of a beloved family member, letting go of an old emotional obsession and freeing yourself from it, all of these just serve as examples. It’s not gonna feel like a massive relief or completion0 for everyone, for some people it can also represent losses, break-ups, divorce, separation, leaving your family or home, it could also play out as abandoning a job/group/collective, because of emotional reasons, either strongly feeling that you have no place there, or not feeling appreciated.

Regardless of how it’s gonna feel like, all of this even if it’s the toughest emotional turmoil of your life, is towards your greatest good, because it means to separate you from whatever is holding you back, whatever is keeping you bound, tied up emotionally, being unable to see your own truth or choose to follow your own priorities, but of course at the same time it could also be a gain, a realization a completion if that is what you need to move on, enter the next stage of your life.

For most people, regardless of any other means this can play out in their lives, this will also represent the final moment when the gates to the past, especially the hurts, failures, traumas, all the negativity of the past close, this is when the sky, the stars themselves invite you into your future, but this invitation is just for you, no baggage is allowed. This can be an extremely difficult and depressive time for those people who have extremely strong moral, emotional links in their lives, regardless if it’s with their partners, families, parents, co-workers, circle of friends, etc. if these emotional strings are taking away too much of your energy, of your life, or they are not very healthy, obsessive, toxic, then chances are the scythe of Saturn is gonna descend and one way or another sever those emotional strings.

Collectively, Cancer represents borders, boundaries, cultural, ethnic, national distinctiveness, our ancestral heritage, our genetic heritage, all the virtues that we have received from our ancestors or the place where we were born, so this eclipse has the power to interfere with globalization, or perhaps change it’s course, because the ethnic and cultural distinctiveness will gain a much higher significance, it will gain a much stronger place among our values, of all those things which make us proud, so chances are that legally, in an international sense, it’s gonna gain way more relevance, way more protection, leading to a certain separation, but a separation which is very healthy, it doesn’t have to affect diplomatic relations between different nations at all, it can actually make them stronger, because when the distinctiveness of each and every culture is one of the highest values, each individual can be proud of who they are, where they originate from, without fear of being judged or condemned and all of this can just consolidate the diplomatic harmony between nations, because when the international community it’s self puts in extra effort to give more power, more influence to the individual, each person representing a culture, a nation an ethnicity becomes a symbolic ambassador, especially if that person chooses to take pride and embody all the virtues, merits strength of their culture, not as much the flaws, blind dogmas and the weak points. I strongly believe that this lunar eclipse in Cancer working together with the Capricorn conjunction and all the additional major aspects of 2020 (6 eclipses, nodes moving into Gemini – Sagittarius, total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn and Jupiter changing signs, Mars and Venus retrogrades etc) is going to transfer much of the collective power, centralized power so to speak, unto the individual, where our leaders have to base what greater good is, on the feelings, choices and desires of individuals much more and much less on what the “logical” solution might be.

This very potent full Moon is going to form 2 very relevant aspects, which also adds a certain karmic feeling to it, because the Moon is going to be trined by Neptune, while the is going to form a sextile with Neptune. This is extremely relevant, both collectively and individually, because Neptune represents a very potent spiritual influence, it can be seen as connecting to source energy, so whatever will transpire during this time is gonna be without a shadow of a doubt part of the divine schematic, where the Universe is guiding humanity as a collective into a new era, but of course this is perfectly valid for the individual as well. Another thing which must be mentioned is that Neptune, especially in his home of Pisces is all about compassion, altruism, empathy, emotional intelligence, the power of the soul, so to speak, so regardless of how the effects of this eclipse play out, they are also gonna promote solidarity, compassion, humanitarianism, protecting and helping the vulnerable and disadvantaged, it’s gonna unleash the full power of our emotions, both individually and collectively. Individually the strength of our feeling will likely produce changes and manifestations where we need them the most, but collectively, I strongly believe that everyone shares the same wish, the same emotion to make this world a better and fairer place, where all of us can enjoy greater emotional and spiritual freedom, where the blind ideologies, fears, intolerance and ignorance won’t break anyone’s spirit and love for life.

This beautiful trine with Neptune can also cause very intense, surreal, prophetic dreams and vision, so it would be wise to pay attention to what your intuitive senses are picking up, because they can provide a very potent guidance that comes straight from the source, when your Super-conscious is greatly empowered and is capable of influencing your life profoundly.

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