Pick a card reading: The karmic theme of 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to the last reading/guidance of 2019. This is going to be a pick a card reading with the subject: “The main karmic theme of 2020 in my life?”.

Close your eyes, silence your thoughts and choose a symbol which appeals to your intuition the most, jump straight to the interpretation!

Thank you so much for reading and supporting us all through 2019, the OMN team wishes everyone a very happy, blessed, prosperous and magical new year!

Pentagram: Ace of Swords.

This is a very powerful card, which symbolizes communication, information, the creative power of thoughts, mental resourcefulness, divine signs and synchronicity and perhaps most importantly truth, the kind of truth which is specific to Uranus, in the sense that it has to be perceived in a very objective manner, with as little bias and subjectivity as possible.

The appearance of this card speaks about that the majority of people who have chosen this symbol, need a much greater expression of truth in their lives. This can manifest as different influences for different people: some might need to express who they are, what their inner truth is, in a way they have never ever had the chance before in their lives and this self expression, this outburst of truth and being aligned with your principles and beliefs is going to have a major impact on your social lives, because some people won’t be able to accept your truth, they won’t be able to process the fact that they may not occupy the highest place in your heart and among your proprieties, while others will simply rejoice, admire and encourage you and even take your example. For other people this card represents the truth from a totally different perspective, because they are finally going to find something external that resonates with their inner truth and this will be a moment of HUGE emotional relief, it’s gonna feel like true miracle, because they might have been searching all their lives for something which they can identify with, something which take can be a part of, something which feels like it’s destined for them. This can either be a job, a career, new circle of friends, new social circle, new group, new connections, new hobby, a new state of being, new routines and practices. Some individuals might become writers, for this card can represent creating information, other might decide that they wish to start working with people and become guides, coaches, teachers, mentors, it can also represent internet based activity.

For others still, this card can represent the truth from a karmic perspective, where they are going to have a symbolic one on one type of conversion with the Divine, so this can represent either a guidance, an epiphany, a divine gift in the form of a plan or connection to someone, that is going to heal the past in it’s integrity and open a new door of possibilities for their futures.

Regardless of how this manifests, regardless in what shape the truth is going to enter your life, it will feel like a Divine gift, as if the Universe is conspiring in your favor and perhaps it’s this feeling of being facilitated, enabled, guided that is going to make this so very important, relevant and life changing for you guys.

Mystic palm: 5 of Coins reversed.

Those of you who were guided to choose the “mystic palm” might have had some material losses, difficulties, obstacles in 2019, or might have started off embracing a new life, new career, new job, which materially is not really providing for you guys. This card in reversed position is fantastic news because it represents the regeneration, recovery phase, finally finding the means to overcome obstacles and enjoy greater prosperity. This energy is not instantaneous, it’s not very quick, rather it’s a work in progress, it’s gonna happen with small, baby steps, one at a time, but every small manifestation, every minor event is going to greatly help you achieve this, until all of a sudden you find yourself living a life where all the challenges, difficulties poverty and lack of resources are no longer crippling, where you can see the light at the end of a tunnel. The completion of this symbol also requires work, ambition, determination and simply not giving in, not surrendering at moments of weakness, fatigue or when you just had enough of challenges and restrictions.

Another very relevant energy attached to the 5 of Coins reversed is that many people around you, who might have been very prosperous, some still are in the present moment, are going to suffer many losses and since you have been through all of this, you will have the choice to help them, advise them, support them materially and emotionally, even those who ignored your pain and suffering, when you went through all of this, and the fact that you are going to choose to act differently than they have, also represent a massive emotional healing and finding the light of mercy and compassion burning brighter than ever in your heart.

For others, this doesn’t reflect the scarcity of resources, but rather their health, or the health of someone they love deeply, who had very many problems, maybe an operation or other procedure in the recent past and this card reversed might signify recovery, healing, gaining strength, overcoming the weakness and frailty of the body and there are going to be some very important karmic events to facilitate this recovery, for some it can even go as far as taking part on ground breaking medical trials, that are going to end in a very positive manner.

For others still, this can represent self worth, where due to the problems and unlucky events of them past, their self worth might have been totally shattered, dissolved, so in reversed position the 5 of Coins can represent a big, groundbreaking gesture, moment of success, moment of public recognition, a reward for past actions, which won’t only heal the self worth issues, but it’s also going to increase it, the way it has never been before.

Dragon: The Tower.

For those of you who have chosen the dragon symbol, 2020 is going to feel like a huge hurricane of karmic events, that are totally going to reconfigure their lives. The Tower means upheaval, crisis, disaster, but this may not really surprise you, because you had plenty of such moments in the recent past, but the difference is that the losses of the past occurred because you have built on compromises and neglected your heart’s most scared truth, so everything and every relationship that was built on compromise had to be eliminated from your life, but this time around it’s gonna promise your very sudden, unexpected major changes, some of which are gonna be losses, endings, terminations, but they are going to lead to something very positive, or certain endings are going to target all those things in your life that are keeping you bound, shackled, unable to enjoy the freedom which you deserve to experience. The very first steps that you need to take when fighting for your freedom, when you wanna create a life for yourself, where you can be who your choose to be, who your heart resonates with, is facing your fears, facing that which is the most repulsive and undesired experience for your mind and feelings, after which all of the sudden the changes and unexpected twist that are gonna enter your life won’t be destructive at all, they are rather going to be opportunities, new choices, unexpected connections that will enable you to leave all those things which you don’t desire to have in your life, all those situations, all those people, all those obligations that just take away the time you should spend with yourself. In other words, after you manifest and face certain fears, you will step into a state of being where you embody the singularity of your passion and desires and when this state of alignment happens, your life is gonna be bombarded by a chain of events meant to offer you solutions, options, the most ideal outcomes, giving you the privilege and liberty to eliminate what and who you wish from your life, freely, unrestricted and uninfluenced by anyone, your heart, morality and honesty being your only judge. This card should be the most wonderful news for all those people who had been stagnating for the past 2-3 years, regardless from which perspective.

Hieroglyphs: The Sun.

Those of you who have been attracted by the hieroglyphs are definitely in for a treat next year, because the Sun card promises you a year of inner, emotional, psychological “summer”. This can mean different things for different people, but regardless of how this manifests two things are certain: you deserve this so very much and next year is gonna show you WHO you really are. What I mean by who you really are is that they say that a person’s true character comes out when a time of great need and crisis enters their lives… a phase which already passed or is passing and you stood tall, with your head help up high and with infinite love in your heart, so no crisis, no pain, no hardship could even touch your dignity. They also say that a person’s true colors are shown when they possess power, and this is what you haven’t experienced yet in the real sense of the word, because you are an extremely powerful, skilled, creative, resilient and compassionate person, but you never reached a position where either you had much social, material or psychological influence upon others, so the Sun represents that such a time is upon you, and even though the expression of this as really positive, really joyful, lighthearted, it is still a karmic test, but one that you are not just gonna pass, but use it to grow and feed your soul with as much love and light as you possibly can.

The Sun card can represent for some people a very very fortunate, happy, joyful event that is gonna just keep them in a totally different state of being, where they can embrace the inner child, have fun, celebrate, express their personalities freely, receive and offer love, in other words all the small pleasures of life which make it magical, joyful, worthy of living. What kind of karmic event can trigger this is not that clear, but there is a high chance for this to manifest in the life of someone you love deeply, making it that much more joyful and happy for you, because you are gonna be part of it from the very first second.

For others this card represents self expression through creativity, so this can spell a big success, breakthrough, triumph, if they are working on such a project, have jobs or activities that have anything to do with creativity. It could also represent a fantastic opportunity to start doing this and also meeting new people who are gonna connect to you and inspire you and vice versa, where your every day activities are gonna provide you with all the happiness you could possibly ask for and also give you the chance to share them with others, while at the same time being the beneficiary of the love and appreciation of others.

For others still, this card represent the summer in the proper sense of the word, which is going to be a time for really really BIG manifestations, life changing event, or maybe a miracle that will give them the chance to live a totally different kind of life, where their only responsibility and duty is to enjoy life and be as happy as they can be, every other area of life is just gonna be a bonus, where everything that they do is out of choice, out of the kindness of their hearts and not from obligation. In very rare cases this can also represent a risk paying off in a life changing way.

Pendulum: Sadness.

This card doesn’t reflect any external event that might influence your life, but rather an inner one. The main karmic message of this card is that it is our responsibility as incarnated, embodied spirits to find/create/enable happiness in our own lives, taking full responsibility, taking all the inner critic for everything good and bad, sad and happy that exists in our lives, and ultimately finding the inner power an authority we have over ourselves to change this balance and rearrange it the way it suits our immediate needs.

For those of you who have been going through very sad and painful times, separation, divorce, the loss of someone beloved, or it could be depression and mental health problems, this card means regeneration, but this healing, recovery is not going to source from the outside, but from deep within you, it’s gonna be like a biological clock that’s gonna ring and your being is gonna activate it’s regenerative sequence with or without your permission. All of this is gonna simply start by each day feeling less dense, less gray, less oppressive, until the light appears at the end of the tunnel and when that moment comes, you are truly going to have a choice to step into the new, because as soon as you will see and feel the light of hope, new things, events, new people are going to enter your life, even if you choose isolation, you won’t be able to stop your own healing from taking place. After some wounds close, after you can see a totally new perspective of things, all your moments of sadness and depression are going to make perfect sense karmicly, you will understand why they needed to take place in your life and in which way it has advantaged you and helped you and when this awareness reaches you, that is gonna represent the moment when all past baggages are gonna return to being just a simple memory, just a chemical signature in the brain and they won’t have any more power over you.

For others, the sadness card represent other people in your lives who are going through extreme hardships, depression, very sad times. This card represent your help, your support, your soul level connection, where in order to help those people who you love, you will have to take on yourself a part of their sadness and worries. This might just be a symbolic gesture, some words you are gonna say or actual inner work in this sense, but regardless of how you do this, from a karmic perspective that is exactly what is gonna happen, a part of their sadness and pain will be directed unto you, thereby helping them immensely. This might cause you a great deal of pain, but there is that moment when fate changes, when healing takes place, when the psychological string is gonna be severed by healing or a fortunate turn of events and that will be one of the most proud moments of your life, because you are gonna realize that you saved a life, you were a living breathing superhero, and that experience is gonna produce a deep change inside of you, where your faith is gonna be restored.

Hexagram: 7 of Earth.

In the Hungarian card deck, this card bares the symbolism of good fortune, a massive display of divine intervention either offering a miraculous solution to something present in your life which simply can’t be overcome by human means, or a very lucky event that is gonna change your life forever.

For some people, especially those who are very disadvantaged materially in the present moment, either those who are working very hard, almost feeling like modern day slaves, but their financial situation is very critical and there might be absolutely nothing that could change this, either because of debt or lack of options or obligations etc., in their case the impossible happens, something is gonna give them the miracle they need to escape all material problems and even embrace prosperity.

For others, this can represent a massive break-trough professionally, where the job or lucrative opportunity of their dreams reaches them in a very unexpected manner and from that point onward all their priorities, all of their routines, the very structure of their lives changes and they step into a new phase of reality.

For others still, this can represent good fortune, wins, a very lucky breakthrough, a small risk that can produce a monumental gain, or especially for those of you who are single, this can represent a very influential, socially relevant or materially stable new lover, potential partner.

Regardless of which situations suits your individual configurations, there is one thing everyone has in common and that is your relationship with luck and prosperity. I have a sense that all those who have chosen this symbol are extremely hard working individuals and have an very powerful moral integrity, so very BIG fortunate events never really happened in their lives, or even when fortune did manifest it was always symbolical or had moral, spiritual, emotional effects. This new cycle of your lives has to be totally different, this is where the big opportunity or display of good luck that you might have been fantasizing, dreaming of for many years, can actually enter your life and manifest, the only condition is for you to open up to the possibility that a life where you are actually lucky and everything comes to you with great ease, can exist, it can be real at any given moment in the future. The karmic theme here might be to learn how to receive from the Universe.

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