Tarot-scope & astrological predictions for the year 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to your Tarot-scope and general predictions for the year 2020.The first part is a short introduction speaking about the most relevant and important astrological movements and energy shifts of 2020, followed by the general predictions and closed by the Tarot-scope for the 4 elements.

One of the most important astrological dances takes place just after the new year, on the 12th of January where Saturn, Pluto, Sun Moon and Ceres meet in the sky. Just a couple of days before that we also have a Lunar eclipse, a very powerful full Moon, taking place in Cancer. But even before that, at the very end of 2019 we have a very powerful solar eclipse in Capricorn, one that is going to produce a massive changes and many new beginnings in the lives of individuals in the first half of 2020. But let’s go back to next year, where both the eclipse in Cancer, and the conjunction of 4 massive power players in Capricorn, are going to mark the start of a profound change, one that is going to deconstruct and reconstruct the symbolism of Capricorn, which represents power structures, rules and regulations, traditions and customs, political and social hierarchy, centralized power, governments, authority, the gate keepers. When last, such a conjunction took place in the sky it changed the world profoundly, it coincides with the official birth of the protestant religion, when Martin Luther, opposed the symbol of centralized power, the institute of the Pope, declared that each and every individual has the right to interpret the holy scripture for themselves, they don’t need an intermediary and that being able to pay for the forgiveness of sins is unacceptable. This gesture, this act of rebellion, this spiritual revolution changed Europe and consequently the world as well. Similarly, we can expect that something of that scale to take place until the end of 2020, where perhaps our political and administrative systems, the rigid rules and customs, the gatekeepers, who no longer serve the greater good, but suffer from dysfunctionality, conflicts of interests, corruption, in other words, it doesn’t reflect the unity of the will of citizens, of the people who they should represent and all the karmic powers of Saturn and Pluto just keep on exposing their flaws, their inability to change and handle the current situation, one very symbolic and karmic event at a time, until people can no longer tolerate it, or the most influential political representatives acknowledge this and start changing things before the situation gets out of hand. This very powerful conjunction is likely to stir up spirits even more, so protests, eruptions of violence, manifestations, internal civil conflicts are to be expected. It may be the public pressure, or it may be any other event that is gonna trigger a chain of other events, that can cause a massive change, reform,force reconstruction to take place, regardless of how it happens, this is when a new paradigm is going to be born, from that point onward we can actually witness ourselves stepping into our futures, both individually and as a collective.

Jupiter is also going to traverse the sign of Capricorn and from there it is going to converse with some very influential power players, like meting Pluto around the 4th of April and end of July, a celestial dance that is going to start transforming that area of our lives ruled by Capricorn, but even before that in February it’s going to form a long lasting beneficial aspect, the sextile with Neptune, a sublime energy of hope, optimism, living in truth, owning your blessings and good fortune, and acting from a place of deep connection to Source. This is going to be a very powerful spiritual aspect, that is ultimately going to help us embody and bring into matter all those spiritual truths and principles that we resonate with at a deep soul level.

March is also going to be a very powerful time, especially from a karmic perspective, because Saturn enters it’s ancient ruling sign of Aquarius staying there for a while until it retrogrades back into Capricorn. This can be a time of great social structure changes, empowering the individual and highlighting it’s role and importance in being the most relevant component of society.

Right around the end of July the nodes of the Moon also change signs retrograding into Gemini – Sagittarius, and this represent a wonderful time to focus on our mental abilities, develop our intelligence, practically embody our highest octaves of knowledge, put all the lessons that we received from past experiences to very good use, the karmic events can teach us how to be more versatile, flexible, lighthearted and optimistic. As the energy starts shifting into Air, things are gonna start feeling much lighter, less dense, less oppressive, it may open us up to a different ways of doing things, looking at things, where challenges and obstacles seem less intimidating, giving us the chance to come up with more ingenious, original and unique solutions, without the sense of urgency.

We might have a pretty emotional and confusing start to summer, because that’s when Venus retrograde takes place in Gemini and even though it might feel really weird, uncomfortable, where everything, everyone can irritate you, it can still provide an opportunity to go inward and align yourself with all those things that you have a deep authentic love for and also get the chance to clear your feelings, if you are very uncertain how you feel about someone or something, or if your feelings usually oscillate and are never constant. It may cause conflicts, misunderstanding, bad choices, harsh words, excessive criticism, but it can also be a wonderful journey of self discovery.

The Mars retrograde at the beginning of September is going to feel just as uncomfortable, because it takes place in it’s home of Aries, a part of the sky where it’s extremely powerful, and it may cause us to be very impulsive, irrational, being ruled by our instincts rather than ration, it might ignite the flames of conflict and strife and it may cause frustrations and a certain level of anxiety, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to get far by owning the power we possess over ourselves and with patience and self discipline we can turn even the toughest obstacles into easily achievable objectives.

December, the very end of next year is going to be, perhaps, the most active and powerful time of 2020, because we have two massive celestial events taking place. First we have a total solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius on the 14th of December, one which is going to open the door for humanity towards reaching the highest octaves of knowledge, research, digging in deep into the secrets of the Universe and with understanding comes great power and responsibility, one which is going to change principles, life philosophies, subjective truths, that govern society as a collective, and also give birth to new religious movements, new philosophies, new practices of faith. Right after this in the 21st of December Jupiter meats in the sky with Saturn, a celestial dance that astrologers call the “Great conjunction”, because every time such a dance happens a new paradigm, a new vision, a new way of thinning, a new truth is born, another dimension of collective reality opens up before all of us, a new milestone towards the future we desire to live as a collective. Now all of this takes place at zero degrees of Aquarius and this is a critical degree, meaning that any planet or celestial dance being at this point has it’s powers, influence amplified, to add to this Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius and it’s symbolism is stronger in this part of the sky. This promises us great social reforms, new customs, rules, values being born, which are based on humanitarian principles highlighting the sanctity of equality, dignity, right for self expression and to embody individuality.

Regardless from which perspective we look at it, 2020 is going to be a very powerful year of profound transformation, where very likely, in the first half of the year, massive karmic closures, ending, perhaps some kind of global crisis that triggers the need to create urgent solutions, offers us the chance to break away from the past and permanently close old chapters, while the second half of 2020 sets the stage for new beginnings, powerful advancements and evolution to take place, all of which is slowly but surely leading us collectively into a new era, where it is our most sacred duty to invest everything we have in our personal development, expansion of our awareness, because that is the only way we can keep up with the fast paced evolution of the internet, science and technology.

Now, let’s take a look what the cards say about the main energies of 2020:

This is a special Tarot reading I do at the end of every year with the purpose to offer everyone a peek into the main karmic themes that are going to be playing out in each of our lives and collectively as well. The interpretation of the cards won’t reflect the chronological order of the events, time is highly non linear in Tarot, so some energies are a constant work in progress, while some are short and impactful, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your own intuition to “guess” how my interpretations can play out in your future and when they are likely to take place. This is a general collective reading so it is meant to reflect how things are going to feel collectively, not everything might resonate with your individual situation.

The reading is opened by the “Hermit” card and this has different connotations, which can be valid at the same time. The first perspective is a spiritual/psychological one, where the Hermit reflects that very many individuals all over the world have done some very significant inner work all throughout 2018-2019, they have purged their subconscious from deep rooted traumas, have achieved incredible progress healing old wounds, especially those which sourced from past failed relationships, but most importantly they have gotten to know themselves more profoundly than ever before, and their relationships with the Self became so strong and relevant, that they simply found bliss, magic, a sensitive and artistic soul, a well of endless love and all of this lead to no longer fearing solitude, but finding comfort, joy and love within the self. The fact that so many people healed simultaneously, leads to the imminent strengthening of the power of the influence collective consciousness has over reality and since so many of us desire with all out beings a happier, more optimistic, a future based on the true sense and expression of humanitarianism, where being in the service of others, the greater good, being compassionate and involved in the saving and providing well being for those who are the weakest and most vulnerable, no longer frightens and intimidates anyone, but is rather seen as an opportunity to make the Self and the world a better place one gesture at a time. This is the true expression of the Hermit, when an incarnated soul realizes it’s true potential and the higher meaning of everything present in their lives, when the inner truth enlightens every area of life, when one lives in acceptance and harmony with the Oneness of all things, or at least trying their best becomes a very important goal in their lives. The fact that so many people have embraced their inner Hermit over the course of the last couple of years, is going to reflect in the big karmic events of 2020, where fear will no longer be the main factor of what we attract and create, but it’s rather going to be fueled by passion, burning desire for truth and equity, thirst for a free life. One way or another, that which the hearts and minds of millions of individuals desire passionately at the same time, has to one way or another enter reality.

From a totally different perspective, the Hermit card suggests that the year 2020 is going to be very relevant scientific advancements and knowledge wise. This can represent huge technological advancements, the AI and everything related to it is going to gain way more relevance in our every day routines, it can mean groundbreaking scientific discoveries that are further going to change the rules of physics, possible advancements in quantum computing technology, where they might be able to perform certain simulations that can help us understand better the existence of different dimensions and last but not least, it can also indicate that organized religion may lose a lot of followers, many people embracing their own distinctive personal form of spirituality.

The next card is the 5 of Wands and this might be something most of us know for certain that is going to play a massive role in the unfolding of next year’s events, because it means conflict, contradictions, violence, competition, assertiveness. Conflicts and separations are going to play out in the lives of many individuals, but also on the world stage. It is all those events that are going to happen collectively that can create a massive change, but at the cost of risking their personal safety, even lives, for these events point to protests, revolutions, rebellions, uprising, conflict between the governors and citizens, but it can very well represent conflicts between 2 different nations, states, tensions rising, breakdown in diplomatic matters, unfair terms and conditions economically, leading to more unfair competition between different international groups, it can even represent war and an armed conflict.

In the lives of individuals it doesn’t necessarily have to play out as conflicts with another person, but rather moments in one’s life, when karma is the competition, forcing individuals to overcome their limitations and rise above their old conditioning. The way I put this in words, gives this a very positive meaning and ultimately it is something very beneficial, but it’s going to feel as being at war with the world, with reality at certain moments, because that is the only way you can achieve something which seems impossible, but this can be done the easy way, where we surrender the the divine scheme and work with what we got passionately, but not obsessively, or the hard way where we choose to take certain signs in a very personal and negative way and it’s our ambition and investment of all personal power which allows us to overcome the impossible, either way the end result is the same, stepping into a new personal dimension with new rules, increased challenges, but also much greater rewards and sense of satisfaction. Besides this, the 5 of Wands is a valid reflection of Eris, the planetoid of discord, which is going stationary direct in first weeks of January and every time Eris changes directions, there is usually an outburst of public anger that follows. Of course Eris and Pluto are going to be holding a square, an astrological dance of tension and disharmony all throughout 2020, which can also represent religious clashes, political clashes, conflict between different layers of society, but for the individual as well it can even go as far as triggering a rebellion against our own fates, not being able to accept any kind of injustice in our lives, may that source from other people, society, karma or even the Universe seen in it’s integrity. I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a negative expression, because the Universe ultimately wants to be our “friend” symbolically, it wishes to cooperate with us and vice versa for the greater good of all, but there are times when clashes have to occur between friends, all for the sake of an even greater mutual understanding to be enabled.

The Star is a very welcome sight in this reading because it represents a myriad of positive and joyful things, that are meant to regenerate, heal, restore balance both in the lives of individuals and collectively. Collectively, besides certain karmic completions in the destiny of humanity as a whole, it can also mean that people are going to form new alliances, get together, organize themselves for humanitarian purposes, for helping the disadvantaged, to empower people, to save animals and the environment, in every case and possible manifestation of this, it represent the power of mercy, compassion, hope shaping the human collective to embrace a new paradigm, one where we can take true pride in our humanity, not just bow our heads in shame for all the damage we’ve done to each other and the planet. Individually however, this can mean regeneration from a very negative phase in life, from the dark night of the soul, arising as a survivor, no longer playing the role of a victim, dreams, hopes, wishes being fulfilled. It’s not going to be a miracle in it’s true sense for everyone, because the miraculous energies, in their true sense of the word are only going to manifest for those who possess the most pure hearts, who went through incredible, incomprehensible suffering all through 2019, but for the majority the fulfillment of their hopes is gonna be achieved through work, determination and ambition. Planting the seed of intention, aligning to your goal or whatever you want to achieve, whatever you hope for and following it through with action and work until it’s completion. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean a job type work, it can also represent inner work, healing, spiritual practices, but also it can mean overtime or creative type of work. Regardless of what the work is going to be in your individual case, it’s not going to be hard, for the passion of the desires, of what you wanna achieve is gonna keep you going and as long as you have a big dream, the Universe is going to support you at every step of the way, and that is going to be the miraculous part of your story.

For some very lucky individuals who are integrated in the unfolding of the divine plan, the Star can also mean huge personal success, where you save lives, where you help those people who your heart burns for, where your guidance, motivation, inspiration and empowering words work miracles in the lives of others.

Gaia, The World, this is an oracle card that bares the same symbolism as the World, card in classic Tarot, it heralds endings, completions and harvest. This is where the meaning of this card is going to be totally different for individuals and collectively. In the lives of individuals it clearly represents big karmic coleuses, endings and completions, all of which serve as empowerment, as manifestation of your inner reality, where you desire to cut ties with the past and everything negative in it and while you have done or are doing in the present moment what you can to facilitate this, the Universe, fate herself, has to offer you assistance, in those areas of life, where you do not have any power or influence over. So this card is very good news for those individuals who are stuck, who feel trapped in a loop with no possibilities to escape, those who are bound in some way either due to moral obligations, either because of debts, legal obligations etc., who have been stagnating for a very long time, or those who have been investing much effort, time and resources into something which hasn’t worked out, but also for those who need an emotional closure, end a relationships legally, or start a relationships legally, positive outcomes, advancement, or lucky opportunities are likely to enter their lives. For some very lucky few individuals, especially those people who have been in a very negative phase for a lot of years, perhaps all their lives, this can represent a turn of fate, where the old paradigm ends, the old theme closes, and a totally new world opens up before them, where they can taste everything they had to sacrifice or miss out on.

This can also represent massive karmic completions, especially for those who suffered some kind of injustice for many many years, or if it impacted their lives very traumatically, this can can represent the coming into existence of whatever is needed to provide you with the closure you seek on a soul level.

For those individuals who have been greatly disadvantaged or suffered from poverty, this can represent a long term job/new job, new career opportunity that will provide them with the prosperity they deserve.

Collectively however, this might not bare such a positive interpretation, because humanity has a lot of mistakes, poor choices, moments of poor judgment, all of which can indicate a negative karmic harvest, so this can spell deconstruction, economic, financial and agricultural crisis, drought/flood, strange weather phenomena causing massive agricultural losses, pandemic, extinction of certain endangered species. From a totally different perspective, while we may harvest the results of all our past actions that can cause great suffering for some people, we also advance in our coping mechanisms, which in this day and age are science and technology, this card can spell some very groundbreaking discoveries, inventions, long terms projects, researches, studies, experiments are going to show palpable and practical results, that are going to propulse us far into the future technologically. This also means massive advancements in genetics, pharmaceutical industry, cancer research, medical science, all of which are going to greatly improve our lives.

The next card is “Love” and this indicates that 2020 won’t just give birth to many separations and people embracing their own paths, because those paths are also very likely to be crossed by someone they will like very much. This can represent the birth of new relationships, big love stories are going to be written in the book of fate, for very many people the word attraction is going to gain a totally new meaning as if they’d been living in darkness and are just discovering the light and it’s true warmth, many people are going to find valid partners, who they have a LOT in common with, who probably walk similar paths and most importantly respect sacred solitude and hold a high value for it themselves and this can not only create a true romantic connection with someone who, at least mentally, walks in the same dimension as you do, but also there’s gonna be an empathic symbiosis being formed, meaning that the sheer fact that you are aware of each other is gonna be empowering in so many ways and lead both of you to success. For many this can also lead to any other kind of alliance as well, maybe working together on something, common hobby, interests, common dreams etc. For others, this might not be a romantic connection, but rather a deep soul level connection, where the sense of deep trust and unconditional love and respect is going to be the magical power of the friendship, but even this can develop in many different directions, but regardless of how it evolves, all of it’s manifestations are going to feel fated and very magical, like they have been the missing link you have been searching for all your life. For others, especially those who have a life long friend present in their lives, or those who have been part of an established bond for many years now, this is even better news, because this can mean a moment of big happiness, when something wonderful happens, that will feel very rewarding to everyone involved, this could be something that the 2 of you have been dreaming about for a very long time.

The 8 of Wands closes the forecast and for the individual it indicates that 2020 is going to be a very dynamic year, where many connections can be made, especially via the internet, it’s gonna be a very good and prosperous year form writers, poets, public speakers, those who work online, but it can also spell the forming of new relationships, new social connections especially internationally, disregarding physical borders and cultural differences, also a very good year for evolution of legal cases, legal documents, foreign matters and a lot of long distance relationships are going to be born, and surprisingly work very well and harmoniously.

Collectively this can represent quick paced change, evolution and progress in international law, international business, new alliances between different countries, new strategies. Among many other things this card also represent truth, the kind of truth which is considered objective, because a lot of people perceive it that way, which means a profound and detailed examination of certain truths provided by governments and institutions that produce official statistics, what the 8 of wands suggests is that the viability of the truth seen collectively may change radically, for people are going to start to lose their trust in the authenticity of the information provided to them and will start to search for answers and more authentic sources of awareness elsewhere, most probably on the internet, the home of conspiracies. Authorities might find themselves in a very delicate position where no matter what information they provide, it’s still going to be challenged and looked at with mistrust by the majority of people, and this can force a radical change in the way information is being served to the public.

Now, we get to, perhaps, the most important symbolism of this card which means travel. This doesn’t refer to the very practical meaning of travel as in the increase in international flights, for example, but rather to the travel of humanity seen as a collective, so this means space travel technology. The symbolism of this card is very clear in this sense because huge advancements, evolution, a new level of perfection, great scientific breakthrough can be expected. One way I am certain this card’s symbolism manifests is that: propulsion systems, methods and alternative solution are going to greatly improve, evolve very fast, almost guaranteeing that space programs can extend to certain reaches of space that were excluded from priority, because of the length of time needed for it’s completion or because of the great difficulties and challenges. But of course it can go much further than this, for example landing probes on Europa or Ganymede, manned trip to Mars, projects for a future lunar base. Some would definitely include communication in this as well, because the astrological correspondent of this card is Mercury in Sagittarius and Mercury rules communication, but if this would be true it had to represent communication of extraterrestrial nature, which I kind of doubt that could reach our awareness even if it happens, for such an event might have already taken place without us being informed, but since this is highly controversial and no one can really prove or disprove anything related to this subject, I would like to leave it as such, a very small probability, yet still one that persists and increases in chances as we advance into the future.

In the following you can find a tarot-scope for the 4 elements of the zodiac, of the overall feel and energies of 2020, with a special oracle reading about the challenges, opportunities and the resolution of the year 2020.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The year 2020 is going to feel very intense for fire signs from absolutely every angle, very important and relevant progresses are going to be made in every area of their lives and even though it’s definitely not going to be easy, some of the challenges, especially the ones of emotional nature are going to greatly overwhelm these natives, but everything that is going to take place all throughout the course of 2020 is going to represent a major karmic completion and advancement towards their freedom, living those life experiences that they just couldn’t have opportunity to taste and enjoy, but perhaps most importantly every obstacle and challenge that they are going to encounter will represent a huge milestone towards true self knowledge.

The very first card opening their reading is the Chariot and this card represents movement, evolution, progress and ultimately triumph, but with a very important condition: the necessity for self discipline, because even though they steer their own Chariot, they have little control over it’s speed, so they have no choice but to go with the flow, in other words surrender to the hand of fate and the greater wisdom of the Universe all those things that they just can’t change, have no power over, no matter how hard they desire to have even a minor influence. This card doesn’t just represent evolution, it also speaks about certain closures, completions, perhaps endings that need to take place in the lives of fire signs, before they can actually embark on a journey towards success and a much greater sense of satisfaction and happiness, because at the end of the day, regardless what shape and form their ambitions, wishes, goals take, they still serve the same purpose: to make the lives of these natives more fun, happier, more exciting allowing them to truly feel alive in the proper sense of the word. From this perspective it is obvious that some of the endings and closures refer to routines that just bind them down and take away their freedom. For some people these are legal matters, because they might be legally bound by contracts or agreements to fulfill a certain duty, this may have to do with their jobs, business, obligations to other people or it can even be moral obligation they have towards their loved ones. It can also represent friends and family who are way too needy, while fire sign natives choose not to express their frustrations and true feelings, not to offend anyone. For others it’s not as much obligations that take away their sense of freedom and contentment with the way their lives are, it’s the lack of resources, lack of relevant social connections, or the big job/career opportunity that they have been aiming for quite some time now is simply not coming together, or the requirements, sacrifices needed are ridiculously high. For others still, it’s not the very palpable or material side of life that is keeping them bound, but it’s either their inability to find a suitable partner to settle down with, or it could be a spiritual stagnation, where just can’t seem to figure out, no matter how hard they are trying what their their soul purposes are, their higher calling in life. Some may have already figured it out, but they simply do not dare to aim that high, because partially what they desire to experience in the present moment is out of their league. Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, the Chariot promises great advancements, new opportunities, but also the closures, endings, completions that are required to enter in a state of flow. The negative side of this is, that it requires patience, acting out of wisdom, rather than instinct and a true and solid display of self discipline, where they can control their emotions and not let them turn toxic, neither for them or others who surround them. The more they try to enforce their sovereign wills, they more they obsess about speed and quick progress, the more frustration they are gonna create for themselves, because all of this is very karmic, so it can simply not be forced.

The 7 of Swords reversed is a very important card because it represents breaking away from attachments, finding a much healthier, balanced lifestyle, consciously putting in a lot of effort to stop negative self talk, irrational and impulsive behavior, conflicts, temper tantrums from causing chaos in their social lives and ultimately all of this leads to attracting new people into their lives, people who embody all those principles and life philosophies, which fire sign natives aspire towards, so these new connections are going to open now doors to a totally different layer of society, one which is less toxic, more conflict free, much more tolerant and welcoming of the unique. This card in reversed position also implies, that in the present moment things might not really go that well, regarding relationships and social connections, it might also suggest there you might be tolerating some people in your life who are not really your friends, they just have an advantage, which can be mutual, yet still most of them do not have a very good influence, quite the contrary, keeping these relations active is just gonna further complicate their lives and close good opportunities for them, so even fire natives are preparing themselves to break certain bonds, set new limits and be more critical firstly with themselves and equally with anyone else in their lives.

The most favorable expression of this card in reversed position means aligning yourself with total honesty, not accepting any compromises that are too contradictory with their inner truth and morality and most importantly trying to look at everything that happens in their lives, more detached, more objectively and all of this implies reaching higher frequencies of thought, a sense of greater freedom, because regardless of how one’s material situation is, living a life of honesty, where the inner truth and outer truth are as one, represents the achievement of liberty of both the heart and the mind. This may not guarantee that all those things in your life which simply do not depend on you are going to massively improve, but what it does represent is owning the power you have over yourself and over your life, being guided by the knowledge, that others can only have any kind of influence over you ,if you allow this, if you give them that power, one which can be withdrawn and reclaimed by you at any given moment.

The Lovers in reversed potion closes the reading and it represents a number of different things. The one thing that everyone has in common, is a massive improvement with the relationships fire signs have with the self. This means that the myriad of different twists of fate, complication and challenges that are going to take place in 2020, are going to steer them and guide them to a much more deeper and authentic self knowledge, if they ever had doubts about their emotional purity, soul level innocence, if their love is actually real or if it’s just some program they choose to run in their minds, all the challenges that are going to await them will prove just what an incredible emotional power and a true soul level innocence these natives possess. This means that there are going to be very many “I can’t believe I’ve made it through this” kind of moments, all of which are going to make their self love and self respect grow and reach the healthiest level and this in it’s self is going to trigger quite powerful inner changes, moments of empowerment, clarity and epiphanies where they get the chance to understand the karmic role of many not so favorable events of the past, some of which could have even been traumatic.

Form a totally different perspective the Lovers reversed can speak about the end of certain relationships and partnerships, especially for those fire signs who are in an established bond, but it hasn’t been really working out since the last 6 months. For others this can mean the end of friendships, alliances, business partnerships, ones that no longer serve the highest good of either part, while for others still, it can mean a certain distancing from their families, especially for those who live close to them or share a home with them. Now this also speaks about the Venus retrograde period of 2020, taking place in a part of the sky ruled by the dual sign of Gemini, a sign that most of all longs for freedom and independence, and this might have a massive influence on certain events that are meant to end those emotional connections which are simply no longer working.

The Challenge of 2020:

The 2 of Earth represents the management of material life, financial situation, a very healthy balance between income and expenses. This card can also represent the astrological energy of Jupiter in Capricorn, a celestial movement that is going to play out all throughout 2020, so this means a risk of overspending, big, expensive, exquisite items may be extremely tempting, it can also represent taking bigger loans than one can handle, or additionally it can be the fire signs who give a loan to someone. In either case diligence, measure, foresight, and wisdom must be applied in matters of finances and values, because 2020 will prove to be, right from the beginning such a busy and active year, that you simply can not allow moments of bad judgment to create any setback financially. For those natives who are struggling with debt, or those who are experiencing a very poor material situation, that just doesn’t wanna get better, this card can represent finally getting back on track, a slow but very steady and stable progress leading to a state of material security, stability, grounding.

The Opportunity: Gaia, The World. The main symbol of this card is that of completions, closures, positive outcomes, happy ending, fulfillment, harvest, end o a cycle. For some people this card represents certain opportunities that lead to fulfillment of desires, which couldn’t have been accomplished in the past, so this can be seen as a catch-up of karma, fate, allowing the manifestation of something they deeply desired in the past, something they either gave up on, or simply offered it’s fulfillment in the hands of the divine. For others, this represents manifestation of good karma, some good deeds, moments of generosity and kindness, or it could also be some work or project that didn’t bare fruits in the past, can return in their lives unexpectedly, much to their surprise and delight. For other still, this can represent stepping into a totally new reality, a big completion of a lifelong dream, a divine intervention so to speak, where everything from the past is going to make perfect sense and fit into a huge puzzle, which upon completion reveals the divine intelligence and wisdom that guided them here.

Resolution: 7 of Earth. Even though this card bares the density of the element of earth, it doesn’t refer to any kind of material fulfillment, resolution but rather a moral, spiritual one. It represents the happiness, pride, dignity, equity, bliss a person can feel, when they are aware of the fact that they are embodying their life principles, when they are guided and animated by their inner truth, when everything they do serves a higher purpose, when it truly contributes to the well being of everyone in their community. 2020 is going to be a very memorable year for fire signs, because as this card suggests, they are actually going to embody and represent with everything they’ve got, even physically and materially, through all their actions, the change they wish to see in the world. The hidden and passive blessing in this is that their actions, the person who they chose to become is going to inspire others, it’s gonna ignite the flames of courage and ambition in the heart of others, who may not be as ambitious and daring as fire sign natives, so it’s both their actions and what they embody, but also the passive inspirational force which will contribute to the greater well being of everyone in their lives, even community.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Natives born under Earth signs are in for a deeply spiritual and emotional 2020. From an astrological perspective all throughout 2020 all of the earth signs are going to be massively influenced by very powerful power players transiting their signs, perhaps the star of the celestial show is Capricorn, who is going to be the host of one of the most rarest celestial conversations taking place right at the binning of the year on the 12th of January 2020, when Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Mercury and Ceres are going to meet in the sky and create a massive change and restructure in the political hierarchy, financial systems, rules and regulations, customs and transitions that govern society, but all of this is also going to create massive changes in the lives of the earth signs and also everyone else. Taurus natives won’t have a choice but to get out of their comfort zones and through brainstorming, the distinctiveness of their individuality and of course the sheer power of their wills achieve massive upgrades is every area of their lives, all of this influenced by a Uranus, the planet of surprises, revolution and rebellion transiting their sign, where it’s gonna stay for the next 6,5 years. Virgo natives may not host any major power player directly, but their opposite sign, Pisces hosts it’s modern ruler, Neptune, so all of their relationships, connections, partners, even the legal aspect of their lives is going to be greatly prioritized, they are going to be confronted with the truth of who it is in their lives that they actually resonate with, and which of their relationships are more or less out of convenience, where the Virgo natives are usually the self sacrificial lambs and every one else benefits from them. Also new relationships based on true soul level connection, sharing the same spiritual principles or practices are going to be born and this will give them the feeling of a karmic cleansing, taking heavy weights off their hearts.

The reading is opened by the High Priestess and this card represents that regardless of what happens materially, what plays out socially, even in which direction their relationships go, is going to lead them to greater self knowledge, mastery over their intuitive sides, getting much more in touch with their inner creativity, life philosophies, their spiritual aspect. There are going to be a lot of moments of self psycho-analysis, a true soul level desire of getting to know themselves in the true sense of the word, the wisdom and knowledge to understand even the subtle programming, dreams and everything buried in the deepest layers of the subconscious, so they might decide to study psychology, try out new and deeper spiritual practices, read about the metaphysical, or connect with like-minded people with similar interests, or going to a specialist, like a psychologist, life coach, spiritualists, astrologer to help them get more in touch with themselves.

The High Priestess also represents that there are going to be a lot of moments all throughout 2020, when their intuition/gut feelings/dreams/maybe synchronicity will steer them in the best possible directions and certain successes are going to be achieved in this manner. All of this will lead them to a greater sense of trust they develop in connection with their intuitive sides, their 6th sense or sheer practicality of life experience and wisdom. For some natives the High Priestess also represents creative, artistic moments or small accomplishments which are going to open new windows of possibility, some of which can actually be a viable new career, especially for those individuals who either paint, write, play instruments, create music or have anything to do with some artistic, creative or self expression based activity.

The 4 of Coins bares a very important symbol, for it’s astrological corespondent is the Sun in the sign of Capricorn, an astrological transit that is going to be playing out in the sky as we enter 2020, it’s also going to play part of the solar eclipse on the 26th of January 2019, but also in the very rare conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, a celestial dance which changed the world when it last took place. I strongly believe that this card points to the fact that both celestial dances I have mentioned above are going to change the lives of earth signs in very impactful ways and among any other kind of material, social, emotional change, what everyone has in common is that it’s going to reveal very important truths: these truths have everything to do with their skills and abilities, where their true fortune, blessing, worth lies, some natives were just born with it and Saturn requires from them to put it in practice so that others can benefit from them as well, while others have worked hard for it, studying, practicing, perfecting it, investing a lot of hours and sacrifice into developing their talents and skills, but regardless of how it was obtained, you are going to be shown the truth where your true opportunities are, in which way can your skills, talents and professional or life experience advantage you, what your true role either socially or spiritually is and perhaps most importantly that true worth starts with self worth. When worth is a major karmic theme, when among other things these celestial dances are going to deconstruct and reconstruct, revolutionize inner and outer value systems, then how you personally feel about your own worth in every possible sense, can change your life very much, especially as you align with the highest octaves of authenticity and try to embody what you feel deep inside. Practically this can represent material gains, karmic rewards, new beginnings socio-professionally, greater prosperity, happiness which sources from fulling your passions, owning your power and using it to accomplish a higher good.

The last card is the 8 of Cups reversed and this points to the fact hat it’s not only the material aspects of your lives that will play a major role, but also feeling, especially those which source from the past, memories, emotional wounds, disappointments and fears of being rejected, all of these are going to return giving you the chance to achieve emotional clarity, face reality, face any fear that might hold you hostage, break unhealthy patters, routines, escapist tendencies, emotional attachments to other people, being emotionally needy at times, all of this is going to greatly contribute to healing and psychological regeneration. There are going to be numerous moments, twist of events when you are going to realize that many times you don’t need anyone, or any emotional comfort from others, because your being is like a sacred temple and each and every time you go within, peace, serenity and unconditional understanding and love awaits you there.

The Challenge of 2020:

The Canoe (Chariot). This card symbolizes movement, progress, advancement and getting to where you desire to be. This means that 2020 is going to be very dynamic, things will move with greater celerity, sudden, unexpected, instant changes, surprises are very likely to occur and on one hand all of this dynamism is very welcome, for the last couple of years had a lot of moments of stagnation and procrastination, but on the other hand this can only advantage you if you are willing to work with the speed of the flow, meaning that your comfort zone won’t be accessible for most of the year, so resisting the changes, advancements, trying to slow things down won’t really be a good idea.

The opportunity: The Wheel. The astrological correspondent of this card is Jupiter, planet of blessings, so this can represent some very lucky opportunities, displays of good fortune, wins, gains, smaller risks paying off handsomely, inspired action, or simply owning your luck. For some people, this can just represent good fortune or blessings in one area of their lives that will benefit from the dance of the stars, a blessing that is going to be permanent and very meaningful. For others it can be entering into a new cycle of their lives, or their Jupiter return, in either case, this can represent dreams coming true, smaller scale miracles, powerful karmic manifestations and guidance. For others still, the turning of the wheel represents a new phase where they get the chance to experience the brighter, more pleasant side of life, especially those people who have been going through great hardships and challenges in the last 10 years.

Resolution: Strength. Resolution comes with stepping into your position of power and embodying with pride and dignity all your virtues. For some people this card represents getting into a position where they have dreamed of for quite some time and this can be in any area of life. For others this can represent a massive empowerment, finding inner strength but also attracting material resources, all for the fulfillment of certain very important personal goals. For others still, especially those people who are suffering from ill health, a life long condition, health problems, it can represent regeneration, recovery, regaining your physical strength, greater well being, improved health.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Natives born under Air signs are going to have a very tumultuous new year, even though things are going to progress very fast paced and even though there are going to be numerous, for some even massive, life changing opportunities, the challenges and obstacles, even if few in number are going to require monumental efforts to be overcome. From an astrological perspective the year 2020 will slowly but surely move the concentration of energy and the astrological emphasis on the element of Air, this slow shift can be felt at around the middle of the year, when the North node moves into Gemini, a sign which is also going to host quite a frustrating and very uncomfortable Venus retrograde. Aquarius is also going to gain massive ground starting right at the end of next year, because in December 2020 the “Big conjunction” (Saturn and Jupiter) takes place at zero degrees of Aquarius one of the most powerful celestial dances, because when these 2 major power players meet in the sky, a new era opens right in front of us both individually and collectively. Libra natives won’t have a much easier 2020, because even though there is no major power player in their sign, Eris and Chiron being in their opposite sign of Aries, is going to complicate many things for these natives especially relationship wise, but all for the sake of healing their wounds caused by past failed relationships.

The High Priest opens the reading and this can represent some very important life events taking place in 2020, some of which are more spiritual in nature and have more to do whit the person they want to become, while from a totally different perspective other events are greatly going to influence them from a legal, contractual point of view.

The presence of the High Priest might represent the powerful Capricorn eclipse taking place on the 26th of December 2019, an astrological dance that can open up new door of opportunity for Air signs, professionally, so this card can represent advancements, evolution, climbing up the hierarchical ladder career wise, accomplishing something monumental and receiving honors and material rewards, it can also signify new studies or perfecting their studies, working towards a whole new level of mastery and skill, it can also represent that a highly influential individual is going to enter their lives advantaging them greatly, but for other natives it mean that they themselves are going to reach a point in their careers, when they get the chance to become teachers, mentors, guides, counselors, so it could represent a fantastic new beginning in this area of their lives.

For other people it means contracts and legal matters, where they might receive a one in a lifetime opportunity to either start their own business, get a very important loan that is gonna advantage them, buy a new house, or swap with someone, receive some sort of help, aid, or benefits from the state, an authority of the state, an institution or bank. For others still, especially those people who are in a steady bond, it can also represent taking their relationship to a new level: marriage, engagement, becoming parents (fatherhood), establishing a family of your own, or setting out on this quest.

From a spiritual perspective however, it means embracing a new paradigm, it represents embodying your inner truth, an inner structure, solidified by awareness, wisdom, diligence and dignity, being more than acceptive, proud, grateful for who you are. This psychological fortitude, represents a state of empowerment, where you own your personal power, living a life of self respect automatically implies being maximally respectful with others and treating them the way you would like to be treated and all of this draws the respect and admiration of the Universe, which in it’s self means alignment with your soul purpose, a hidden power that can serve you in very practical ways and make your life much easier, for everything seems less challenging, less impossible to accomplish when you feel that the Universe is an active part of your life, having faith in yourself and in your purpose simply attracts solutions, help, resources, everything you need to fulfill that purpose, as if my magic and of course all existing relationships in your life are going to be based on truth and mutual respect, for everything that goes against this is going to be eliminated from your life.

The Lovers. This card, besides it’s classic meaning also points to the sign of Gemini, a part of the sky that’s going to host the Venus retrograde and the North node enters here as well. The Venus retrograde may sound very scary, but regardless of all the unpleasantness and emotional crisis it can create, it’s going to align you with what you truly love, putting a permanent end to illusions, doubts, not feeling very certain, always shifting your preferences. This in it’s self represents the possibility to achieve a heart level stability, where you can put all the power of your passions and desires into that, which truly and strongly resonates with your feelings, no longer having this inner focus being interrupted by doubts and insecurities and not really trusting yourself when it comes to what you love. So the magic of the Venus retrograde and the North node moving into Gemini is going to reflect on all of the Air signs relationships, because for the very first time in many years, or perhaps in their entire lives, air signs are going to be standing and acting from a place of true self love, and this will create massive changes in all their relationships. The positive side of this is the birth of new, wonderful long lasting friendships, partnerships, soul level connections, but also very powerful love stories. The more negative expression is having to draw the line, so all fake friendships are going to be severed, regardless if the falsity is reciprocal or not, certain friendships are going to be “downgraded” so to speak, Air signs no longer allowing to anyone to take advantage of their humanitarian principles. Another representation of this card is emotional healing, finding forgiveness, acceptance and understanding for those who may have wronged them or misjudged them in the past.

Last, but not least, especially for those Air signs who are single and looking, this can mean new love, soul mates, that very special someone who can change your whole life in a second.

The reading is closed by the 6 of Coins reversed and this means a number of different things. On one hand Air signs, finally having understood the karmic lesson, the rationality and logic behind generosity to the self, are going to make certain big purchases, or at least start making plans to fulfill one of their desires, needs, big goals, from a material perspective. The wisdom of having understood that one of the big meanings of life is to honor the soul which you embody, honor the human being who you are, is going to motivate them and mobilize them to complete material goals which seemed way to complicated, difficult or required commitment in the past, for them to invest all their time and energy into, they chose to share their blessings, time and resources with their loved ones. Now, it’s going to be their turns to be the sole recipient of their generosity and kindness, it may cost them a little bit of their independence, but some of their material goals are actually a much needed investment into their futures.

The negative side of this card can represent undesired compromises, moral obligations to be generous to a specific person, overspending, or having to support a partner, friend who may face severe material hardships.

The Challenge of 2020:

the Canoe (Chariot). This card clearly represents a lot of progress, dynamic, quick paced events, sudden and unexpected opportunities, all of which are going to delight air signs, because this is the kind of life they love living, when karma, the flow of energies, the increase in speed of which material aspects align can keep up with their airy quickness. Celerity and haste is always welcomed by air signs, because even when things point to a negative resolution, the quicker it happens the quicker they can process it and shift to the next option/goal on the to do list, so the dynamism of next year is going to advantage them greatly, they are definitely going to be very best selves, but this is where the challenge of this card comes into play, because being this empowered might cause them to jump into excesses and that can lead to a major setback or self sabotage. The challenge of this card advises air signs not to overthink, not to excessively multitask, even if they feel they are totally up to it, to stay in the present moment as much as possible and work with that they have in the present, because these natives are notorious for their foresight, planning abilities the sharpness of their intellects, which allows them to be one step ahead of everything and everyone always being in tune with the future, but while this is a wonderful virtue, of done excessively it can disconnect them from reality and cause a major emotional, psychological blockage. Another challenge that this card represents is to be careful not exaggerate with escapist tendencies, may that be a fantasy game, movie, an activity, or alcohol and substances.

Last but not least, this card in challenge position might indicate delays and unexpected changes in travel plans, breakdown of your car/vehicle, the necessity to purchase a new one.

The opportunity: 4 of Fire. No matter from which perspective we look at this card, it is highly spiritual in nature, making the opportunity purely spiritual. The 4 of Fire represents soul level healing, which manifests in your life as the feeling of being happy, content with yourself, the way your life is, with all the choices you have made and ultimately the future towards which you are heading. This is like a sensation of completion, where you soul is at peace that you are embodying exactly what you should be, the feeling like every day is significant and relevant filled with opportunities to gain new life experiences and enjoy different things. Positive self talk, optimism, allowing yourself to be who you want to be, create a different kind of subconscious programming, one that allows you to see the world as an endless reservoir of different possibilities, mysteries, experiences of the most unique kind, so ultimately all of this is going to play out as successes and completion of goals. For others, who are naturally deeply into spirituality, this card can represent standing from your position of power, where you whole life is like an infinite magical ritual, where even the smallest gestures bare divine significance, where everything is linked together synchronistically, where every feeling, thought, gesture creates a totally new unfolding of the events of one’s life.

Resolution:7 of Fire. This card represents work in progress, fusing together knowledge, passion, ambitions, mastery and creating something of the highest quality, unique, irreplaceable and distinctive. Resolution comes by not shying away of investing everything you’ve got to create a life for yourselves, one that won’t just serve as your greatest masterpiece, but also which you can put in the service of others. Standing from a place of understanding that the most unique and powerful tools require a lot of sacrifices from their creators, if you view yourself and your destiny as a divine tool to make important changes in the world, then you have understood why you needed to gather so much experience and knowledge, if the Divine is the blacksmith depicted in the image, then you are the sword she is crafting, passion, love, devotion is woven into the fabric of your existence, as soon as the finishing touches are ready, your true destiny can commence. 2020 is going to be a year, when much knowledge and alignment with your soul purpose is going to make you compatible with stepping into a new chapter of your life’s story.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The year 2020 is going to be one that water signs will remember for the rest of their lives, for very powerful karmic events are going to play out in the lives and among many other plot twists they can guarantee, some things abandoned, left behind from the past are all of a sudden going to reenter their lives suddenly, finding resolution and completion, restoring their faith in the fact that there are times when life is actually fair. Some of theses events are predominately emotional in nature, allowing them to close all doors to emotional past baggage and step into a new chapter free of any emotional burden, while other events are going to have a massive material impact either freeing them form material burdens, or leading them to greater prosperity.

Water signs start next year with a very powerful eclipse taking place 10-11th of January 2020 in Cancer, an energy of endings, closures and completions. Whatever requires a completion or an ending to take place in their lives is likely to be produced by that astrological dance, opposing the huge concentration of planets in Capricorn and an opposition always mean balance, but that balance can happen very suddenly or slowly, but steadily, the main goals being the creation of equilibrium. Also, Neptune a very powerful and influential planet being extremely strong in it’s home sign of Pisces, also bestows a blessing on water signs making their emotional powers, intuition, emotional intelligence and even spiritual aspects that much stronger. Also Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio is going to enter Capricorn, the top of the sky where it’s also exalted making it extremely potent, a potency that is going to empower natives of it’s home sings (Scorpio, Aries).

The reading is opened by the Wheel of Fortune card and this speaks of the completion of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. The astrological correspondent of the Wheel is Jupiter, a planet currently transiting the sign of Capricorn, where it’s gonna stay much of 2020 expanding all the energy that is already present in this part of the sky, including that of Pluto and Saturn. This is an incredibly karmic combination, because both planets influence fate and the course she takes, so this automatically implies the end, the death of the old, which can’t happen without you letting it go, so this means that certain events are gonna be triggered allowing you to let go, release the past, find acceptance. On the other hand letting go, many times requires harvest, if you are owned something either in it’s true sense or karmicly, emotionally (like an apology, moment of truth) or in any other way, so this can produce events that symbolize a harvest, getting what you deserve, what you have worked for, so for many natives this can be totally valid from a material perspective as well, if anyone would owe you something, or a favor, service, honoring an old agreement a promise etc.

For other people this can represent lucky opportunities, good fortune, blessings, all of which are meant to allow them a good, prosperous new start on something they have been thinking about or wanting to try out. This can refer to a new lifestyle, new job, new career, business, going freelance, becoming part of something, so whatever change you wanna experience in your lives, it can be a divine help to start you off. For others still, the Wheel can represent truth, finding answers to questions that have bothered them for years, fated encounters, communications can take place, if they have suffered an injustice in the past and never got their justice, it can be an unexpected turn of situation in that perspective.

The second card is the Ace of Coins reversed. This card represents a divine gift, a very powerful lucky opportunity materially or work wise, it can also represent a win or a gain, but it’s not a free blessing, it requires you to be aware, to cooperate with the Universe, to follow it’s signs and guidance, that is why this card is reversed. In reverse position, it indicates that the Divine is ready to yield, but it requires action from your behalf, either to clearly state your intentions, to achieve mental focus on what you desire, or it may need you to open windows of opportunity through which it can enable you, or it just simply requires you to be aware and patient. Regardless of what the condition for this might be in your personal situation, this opportunity can be missed out on, so it is your personal duty to make sure that this cards symbolism manifests in upright position in your life, so communicating with the Universe is always a good idea, because you can get a hint of how it “thinks” and it can understand your desires and needs more clearly, making sure that whatever it offers it can meet your expectations.

In reversed position, it can also indicate that even though it’s a big opportunity, or a material gain, it’s not “new”, for it sources from something in the past, that was when the seed of intention was planted. So it could be that for some natives it’s going to be something that wasn’t claimed in the past, or maybe a small inheritance.

The Empress closes the reading and it represents growth, evolution, maturation, fertility. This can be looked at from a material perspective and emotional perspective. Materially it can mean prosperity, material growth, extra income, a much better and stabler financial situation, investments paying off, but at the same time it can refer to physical healing, improving health, regeneration, and for females or those people who live in an established bond even childbirth, fertility.

From on emotional perspective, the Empress always heralds love, but this love can mean different things for different people, for some is simply loving and enjoying life, loving an activity, hobby, an aspect of life, while for others it means romance and new partnerships. For those of you who are single and looking, this can indicate that 2020 is gonna be the year you meet your next long term or even life long partner, it may symbolize the blessing of Venus when your love life changes for the better, even if it doesn’t mean the birth of an established bond, it can still be a blessing where your magnetism and attraction becomes very powerful, allowing you to enjoy the fun side of being single. For those who are in an established bond this can indicate happiness, good times, harmonious relationship and even the birth of new life.

The Challenge of 2020:

The Gardener (Empress). Much to our delight the Empress card appears once more and it challenges you to open up to all the pleasures, wonders, small and big joys of life, because feeling through emotions of love, joy, contentment are food for the soul and since you have been through a very challenging couple of years, you need to recharge your batteries and regenerate your wounds. It may be rather difficult at first, to shift from one state (worries, survival mode, being in service of others) onto one, where all the things that weigh heavily on your heart just fade away, but the very first step towards this is to accept the existence of a reality where all of this is possible and start opening up to it, while allowing your wounds to close. This card indicates that for many water signs 2020 also promises to be a very romantic one, so prioritizing the completion of the challenge of this card, might hasten up the flow of all the good things that make life worthy of living.

The Opportunity: Ironically this card also indicates love, partnership, union, so this might be yet another hint from the Universe to prepare yourselves from something very intense. The main symbol of this card is passion, lust, desires, so if you are single and looking, there might be no need to explain further. For those of you who are in an established bond, this might represent something being born out of a passion you have in common with your partner, uniting your strengths, passions, intelligence,power of your wills might open new opportunities in your life, it could lead you both to new experiences, trying out a totally different lifestyle, perhaps turn your passions into something lucrative and open a business, where you can also be business partners.

For those individuals who are single, yet have absolutely no romantic desires, the 2 of fire can represent an very powerful alliance that can create an unbreakable long lasting bond where something you are both passionate about is what this alliance is gonna be built on.

Resolution: 2 of Water. This card also indicates partnership, love, union, but from a slightly different perspective, so for some of you guys reading this, the Universe really insists on highlighting the importance of this area of life. Resolution comes with loyalty, unconditional love acceptance and tolerance and all of this can exist in every single area of our lives, may it refer to our friends and co-workers, may it refer to our romantic partnerships, or even with the relationship we have with ourselves, the the energy of love and loyalty are present in our lives, then our earthly existence is actually a miracle, where every second just feeds our souls, it unites us with the true potential of our consciousness and makes us live an existence detached from fear, hatred, intolerance, all of which can poison us and make us forget our humanity.

Thank you so much for reading, the OMN team wishes everyone a happy, blessed and prosperous New Year!

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