Weekly horoscope: December 30 – January 5

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of December 30 (2019) – January 5 (2020), we have a very active and powerful sky playing out all throughout the week, there are going to be a lot of celestial dances that promote inspired action, choices, perseverance and ambition, but also the powerful conversations of harmony held by Uranus with the planets in the first decan of Capricorn are going to serve as the descent of a symbolic sword of truth, some of the truth might not delight us, but becoming aware of it and working with it is definitely going to serve our highest good. Thanks to the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter and later on Mercury, for some people these energies can be very lucky, fortunate, they can receive unexpected blessings, gains, material benefits, while for some the blessing is going to come as an end of stagnation materially, the flow of energies, or perhaps coming up with an absolutely ingenious plan or epiphany which can change everything.

All of this is happening when we simultaneously enter a new year, a new decade and even from a karmic perspective a new era, so all of us need to be open towards embracing the new, the unknown, the mysterious without being ruled by our fears. Also, many people usually make resolutions, promises, set goals for the new year, I would recommend anyone who holds this custom, to be extra diligent and wise at the moment when they do it, because it’s gonna be done under a very powerful Uranus and Mercury, both of them dancing in a conversation of great power called a trine, so chances are affirmations that you make, regardless if you voice them or just think them, will have a very strong power and influence, so do not promise things which you are not certain you can keep, and do not set out new goals which you are not sure that you really desire or source out of ego or pride. When you act from a place of being aligned with your inner truth and you whole heartedly desire to achieve something that is very important for your soul, this is a wonderful time to communicate it with the Universe, affirming that this is who you are and this is what you wanna do with your time, energy, life, because if this is a truth that is omnipresent in your soul, chances are the Universe is going to conspire in your favor to help you on your quest, as long as you stay open to all possibilities and reduce your expectations, allowing the cosmic mind to work with the methods of it’s own madness.

We start the week with an energy shift, that’s gonna feel like a breath of fresh air, Mercury the planet of mind, communication, travels enters the sign of Capricorn. During it’s stay in Sagittarius, it wasn’t at it’s most favorable expression, because that part of the sky is the opposite sign of Gemini, a sign that it rules, things are very different in Capricorn, especially for those people who are highly skilled professionals, leaders, problem solvers, students, work in big organizations, writers and communicators. Of course everyone benefits from this energy, because Mercury in this part of the sky tends to get really serious and down to business, where it can give us the mental ability to come up with new ideas, plans, solutions depending on what we have in our lives in the present moment, it can boost all communications especially when we are dealing with official matters, when we need responses and replies from authorities, institution, the sate and organizations. This can also feel a little bit uncomfortable for those people who have very very quick and fast paced mental energy, because Mercury is very meticulous, very precise, in this part of the sky and precision requires a little bit of extra attention to detail, in other words extra time to think things through, double check the end result, or it could be consulting someone more experienced and skilled, which also requires you to pay attention and let the advice sink in, so that you can build plans and solutions from there. This is also a favorable time for business trips, auctions, exams, writing a thesis, writing technical stuff, but also legal documents.

Talking about Mercury, soon after it enters the sign of Capricorn it’s gonna hold a conversation of supreme harmony called a trine, with it’s higher octave, Uranus. This is energy of blessings and celestial guidance, which can play out in a number of different ways, for example: moments of huge epiphany, sudden realizations, coming up with the most ingenious strategies, plans, projects, seeing the truth in the most objective ways possible in that area of your life which is ruled by Capricorn, figuring out how you can use your intelligence, your skills, everything that you have learned in order to better your material situation, your career, your life-path. All of this can come very unexpectedly, suddenly, out of nowhere, but it could also take the form of someone reaching out to you, especially via the internet and getting connected with that person who can play an important role in your career, or any other material aspect of your life which you are struggling with. Of course this can also be vice versa, where you reach out to a professional, who you’re gonna come across unexpectedly and when the 2 minds unite, advancements are gonna follow. This can also take the form of unexpected by constructive criticism, one that is gonna be revelatory, liberating and it’s gonna push you in the right directions mentally. Of course all of this can have a very different manifestation, where this trine can play a massive spiritual role, especially for the most open minded, intuitive individuals, for those who are rebels, revolutionaries, visionaries, inventors, prophets, oracles, because every time when Uranus and Mercury converse like this it can open up a pathways for the human minds to the cosmic mind and this means divine downloads, visions, instructions, alignment to the Universe mentally.

If this wasn’t enough Mercury is also going to be meeting Jupiter and the Sun in the sky, and both of these major power players among other things represent truth, but this is gonna be taken even further, because even though no longer precisely and perfectly, all three are gonna be trined by Uranus and you guessed it, another planet which symbolizes truth, so this can be seen as a huge celestial encouragement and help to align every dimension of our truth and stand from a place of total awareness and honesty. What I meant by all dimension of the truth, is that Jupiter is the inner truth, which can be highly subjective, the Sun sheds light on everything that is present in our lives, highlighting our virtues but also weaknesses and more importantly things hidden from our sight, Mercury is the capacity of our mind to process it, but also the inner communication and energy transfer between the Super conscious- conscious – subconscious, while Uranus is the objective truth, but also our ability to calculate, simulate, foresee and anticipate the future, based on what we have in our lives in the present moment. All of this might sounds more complicated than it actually is, but it can represent a HUGE advantage, living in absolutely honesty with ourselves and acting from a place of deep knowledge, most authentic perceptions, their authenticity being conferred by the fact that we also know our limitations and bias, all of this is the key to owning our powers, owning what we choose to embody and knowing where we can actually take our lives and be as constructive and creative as possible, where we can leave the imprint of who we are aligned with who were were created to be, an imprint which is the divine working and manifesting through us and which paths are destined to fail.

Also, knowing for certain how we act and respond emotionally to certain external factors, changes, compromises is also a huge blessing, because we can avoid everything we know that can trigger our egos, the inner child, the subconscious and this way we can achieve and preserve a state of balance, inner harmony and most importantly looking at our lives and the world stage from the viewpoint of an observer, an outsider, no longer being sucked in by drama.

The meeting of the Sun and Jupiter, even though it’s no longer exact, also invited us to own our virtues, our skills, our talents everything that we have mastered and worked hard to perfect and the trine to Uranus might offer us unexpected opportunities to use all our skills to our maximum potential. How this can play out depends very much on the specific configuration of our lives: some people need new connections to help them pass the gatekeepers, others might need a degree, a teacher or mentor to put them on the right track, others have everything they need skill and mastery wise, but need resources to help them build their business or to relocate to a place with greater potential, others still, might simply need a lucky breakthrough, a miracle to get rid of their obstacles and things which keep them shackled. Regardless of how the needs of every individual play out, this energy can represent a very lucky breakthrough, advancement, or the guidance, advice, plan to set you on the right path, where to look for your fortune.

Another very important and absolutely beautiful celestial dance is the sextile between the Sun and Neptune. This celestial dance can provide inspiration, optimism, hope, a strengthening of one’s spiritual power, which can even influence the density of matter. For artists, people who work in creative professions, those who earn their living through self expression are in for an infusion of divine inspiration. Spiritual people, mystics, “light workers” can also greatly benefit from this energy, because connection to Source, dreams, visions, intuition become that much more frequent and empowered and since the Sun is transiting the very dense earth sign of Capricorn, this also gives a window of opportunity that whatever they are trying to accomplish through spiritual means can influence matter, material aspects of life, physical body, financial situation etc. This can also represent hope, optimism, the power of our beliefs, compassion, empathy becoming an unstoppable force, giving us strength to achieve even the impossible, this is the kind of energy where idealism and believing strongly in a purpose, especially if that is based on compassion can perform true miracles.

Another very important energy shift that we are going to experience towards the end of the week, in the first days of the new year is Mars changing signs, leaving it’s ancient home of Scorpio and entering Sagittarius. Mars represents our primordial self, the power of our instincts, our wills, our motivations, ambition, passion, the power of singularity, when we align everything to a purpose, it also represents our energy, our drive and our masculine energies. While traversing it’s ancient home of Scorpio, it’s night expression, Mars was very resilient, passionate, ambitious, and most importantly tactical and very meticulous, it did not shy away from situations which needed patience and hard work. In Sagittarius things are a little bit different, because it enters a part of the sky where it’s fiery nature is greatly emphasized, making it very quick, unpredictable, impulsive, acting with self confidence, self assurance. This energy in it’s most favorable expression is fantastic for situations which require very quick action, response, reactions, having to make choices in a flash, deciding to try out new things, new experiences, perhaps meeting new people, all of which are far out of our comfort zones, it can be very courageous and bold, it is driven by the matters of the heart and instinct and very Sagittarian like non linear rationality. This is where your gut feeling, your instinct, passion and moments of courage can help you achieve success or experience very unique things, it can also empower you to make long journeys, go abroad, travel long distances, even consider relocating. It’s least favorable expression is being extremely impulsive, impatient, not being able to see things objectively, passions and ambitions ruling you, not the other way around, choices and action might be taken out of impulse without thinking, harsh words and criticisms can come out in a flash and can lead to conflicts, and even though Sagittarius usually doesn’t have much to do with finances and money directly, it can still lead to overspending, because obtaining unique, exquisite, items might be irresistible during this transit.

Also right at the very end of the week, Mars also forms a minor astrological aspect called a quincunx with Uranus in Taurus and this can play out either way, it can either lead to moments of great courage and daring where your instincts and boldness pay off handsomely, but it can also create very awkward situations and even get you in trouble. Taurus rules money and values, so this aspect can appear as a temptation to gamble, overspend, risk a lot financially, which of course has a chance to work in your favor, but it can also mean a massive loss. Travel plans may be delayed, may suffer from sudden and unexpected change or may not go as planned, it’s not a very good time to make promises or to believe in promises others might present you with, if it’s too good to be true, chances are you are gonna be left disappointed. Also getting involved in other people’s situation without being asked, can also lead to awkwardness, meeting people for romantic purposes over the internet can also go wrong during this transit, but as I said before it can really go either way, because each and every time Uranus and Mars meet in the sky, surprises and the unexpected are almost guaranteed. This can also spell a minor risk for accidents, especially involving vehicles, so I advise everyone to take extra caution. During this time we can also see an increase in motorway accidents, planes crashing and space travel technology malfunctioning.

Thank you everyone for reading and for staying with us and supporting us another year, wish everyone a blessed, prosperous and very happy new year!

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