Weekly horoscope December 23 – 29

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of December 23 – 29, we have a very active and powerful sky playing out all week, the highlight of the week and even the whole month of December, undoubtedly being the solar eclipse/new moon taking place on the 25-26th of December, in the sign of Capricorn.

Even before we reach the moment of the eclipse, on the 21st of December the Sun is going to change signs and move into Capricorn, an energy shift that is going to set the stage for the 12th of January 2020, by now we have a very powerful Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn dancing very close to Pluto, a dance that’s gonna perfect it’s self and unleash the full transformative power of this huge buildup of planets in this area of the sky next year, now joined by the Sun, putting an even greater emphasis on the symbolism of this sign by illuminating this area of our lives and shedding light on everything good or bad present there, giving us the advantage to see things for what they are and this implicitly gives us the power of change, while at the same time Jupiter’s presence here just expands everything and calls our souls to find our own truth, hidden blessings and align with them.

This big party of planets in Capricorn, now having the Sun, the most important luminary here as well, one way or another shifts our attention, focus and priorities on our life paths, careers, what we wish to do, achieve, accomplish in this life, but it also point out all the inner and outer limitations that get in the way. Pluto’s presence here serves as a major wake-up call to acknowledged that we have power over ourselves, over our lives, we can choose what we allow to exist in our life, but also we can eliminate what we do not desire to experience and while this is very straight forward when it comes to personal matters, it’s not that simple when it comes to our individual relationships with the power structures that govern the society we are forced to exist in. The rules, regulations, customs, political systems, the centralized hierarchy of power can be seen as an impassible obstacle, especially if our inner truth might not resonate with the way we are being governed and this is why the Sun’s presence in this area of life is very important, because if it sheds light, puts the emphasis on all of it’s dysfunctionality, incompetence, rigidity, corruption and personal interests that by now go as deep as it’s foundation, then we might find ourselves in a direct moral conflict with all of what Capricorn symbolizes collectively and if there are very many other individuals who share the same feeling, truth, then we already have found the power to change, deconstruct and reconstruct it, by opposing it, reclaiming our powers, our support, our belief and trust and demanding change. Where one voice is definitely not strong enough to produce significant change, the voices of millions acting as one, however, are a power that just can not be ignored. This is where the individual symbolism of Capricorn and the collective one are interconnected, because if it’s our life-paths, careers, whatever we wanna accomplish in this life that call our souls to embody that truth, all of the outer, social, political, economic and legal obstacles that do not allow this, in other words when the “gatekeepers” are very rigid and don’t want to show even the slightest signs of flexibility, then the only choice we have is to oppose it and do our very best to create a new structure or reconfigure the old one, so that it can allow us to accomplish and achieve everything that we feel strongly about.

Additionally, this can be a wonderful energy for those people who either have their Sun, ascendant or MC (10th house) in Capricorn, it can represent major progress, rewards, success for highly professional, hard working, passionate, ambitious individuals, those who have mastered and gained much experience in a professional activity, those who are students, apprentices, who are working to master something and also those individuals who have a very high sense of responsibility, spirit of duty, never shy away from sacrifices.

We start the week with 2 very powerful celestial dances of supreme harmony, where the Sun and Jupiter are both being trined by Uranus, the planet of shocks and surprises conversing from Taurus. The trine of Jupiter and Uranus is a longer lasting aspect, I have talked about this in the horoscopes of the last couple of weeks, this can represent blessings, good fortune, material gains, unexpected advancements, success and evolution in that area of your life ruled by Capricorn, but also moments of epiphany and sudden realization, perhaps the very best advice from a very experienced person, new business, career or job opportunities. The trine which the Sun holds with Uranus, puts the emphasis on awareness, because very many things that we might have ignored, not paid attentions to or were hidden from our sight, might be revealed unexpectedly, revelations which are going to matter very much for the future. This can also represent the birth of new ideas, new goals, new ways of approaching things, unexpected information or positive and constructive criticisms reaching you and helping you re-adapt your plans, it can also highlight where your personal blessings, your strong points, your skills and virtues lie in that area of your life which is ruled by Capricorn and most importantly it can connect you, especially via the internet, with new people who can play a very positive role in your life. As the Sun moves closer, there is going to be a point just before the eclipse takes place, when it will meet Jupiter in the sky, and this can be a very lucky, fortunate energy, because the Sun is also closely linked to manifestation, self expression, bringing into reality what you desire and when both Jupiter and the Sun meet in an earth sign, chances are whatever manifests can also represent material advantages. Of course both of them are going to trine Uranus from Taurus, so this can be fantastic news, lucky breakthrough, surprising events, for those people who are stagnating with the material aspects of their life, especially those who have been trapped in a loop materially for several months even years. Uranus can shake the earth, it is a planet associated with incredible magnetism, earthquakes, electricity, lighting, shock and this very dynamic energy can just be expanded, amplified by Jupiter and the Sun, which can potentially promise advancements, even if you might not have any options, choices present in your life right now. Jupiter, especially when meeting the Sun, is a very optimistic energy, it represents the light of hope, which at times, especially when Uranus is involved can represent miracles, unexpected twists of fate that can just catapult you into the future, into the new.

This isn’t the only celestial conversation, which promises progress, for Mars empowered by being in it’s home sign of Scorpio, a sign where it’s energies represent the night expression of Mars, (meaning it’s very tactical, ambitious, passionate, can approach things from different perspectives and most importantly it’s not impatient) is sextiled by Pluto, it’s higher octave, the planet of transformation, change and regeneration. Sextiles are aspects that provide motivation and inner strength, but need action to be turned into an advantage, which means that trying your best to make progress, change what you have power over, seek the truth passionately has the potential to lead you to success, progress, accomplishments.

There is also another celestial dance, one of tension which can complicate things a little bit, but with wisdom and awareness it can be turned into a huge motivational force, we are talking about Venus freshly entered Aquarius forming a square, a conversation of tension, with Uranus. This dance is quite powerful because there is a synergy between the two planets, Venus being in the home of Uranus and vice versa, so this conversation can trigger our desires for independence, to live life the way it feels most natural for us, to be ourselves and have the liberty to express it, to meet new and unusual, unique, highly distinctive people, but also to make aesthetic, cosmetic changes all for the sake of expressing our individuality and personal style. Now, this can potentially be turned into a huge motivational force to do everything in our power to obtain financial independence, greater prosperity, to live the life that reflects our self worth, to be appreciated by others for our distinctiveness, but also where we can support and appreciate other people who embody their uniqueness. During this aspect visionaries, rebels, deep thinkers, futurists, those who always choose unconventional means to express themselves are all going to be blessed with a very strong magnetism, force of attraction. This is definitely not a good period to fall in love with a total stranger, to give into random desires, feelings of attraction no matter how strong they are, neither to undergo big irreversible cosmetic changes, or to buy very expensive items, because as soon as this conversation breaks up you might feel very very differently about everything. As long as you do not allow your desires, attractions to overwhelm you, it can be used as a strong motivation to get where you want, just remember don’t be impatient, don’t let the randomness and chaos of your desires determine you to do things, make purchases, promises, or form relationships which you might regret later on. This might also be quite a challenging aspect for those who are in an established bond, because frustrations and being fed up with old routines and the usual might cause conflicts and breakdowns. However, for those of your who are single and looking it can go either way, for this can represent unexpected surprises, communications, declarations, some might be very awkward and become an unpleasant surprise, while other might actually delight you.

Right around the 25-26th of December we have the highlight of the month, the solar eclipse in Capricorn. This eclipse is very very potent because it takes place on top of Jupiter, and both Sun, Moon, and Jupiter are going to be trined by Uranus, which adds an element of greater awareness, objective truth and unexpected twists of events to all of this. New moons represent new beginnings, seeds of intentions starting to sprout and produce effects, so a solar eclipse is a 10 times more powerful version of a new moon, so whatever new it’s gonna create in your life, it’s gonna be long lasting, important and play a major role in your future. The most advantaged individuals are going to be those who have any planets or points of power at around 2-6 degrees of Capricorn or the other earth signs, but this will play out one way or another in the lives of all of us, especially collectively.

This will be a time of revelations, truth, planning for the future, mentally, emotionally and spiritually preparing ourselves to step into a new era, so this can represent that moment in time, when whatever we need in our lives to be accomplished, all for the sake to enable us to step into the new, is going to be created. Eclipses, as new moons have a sphere of influence, one week before and 6 months after they take place. Even if some of us can’t think about a new beginning, because certain things in our lives require closures, this eclipse might precede the closures, because those are very likely to take place following the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Ceres in this part of the sky on 12 January 2020, but also around this time on the 10-11th of January 2020 we also have a lunar eclipse in Cancer, the opposite sign of Capricorn which can also be a time of completions and endings. So this eclipse is just going to set the stage, ready the final piece of the puzzle for important, relevant and karmic changes, events to take place until the end of July 2020.

If you’d like to read more about December’s solar eclipse in Capricorn, how it plays out individually and collectively, but also how it’s gonna influence next year’s events, please follow the link below to our article:


or you can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkQj45zQUCw&t=29s

Last, but not least Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind around the 27th of December meets the Galactic center and even though this conversation takes place every year, it can still represent a fantastic window of opportunity to align with our inner truth, with the highest octaves of knowledge and try our very best to use that practically, embody it, but also to be open for so called “divine downloads” meant to strengthen our mind and charge is with pure cosmic energy sourcing from the heart of the galaxy.

Right at the end of the week, Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn and this is the very last energy shift that is meant to prepare the events of the alignment of planets taking place on the 12th of January. In this part of the sky Mercury’s energies begin to be grounded in matter, highlighting it’s most practical side, where knowledge, everything that we have learned and mastered, but also the sheer force of our raw intelligence and intellect can help us greatly navigate through the dense world of Capricorn. This kind of energy invites all of us to embody our wisdom, skills, logic, rationality, know how in the most practical ways possible, where our solid real life experiences, studies, mastreries can advantage us the most. Mercury is also going to trine Uranus it’s higher octave and this can be a very powerful revelatory energy, allowing you to peek into the future, to embody the knowledge we have of the future, to make revolutionary, genius and sometimes even risky plans for the future and start applying them. Surprises, unexpected communication, contact, connections may come from the internet or via on-line, so if you have any such businesses, or perform your activities on the internet it can be a very good and prosperous time.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish you a blessed and miraculous solar eclipse and happy winter holidays, may love, light and the spirit of compassion and generosity make this period unforgettable.

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