Weekly horoscope: December 16-22

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of December 16 – 22, we have an active and powerful sky playing out all week, some of the most influential celestial dances persist and perfect themselves from last week and towards the end of this week another energy shift is going to start taking place where Venus moves into Aquarius and the Sun moves into Capricorn.

This energy shift is going to feel quite dual, because Venus leaves the density of Capricorn and enters into an area of the sky where the energies are very quick, giving us a much greater heart level sense of interconnectedness and also highlighting the beauty, value, worth of individuality, uniqueness, distinctiveness. On the other hand the Sun leaves the fiery sign of Sagittarius and enters into the density of Capricorn and this celestial movement just further concentrates all the other energies that are already present and at their peek in Capricorn, this just sets the stage for the upcoming solar eclipse/new moon taking place on the 25-26th of December 2019 in this part of the sky, an extremely important celestial event because it’s going to take place very close to Jupiter and also form a conversation of harmony with Uranus and this is the moment when the gates of the future are truly gonna start opening right before our eyes over the course of the next 6 months, this is where the new, whatever needs to take the place of the old is going to start creating it’s self into existence, this is where a sense of greater awareness is going to be bestowed upon each and every individual, giving us the chance to familiarize ourselves with what’s about to take place in 2020, starting with the much awaited conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (Sun, Mercury and Ceres are also part of this), but all of this is going to be available, detailed in separate articles.

So we start the week with a celestial dance of supreme harmony that is about to perfect it’s self right at the start of next week, we are taking about the supremely harmonious trine of Uranus and Jupiter, both speaking from earth signs. This energy is definitely revolutionary for the collective, during this time many truths may reach our awareness, certain secrets may be exposed, declassified, world leaders and highly influential political leaders might shock and surprise us with unexpected decisions, but plans, big strategies, renewed and adapted principles which govern law and order internationally may be revealed during this time, this can also influence the financial institutions globally, crypto-currency or alternative payment methods might gain power and rise unexpectedly. For the individual however, all of this depends very much where 3 degrees of Capricorn – Taurus falls in your chart, you can expect a blessing in that area of your life, a blessing which has a high chance to be palpable, financial, material in nature. So for certain people this is definitely going to represent new opportunities materially, career, work wise, especially for those individuals who are very good professionals, who are extremely talented and experienced in a field of activity, new business, greater prosperity, new connections can enter their lives. For others this is about finding their truth, tapping into the power of their superior intelligence and creating new, revolutionary ideas, projects future plans, maybe receiving help, support from organizations, institutions of the state, banks etc., all of this can come as a great epiphany, moment of sudden realization, a friendly advice from someone unexpected, but regardless of how this manifests the truth and our alignment to our own truth is going to open new doors for us. For other still, this can play out in a totally different way, where they might come cross a highly influential person, or someone with great professional experience who might take them under their protective wings and give them the chance to learn and grow in mastery. Regardless of how this plays out in your life, there is something everyone is going to perceive the same way, as Jupiter made it’s way into a sign which is associated with the Mid haven, the very top of the sky, it activates and expands whatever energy is present there, so you can expect evolution, speed and momentum with whatever is taking place in the area of your life that is ruled by Capricorn.

Yet another celestial dance of supreme harmony that persists from last week is Mars from his home of Scorpio conversing harmoniously with Neptune also in his home of Pisces. I have talked about this energy in last week’s horoscope, what this represents is spiritual power, ambition, determination, clarity of purpose, the energy of hope, belief and faith uniting with willpower, logic and rationality which can trigger some very powerful karmic manifestations. The karmic part is the sextiles both Mars and Neptune form with Pluto and Saturn, both of them being in the earth sign of Capricorn, which basically means that taking action towards obtaining/accomplishing your desires, which align with your faith and deepest principles, can manifest with much greater ease. Even if we strip this celestial dance from the spiritual connotations, it can still represent a massive power that your psyche holds over how events in your life unfold and this is where ambition, hard work, not giving up, believing that you CAN DO, can go a very very long way, especially if you do not shy away from work and making sacrifices.

The sextile between Pluto and Mars is very relevant because Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, and when these 2 planets which symbolize power, dance together, they represent a window of opportunity to own our power, to reclaim our power, if we have given it away, and to use it in the light of objective truth (Pluto), which in the sign of Capricorn reveals to us that we only have power over ourselves really, the power others have over us and us over others can only exist if there is mutual (sometimes silent) agreement, but the one we have over ourselves is sacred and no one and nothing can truly take that away from us. The meeting of these 2 planets also represent the power of change, changing ourselves, our habits, our perceptions, aligning the inner truth with the objective one can always help us adapt, eliminate what we don’t want in our lives and focus on what’s the most important.

Since Saturn is in the picture as well, all of this can feel very karmic, it can trigger big changes, big endings, closures, but also new beginning and most importantly karmic rewards.

This energy usually favors ambitious, hard working people, who are willing to sacrifice their own power for the well being of others. People who are wasteful, not very serious, not very grounded in dignity and equity might find this energy very disruptive.

There is also a celestial dance of tension starting to take place from the middle of the week, that will grow in power: Mercury in Sagittarius is squared by Neptune. This energy can be a little bit confusing, for our feelings may take full control over us and we may speak, react without thinking things over and this can lead to harsh words and verbal clashes. Mercury in Sagittarius can be a very optimistic energy, while Neptune rules illusions, so promises made during this aspect might not be possible to be kept, acted upon, because both of these planets can trigger a heightened sense of hope, a false sense of security, certainty, so the best way to approach this aspect is not to make any promises that you can’t immediately keep and also not to take any promise made to you that seriously, because there is a chance that it’s based on idealism and hyper optimism. In other words it’s not yours until you actually have it. Misunderstandings, misinterpretations in communications, especially official ones can put things into a standstill and also errors, human mistakes, misspelling etc. can influence official documents, so it’s not the very best time to sign contracts or make legally binding agreements. Another thing I would like to mention about this aspect is that it can highlight the power of our words, the wrong word being used and the wrong time can influence our realities, so this energy invites us to think before we speak, never ever presume anything about anyone, until we are perfectly sure, this is where our intuition may not work very well, and also this energy can also greatly disadvantage subtle suggestions, not going after things directly, but rather suggesting them, this can have a massive influence over people who have their Mercury or Mars in water signs, so during this aspect suggestions and empathy might not really work very well, being very direct about things can get you a long way, as long as you choose your words carefully and act with diplomacy and honesty. Of course this can play out the other way around, where being way too honest, speaking everything that we honestly feel might hurt the feeling of others, so a greater degree of diplomatic sense and self discipline might be required.

Around the 20th of December Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius, a place in the sky where she is all about the beauty of distinctiveness, where symmetry gets a totally different perspective, the unique, rare, unusual, extravagant draws upon our emotions and desires. This is the kind of energy where we might wanna undergo some major aesthetic changes, change our wardrobe, try out different styles all for the sake to express who we are on the inside. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as we don’t go over the measure, because Venus in this airy part of the sky might come up with the most unusual, extravagant, exaggerated desires of the heart, which may not really advantage us after she leaves Aquarius, so be sure not to make any sudden changes that are irreversible. This can also represent a desire to overspend, for we might naturally be attracted by very unique and expensive items, or people, potential lovers, potential friends, etc who are very unique, very unusual, who have something totally distinctive about them.

This also represents a very minor taster of the energy shift that’s gonna take place at the very end of 2020, when Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius, activating this part of the sky which rules society, inter human connections, friendships, community spirit, humanitarianism, social equality etc. and Uranus the ruler of this sign is currently traversing Venus’ home of Taurus, so there is a great synergy between these 2 ares of life. It is without a doubt that Uranus in Taurus is changing our values, revolutionizing, upgrading, taking the financial, monetary, value systems into the future and this automatically implies that we might get a very small glimpse of what is gonna be very valuable in the coming 7 years and what is going to lose it’s value. Most astrologers suspect that it’s crypto-currency that’s going to rise and gain the most power and this means the decline of cash based societies, but since Uranus is the planet of surprises there is no clear way of telling how these changes/upgrades are going to look like exactly.

Right after Venus changes signs, on the 21st of December the Sun leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn. This is a very powerful energy shift, because it is going to pull our awareness, our focus, attention unto whatever Capricorn represents for us personally, but also it’s going to illuminate this area of our society (governments, power structures, politics, hierarchy of powers, BIG corporations, patriarchy) shedding light on things that we may have not been aware of. This can also spark up our desires individually to focus much more on our careers, what we wanna do with our lives, how we wish to contribute to the well being of the collective, but of course this can also represent soul purpose, what we have incarnated in this timeline into for etc.

Capricorn is already packed with the most powerful and influential planets, so we have it’s natural ruler Saturn present here, Pluto, the planet of transformation, change and regeneration, we have Jupiter the planet of blessings, truth and expansion, the South node (lessons of the past), and the asteroid Ceres. The Sun’s movement into this area of the sky just illuminates, sheds light on whatever we individually and collectively must do to enable change, progress transformation in the most positive sense, what we need to eliminate, we are confronted with all the lessons and mistakes of the past and invited to learn from these, but perhaps most importantly it’s going to make it very clear, visible, observable the corruption, mistakes, flaws of the systems and the governments and this will undoubtedly spark a very strong reaction from the collective, citizens. The 21st of December is also a very significant day from a non astrological perspective, for it represents the winter solstice, and this is a scared day, when the veil between the world is at it’s thinnest, so spiritual practices, meditations, rituals, etc. are going to be very efficient.

The energy shift caused by the Sun’s change of signs is gonna be the start of a massive change for Capricorn and Cancer countries, or those which have their 10th house (MC) in Capricorn. (for example U.K. Capricorn, U.S. Cancer, Romania Capricorn MC), especially after the Capricorn solar eclipse this December, and Cancer Lunar eclipse this January (right around the time of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction).

The last thing I would like to talk about is the Sun freshly entered Capricorn is going to be trined by Uranus from Taurus. This can represent a time for great epiphanies, manifestations, it can be a very lucky energy as well, for Jupiter is also going to share it’s energies and expand the power of the blessing that this trine represents. This can either play out as some risk paying off handsomely, for some very few lucky individuals massive wins, lottery for example, for others recognition, surprising once in a lifetime opportunities, it can also play out as presents, gestures of generosity etc. but the most important celestial dance is going to be the eclipse when the Moon is going to join the Sun and also dance very closely to Jupiter and this can represent a massive breakthrough, a huge new beginning.

Thank you so much for reading, have a blessed week!

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