Weekly horoscope December 2 – 8

Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly horoscope for December 2 – 8, we have a very active and powerful sky, with a lot of harmonious celestial dances blessing us with inspiration, guidance, courage, determination and of course the power to start making changes in those areas of our lives, which do not offer us sufficient satisfaction, which really need our focus and awareness, in order for changes, progress, evolution to be accomplished. Besides these harmonious celestial dances we have a major energy shift promoted by Jupiter changing signs, entering the earth sign of Capricorn.

This energy shift (Jupiter into Capricorn) is a very important moment, from different perspectives: on one hand, it’s immediate effects are going mobilize that area of our lives which is ruled by Capricorn, but this is also going to play out generally, promoting momentum, triggering events that are meant to offer evolution from a material perspective. Jupiter was considered by the ancients as the major benefic (bestower of blessings), so it’s energies can trigger helpful events and most importantly it’s expansive powers can amplify another very positive energy that is already present in this part of the sky, for Venus the lower planet of blessings is also working her magic, putting the emphasis on our professional worth, on our desires to reach a greater level of material stability and of course this can also play out emotionally, by having us seek stability, commitment, longevity in all our relationships that influence us from a material perspective. On the other hand, Jupiter entering Capricorn, sets the stage for very important manifestations, that are going to take place all throughout 2020, because it will expand the symbolism, the energies of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction which is going to be exact on the 12th of January next year, a celestial dance that is going to cause a profound change globally, a change which might cause a lot of turmoil on the world stage, within countries and society for it represents the authority of the state, power structures that govern society, hierarchy, big corporations, institutions of the state, the law and order and the power all of these have over us, it has everything to do with politics, traditions, financial stability, so all of this is going to be deconstructed and reconstructed all throughout 2020. Deconstruction is not something that is going to happen by magic, miraculously, overnight, it’s a long and many times violent process, for it is going to involve clashes, uprising, the state, authorities and financial inspirations being challenged, political and financial crisis, in other words it’s going to trigger major events that will expose all those elements in our power structures that no longer functions, are no longer serving the grater good, no longer offering stability, but rather they serve a certain group’s interests, so we can expect some very intense, violent energies and events playing out, all the protests, civil wars, political turmoil of 2019 was merely the beginning.

This celestial energy shift is going to take place around the 2-3rd of the month and as we progress to the middle of the week, Jupiter is also going to form a conversation of supreme harmony (a trine) with Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus. This aspect can play out in a number of different ways, it can represent an epiphany, a sudden realization, an ingenious idea that’s going to set you up for some kind of success in the most surprising manner, but it can also play out as a fortunate event which can lead you, one way or another, to smaller or greater material gains, new professional opportunities, unexpected job offers (for those who are looking for a job, change of job, change of career, or climbing up the hierarchical ladder in their existing jobs), it can also play out as new business opportunities, or simply as guidance leading you to create a blessing for yourself. This aspect is longer lasting and it’s going to reach it’s peak towards the middle of the month.

Venus, the lower planet of blessing also forms a trine with Uranus and this harmonious aspect also represents blessings, gains, honors, attracting new connections in your life, which can offer you greater stability, advantages (their nature depending on where Capricorn falls in your chart), surprises, gifts, recognition of your worth, in a surprising and delightful way.

Towards the middle of the week, Venus also takes part in another celestial dance, a sextile (an aspect that requires action, decisions, putting ideas into practice, acting on feelings) with Mars in Scorpio. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and it represent the male principle, the singularity of one’s will, ambitions, desires, actions, it is a very persuasive power in this part of the sky, it can act with surgical precision, while Venus represents the female principle, the openness to receiving, our personal magnetism, the gravity of our self worth, our virtues, and since she is an an earth sign, this energy can create inspired action, following our plans through with ambition, placing our personal power, our focus and attention towards accomplishing our desires leading us to great progress, blessings and benefits. Venus in Capricorn seeks stability through commitment, sense of duty, dignity so relationships born during this time can be potentially long lasting and beneficial, regardless of their nature. This energy is also highly sexual and passionate, but it can be used in a number of different ways, one of it is of course, attracting an ideal partner, or a very passionate partner attracting you. The power of passion can be projected towards various different things, so it doesn’t necessarily have to involve romance, it can be used to make progress with a hobby, something that you love doing, something that you desire to accomplish.

Mercury in the sign of Scorpio also forms harmonious celestial dances, it is trined by Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, unconditional love, so this can represent a time of dreams, inspiration, spiritual guidance, altered states of consciousness, and a heightened emphatic sense, emotional intelligence and intuition. Mercury also forms a sextile with Saturn and Pluto, this can represent the power of our mind, our intelligence, our rational thought processes creating solution, strategies, inspired ideas to reach greater material stability, manage debt, evolve financially, but it can also play out as a project, past work returning from the past and offering us the fruits of our labor.

There is going to be a great increase in emotional, spiritual energies, for Neptune is going to form a square, an aspect of tension, (that we need to turn into motivation, inner resourcefulness through wisdom and foresight) with the Sun in Sagittarius. This can play out as disillusion that is beneficial, for it leads to emotional clarity, shedding light on which of our dreams and desires are not actually serving our highest good, our escapist tendencies, where it is that we are not using our wisdom, knowledge, inner truth, our spiritual powers to create blessings for ourselves, if what we are expressing and showing the world about ourselves, is not perceived as intended, but also which obstacles, problems, personal weaknesses we are amplifying, obsessing over, victimizing ourselves, thus not serving our highest good.

Neptune also forms a trine with Mars and this can represent a huge spiritual and emotional empowerment, given the fact that both planets are in their home signs, making the the most powerful and also both signs and very mystical water signs, which in different ways have to do with the subconscious, the world of emotions, the occult. Spiritual practices during this time may show fantastic results, this is also a very good aspect of artists and artistic souls, for they can use the inspiration and altered states of consciousness provided by a very strong Neptune to create the most exquisite and profoundly impacting works of art. This aspect is also wonderful for inner work, emotional cleansing, accessing your subconscious and removing blockages, confronting traumas, overcoming your fears, battling addictions, emotional healing, spiritual and emotional regeneration.

Neptune is also going to sextile Venus, it’s higher octave, so spiritual and inner work during this time can manifest blessings, being compassionate, emotionally supporting, encouraging, empowering others can lead to the birth of meaningful, long lasting spiritual alliances, friendships, which are going to be a blessing for both sides.

Thank you so much for reading, we wish everyone a blessed week!

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