Monthly predictions (astrology & tarot-scope) for December 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to your monthly predictions for December 2019. From an astrological perspective the month of December is going to be extremely important, because a major energy shift takes place, one that isn’t just another psychological up and down, but it has everything to do with the world of matter, structure and even politics: Jupiter moving into the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so it expands everything that it touches and this can play out in more than one way, because on one side it can finally create momentum, it can promote evolution of financial matters, it can emphasize our worth as professionals, our work, our careers, so if you have been stagnating in that area of life, this can mean the start of a very favorable evolution,

Venus’ presence in this part of the sky makes December that much more prosperous. On the other hand, we mustn’t forget that Saturn, Pluto and the South node are all in this part of the sky, and this involves a massive change, restructure of everything that Capricorn symbolizes (authority, power of the state, hierarchy of powers, rules and regulations that govern society, patriarchy, traditions), so this can represent the very start of a global financial crisis, similar to the the one, which started off in 2008, a year when Jupiter has last been in Capricorn. To add to this, later on in the month the Sun and Moon are also going to enter this part of the sky, leading up to an eclipse, that is also going to catalyze the big changes that Saturn and Pluto have been working on all throughout 2019, which extend to all of 2020.

We also have a full Moon in the sign of Gemini around the 12th of the month, one that is going to T square Neptune, and this can represent a powerful disillusion, but one that ultimately serves our highest good, for it helps us align with our inner truth, one that is going to highlight our true mindset, our thoughts, the way we think and perceive the world, so this will give us the clarity and mental strength to stop self sabotaging our lives through negative self talk, pessimism, allowing our minds to go chaotic, overthink and worry etc.

We are also going to have a very powerful and beneficial celestial dance, Jupiter trining Uranus, this can be a time for miraculous new opportunities, great epiphanies (very practical ones, not just sheer philosophy) and lucky breakthroughs, surprises of the pleasant kind.

There is also a not so favorable energy for Eris, the goddess of discord is going to be squaring Saturn, Pluto, and Venus and this means social unrest, revolution, aggressive fight for freedom, radical gestures meant to defy the current state of law and order, people turning against the institutions of the state, so it’s going to be quite intense and violent.

From a spiritual perspective we also have an aspect that promotes epiphanies, but it’s a minor astrological influence, so not everyone is going to feel it, for it might require the need to tap into it by keeping the eyes of your mind open, we are talking about a quincux between Mercury in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Taurus. This minor aspect really requires a non linear way of thinking, because it links together two energies that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but with greater awareness it gives us the chance to “gaze” into the mind of God, so to speak, to tap into a cosmic consciousness, to be able to non linearly understand how the comic forces can flow through and influence the density of matter, nature and our bodies.

You are going to find all of this and much more in the weekly horoscopes in much greater detail.

The second part of our monthly forecast are the Tarot-scopes focusing on how these energies can manifest in your life depending on your element.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

8 of Wands, Death, Ace of Earth. Fire signs are certainly going to have a very busy, eventful month all throughout December. The 8 of wands opens the reading, this is a very quick, hasty energy promising fire signs changes, advancements and evolution in legal matters, so if you are waiting to sign a contract, sell or buy something with greater value, receive a very important delivery from abroad, hear back from an authority, bank, institution a certain dynamism, the next step concerning all of these matters is what awaits you. This card can also represent travels abroad or other long distance travels, but equally it can also signify another person visiting you from greater distance. From a psychological and even spiritual perspective the 8 of wands can represents that certain seeds of intention which you have planted in the past 8 months are finally going to come to fruition, options, choices and several opportunities, regarding those intentions are going to show up in your life. Last but not least, this can also represent love and romance for those of you who are single, especially a lover, or a person who sparks your interest from a different culture, a foreigner so to speak. This doesn’t guarantee a stable relationships however, it can also be something short, but very intense, or it can also represent platonic love or the kind of love that doesn’t evolve into a full blast romance, but rather turns into a beautiful friendship or spiritual alliance.

The Death card is nothing bad or negative, for it represents closures, or better said the completion of “de-cluttering” your life. For some individuals this will represent the end of very toxic, bothersome social connections that have always complicated your lives and never really advantaged you in any shape or form. For others it represents the end of either a project, a goal, ambition of yours which was kept alive by you for a long time, but it never really showed any real promise or that something meaningful is going to be born out of it, so in your case the Death card represents your surrender, accepting the fact that either your goals are not really applicable the way you planned, or it could mean that it simply isn’t the time for those to come to fruition right now, but this doesn’t exclude the possibility to resume them when the time is ripe for such things. For others still, this can represent a profound inner change, a psychological one, where you successfully release old hurts, past suffering, where you find the strength to simply move on with your life and open your soul for something new to take the place of past hurts, disappointment and in certain cases even grudges.

The Ace of Earth is truly a wonderful sign, because it represents a new material goal, one which in the present moment might greatly exceed your possibilities, you might not even dare to dream about it. This can play out in a number of different ways, for some individuals it merely represents an opportunity, a chance for you to find an extra source of income, which is going to be put to great use in the future and even though you won’t receive the benefits yet, it will open the doors for future plans, goals, desires that have everything to do with material well being and stability. For others this might either be a gain or a gesture of great generosity coming from someone, that will contribute greatly to their material well being, for example someone helping you out with a deposit to buy something of great value like a house, car, etc. For a very lucky few individuals this can indicate a divine gift either an object of great value that reaches your possession in the most unexpected manner, or winning a larger sum of money that is going to delight you.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

The Tower, 9 of Wands, Six of Air. The month of December is going to be a deeply spiritual month for air signs, certain subconscious processes, among which emotional cleansing, inner purification are going to be triggered without any warning or explanation, it is going to be a time of great epiphanies, that are going to change very many things regarding the relationship with themselves.

The Tower opens the reading and it doesn’t really symbolize the present, but rather an overview, retrospective of the years 2019, which was without too much exaggeration one of the most unusual, shocking, but also hardest years of their lives. The Tower, symbolizes the upheaval of the recent past, their lives were full of endings, very painful closures, but also unexpected, unforeseeable events that changed their plans so many times and all these weird, unusual and rather painful events kept happening in chains. Mentally and emotionally there were many moments of maximum tension, where the future seemed so very uncertain, but this is where the moment of sudden realization, from a spiritual perspective comes in, because finally they can make sense of everything, and finally they can start to perceive the hardships, the turmoils, the separations and losses as blessings. But because all of these apparently negative events kept being triggered by unknown forces, which after a while just couldn’t be explained away as coincidences, so even the most skeptic individuals will finally be able to clearly see the presence of a divine power, of a great divine scheme that changed their lives, and even though from a material or social perspective it’s still premature to say that for the better, there is one thing that they have obtained: physiological, emotional freedom. Their old lifestyles, their old ways of doing things, their old ways of thinking and perception had to fall, to release them from the toxicity of the past, going back as far as childhood traumas etc. which were revealed and more or less healed and eliminated. Parts of the tower are still falling, so the month of December is no exception to this, but most of the work is already done and they are going to reach a point when their awareness is so very wast that they can actively turn everything that happens to them into a psychological empowerment.

This is the main sign of the 9 of Wands, yes there are a lot of responsibilities, a lot of unfinished business, a lot of things to still take care of, but inner work is no longer a priority on the list because it was done rigorously and it became a reflex that just keeps playing like a program in the back of their mind, so they can find the strength to do, face, handle everything that life has to throw at them. The time of fearing the uncertain future, the time of worries and sleepless nights because of the problems of others that weigh heavily on their shoulders is finally over, each step they are going to take in December but also all throughout 2020, is going to be a display of personal power, mastery, true soul level experience, and the tower that fell apart, is already being rebuilt, December is just a time to make the scheme, the blueprint as an ingenious architect. The next Tower, is definitely not going to fall, regardless of what happens, because for the first time in their lives they have the full support of their beings and that is permanent and nothing or no one can take that away from them. This also represents inner resourcefulness, many earth signs are going to be extremely creative, artistic, ambitious and their will put their native intelligence to very good use.

The 6 of Air closes the reading and the symbolism of this card is self explanatory, they may have never thought that they would embody this very controversial and almost hated spiritual principle, but they are actually going to find gratitude within their hearts for all the hardships that they have been through. An even greater gratitude is going to be shown to those people, friends, social connections who the Tower didn’t eliminate from their lives, because it is without a doubt that they had a lot of fake friends and toxic people who surrounded them, but they also had people very loyal to them, and it is those people that are going to be the receivers of air sign’s true, soul level gratitude, some gestures of kindness, support, inspiration, having said all the right words and the right times will definitely not be ever forgotten. Ironically December is the time of generosity and presents, grand gestures of appreciation, but this time it won’t be because the holiday season demands such a behavior, whatever gestures of appreciation air sings are going to show to their loyal loved ones will source from the deepest corners of their souls. Overspending is almost guaranteed, but this is the kind of overspending that they really will never ever going to feel guilty about.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

5 of Cups reversed, 2 of Coins, 9 of Earth. The month of December is going to be generous in more than one way for earth signs, for it’s not only material gifts, advancements in the material areas of life that are going to surprise them, but the Universe is also going to show them it’s generosity from a spiritual perspective, enlivening their hopes, optimism and the joy of life.

The 5 of Cups reversed opens the reading and this is a truly wonderful sign, because it refers to certain events, relations with others, or a critical accumulation of problems in their lives that have drained their batteries and greatly disappointed them, so much so that they really felt the unfair side of life. Some of these heavy feelings sourced from failures, for they had ambitions, plans, goals, personal targets they were determined to accomplish this year, yet they suffered a lot of setback, complications and in certain situations they also self sabotaged by overspending and being careless with their finances. This has lead to frustration, not feeling very confident and comfortable in their lives and each time they stepped out of their comfort zones, the reward wasn’t proportional with the effort. For others, this had very much to do with debt, financial obligations or moral obligations where either their partners, a family member needed continuous support and this really drained their batteries and money, so they really struggled all throughout the year. For others still, it was their health that sabotaged their well being, it prevented them from enjoying the small things in life, that are so very important for an earth sign to experience. Regardless of how the 5 of Cups manifested when it was in upright position, December’s energy shift (Jupiter moving into Capricorn) is going to feel like a breath of fresh air, because it will play out as a very strong inner synergy, for being hopeful and more optimistic, believing in their strength and the power of their ambitions once again, is going to help them attract solutions, changes, advancements, sources of greater prosperity, help from experienced people (either new friendships are going to be born, or existing friends are going to step up) and for those who might have struggled with health problems this can mean either recovery, or where it isn’t possible (like a life long condition) their health will improve greatly.

The 2 of Coins fully supports this, because it means balance, financial recovery, self sufficiency, in some cases breaking even. Ironically, the astrological symbolism of the 2 of Coins mirrors the exact configuration of the stars, for it represents Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn and even though Jupiter is not it’s strongest in this part of the sky, it still brings blessings, expansion, evolution of finances, income, especially the type that sources from work, livelihood. This will benefit the most, those who are really struggling with debts, those who are not pleased with the income they earn from their work, those who suffered from stagnation work wise and last but not least those who really struggled to find work/job.

This can represent a very lucky opportunity for those who have certain studies, mastery of skills, diplomas, degrees, but for any reason they didn’t work in their filed of expertise, but equally for those who do make use of their studies it can represent advancement, new opportunities to climb up the hierarchical ladder, or recognition for their work, efforts.

In either case, regardless if this plays out as financial equilibrium, greater prosperity or a significant advancement career wise, it’s going to feel like a divine gift, leaving them feeling blessed and grateful.

The 9 of Earth represents a soul level prosperity, for all the positive changes that are going to take place in the lives of earth signs, are going to awaken their spiritual truths, where they can align with honoring their earthly incarnations, living life, which many times includes survival and overcoming obstacles, but done with dignity, self respect and self love. This positive state of being is going to activate their heart chakras, their true magnetism, making sure that even more good things, blessings, divine grace will enter their lives in the months to come.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

9 of Cups, 3 of Wands, Elder of Air. The month of December is going to be quite an empowering one for water signs, because this is where their emotional power, their innate expertise over feelings, both their own, but also the influence they have over other people can be especially useful and it can create in the proper sense of the word magical moments for both them and their loved ones.

The 9 of Cups, doesn’t merely reflect the emotional power that I have mentioned above, but it also reflects their own healing journeys, which even though isn’t complete yet, they have reached a stage where fears, uncertainties, their own insecurities, no longer pollute the wast ocean of their soul, where they can find empowerment in all the turmoils of the past, where wisdom flows through them like a river of inner guidance and most importantly one way or another it turns them into “psychologists”, counselors for other people present in their lives. It was definitely not an easy journey to get here, because in the past 9 months water signs suffered a series of very powerful disillusions, disappointments, people who they regarded as friends, maybe best friends turned out to be disloyal and connections have been broken. For some water signs this was a separation from their partners, for others it represented losing someone they loved dearly, for others still this represented a battle with fake friends and narcissists.

Regardless of how the past played out, they emerge victorious, a little bit wounded, but definitely not bowed, not broken and December is going to mark the start of a very busy couple of months where they have to invest everything they’ve got to secure a stabler, more optimistic future that can actually reflect the person who they are without compromises, without falseness, and this goes for every single area of their lives. This card also speaks about compassion, which is something so very natural for water signs, but unlike they way it played out in the past, this is the type of compassion that is healthy, where they inspire, guide, help those who they love, not jump into self sacrifice. Many water signs might have friends, family, acquaintances who are kind of lonely and sad, and much to their surprise and delight, the Universe might manifests it’s blessings through them by guiding them and inspiring them to create connections, introduce those friends, acquaintances to each other or totally new people, giving a chance for new relationships to be formed. In other words, the Universe is going to turn natives of water signs into “Cupids”, different people from different social circles are going to find each other through them. Of course this doesn’t have to represent romantic love for everyone who is single and friends with a water sign, it can also give birth to new alliances and friendships.

The 3 of Wands is a very active energy and this speaks about different things for different people: for some it means very significant travels, especially in other regions of their homeland, travels that are going to advantage them professionally, business wise, they can also sign contracts, get involved with new projects. For others this represents staring out on a totally new area either professionally, or with business, or if you are looking for a job, this can mean a job that will involve either relocation or commuting. For others still, the 3 of wands represents persuasive power, which doesn’t necessarily have to be done verbally, having a very strong will, courage, guts to go after something they desire or see potential in and obtain it, which will open doors for future possibilities and advancement.

The Elder of Air, speaks about wisdom, the kind of wisdom that sources from experience, cold logic and rationality, one that is more specific to air signs, and this might be the blessings of the December’s full Moon taking place in the sign of Gemini. This is going to greatly increase their self confidence in their intelligence, the power of their minds, it will bring out the inner genius, that has absolutely nothing to worry about, because where there’s a will there’s a way, a powerful and confident mind can find solution to absolutely anything. All of this is a fantastic energy, because it will mean the end of certain long term obstacles that kept them from evolving, it can mean finding solution to problems that seemed almost impossible to overcome, but equally it can also mean a big surprise, in the sense something that they really invested a lot of work in in the past in, which just didn’t show results at that time can return to their lives bearing unexpected fruits. For other still, this can mean new studies, learning something new, which they were always interested in, but never really had the self belief necessary to start out on a road which seemed to be too bumpy at that time for their intellectual capacities.

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  1. Very interesting! As an Aries, I have been working recently on something that’s not paying off immediately now, but if I stick with it, it can yield a very large reward.

    I hope these disruptive energies from Eris and the Sat-Plu conjunction don’t cause any violence, but we know not everyone can operate from that level of awareness. When these few transits occur, be safe and know what’s going on around you at all times.

    • There is so much wisdom in your words, that is the very best advice anyone could give for such an intense and potentially violent period globally! Unfortunately, the Eris Pluto square is very long term, for both planets move incredibly slowly, but I do believe this is where what you said comes into play, we can transform the power of this square into motivation, wisdom by choosing where we operate from, what we allow into our own personal reality and what we block out. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!


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