Weekly horoscope: November 27 – December 1

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of November 27 – 1st December. We have a very active and quite beneficial sky playing out all week, there are going to be very powerful positive aspects, that are going to be game changers for a lot of people, offering them a gentle boost, push on the back to advance with their plans and goals. We also have quite a tensionate aspect, that is going to be felt at the very beginning of the week, Mars in his domicile of Scorpio, opposing Uranus in Taurus, but as we progress into the week it will lose it’s intensity.

The first aspect I would like to talk about is one of my favorites, because this is the time of the year, when the Universe shows us it’s most generous and loving qualities. We are talking about the dance of Jupiter and Venus that has everything to do with blessings, romance, truth and a certain kind of openness to everything that is new and exquisite. The ancients considered Jupiter the major benefic (bestower of blessings), while Venus was the minor benefic, both planets are associated with good fortune, divine guidance, blessings and when they meet in the sky like this besides any kind of material or other type of lucky breakthrough they also bring love. Depending on where 27-28 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your personal chart, you can expect something good to happen in that area of life (if there isn’t any personal negative aspect blocking it), but you can also expect love to source from the depths of your soul. Even though most astrologers associate it with romantic love, it can also represents platonic love, close friendship, love for: an activity, hobby, knowledge, principle, spirituality, self love and of course corporal love, because both planets form a trine, a conversation of supreme harmony with Uranus in Taurus, a very earthly, material energy, so the blessing can take a very palpable form.

For some fortunate individuals this can also represent material goods, money, wealth, because Venus rules all those things and being touched by Jupiter’s expansive powers, can represent great abundance. How exactly this energy is going to manifest is both a surprise and delight, because Venus is trined by Uranus, the planet of shocks, surprises, revolution. This doesn’t necessarily has to play out as sheer good fortune, luck or a huge romantic surprise for everyone, these are just the most ideal ways this energy can manifest, for most of us it can simply manifest as an unexpected gift, as a beautiful compliment coming from someone unexpected, as deep appreciation coming from our loved ones, perhaps a declaration of love or admiration coming from someone we may not expect it from and even if we have to decline it can still make us feel special and valued.

For those individuals who are deeply spiritual this can also play out as a huge epiphany, moment of sudden realization, as a manifestation of divine guidance that can empower them to create their own good luck, to accomplish something great with the help of their spirituality.

Another possible manifestation is generosity and gratitude, for Jupiter rules both of those virtues and depending on what you may have done, showed, expressed in the past, depending on what kind of social connection may exist in your life, a grand gesture of someone’s generosity may slightly change things for you for the better, or it could also manifest as an offer to be part of something you could have only dreamed of (for example if 27 degrees of Sagittarius is in your 10th house, it could be a career offer of your dreams, if it falls in your 9th house, it could be an invitation to an exotic place, travels, a surprise holiday, but these are only examples). Because of the trine with Uranus the best way to approach this energy is to not have any real expectations or better said, expect the unexpected, for there is no telling how significantly or insignificantly this can impact your life, just be aware that this celestial conversation favors romance, romantic declarations, generosity, gratitude, optimism, surprising someone, all good intent can go a very long way, being kind, loving, understanding with everyone around you, may reflect back at you in the most unexpected manner, may it be the next couple of days, but it could also be in a year, gestures of kindness and love are not forgotten, especially when they have a profound impact on someone.

Mars is Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus is an aspect of maximum tension, these energies are extremely volatile and each and every time they meet and form a predominantly negative aspect, we tend to get surprises of the most unpleasant kind.

This energy can potentially spell disaster, one that we can feel an a physical and material way, for Taurus is a fixed earth sign and among many other things it also represents the physical earth, nature, the crust of the earth, the tectonic plates, some astrologers would even go as far as including the whole bio-sphere. Taurus is the planet of shocks, revolution, chaos, it literally shakes to the core everything it touches and when triggered by a very potent Mars, it’s not just financial crisis that we have to look out for. Even though the opposition isn’t exact yet, it’s going to perfect in the next couple of days, we can expect to see around this time and even in the following couple of weeks natural calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, or unusual weather phenomenon.

Scorpio rules toxicity even in physical manner, so this could also play out as an environmental disaster, or the outbreak of some contagious disease. For the individual besides outbursts of rage, anger, nervous breakdown, this can also represent the risk of accidents, so take extra caution, respect health and safety rules, do not perform any risky physical activities and be very careful when using potentially hazardous substances, even those that don’t usually represent any danger (for example before using any new products test them for possible allergic reactions).Of course all of the above only have a very small chance of occurring, so there is no need to be worried or get carried away, just be a little bit more cautious than normally. This opposition can also play out in a totally different manner for example unexpected obstacles getting in the way of your progress, receiving unexpected criticism (which might bother you more than it should), or this can also play out as coincidental situations that create awkwardness, shame, guilt. Uranus is also associated with greater awareness, so during this aspect secrets, things we hide, things we do not wish to face, be aware of, may be exposed in a sudden.

This is not a very good time to make huge investments, take huge loans, make BIG purchases, because this energy is highly unstable and unpredictable and there is no telling what might happen, this is where the best “prediction” tool is sheer cold logic and rationality, and not so much intuition or gut feeling, for Uranus is quite uncomfortable in the fixed, rigid sign of Taurus and it might not always “agree” with a very potent Mars.

Another beautiful aspect is Mercury in Scorpio sextiling Saturn in Capricorn. This can represent inspired action, communication, the advancement of documents, official matters, especially regarding r shared resources, finances, material good with someone, but this can also play out in a very different way where you might harvest the fruits of a past project, work, which hasn’t really paid off at that time and has been either abandoned or put aside. Communication with superiors at work, with institutes, organizations of any kind, professors, teachers (if you are a student) should go well and can be extremely beneficial. This aspect also favors investing hard work in learning something, or mastering something you have already learned.

Mercury in Scorpio is also trined by Neptune in it’s home sign of Pisces and this aspect favors inner clarity, understanding but also crystallizing in your mind your inner truth, being able to get in tune your own divine spark, with source energy so to speak and having the chance to be more sure, confident, aligned than every with your soul purpose, with your own spiritual principles, with your own unique relationship with the Divine. This aspect is wonderful for artists, for it provides great inspiration and these energies just compliment their innate talents, but it also favors mystics, or better said everyone who desires to get in tune with their spiritual sides. Because, at this time we also have a rather powerful Chiron, the wounded healer, even though it doesn’t converse directly with Mercury, it can still favor emotional healing and regeneration.

Around the 26th of the month we have two very important celestial events taking place, one of them is the superb, but also surprising new Moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius, we have a separate article for it’s astrological analysis, if you would like to find out more you can follow the link below.


The other energy shift is Venus moving into the sign of Capricorn, a sign which all throughout 2019 was very active and it’s energies extremely influential, and not always in the most pleasant of ways, for the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, but also Pluto and the South node, represented complications, restrictions and profound changes for most of us. Venus entering this part of the sky, puts the emphasis on our worth, value as professionals, as masters of our traits, at our reputations, at our relations with the powers of the state and those which govern society, but it also makes us shift our attention to our careers and what we wish to accomplish in this earthly existence.

Just as she enters this part of the sky she still keeps the trine with Uranus in Taurus and this energy can be very beneficial, because Venus is the ruler of the sign, where the planet of revolution (Uranus) is currently in, and will be in the next 7 years. This can represent unexpected surprising opportunities career wise, we might receive all the right kind of guidance and information so that we can improve our professional lives, for some it might represent an unexpected invitation, opportunity to try out a new kind of career (if they meet the requirements and if they are open to something like this) or it can mean an unexpected reward, sourcing from a work we completed in the past.

This aspect doesn’t necessarily involve direct material gains, it could also represent good reputation, honors, official recognition.

Around the 27th of the month, Neptune in his domicile of Pisces stops in the sky and prepares to go direct, this is a very important energy shift, because while a planet goes backwards (astrologically speaking, not in it’s proper sense) it’s energies turn inward, so we are inclined to feel it’s symbols and influence more from the inside of our beings. Now that it starts to go direct it’s energies turn outwards and this can represent a massive spiritual boost, where the energies specific to Neptune in Pisces (compassion, empathy, altruism, humanitarianism, caring for the vulnerable and less fortunate, deeper connection to spirituality, to our higher selves, intuitive power, dreams, altered states of consciousness, but also illusions, fantasy, escapism, idealism, self victimization tendencies etc) can be felt in a much more direct manner.

The last aspect that I would like to speak about is Venus (in Capricorn), being sextiled by Mars from his home of Scorpio. This energy needs action, self expression to turn into a blessing, this is where your ambitions, goals, the strength of your will, your expertise can get a lot done in your life, this represents a very strong persuasive power, especially if you have the skills, masteries, studies, experience as a professional.

Thank you so much for reading, have a blessed and wonderful week!

Weekly horoscope: November 27 – December 1

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