New Moon in Sagittarius: New doors of knowledge and understanding open before us

Hi everyone and welcome to the astrological analysis of the upcoming new Moon taking place on the 26th of November in the sign of Sagittarius. New Moons represent new beginnings, in that area of life which is ruled by the sign the Sun and the Moon dance together in, so depending on where 4 degrees of Sagittarius falls in your personal chart, you can expect something new to take place over the course of the next 6 months. The energy of Sagittarius in it’s self favors all that is new, extravagant, exquisite, especially when it comes to knowledge, new experiences, feeling through new states of being, learning something new, immersing in new philosophies, but also discovering or enabling something new internally, like following new principles, being aligned much more with one’s personal truth, one that can always include new, never thought or felt before ideas/perspectives. This is a wonderful time to set new intentions, new goals, make new plans, desire new things to enter your life, of course aligning their energy with the specifics of that area of life where 4 degrees of Sagittarius represents for you personally.

Generally speaking, Sagittarius rules a number of different things: higher expression of knowledge, philosophy, sciences, from a theoretic perspective, the course of justice, law, truth, long distance travel, relocation to a foreign country, higher education, foreign affairs and of course in this day and age we must also include space travel, cosmology, astronomy, space exploration; so it is all these things that can show a fantastic progress, the next stage of evolution or a fantastic new beginning playing out on the world stage.

Even though the conjunction of the Sun and Moon do not form many aspects, there are other celestial dances taking place at this time, that are going to have a major influence.

One of these very important celestial movements has to do with the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, who forms a conjunction with Venus and the Galactic Center. Even though at the time of the new Moon, this celestial dance is already losing it’s intensity (the perfect conjunction would have taken place on the 24th with Venus and on the 19th with the Galactic center), it is still influential enough to create very significant changes: it is without a shadow of a doubt that we are going to see some very important, game changing scientific discoveries, ones that have to do with space, life on other planets, the completion of the most amazing theories about the formation of the Universe and it is also a possibility for new technology regarding space travel to show major success. This can also represent the evolution of some very important legal, political matters, or international court cases playing out on the world stage, evolution of education systems, maybe the birth of new Universities, or a some kind of new solution to make higher education more accessible internationally. Besides all of these things, Jupiter was seen by the ancients as the major benefic (bestower of blessings), while Venus represents the minor expression of good fortune, and each and every time they dance together in the sky, some kind of blessing is sure to follow both for the individual and collective alike. The Galactic center just makes this that much more powerful, for it is unknown, incomprehensible creator energy both from a spiritual perspective, but also from a scientific perspective for it represents the super massive black hole at the center of the Milky way known as Sagittarius A*, so this is a wonderful time for meditations, for opening up our minds, thoughts to these cosmic influences and trying our very best to direct this energy (energy goes where we set our focus) where we need changes, evolution, blessing in our lives the most.

If this wasn’t enough both Jupiter and Venus are going to be trined (celestial dance of supreme harmony) by Uranus, so very very many things, events are going to be triggered by fate, by coincidences, by divine hazard in the most surprising and delightful manner.

Of course, we must also mention that Sagittarius is a very sensual fire sign, and since Venus is a very important player in this dance, the most pleasant, delightful and shocking (in a good way) surprises can also be expected in matters concerning love, romance and even sexuality, for there is a semi-sextile between Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio is a highly sexual energy and it rules the reproductive organs, pheromones etc and the presence of it’s ruler, Mars, in this part of the sky makes this energy that much more intense. Venus can be seen as the divine feminine (regardless of our physical genders, for we all have female energies in the composition of our beings), the receiver, while Mars the divine masculine the giver, so this energy can give birth to new relationships, romance, love, even “bromance” (Scorpionic type of sexual energy has very few limits, doesn’t really follow rules, not even those of nature) and all of this in the most delightful and surprising manner.

Many astrologers consider the yearly dance of Jupiter and Venus the most romantic day of the year, but this year, because of the trine with Uranus and sextile with Mars, romantic surprises, grand gestures of love, moments of total honesty regarding one’s feelings for another, presents, proposals, persuasive declarations of love and even following your most secret fantasies and desires, can actually have a very positive and surprising result.

There is a minor astrological aspect that includes the new Moon directly and that is the quincunx it forms with Uranus. Now, this kind of surprise, shock, unexpected event can go either way, for a quincunx can either have humorous connotations or surprise of the unpleasant kind especially when Uranus is the dominant planet, so you might want to be careful if you have any exams, long distance travels, visits/visitors planned from abroad and even what you perceive as truth or if during this time you receive too good to be true promises, regardless of their source (even when you are the one making them) because there is a chance to awkwardness in the most favorable case, but you can also suffer greater inconveniences especially if plans change in the last second… so the best way to approach all of this is not to have any expectations, not to have a very rigid schedule.

Now even though the following aspect has absolutely nothing to do with the new Moon, it still has to be included, because it’s a very dangerous and volatile combination: Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus. These two planets when conversing tensionately, they tend to cause accidents, disasters, catastrophes, natural calamities, extreme weather phenomenon, earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tsunamis, sea quake, man made disasters (the explosion of the Fukushima reactor for example), and since Mars is greatly empowered in Scorpio, a sign which can be seen as toxic water, dangerous chemical substances, while Taurus as mother earth, nature, there can be a huge environmental disaster which will shock the world.

Individually, during this time we must proceed with extra caution while at work, respect health and safety rules especially when traveling, driving a vehicle (Sagittarius =travel), but also if you work with dangerous chemicals or hazardous substances, including ones that do not seem dangerous at all (cosmetic, beauty stuff) so during this time it is highly recommended to test them for possible allergic reactions.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a wonderful, blessed, romantic and very generous new Moon.

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