Weekly horoscope: November 18-24, Jupiter Meets Venus and the Galactic center

Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly horoscope for November 18 – 24, we have a very active, powerful and quite mysterious sky playing out all week, where the harmonious dance of the planets can potentially bestow a lot of blessings upon us, but there is also an element of surprise, shock and exploring the unknown, because of the dances Uranus holds with major power players.

There are going to be major energy shifts taking place all throughout the week among the most significant is Mars finally changing sings, entering it’s home sign of Scorpio where it’s symbolism is greatly amplified, Jupiter standing in the last degrees of it’s home sign of Sagittarius meeting the Galactic center, and then Venus. Also, around the 20-21st of the month Mercury standing still in the sky and preparing to go direct, officially ending it’s retrograde season and last, but not least around the 23rd the Sun entering Sagittarius, activating this area of the sky. We would like to wish a very happy solar return to every Sagittarius native out there, may the presence of your ruler Jupiter and of Venus, the two planets associated with good luck and prosperity bless you with infinite abundance and love!

As mentioned above the first important celestial movement is that of Mars, right at the beginning of the week entering 30 degrees, a critical degree of Libra (where the planets power and symbolism is at it’s peak) also being sextiled by Jupiter. Libra rules our relationships, partnerships, associations, decision making process, diplomacy, one – on one contacts, negotiations, legally binding promises, so if this area of your life suffered stagnation, uncertainty, lack of clarity, or you might have been extremely indecisive, this is the time when all your choices are going to be empowered, where your relations with others become very clear to you, where you will know exactly where you stand and how others feel about you. Jupiter expanding the power of Mars (a symbol of your will, instincts, passions, ambitions, persuasive powers) is going to help you greatly in at least one area of your life. Jupiter can provide you with guidance, inspiration a sharpened intuition, where you’ll instinctually know what the best course of action is, so this is a wonderful aspect for diplomatic efforts, being connected to the most ideal business partners, experts, professionals, it is a wonderful and blessed energy for job interviews, business negotiations, harmonizing family relationships, for those who work with the public, for this aspect blesses us with heightened persuasive skills, being generous, kind, respectful, embodying morality and fairness can attract the same values back at us, it can be also a very favorable energy to advance with trials, legal issues, arbitrary processes, mediation and last but not least romance.

If faced with very delicate choices, when you have to choose between two sides, two polarities, the beautiful sextile with Mars, can align you with your inner truth, thus helping you feel on a heart and mind level alike what would be the most ideal choice for you. Sextiles are aspects that need action to be turned into blessings, so if during this aspect you feel very strongly about something, if all your instincts are telling you to take a certain course of action it would be wise to listen.

The Very next day Mars leaves Libra and enters it’s home sign of Scorpio (it is it’s ancient ruling planet) and in this part of the sky, Mars is very powerful, very self sufficient, very analytical, tactical, even patient, it can see through deception, illusions and can turn all of these towards it’s advantage. This can be seen in a very dual way, for in this part of the sky Mars empowers us to stand up for ourselves, to very quickly identity and reject all forms of manipulation and suety, it can be quite assertive, but in a concealed, hidden manner (the scorpion stinger kind of way), when it empowers this area of the sky is when we know how to play dirty, how to manipulate, how to hide things, how to look at our own interests, how to search for the truth and use it towards our advantages, this is the kind of energy when the goals justifies the means. This is the type of extremely practical Mars, who gets things done quickly, who can find solutions to any problems, who can attract anything using the occult power of Scorpio, but this is also the kind of Mars that doesn’t really forget or forgive and can retaliate when other’s least expect it. In the same manner it also empowers secrets, matters being handled behind the scenes, away from public eyes, this is when secrets, conspiracies are born, this is when magic can take on a rather dark form. Since, both the Sun and Mercury are in the same part of the sky, the strength of our will can fuse together with the power of our intelligence, our inner truth, but also all those lessons that we learned through our mistakes, so this is an ideal energy for compromises, for you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into what you are promising, what limitations you are willing to accept in your life, and if the advantages are worth it, it can be something very positive promising advancement.

Still at the beginning of the week, we are still under the influence of a harmonious aspect, Neptune trining Mercury rx, so this is a very powerful cocktail of emotional, mystical water energy, where our emotional intelligence, intuitive senses are extremely sharp, inspiration and divine guidance is gonna be available in abundance and if we direct this celestial empowerment unto healing past traumas, finding forgiveness, breaking free from the past, old habits, or equally use the inspiration to create, get in touch with our artistic senses it can lead us towards progress and success, especially that during this time Mercury is also going to be sextiled by Saturn.

On the same note the Sun, still in Scorpio at this time is also sextiled by Pluto, which is a wonderful energy to use our inner truth, the rationality, analytical capacity of our mind to make significant changes in your lives and replace our old subconscious programmings with new healthy ones. This aspect can potentially help us manage debts, or find greater balance with our financial situations.

Towards the 19th of the month, we have a rare and absolutely beautiful aspect taking place in the sky which is Jupiter, the planet of blessings, expansion, good fortune and truth in his home sign of Sagittarius meeting the Galactic center (the super massive black hole in the middle of the Milky way), and this happens once every 12 years. This aspect equals tapping into the unknown, to the most powerful, mysterious, never experienced before energies which come from the heart of our galaxy. Depending on where 27 degree of Sagittarius falls in your personal chart, you can expect a major blessing, good fortune, empowerment, but also surprises, for we can’t anticipate how your being is going to react to pure divine creational energy. This is a very good time to meditate, to truly focus on your mindset, the programs running in your mind, your affiliations, your desires, where you place your attention, because where you attention goes all of your being mental, spiritual and emotional energy flow. If there ever was a time in the past 12 years, when you had the chance to co-create your future with the Universe, then surely this is the most favorable and opportune time for such a thing, so don’t just dream big, feel big, think big, visualize and project your thoughts. This beautiful aspect is going to peek a few days before and after the 19th of the month, and things are going to get even better, for in the following days, Mercury is going to stand still in the sky and prepare to move direct, promoting the fast flow of energy, communication, documents, mental energies and clarity (still being trined by Neptune) and at the same time Venus, the small benefic (bestower of blessings, according to the ancients) is going to meet an extremely empowered Jupiter (by the Galactic center) in the sky, while both of them are going to form a supremely harmonious trine with Uranus from Taurus.

In on it’s self the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is an extremely fortunate, positive, miraculous energy, so expect a blessing in that area of your life where 28-29 degrees of Sagittarius falls to, but generally speaking it can be a time of hope, optimism, spirits soaring sky high, bliss, happiness, feeling good about yourself, being perfectly in tune with your self wroth, being proud of yourself, feeling as if you are actually embodying all of your virtues, truth and most sacred principles. This can also play out as very very significant, ground breaking scientific accomplishments, discoveries and advancements on the world stage, Jupiter rules cosmology, space travel, propulsion technology, astronomy, we can expect discoveries of new planets, black holes, distant worlds, the discovery of life on other planets, future plans to build bases on other celestial bodies, new planes/air travel prototypes, new principles, philosophies, theories in quantum physics, some revolutionary solutions, innovation regarding currency, global finances, the worlds economic situation (Venus rules all of those), an evolution or step forward for human rights, big legal cases, trials that affect the whole world stage etc.

For some people this can also play out as a big display of good fortune, free blessings, miraculous turn of events, big lottery wins, new names arising in scientific communities, philosophers, spiritualists, political leaders on the world stage/international community, the birth of new stars (VIP, inflectional people) especially on the internet (Uranus rules the internet), but of course we can not forget about the main and most beautiful symbolism of Venus, which is love. Soul mates, destined lovers can find each other during this aspect, romance, beauty, the joy of connecting to another soul can bless our lives, the most beautiful soul touching and generous gestures of love can be expressed, gifts, donations, charitable gestures, actions can surprise and delight us. For some very lucky and blessed people this is the moment when their life makes a turn for the better either because of good fortune or because of the love and generosity of another person. This isn’t as much miracle energy, but rather the concentration of good will (God works though us right?)

Since, we also have a beautiful and harmonious Uranian trine in the picture, all of these blessings can come in the most unexpected ways, much to our surprise and delight, whenever Jupiter and Uranus hold this sort of celestial dance, a few very lucky people will definitely get the chance to witness their dreams turn into reality in a flash, this can be a big financial, material realization coming out of nowhere, but it can also be love and romance, one that exceeds your wildest dreams, for others, especially those tho are extremely talented at something, this can be their debut chance for the world to see their talents and greatness.

For the rest of us, not so fortunate people, this can simply mean a blessing, hope, faith, optimism, feeling good about ourselves, and acting from such a place of self empowerment, which can guarantee a small success in that area of life that is ruled by Sagittarius.

Now, there is another possible interpretation which I heard from the most talented but also controversial astrologers out there, who suspect, that for the collective, humanity, this can represent the first sign of alien contact, or the un-masking of a very well hidden conspiracy, since Uranus has everything to do with futuristic technology, the internet, quantum computers, A.I., Jupiter sitting on the Galactic center is the opening we need and thanks to our own scientific/technological power, and Venus our worth. To add to this the Sun fast approaching the critical degree of Scorpio and Mercury going direct in Scorpio all equals shedding light on secrets, revelations and epiphanies. I personally do not share this vision, but I included it in my horoscope for a fun fact, also worth to mention with Uranus and the Galactic center in the equation and given the fact that our solar system is entering a very mysterious part of space (as it revolves around the Center of the Milky way) ANYTHING is possible.

There is another aspect which speaks about matters of love, in a very sexual way, for Mars, by now from his home sign of Scorpio sextiles Venus. Scorpio rules sexuality, the sexual organs, fetishes, unusual sexual desires, and the presence of the ruling planet makes these desires really really intense, irresistible, instinctual, we can expect a lot of action, a lot of needs being satisfied, a lot of curiosities being fulfilled. During this aspect, our aesthetic senses and what we hold beautiful and attractive may not matter as much as to what our bodies hold attractive, so this is the time when hormones, pheromones, the needs and desires of the body gain significant influence, so as a word of advice be very careful what you wish for, what you want to attract, what you affirm, because it can became reality very fast, which is absolutely fine for singles, but during such an aspect third party situations and infidelities can be born, greatly complicating the life of couples.

This aspect favors same sex relationships to be formed, evolve and potentially become stable and harmonious.

Around the 23rd the Sun enters Sagittarius, activating this part of the sky favoring: foreign affairs, foreign relationships, new studies, completing studies, long distance travels, evolution of legal cases, spiritual studies, long distance romantic relationships, scientific discoveries.

Right towards the end of the week we are going to have a minor astrological aspect that can complicate our lives greatly, for we are talking about the quincunx of the Sun and Uranus, this can give birth to a lot of misunderstanding, misinterpretations, where 2 or more personal subjective truths may contradict each other, but in the most awkward, non linear, irrational manner, and this aspect usually favors scammers, cheaters, thieves especially via the internet so be very careful, do not risk your safety, if something if too good to be true, it probably is.

Talking about Uranus, I have left the most dangerous and unsettling aspect to the last, for right at the end of the week, Mars in his home sign of Scorpio is going to oppose Uranus in Taurus. Personally how this plays out depends very much on the positioning of Taurus – Scorpio in your personal chart, you can expect randomness, epiphanies, shocks, surprises, unexpected losses/gains, unexpected contact from certain people, but the emphasis is put on the risk of accidents, fire hazards, risk of intoxication etc. So, during this aspect, please be very cautious regardless if it’s your place of work, at home, when crossing the street etc. follow health and safety rules, don’t take any risks, don’t trust total strangers, don’t get into stranger’s cars etc. Always proceed with maximum caution and diligence, have your wits about you and prioritize your personal safety and those of your loved ones.

Globally speaking, things can be even more devastating, because whenever Uranus opposes Mars, there is a very high chance for BIG accidents or natural disaster to strike. Given the fact that Uranus is in Taurus (a symbol of the physical earth, the crust of the earth, the mantle), during this aspect we can expect earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, devastating weather phenomenon, unusual heatwave or unusual freezing cold temperatures and of course man produced calamities (nuclear accidents).

This is where the symbolism of Scorpio, empowered by it’s ruler can mean literal death and loss of lives.

Thank you so much for reading, wish every a blessed and wonderful week, may the conjunction of Jupiter-Venus-Galactic center bestow miracles and happiness on your lives.

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