Pick a card reading: “Mercury’s message”

Hi everyone, today we have a very rare dance of the starts, for Mercury (rx) is tightly conjunct the Sun in the sign of Scorpio. The astrological conjunction between Mercury and the Sun is a very common aspect, which takes place a few times every year, but what makes today’s dance so special is that it is visible from Earth, Mercury will cast a small shadow on the face of the Sun, and this only happens 13 times in a century. This is a day of revelations, clarity, epiphanies, the flow of information and since it takes place on the 11th of November (11/11) this energy can be quite prophetic, very spiritual, when all of us get the chance to perceive the Universes message and intentions and become more aware than any other time of the fact that we are permanently connected to a supreme source of divine intelligence. Neptune, the guardian planet of dreams and spirituality, from his home sign of Pisces reaches out in a conversation of supreme harmony to both the Sun and Mercury, making this energy extremely powerful, deep, mysterious and spiritual, giving us the chance to draw more inspiration from the heavens than at any other time. In order to offer a little bit of help and guidance I have done a very special reading asking the Universe to guide my cards to deliver Mercury’s message (Mercury can be considered as the messenger of the Gods, while the Sun can be seen as Apollo a guardian deity of prophets and visionaries).

Loot at the 6 different cards for a few seconds and choose the one that appeals to your intuitive senses the most. Please ignore the numbers and rather focus on the patterns at the back of the cards, otherwise it won’t work.

Thank you so much for playing, wish everyone a very magical and synchronistic day!


1: The Wheel of Fortune. Through this card the Universe would like to tell you, that you are very close towards unlocking the true power of your good Fortune, you are just a few steps away from receiving the full blessings of Fortuna. This has been a very long, frustrating, exhausting journey to get here, for in the past, including the recent past, the Wheel of Fortune did turn for you, quite a few times but never in the favorable direction, sometimes it brought you losses, closures, endings, while other times it did help you advance with your future plans and find solutions to your most urgent problems, but not in the way you expected, so the course of Fortuna in the past and recent past was a bit of a let down.

None of this was any kind of bad karma, divine punishment, neither did any of the spiritual forces abandon you, but rather all of the hardships of the past and most importantly their unfavorable resolutions were in fact meant to motivate you to dig much deeper in your subconscious than you have ever done before, face certain very hard to accept truths and most importantly eliminate the blockages, traumas, negative programmings that were simply binding you down. This part of the work was completed, but now the void that has been left inside needs to be filled with a totally new programming, one that only you can enable through your own, unique methods and ways of thinking. You might have searched for practical ways based on the experience of others (on-line, books, workshops, ceremonies etc.) but the answers you seek can not be found, for they do not exist yet. There is one thing you don’t know about yourself: you are a genius, so nothing that can source from others is applicable in your case, for your mind is way too strong and potent for some cheap tricks and self manipulatory methods, what the Wheel is inviting you to do is to study yourself just a little bit more, until you figure out how your subconscious works (for it doesn’t work like that of the average person, so basic psychology is not effective in your case, neither are common spiritual practices) after which you can set your intentions, you can program your mind to pursue your dreams and goals, and when this new program starts running is when your true good fortune is going to change your life massively. You are a very practical person, so this might require you to tune down your faith, idealism and fantasies and this part might feel like a defeat, but once you understand that you are simply adapting your being, so that it can override the illusions of matter and society, you are going to start owning your power and the Universe will conspire in your favor with everything you will want to accomplish.

2: Death. The Death card represents your urgent desire to experience a major change in your life, but the kind of change that allows you to live all those wonderful experiences that you had to leave out in your younger years, because your life at that time simply didn’t have the openings you needed in order to do certain things for yourself. You might be feeling a very dual way about this major change that you would like to experience, because a part of you feels it very close, you daydream all the time about your”new life” and the fact that there are major changes, shifts happening in the world, gives you hope, that at a certain point your life is also going to reflect those changes. Yet another part of you perceives such a big and drastic change almost impossible, not because you are not a hopeful and optimistic person, but rather why hasn’t anything changed in so many years. Through this card the Universe advises you that change is coming in your life, but it’s not the kind of drastic, sudden change that you are hoping for, but it’s rather a slow and steady one, where each day has a new lesson, each day teaches you something new and as you advance in time you become stronger, wiser, your gravity grows and very soon you will start to attract certain things in your life that are going to make it much more comfortable, easier to bare, sources of joy and fulfillment are heading your way. Even though, this won’t be such a massive change in the close future, it is still going to matter very much, for if you feel more comfort, more ease, more productivity in your life, your patience is going to increase very much, and the flow of all the things you desire will start slowly heading your way. The future you would like to experience is already being built brick by brick, each accomplishment, each small fulfillment, each little success is going to solidify you, make you stronger, until you finally reach a stage where neither the past, nor the future matter at all, for the present moment, being immersed in the eternal “now” is going to have all the experiences your soul desires to live.

The death card also reveals to you why a sudden, drastic change isn’t possible: you have always been a person of many talents, skills and traits and you have played a very significant and important part in the lives of many people. Some of those people belong to the chapters of the past, while your still keep in touch with others, but regardless of what you are aware of and what not, many of those people still owe you either gratitude, the most beautiful feedback of how you blessed their lives and some of them still owe you favors. You may not want, or desire any of these things, but it’s not really up to you, because from this perspective you are a little bit ignorant, for you have no idea just how much certain acquaintances from your past would like to thank you for being part of their lives and also there is also karma at play, for good karma isn’t optional either, you have to harvest what you worked for and all of this takes time. Having played such an important role in the lives of many, most of which you may not even remember, bind your soul down, for the wish of those people to see you again, or to express their gratitude doesn’t let you break free totally from the past, but for the most positive and loving reason. Karma can’t let you move as fast as you wish until, certain connections, communications, revelations, reunions take place. It’s not the material side of things or the favors themselves that are so important, but your good deeds which you forgot about need to reach your awareness, for only this way can the Universe make you be aware of what a true, irreplaceable and unique cosmic diamond your soul is.

3: This card is kind of self explanatory, for the Priest symbolizes your spirituality, your spiritual path, your unbreakable connection with the divine, the omnipresent divine guidance that always followed your every footstep like a shadow and the fact that the mysteries of spirituality have always been a very important part of your life.

You are probably well aware of all of this, but still you are far from being satisfied with your own situation, for your knowledge, wisdom and ambitions may be great, but you still haven’t found a way (that satisfies you, your expectations and your needs) to bring everything that you know into solid, palpable practice, one that is so powerful and efficient that it could give you a chance to manifest certain things that you need in your life. You might wanna study, research, investigate more, you might wanna link this to your career, you might wanna do so very many things with your passion, wisdom and experiences, but no matter what you think of, everything needs a lot of time and effort and most importantly the investment of resources. To find the freedom and the resources to just be, study, research and unleash your creativity at your own pace and leisure is one of your biggest goals. While it would be a lie to say that you don’t have options, you don’t have ideas and plans of how to enable all of this, but you simply can’t afford to save, work, lead a double life for many years, until finally you have everything you need, so experimentation and finding a proper means to transform your spiritual practices into a palpable way of providing you with what you need is the most logical option. This card encourages you not to give up, it is true that you are not yet where you desire to be, but you have absolutely everything you need inside of you to get to where you want, and it’s not methodology, more advanced know how, or ancient secrets or artifacts that you need to enable the life you wish to live, what your truly need is just a little bit more faith. When you believe in yourself and in your life story very very intensely and the frequency of your mind just keep on running endlessly in the background, even when you sleep, it is then when your faith is going to gain so much gravity that even matter, even Fate herself will have to surrender to your faith. The principle of this is quite simple, if the Universe, the Divine is experiencing it’s existence through your being, the more you feed it with unshakable faith, the more your desires are gonna crystallize in it’s eternal, infinite consciousness and that can only mean the creation of the life, routines, way of life that you wish to experience. Do not give up, for you have everything you need and we are not just talking about the blessings you were born with, but also past hard work, research, studies, inner work, a lot of invested time, so the only thing that you are missing is believing in yourself just a little bit more, until your faith reaches a critical point. Perseverance is the key to success.

4: 7 of Coins reversed. This card speaks about breaking free from the disappointments of the past. Under normal circumstances, the 7 of Coins represents harvest, rewards proportional to the invested time and work, while in reversed position it might suggest, that you don’t have anything left to harvest, because of different reasons. This undoubtedly suggest that you have suffered immense losses in the past and regardless in which way these losses affected you the most, it also affected your finances, your material life. Whatever happened to you wasn’t really your fault, even though there are times when you blame yourself, when you try to find even the smallest of mistakes, errors, the misjudgment of different situation, all the unwise choices you might have made, but at the end of the day life can only be experienced by living it, knowledge of right from wrong doesn’t come on a silver platter, but it has to be “bought” with suffering, facing hardships and ultimately rising above them. You are an extremely honest person both to yourself and others, so you reevaluated and reanalyzed everything that lead to your losses, failures, unfavorable resolution, so a lot of inner work, auto-psychoanalysis, soul searching has been done to make sense of everything, yet from a strict karmic perspective you reached a dead end, because the unfairness of it all just doesn’t make any sense, you really struggle with accepting that life can be so very unjust, especially with the purest hearted people like yourself and also others who have also been through very many unjust situations, just like you.

The 7 of Coins reversed advises you that you need to stop searching for a greater meaning, it tells you that certain things don’t have to have a very logical explanation, for not every part of our beings is logical and rational and most importantly the world, society, life in general was never ever a fair place. Some people are born with predatory instincts, the predominant influence of their survival instincts, their primordial selves is what makes them so tough, so remorseless, so selfish, but at the same time so damn fortunate and it’s not that you are missing this, it’s just that your intelligence, your spirituality, your morality, your education, your predominant caring nature makes you reject compromises, or opportunities that are not very moral. Once you become aware, once you learn the hidden rules and regulations of the world, once you don’t fight the unjust nature of society with every gesture, once you let go of living this drama, once you shift your attention to your own primordiality and survival instincts, you will discover not only that you are just as strong and efficient as all the “fortunate” people, but also that you mind makes you potentially one of the top predators, for you can outsmart anything and anyone if your truly desire this. And this is the exact reason why the injustice present in your past is rather questionable, for if you would have used all your potential to make sure that you always hold the advantage, even if it meant the sacrifice or breaking away from parasitic people, your situation wouldn’t be THAT much different, but your losses wouldn’t have been felt that much. Once you stop seeking justice, once you stop waiting for karma to realign and manifest, your true future can begin, one where your intelligence combined with your diligence will always advantage you, keep you safe, where injustice can only enter your life when you allow this to happen.

5: The Star. The main symbol of this card is hope, the kind of hope that is true, pure, alchemically distilled to it’s pure divine essence, one that has to manifest in your life. Hope is an emotion, a state of being that is very familiar to you, for there were times in your life when that was literally all you had and just as many times one way or another… sometimes according to your expectations, others times in a totally different way, other times still, even beyond your expectations, it was that hope saved you, for it manifested. The present moment is not that different, because certain things that you wish to accomplish are way out of your reach, so all you can do is hope that somehow the Universe is going to bring everything together. The hopes you have in the present moment are a little bit different, because they are the hopes of a person who has embraced wisdom, patience and total sincerity, and this involved releasing expectations, surrendering “your way or the highway” kind of attitude, you are very open and cooperative with the Universe and everything and anyone present in your life and this gives the Star card an even stronger symbolism, because it means that your life is like on open window, where your lucky Star can shine it’s blessed light upon you every night it rises on your sky.

Usually the star card doesn’t represent a free blessing or a lucky break through, for in order for her light to reach your soul, a Tower moment (upheaval, loss, disillusion, urgent needs) needs to precede it, so the hopes, dreams, wishes you carry and nurture inside your soul, are not just fantasies, but rather things, events, situations you desperately need to take place/be created in your life.

The main message of the Star card is pretty simple, someone who has lived on hopes for such a long time, someone who was saved by the power of their hope several times in life gained a certain kind of soul level experience, a hidden, passive mastery over this power. Many times your mind can’t understand or make sense of the logic of hope, or even where certain dreams and desires source from, but your soul has a non linear sense of logic, it doesn’t always have to make sense to the mind, other times not even the heart, but your soul knows what it is doing, and the stronger you feel the power of hope, the stronger the manifestation is going to get, so all of this tells you in a very clear manner that something big is heading your way. The power of hope is so deeply woven into the fabric of your being, that your soul turned into your lucky star, it’s shining brightly and intensely illuminating the ethereal pathways present in your life and the moment your hope will die out, fade away, cease to shine inside you, (a moment of maximum despair) the following moment manifestation is going to take place, because not feeling hope anymore, descending into despair just means that the power is no longer within you, but doing it’s “job” and drawing divine help that will ensure manifestation. Simply said keep the flames of hope burning in your heart, for the second you feel like you have lost hope, manifestation will take place, that is how you know that your time is finally here.

6: Autumn. This card presents blessed harvest, it’s the symbol of the most favorable side of Saturn. Not all harvests were very fortunate and prosperous, especially the ones that should have blessed your life last autumn, even though the time, work, efforts needed were rigorously invested, the results were not very satisfying. Now as a new cycle is almost here, you are left with all your ideas, creativity, projects, ingenious plans, for some of you all of this has to do with your careers, your professional lives where you really desire to advance, to have the opportunity to show the world and yourself everything that you are capable of, while for others this might mean the desire to change your careers, in such a way that you can make a comfortable living doing something that you enjoy and love doing very much, for others still, this speaks about either going freelance, becoming an artist, starting your own business or embracing agriculture, or a similar self sufficient way of life that can ensure your permanent connection with nature.

You have the plans, you have the skills, you have the passion, you have the willingness to work and sacrifice time and energy for your progress and success and the symbolism of this card tells you that you don’t really need to look any further, because you are already configured for success. The biggest problem and obstacle in the present moment is the “fertility of the soil”, representing all the chaos, troubles, problems and economic instability sweeping over the world, so from this perspective, your current harvest simply can’t reflect the proportion of effort and work you are investing into it. The good news is that nothing lasts forever, life, nature, the cycles change all the time, a land that was once barren can become fertile and prosperous over time, so you need to have patience and not shy away from persevering. Just because in the present moment your life isn’t an endless fountain of prosperity, material ease, money and opportunities don’t flow your way in proportion with the time and effort you invest, that doesn’t mean that your are doomed to fail. Just as the energies are permanently shifting, flowing into different directions, a time will come when the soil of your life is going to be more fertile and blessed than every before, and when that moment comes, you will receive a harvest prosperous enough to compensate you for all the scarcity of the past. Do not give up trying, do not give up persevering, do not give up believing in your own success, because you have already planted a LOT of seeds of intentions in the Universe, you have already showed the world the expert, highly skilled professional that you are, give time for those seeds to grow, evolve and soon, most probably somewhere next year, your will be able to harvest the fruits of your labor and since you already done all the work, you will be delighted for everything is going to feel like a bonus, like a blessing of true prosperity.

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