Weekly horoscope: November 11-17, potential for magic & miracles to manifest

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of November 11 – 17, we have a very active and extremely powerful sky playing out all throughout the week, certain celestial dances taking place next week are going to be extremely rare and powerful, while others will represent very harmonious alignments that can bless us with hope, magic, manifestations and give us the sense that we are making significant progress in at least one area of our lives.

It is without a doubt that the highlight of next week is going to be the supremely harmonious full Moon taking place on the 12th of November in the sign of Taurus, but even before we reach that moment, starting from the 10 of the month we are going to feel the influence of another very important power player, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, blessings and truth, which is getting closer and closer to the Galactic Center, even though this conjunction won’t be exact until the 19th of the month, we can already start feeling it and using it towards our advantage from the 10th of the month. Jupiter expands everything it touches, it can magnify our inner truths, but also infuse us with the energy of hope and optimism and even though that is just a state of being, if powerful enough, if we believe in what we hope for strongly enough, it has a chance to manifest in our lives one way or another, depending on the degree the material aspects of our lives, or in some cases the laws of physics allow that manifestation to take place. The Galactic center is pure, unbound, absolute creation energy, from astronomical perspective it is the super massive black hole in Sagittarius, that holds our galaxy together, all stars and celestial objects in the galaxy orbit around it in a spiral dance, including our own Sun, so implicitly our whole solar system with it, so we can perceive it as the heart of existence it’s self, the ancient mother of all things, the Tiamat if you will, and if we add this kind of power to the symbolism of Jupiter, we can easily tell that this means free creational power, energy of the highest frequency, the energetic building block of miracles so to speak, so during the time when Jupiter dances together with the Galactic center, meditations, reflection, becoming very clear and aligned with your desires (regardless of how palpable or idealistic they may be) or any kind of inner work, spiritual practice, etc. can actually have a very significant effect.

The next very rare and influential celestial dance taking place in the sky is Mercury(rx) in the sign of Scorpio forming a very tight conjunction with the Sun. While it is absolutely true that Mercury and the Sun meet and dance together quite a few times during a year, but this type of conjunction only happens once 13 times a century and what is so special about it, is that Mercury will sit on the solar disc, casting a small shadow, one that is visible from Earth (only with special eclipse glasses, looking at the Sun with the naked eye is strictly prohibited, for it can cause irreversible damage and blindness) so this will be a time for very powerful revelations both for the individual but also for the collective alike. For the individual this energy can represent very significant truths reaching our awareness in that area of life which is ruled by Scorpio, but generally speaking this can represent epiphanies, very powerful insights, emotional clarity, especially when it comes to matters of the past and truths, different perspectives that can promote emotional healing, breaking free from old hurts, old disappointments. Since Neptune trines Mercury and the Sun, this can represent a divine infusion of the spirit, source energy, the maximum manifestation of inspirational energy, guidance, hope, faith, extra-sensory perceptions, true magic, miracle energy. On the world stage however this can play out even more intensely, for this type of energy can reveal to us secrets, can un-mask conspiracies, can promote a very significant and life changing scientific discoveries and research especially in the filed of chemistry, bio-chemistry, genetics, psychology and even the occult or alternative medicine, sciences, pseudosciences. Even though Jupiter doesn’t converse with Mercury, it’s fast movement in it’s home sign of Sagittarius represents scientific advancements in cosmology, astronomy, particle science and most importantly space travel and propulsion systems.

Another reason why this celestial dance of Mercury and the Sun is going to be so special, has to do with numerology, for it is taking place on the 11th of the month baring the number 11, so it’s basically a very synchronistic day, a powerful revelatory energy, associated with what modern mystics call divine downloads. Expect many prophetic dreams, moments of guidance and of course alignment of the inner god with the outer god.

Then, the very next day on the 12th, we have the supremely harmonious and very magical full Moon in Taurus. What makes this opposition of the Sun and Moon so very special are the celestial dances of supreme harmony it forms with Saturn, Pluto from Capricorn, the Sun and Mercury are also going to be trined by Neptune and sextiled by Saturn and Pluto. You can find detailed explanation of all of the celestial dances the full Moon is going to form in a special article dedicated to the analysis of this astrological event:


As you can read in the article above, this energy has miraculous potential, it can represent a major blessing in the area of our lives ruled by Taurus – Scorpio, it is also an energy of empowerment, inspiration, and alignment, so one way or another, depending on your unique situation something that you need to have in your life, something that you feel strongly that you deserve and have worked for is going to come to fruition.

In the following I would like to talk about all those philosophies that the above article doesn’t contain, for Taurus can be perceived in a very different way other than personal possessions, finances, all the material things we love and bring us pleasure, our own notion of beauty and of course self worth. Taurus also represents the miracle of being alive, it represents the way we embody our most sacred principles, it’s symbolism has to do with finding the sacred, the divine, the miraculous in matter, in every day life, in the present moment and fully immersing our selves in the dimension of matter and by doing so we also allow our beings to infuse material reality with the distinctiveness of our souls, we draw upon the energies and symbols of our divine origins and use it to infuse life, material reality, our own 5 senses and perceptions with the divine. We can perceive the harmonious dance of the Moon, Saturn and Pluto as being one of the most sacred duties of our present incarnations: to honor the presence of the divine, of the sacred, of magic and the divine mystery in matter, in our lives, in the whole story of our lives and this can only be accomplished if we choose to live the present moment, if we choose to cut ties with all the problems and sufferings of the past, but also the anxiety, fears sourcing from the uncertainty of the future. When we find the sacred within ourselves, when we can feel the presence of God with all our senses, when we reach the stage of spiritual maturity needed not to fear suffering, but embrace it as a necessary part of what it means to be a human being made of flesh and blood, than we understood the teaching of Saturn and ours souls can truly have an influence over the material aspects of our lives, for we no longer need an external source to decide in our place which of our actions are dignified and which are unwise and silly, we no longer need a celestial judge to limit us from harming ourselves and the sacredness of our beings, we are permitted to be our own judges, our own limitations, we can provide our lives with dignity, grace, fairness, but also severity and assertiveness when life might require it and ultimately it’s understanding, valuing and working together harmoniously with the blessing and gift of free will which means honoring our earthly incarnations and embracing the liberty of life.

Neptune is also a very powerful power player and it’s symbolism, especially in it’s home of Pisces has everything to do with dreams, deep desires which source from the soul and not the ego, fantasy, inner beauty, the unconditional love needed to unlock the true magic and creativity of the soul, so this also adds another sacred duty that certain soul have while being incarnated into matter, which is none other than to try and find a way to manifest their biggest dreams, to find a way to make reality out of something which is just a fantasy, to infuse matter with the strength and influence of the soul. This is the type of energy that encourages mystics, spiritualists, people of faith and of the spirit, to work harder than ever, to try every trick in their books, to concentrate more than ever on the accomplishment of their most sacred dreams, because at the end of the day, this is why they are who they are, this is the main reason why they have always been attracted to the metaphysical and when we have such a powerful celestial opening, when both Neptune the guardian planet of everything they represent and also Saturn, the planet that watches over what can manifest in matter and what may not be allowed, dance together in harmony almost inviting us to dream as big as we possibly can, for those dreams are the very blueprints of the divine inside of us, which desires nothing more to coexist with the human that we are.

The energies of the full Moon also represent the sacredness of nature, for Taurus can be considered the symbol of the Earth Mother. Also, Vesta, the goddess of the sacred flame and purity is going to be tightly conjunct with the Moon, so this energy can represent a major blessing coming from nature. For some it may represent healing, regeneration, for others the wisdom and intelligence of nature, for others still, this can be a divine inspiration telling them that nature gave us our 5 senses not only to enable survival, but also to feel the joy, delight and pleasures of earthly existence and having such desires doesn’t make us hedonistic at all, it is part of what it means being human, embodying our spirits.

Later on in the week, there is also going to be an aspect, that can complicate things a little bit for Venus transiting the sign of Sagittarius is going to form a conversation of tension with it’s higher octave Neptune. This can represent many different things, for some people it can mean fake hopes, illusions, naivety, idealism in matters of the heart, love, relationships, but also with their own self worth, so our judgments and inner truth regarding the matters of the heart, the feelings of others, the value of others or of the self may not be very in tune with reality, jumping to quick conclusions and getting carried away by excessive hope and optimism may not really be advised. Every high also has a low, to the higher you set your hopes, the lower you will have to descend if the bubble of illusion breaks. For others however, this can play out quite the opposite way where disappointments, disillusions, a very fanatical way of approaching things, may give birth to hopelessness and aligning ourselves with a very subjective, biased inner truth, that can change immediately after this aspect breaks up. Another way that this aspects can influence us is to have sky high expectations either from others or from ourselves, especially when it comes to matters of knowledge, wisdom and experience. Venus in Sagittarius can also represent promises, the best way to avoid disappointments of all kind is to know that something is not really ours until we actually have it.

Last, but not least, I would like to close this horoscope with a another harmonious aspect, that can help us, guide us, inspire us to make the most constructive, inspired, beautiful choices and gestures that have to do with our relationships, partnerships and alliances. Jupiter from his home sign of Sagittarius forms a sextile with Mars in Libra, as you probably know from previous articles, a sextile is not a free blessing, but rather blessed energy, inspiration, emotional alignment that you have to use actively, by taking actions, making choices expressing yourself. Jupiter is considered the planet of good fortune, the ancients called it the great “benefic” (bestower of blessings), while Mars especially in the sign of Libra can represent actions, reactions, diplomatic purposes, intentions, ambitions, goals within all our relationships. The best way to use the power of this sextile is to embrace the symbolism of Jupiter, so during this time being generous, kind, tankful and appreciative and expressing all of this to all those people who matter to you the most, who are parts of your life, regardless of the nature of the relationship, can not only solidify and bless your connections, but it can also generate the same kind of action, gestures coming from others, directed towards you. During this aspect we can expect our persuasive skills, diplomatic efforts, expressing our needs and desires in a respectful way (not projecting the inner filth, but rather filtering it), intervening in the favor of others, can all guide us towards success. Equally being open for suggestions, help, guidance from others, cooperating and collaborating with others, being very passionate about our own contributions in the life of others may bare a very favorable outcome. This is also a very good energy to find new connections, attract new, valuable, beneficial people into our lives, but equally a very good energy for reconciliations and rebuilding burnt bridges, correcting our past mistakes, our bad choices etc, for all of this is taking place under a Mercury rx in Scorpio, which also has to do in a different way with people who we share our lives with.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish everyone a blessed, prosperous and miraculous full Moon and a wonderful week!

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