Pick a card: How will the magic of the Taurus full Moon influence my life?

Hi everyone, for today I have created a special pick a card reading, in anticipation of the full Moon in Taurus, taking place on the 12th of November. Because of the numerous harmonious celestial dances formed by both the Sun and the Moon with very important power players in the sky (Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury), November’s full Moon is going to be quite magical and karmic, so the theme of today’s reading is: How will the magic of the Taurus full Moon influence my life?

Take a couple of seconds, relax, focus on the 4 piles of cards and choose the symbol that you resonate the most with, jump straight to it’s interpretation.

Thank you so much for playing and for everyone’s continuous support, the OMN team wishes everyone a blessed Full Moon, may the ancient magics of the mother Moon bring blessings and abundance into your life!



Elder of Earth, The Sun reversed, Princess of Wands, Hope. For those of you attracted by the pentacle symbol, the magic of this Full Moon may not manifest directly in a physical, material manner, but rather it’s going to produce a very powerful transformation inside your subconscious minds. You are en extremely creative, inspired, highly intuitive and empathic person, with a very colorful imaginations, your mind can create the most unique, magical, wonderful, at times even controversial, distinctive ideas, artistic expressions, a unique harmony of colors, thoughts, deeply felt emotions and dreams fusing together into a beautiful chaos, that can enchant the souls of those people who appreciate arts, creativity, visionary ideas. You might have tried so many times in your life to gather all your thoughts, all your ideas, all the inspiration you have inside you and one way or another express it, create something, share it with the world, regardless if it was a painting, poem, crafts, or it can even go as far as a project, business idea, the creation of club for like minded people, or more simply put, to find a way to use your skills, talents and inner creativity practically. Many of your experiments were not as successful as you might have hoped, while at other times you lost your alignment, passion before it could turn into anything concrete, sometimes you were discouraged by the rigid, even absurd rules of an industry or it’s gatekeepers (to have a degree, certificate, pass an exam, have connections in the industry etc), other times other areas of your life, or people present in your life hindered you. The magic of this Full Moon is going to awaken the Elder of the Earth inside of you, which is merely a symbol of practicality, true earthly wisdom, material know how, life experience, but also the courage and strength needed to face material obstacles, the intelligence needed to know how the world of business and finances functions and most importantly an very sharp intuitive sense that can tell you for certain which idea is viable and which form of expression is condemned to failure. This is where your past inner work comes into play, for you have tried your very best to remove subconscious blockages, programmings sourcing from your past and education that made you think in a very limited way about your possibilities and talents (for you might not have all the qualifications necessary, only the raw talent) and also using your spiritual knowledge and practice to empower yourself. All of this is linked to your self worth, which ironically belongs to the symbols of Taurus, so the magical light of the Moon is going to offer you the chance to put into practice everything that you have learned and most importantly all the inner work you have done. The Princess of Wands represents the awakening of your passion, your alignment with the beauty of your soul that needs to be seen by the world, your beliefs and ambitions that you do have something special inside you that can actually make the world a better, more beautiful place, even if just a little bit, and ultimately it represents divine inspiration, for every time you ask the Universe to guide your mind to a greater expression of beauty and distinctiveness, ideas, feelings, altered states of consciousness are going to be available at your leisure. The Sun is in reversed position, because none of this is going to come easily to you, being inspired and skillful is one thing, but believing in yourself strongly enough to actually dare to share your talents with the world requires a lot of guts and courage, so before you can be proud of yourself, before you can count your blessings, you will need to make the decision, that not only are you going to try this, but also endure the challenges, obstacles and the waiting game, because until success reaches you, it will take a bit of time, even if you are blessed by the magic of the Moon. The Hope card finishes the reading and it’s telling you that so many signs, so many dreams, so many moments of divine guidance have always directed you towards this direction, it was total nonsense and impossibility at first, especially in your younger years, but your creativity, your artistic touch never ceased to be an important and relevant part of your Self, of your life’s story, so one way or another, Fate herself is guiding you towards expressing your skills and talents, certain hopes that are also the most beautiful and sacred dreams are destined to be fulfilled, even if the journey is long, hard and bumpy.

Mystic palm

2 of Fire, The Devil, 2 of Coins, Money. For those of you who have chosen the mystic palm, the magic of the Full Moon, may totally surprise you, because her gift to you will be magic it’s self. You might not feel true magic awakening inside of your soul at first, but when your thoughts will start manifesting very quickly, in a very subtle and symbolic manner at first, you will realize that something unusual is happening and once this reaches your awareness, is, when you can choose to control it and use it as it best suits your needs. There is a small twist in all of this, we are not talking about law of attraction, or miracle energy, but rather the symbolism of the Devil card, which suggests that your mind is going to be greatly empowered, allowing you to have a very strong influence over other people present in your life and over the flows of energy in matter (which you can polarize, charge with your thoughts). This doesn’t really mean total freedom to do what your heart wishes, for there is a strong conditioning to these magical energies, whatever you do with it, has to be material and serve the material aspects of your life, because this is the manifestation of your good karma. You have been more than kind and compassionate with so many people, you may have made a lot of sacrifices in the past, even present for your loved ones, you may be even doing a kind of work where you have to deal with a lot of people and their problems, so the Universe, to make sure that you serve your own interests, will block every single gesture of compassion, self sacrifice, altruism, helping others etc. and will force you to focus only on yourself and on your own situation, because you don’t really receive any help or support from others, and that is exactly the main reason why this manifestation comes down to something magical and karmic, for you simply do not have any other source of help in your life.

Once you become aware of the blessing of the full Moon, you are invited to use the divine guidance and your empowered mental state to do the following tasks: the 2 of Fire, represents passion, lust, power of attraction, sexuality, personal magnetism, so your are invited to open your mind and heart in order to attract someone into your life who can advantage you materially. For those who are single, this might represent a lover, who has something they don’t: either knowledge, resources, or a very strong social position, and even though this might not be the most romantic, idealistic love story of your life, chemistry, psychical attraction and mental compatibility are well worth the compromise. For those of you who are already in an established bond, the 2 of Fire can represent a fan, follower, client, colleagues, boss, employer who will simply adore you are your way of doing things and their sympathy is gonna be expressed materially, if you are willing to accept that is. The 2 of Coins speaks about an urgent need to create balance in your financial life. This can mean that you might receive or create for yourself certain opportunities, chances which can help you either erase all debts from your life, or get an extra source of income, that can enable you to start saving, these saving might be very important for your future. The Money card speaks of an inner transformation, where you will no longer resist materialism on a soul level, you will no longer shy away from all the pleasures, joys, fulfillment of materialism, yes this does involve your frequency and vibes dropping a little bit, it also involves an inner change where you become much more assertive and diligent in all your relationships, especially when it comes to sharing material goods, but this is the balance you need in your life and in your soul, because your frequencies are so high and idealistic in the present moment that this stops you from living the kind of life, from a strict material perspective, that you truly deserve. In other words, do not fear the Devil card, you are mature and responsible enough on a deep soul level, you won’t use power over matter for very selfish and self serving purposes, you must trust the purity of your soul and embrace the blessings of matter without fearing it’s corruption.


9 of Water, Ace of Coins reversed, 6 of Swords, “Some money”. For those of you who were guided to choose the Dragon symbol, the magic of the full Moon is going to bestow upon you a very powerful, deep, almost miraculous moment of epiphany, an elevated state of consciousness, maybe a dream or a vision, or a moment of sudden realization, where you will finally become aligned with your heart’s true desire and the life that you are seeking will finally become a crystal clear mental imagine, not an ever shifting, changing blur.

The 9 of Water, symbolizes communion with the Divine, connection to Source, divine inspiration provided by the supremely harmonious trine that Neptune casts on the Mercury-Sun alignment (a major blessing of spiritual knowledge), for some of you it can also be a vision quest, a ceremony where you enter into an altered state of consciousness, or it can also represent a kind of very special escapism that will lead you towards inner knowledge.

Your vision, epiphany, revelation is going to crystallize the future that you would like to experience on a soul level and that is the main reason why the Ace of Coins, a symbol of divine gift, material blessing, abundance is reversed, meaning that until this point, a greater level of prosperity was missing from your lives. The knowledge revealed to you will show you what exactly you need to do in order to swap the Ace of Coins into upright position and tap into your true karmic prosperity, while the 6 of Swords comes as an encouragement to follow your deep desire which can mean different things for different people. For some of you prosperity is needed to escape the mundane, to escape the illusionary ways of society and somehow either find a way to purchase a place for yourselves where you can permanently be connected to nature (retreat, house in the woods, farm, place by the seaside, etc.), while for others this means being able to live a kind of lifestyle that will help you heal your physical body, detox, and adapt a healthy lifestyle with new routines and ultimately you can share your knowledge, experiences and your personal know-how with others, who need this just as much in their lives as you do. For other still, this doesn’t involve something very specific for the future, but rather the urgent necessity to erase debts and all financial obligations from your lives, and embrace freedom, travels, go see the world, without having to fear overspending and your debts getting out of hand. Regardless of how this plays out, the 6 of Swords signifies that with each step you are going to take, with each small accomplishment you are going to transition from an old lifestyle with many unmet needs and lacks, to one where money, finances will not matter as much, where you can be as free from materialism as modern society permits it. For some of you it will mean a different kind of work or income that is going to be very easy and even though it won’t be a large sum or it can’t permit a life of luxury, it will be more than enough for you, because your life is going to feel free, miraculous and blessed. For others this can mean relocation, starting something totally new and innovative, a kind of life where you work for yourself, you are self sufficient and are close to nature.

The Some money card doesn’t mean poverty, it means just enough for you to live the kind of live you desire, no more, no less.

Egyptian Glyph

Elder of Air, The Emperor reversed, The Art (Temperance), Falseness. Those of you who were guided to the glyph pile, are going through a very powerful transformation, that may still require a couple of months to be completed, so the magic of the full Moon is going to bless your with guidance and awaken your inner Elder of Air, a card that signifies your innate intelligence, the power and vastness of your mind, your ultra refined rationality, which you can use to “predict” the future, make calculations, anticipations, based on the wisdom of your life experience, intuition, but most importantly the true strength of logic, the harmonious frequencies of your mind, that can help you to always be several steps ahead of everyone, anything (especially obstacles and losses), including Fate herself.

The Emperor is in reversed position, because the symbolism of the Elder of Air may not really be anything new, you are well aware of your potential, your innate intelligence, but you have never actually used it to outsmart people, outsmart the system, outsmart society and create an incredible advantage for yourself, what you might have used it for was to help, advise, inspire others and figure stuff out for them. So, the first manifestation of the magic of the Moon is going to be a rather negative one, because the Moon is going to pull to the surface all your fears, insecurities, everything that stresses you and weighs you down in your life, among them all the problems, difficulties, dramas of other people present in your life. Stress is not always a negative power, for at times it is exactly what we need to wake up to a different kind of reality, it can easily be transformed into a huge motivational force and that is precisely what is going to happen in your case. The Moment you reverse the Emperor, you will simply brush off all the negative influence of others, you will sever all mental, psychological and even emotional connections you have with others, (inside the self, in your mind, so this doesn’t mean losing all your connections and relationships in a physical sense) and when that happens, you will finally take a breath of fresh air and freedom and come to the conclusion, that you are not responsible for other people’s happiness or well being, but you are more than responsible for your own, in fact you have been neglecting it, which is why good karma didn’t shine upon you all that much.

This is going to be the moment of your true awakening, because deep down inside you are a very positive, lighthearted person, you never ever take life that seriously, you can see the humorous side in everything even the biggest dramas, you are a person who values laughter, playfulness, being a BIG child (alignment with your inner child) the most in life. Once your true self awakes, the way you are going to perceive life is going to change everything for you, almost as if you’d step into a totally different dimension, you are going to finally be aligned with the biggest truth of your life, being blessed with such a sharp intellect, such a vast mental capacity, instinctive problem solving skills and ingenuity is all you need in this life. You already won the lottery of Fate the moment you were born, because the power of your intellect, when put to very good use, can simply attract a solution to every problem you might encounter in life. This is exactly the main message of the Temperance card, the only reason you may not believe in yourself, the only reason why you don’t see the true genius, visionary and intellectual rebel within yourself is because others were so needy and clingy all throughout your life that you never had the chance to do something very relevant and important for yourself, because in the background of your mind you were always thinking of helping others, figuring out solutions for their problems etc. As soon as this stops and you have the full power of your mind to yourself, not taking anything that seriously, treating life as just a cosmic game, your reality will also become less dense, less serious and by this time you have already entered in your state of flow. It can flow as a shy stream, but if you so wish it can also come to you like a massive tsunami of blessing and challenges alike, keeping the game of life interesting and intense. The magic of the full Moon wishes to turn you into the alchemist, that you truly are, there is nothing in life, which your mind can’t transmute into something more pleasant and harmonious. The falseness card closes the reading and it has 2 major messages, once you will stop letting others use your mental strength for their own purposes, you are definitely going to lose some friends, thereby showing their true colors and the true reason why they were friends with you, and secondly you either completed certain studies in the past, or planned on studying something that you were passionate about, but chose against it, or chose not to use your degree. This was somewhat an act of self sabotage, but one that can be reversed in the future, for new doors are going to open for your professionally or perhaps you can use your alchemy to unlock old doors that you could never fully explore without the right “key”. You still don’t possess the key, but you can just alchemize one that fits in every lock.

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