Full Moon in Taurus

Hi everyone and welcome to another astrological analysis of the upcoming full Moon taking place on the 12th of November in the sign of Taurus. This particular full Moon is going to be truly special, magical and somewhat karmic for it converses with very many important power players in the sky and it has the potential to bring you a very relevant completion, closure or shed light on very important details regarding the area of your life ruled by Taurus and Scorpio.

As you probably know from previous articles, a full Moon is nothing more than an opposition of the Sun and the Moon, where their energies and also the energies of the signs they reside in get the chance to balance each other out, thus bringing a completion or a closure, either by triggering certain events, or by directing your attention to certain details, information, practical elements you may have missed, thus giving you the advantage to create the completion (since the Sun is in Scorpio, we can also include significant change, transformation, regeneration in this picture) through your own means.

Generally speaking Taurus is the symbol of the 2nd astrological house of personal possessions, values, our worth and assets, the things we treasure and find beautiful, our power to gain resources, while Scorpio rules all those resources that we share with other people (like friends, colleagues, family, partners), our debts (what we owe to others, and at times what others owe us), but it also has to do with regeneration, transformation, endings, losses, inheritance, death, secrets, and the occult.

Before we get into the main influence of the aspects, it’s worth mentioning, that the Moon, the symbol of the soul, our emotional worlds, our intuitive sense, our female energies is exalted in the sign of Taurus, making her symbolism that much stronger and during the time of this full Moon, she also dances together with the asteroid Vesta, keeper of the sacred flame, the symbol of our sacredness, inner fires, purity of our souls. At the same time, the Sun in the sign of Scorpio also has a celestial dance partner, which is none other than Mercury retrograde. Mercury and the Sun form conjunctions many times over the course of a year and every time such a conjunction takes place, we can expect revelations, communication, new info, divine guidance, epiphanies, a lot of ideas, a greater level of intelligence and especially in Scorpio, Mercury is very analytical, very rational, very intuitive, very curious and investigative, our minds can reach places, which might be closed to us at any other times. If this celestial empowerment wasn’t enough, the Sun and Mercury a day before the full Moon, on the 11th form a very rare conjunction, that only occurs 13 times in a century, for the conjunction is going to be visible from earth (not with the naked eye, special eclipse glasses need to be used, otherwise the light of the Sun can irreversibly damage our eyes) and this equals powerful revelations both for the individual and on the world stage and some astrologers even associate this with the so called divine downloads.

Another celestial conversation that doesn’t directly speak with this full Moon, but can have a massive influence is Jupiter getting closer and closer to the Galactic center, this conjunction is going to perfect it’s self on the 19th of the month, but can be felt from the 10th onward, and this can be perceived like a divine infusion of creator energy, helping us to make incredible advancements in that area of life that is ruled by Sagittarius, while on the world stage this can play out as a massive scientific discovery that can change many things, or it can also represent new technologies, especially those that have to do with space travel.

In the following let us take a look at the most important celestial conversations that the full Moon is going to hold:

  • Saturn and Pluto, from the sign of Capricorn are going to trine the Moon in Taurus. Trines are free blessings, they can be considered as celestial empowerment, inspiration, guidance and many times it can even be miraculous energy, especially when a person is in Saturn’s “good book”. This can be seen as a divine inspiration, very practical guidance or a straight forward Divine intervention that has to do with the material aspects of your life, for both Saturn and Pluto and the Moon are conversing from earth signs. Both the Moon and Saturn are greatly empowered, for Saturn speaks from his home sign, while the Moon from her exalted sign, so this can infuse us on a soul level with great strength, true wisdom, a sense of self worth, dignity like never before, where we can actually feel whole heartedly proud of who we are, our choices and actions, and such a state of being can attract the generosity, love, the kindness of others. For some people this can play out as a huge display of good karma for their sacrifices, hard work and time invested into things that matter to them the most, while for others it might play out as help, support, kindness from other people, especially professionally, or help from institution of the state (councils, services, government), organizations (banks, charity, professional association), or help of a very experienced and well established person.
  • Saturn and Pluto also sextile the Sun and Mercury rx, during this time. Sextiles are inspiration, motivation, divine guidance that we need to follow up with action in order to harvest the blessing, but even these celestial dances are empowered by the fact that Pluto rules Scorpio, the sign where the Sun speaks from, making it’s manifestation, transformation, or revelatory symbolism that much stronger. The best way to perceive this celestial dance is, if you take action, make choices, follow up the guidance you are aligned with (your inner truth) one way or another it is going to lead you to experiencing, living, manifesting, obtaining the changes you wish to enable in your life. Depending on your own relationship with Saturn (hard working, ambitious, patient, righteous individuals are favored) this can represent either a major advancement, success, breakthrough, or all of this can lead you towards the right path, showing you what you need to do in a very palpable manner to get what you desire, or enable the changes you wish to experience.
  • Another very important power-player is Neptune, for it sextiles the Moon in Taurus, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and it also trines The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. The sextiles can be perceived as very powerful inner states of alignment with our ideals, principles, unconditional love, altruism, but also the kind of inspiration we can only get once we are connected to Source, so this aspect of the Moon can represent an incredibly powerful and very practical (earth sign) intuitive guidance, while this aspect with Saturn and Pluto can represent the result of inner work, spiritual practices, dreaming big and believing in our dreams with all we got. The trines with the Sun and Mercury rx, can be perceived as both obtaining practical spiritual knowledge, finding a way to manifest our desires, or a kind of divine inspiration that can help us find the way how to use our spiritual practices in order to turn this supremely harmonious dance into a major blessing.

Now that we know just how advantaged this celestial conversation is by Saturn, who allows and enables manifestation, material advancement, karmic rewards; by Pluto, who gives us the power to accept even the most painful and difficult to comprehends truths and also shows us where our personal power lies; Neptune who can inspire us, guide us, bless us with elevated states of consciousness unlocking the divine intelligence to act through us; Mercury rx who will enable completions of everything that was left hanging from the past, but also infuse the Sun, the symbol of self expression with the power of the mind and the blessings of positive affirmations and last but not least Vesta blessing us with the sacred fire and indirectly Jupiter, who can expand all of this by directing the power it receives from the Galactic center unto our most sacred dreams and wishes, allowing us to co-create them.

The energy of this very magical, full Moon is going to greatly advantage artists, those who work with arts, poets, musicians, sculptors, painters etc. for during this time they can have the inspiration, the idea, the vision of their lifetimes, and putting it to practice, creating will surely lead them to significant success. Very hard working people, those who always act with compassion, mercy, self sacrifice, are in the service of others or the greater good, can also receive a big karmic reward or compensation for all their sacrifice for Saturn’s many conversation can link together many areas of life form where good karma can manifest. People who always act with great dignity, equity, righteousness, projecting their own self worth and self esteem unto others in the most positive, inspirational and uplifting ways, sharing their inner strengths with others (for example mentors, teachers, judges) are also going to be greatly advantaged by this energy. Spiritualists, occultists, mystics, daydreamers, idealists, in other words those who have very strong Neptunian vibes and ways of life are also going to receive blessings, but because Saturn plays a big role in all of this, work or invested time is required for this to turn into a physical, material manifestation (inner work, self healing, inspiring and motivating others counts as work), otherwise they can receive a blessing in forms of clarity, truth, inspiration and practical knowledge, allowing them to do the work needed to enable the changes they wish to see.

Because of the positioning of a Mercury rx, people who are struggling with old debts, people who are looking for new career opportunities, people who are simply looking for work, or maybe the desire to climb up on the hierarchical ladder in their current jobs, people who wish to master their skills further, people who are looking for some very relevant business, professional, lucrative connections can all make progress, during this time.

This energy doesn’t necessarily have to do with money, it can also promote physical healing, breaking free from bad habits that damage the body, regeneration, psychological healing, breaking free from people who have a bad influence, healing severe traumas, anxiety, past hurts, finding forgiveness, accepting painful truths etc.

Another possibility of how this dance can play out also doesn’t have much to do with materialism, but rather self worth, so during this time you may receive gratitude, praises, honors, gestures of recognition, very soul touching feedback for the work that you do, for the service that you offer, for fulfilling a certain role in someone’s life, or for simply being you, the human being who you choose and strive to be. In this sense the karmic reward is going to fill your soul with appreciation, it will be as a divine confirmation and thank you for always choosing to be yourself and act with dignity and compassion.

Thank you so much for reading, wish every a blessed, magical and very rewarding full moon!

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