Weekly horoscope: November 4 – 10

Hello everyone and welcome to your weekly horoscope for November 4 – 10, we have an active and very powerful sky playing out all week, at the very start we are still going to be under the influence of both Mercury retrograde and the powerful square between Pluto and an exiled Mars, but as we progress towards the end of the week there are going to be many significant sextiles (positive aspects, that need to be followed up with action) that can help us turn all of our disadvantages either into valuable source of knowledge or though perseverance and determination we even have the chance to transform them into something positive.

Mercury retrograde might complicate certain things in our lives especially those that have to do with communication, interpretation of gestures, correspondence, technology and the internet, but it also has a very positive side, because in the sign of Scorpio it can empower our minds to be super analytical, it can awaken the full force of our emotional intelligence and our desires to be perfectly aligned with the truth and it can also help us detach from a subjectivity, being too caught up in our dramas and it can help us see, analyze, consider the perspectives of other people. It’s also a fantastic energy that can make us aware of our bad habits which deteriorate either our physical, mental or physiological health and especially towards the end of the week, when Pluto is going to sextile Mercury rx, we can find the wisdom and mental strength to change those habits or to eliminate them totally from our lives. Equally it can also be an extremely empowering energy to find solutions to problems that linger in our lives from the past, for example debts, old misunderstandings and miscommunications, opportunities that we might have missed or given up on in the past, all of these may return to our attention giving us the chance to rethink everything and perhaps try again to accomplish all that wasn’t successful or was neglected in the past. This is also a wonderful energy for psychoanalysis, healing traumas, confronting old fears, or simply getting to know yourself inside out.

Mercury rx, is also conjunct Pallas-Athena, which is also a very helpful energy for it can awaken our tactical senses, our foresight, our mental diligence and inspire us to take the most appropriate actions in order to make progress.

Another very powerful celestial dance that is going to start the week is the square between Pluto and Mars in Libra, a sign where it’s symbolism is weakened, so this can put a lot of pressure, frustration on us, we may feel as if the whole world is against us or is conspiring in our disadvantage at times, also this can make us extremely agitated, assertive, irritable and quite aggressive. Given the fact that Pluto also squares Eris, the goddess of discord in Aries, this can cause a LOT of social unrest, protests, conflicts and violence worldwide, so it is highly advised to try your very best and simply detach from the world, from all the problems of society and even your own personal drama and try your very best to perceive everything that is going on in the world and in your own life standing from a place of an observer. This might be very difficult at around the 5th of the month, because that is when the power of this square gets very strong, so expect a lot of conflicts, misunderstandings, polemics, irrational aggressive reactions coming from other people, or a barrage of toxicity, complains, negativity and dissatisfaction sourcing from all your relationships. On the world stage this can mean further violence, increase in crime rates, and deterioration of diplomatic relations between nations. There can be potentially a very positive side to all of this, for the power of this square can also be transformed into a huge motivational force, for Pluto in it’s most negative expression is obsession, but in it’s most positive expression is the sheer force of resilience, determination not giving up despite all odds, especially if your goals and purposes have to do with very noble, altruistic goals, or have to do with your own healing and soul level well being, so it is advised to detach from it’s negative expression and use this inner restlessness to accomplish your goals, to energize your will, to program your subconscious mind to run a favorable programming, and most importantly to eliminate toxic people from your life. To be able to use the power of this square for positive and constructive things is not very easy, it takes a lot of inner strength to detach from the negativity, but once you have reached the other side of the spectrum, once you can tap into the power of your will, you are going to feel truly motivated and nothing will be able to determine you to walk away from your path and to give up taking actions, working trying your best to create positive changes in your life.

Fortunately there is another celestial dance that Mars is going to form, that represent the opposite of this energy, which is none other than a sextile with Jupiter, speaking from his home sign of Sagittarius, making it’s powers and symbolism that much stronger, and also it is very close to the Galactic center, so towards the end of the week, around the 10th we will be able to feel an energy of divine empowerment and protection. The sextile between Jupiter and Mars can help you be aligned with your own truth, it can help you make inspired choices, it can help you take the very best course of action, especially when those actions have anything to do with your relations to other people. Jupiter can represent an energy of hope, faith, truth (in our case honesty), generosity, so if your actions and gestures project all of these unto other people, the world, society, only good things can be born from this, so use the power of this sextile to embody your inner truth, your honesty and to be a positive force in the lives of others, regardless of what your own situation is. This is also a very positive aspect for legal issues, things that have to do with the law, trials, justice, courts of justice, especially if something related to these matters have been stagnating for a long time, for even though a Mercury retrograde doesn’t favor the progress of new communication and documents, what it does favor is unresolved issues from the past.

Venus freshly entered the sign of Sagittarius is also a wonderful energy because it represents love for truth, love for knowledge, love for philosophy, especially life philosophy, inner truth, love for travels and visiting exotic places and getting connected to foreign matters. This energy is going to get very intense towards the end of the month when Venus will dance together with Jupiter, a conversation that can represent a major breakthrough, very lucky energy, new love coming from abroad, but also new knowledge, new studies, new business opportunities, new travels.

Saturn from his domicile of Capricorn sextiles the Sun in Scorpio, this is also a very empowering aspect, for it can represent great karmic rewards for those individuals who worked very hard, who have always striven for dignity, fairness, morality, who sacrificed much time, effort to get where they wish to be and who made sacrifices for the well being of others. This is also a fantastic energy for self disciple, for looking at the Self with total honesty, for accepting our faults and trying our best to correct them or not allow them to influence others in a negative way and also it can represent a major blessing if we make good use of our virtues, talents, wisdom, diligence when making choices, taking action or reacting to something.

There is another celestial dance of supreme harmony the Sun receiving all the power of Neptune from his domicile of Pisces, where3 it’s symbolism is greatly magnified. This energy can be of major inspiration, spiritual blessings, feeling connected to source, altered state of consciousness that can guide you and inspire you, emotional healing, magic, spiritual practices, positive affirmations are all heightened, it can also infuse us with a deep sense of compassion, empathy, unconditional love, but also the gentlest expression of courage, where we choose to express compassion, emotional empowerment, kindness, mercy for those who are disadvantaged, weaker than us, vulnerable. This is an infusion of humanitarianism, charity, kindness, in other words the true power of love that can change the lives of many, especially those who are struggling with mental health, emotional issues.

This is also a superb energy for artists, they can dream up the most wonderful, inspired and unusual creations, a wonderful aspect for creativity and artistic expression, especially those artistic currents that have to do with the beauty within the unusual, beauty within imperfection, beauty within the darker, uglier, bizarre, secret and occult side of things.

Later on, Mercury retrograde is also going to be trined by Neptune and besides a heightened intuitive sense, emotional intelligence, inspiration, this can also represent nostalgic energy, but one that manifests, in the sense that we may get connected coincidentally with people who we haven’t seen for many years, we may be reminded of our past dreams, goals, wishes and desires that we may have abandoned and the spark of passion may just reignite in our hearts, it’s also fantastic for emotional healing through spiritual means, ceremonies, exploring our subconscious and making “adjustments”.

This can also give us moments of deja vu, being able to glimpse into our past lives, or get connected with loved ones who passed on either through dreams or altered states of consciousness.

Right around the end of the week, both the Sun and Mercury are going to be sextiled by Saturn and Pluto and this aspect represents the power of manifestation, for Mercury the planet of the mind can help us concentrate, give a mental shape and form to our desires that just crystallize in our minds, while the Sun can represent the force, power, needed for their manifestation. If we have aligned ourselves with the requirements of Saturn (diligence, wisdom, willingness to work hard and sacrifice for our dreams), then there is a high chance for manifestation to take place. Most of the other aspects also contribute one way or another to empower your actions so that you will possess the inner magnetism to make things come together: Jupiter sextile Mars can give you the power to fight for your truth and share your blessings and virtues with others, the trine of Mercury, Sun and Neptune can help you believe in yourself, in your dreams and be a person of compassion, mercy and altruism, the quincunx of Venus and Uranus can surprise you with unexpected opportunities, gains, but also new connection that can prove very valuable, and it can even produce certain losses, awkward, apparently disadvantageous situation that can lead you towards significant gains.

This is going to be a very magical week, where the energies just start to grow and get more intense, leading up to the week of November 11 – 18, a very important time for we have an absolutely amazing full Moon in Taurus that can represent a BIG completion in your life, a very rare conjunction of Mercury and the Sun that can be a time of epiphany, downloads, clarity and truth, and also Jupiter is going to conjunct the Galactic center, which is going to infuse us with creational energies and elevate our souls to a whole new level, expanding everything that we focus on.

Thank you so much for reading wish everyone a blessed week!

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