November forecast astrology & Tarot-scope

Hi everyone and welcome to your monthly predictions for November, in this new format, the first part of the article is going to be a very general astrological overview, you can find everything you read here detailed in the free weekly horoscopes, and there is going to be a second part which is a tarot scope for the 4 elements of the zodiac.

From an astrological perspective November is going to be a very dynamic month, with a lot of very impactful celestial dances and movements taking place in the sky, if you had any major stagnation in your life, then November can prove to be very useful, for the fast movement of Jupiter and Saturn are going to greatly mobilize energies, trigger events, especially those that have to do with material aspects of life, travels, court cases, legal issues, studies and there’s also going to be a very powerful energy shift regarding spiritual energies for at the end of the month Neptune is going to go direct, so spiritual forces are turning outward.

Just as we start the month, Mercury is going to stand still in the sky and go retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, this isn’t necessarily something negative, because in the sign of Scorpio which rules secrets, investigations, careful analysis, a Mercury retrograde is merely going to put the emphasis on the need to rethink, reanalyze, think everything through with extra diligence, wisdom, care for the smallest detail, in that are of our lives ruled by Scorpio. Generally speaking, this just concentrates the symbolism of Scorpio, for a retrograde Mercury and all the celestial dances it’s gonna form with other planet, just continues the main theme of revealing, exposing secrets, forming very diligent and careful strategies, attempts to find solutions to the main problems society is facing etc. This might cause certain inner tension and conflicts, but all of this for the sake to embrace the truth and learn to trust our intuitions and emotional intelligence. In this sense around the 11 of the month we are going to have a very rare Mercury – Sun conjunction, one which only happens 13 times in a century. Mercury always traverses the sky following the Sun, so a conjunction of these 2 planets is something very common and happens many times in a year, but this time this conjunction is going to be so tight that it can be seen as Mercury touching the disk of the Sun (with special glasses used to look at eclipses, never ever must we look at the Sun with the naked eye, because it can blind us and do permanent irreversible damage). This rare astrological event is going to greatly empower Mercury, so it will be a time of a great revelation, both for us individually depending on where Scorpio falls in your chart, but also collectively playing out on the world stage. The 11/11 portal has a very powerful significance in numerology as well, so it’s going to be a very powerful energy concentration.

Also, at the beginning of the month, the general feel of assertion, conflict, civil and social unrest, political crisis, deterioration of diplomatic relations between nations is going to continue due to the square an exiled Mars in the sign of Libra holds with Pluto in Capricorn. The 3rd and 5th of the month will be moments when the power of this square can be felt the most, and even though it will be a time of great unrest, for the individual this can also represent almost an obsessive power to follow your goals, work towards accomplishing your will.

Venus moving into the sign of Sagittarius may be a great blessing from many different perspectives, but ultimately the biggest advantage is that we are going to simply fall in love with the desire to love in truth, desire to possess knowledge and understandings and it can also represent a major break-through in space travel technology.

It’s going to be a fantastic month for spiritualists and artists during the trine that Neptune and the Sun hold, this can bless all of us with altered states of consciousness, optimism, compassion and of course divine inspiration, it’s going to be a fantastic energy for musicians and those who create music.

From a karmic perspective the sextile of the Sun and Saturn can also be a source of instant good karma manifesting, especially if we place as much effort, energy and time doing the things needed to accomplish our greatest desires. This will be the highlight of the sky around the 10th of the month when both Saturn and Pluto are going to sextile the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury retrograde, this can be an excellent opportunity to catch up with work, or accomplish things that you have missed out on in the past, or if something in your life still awaits completion, closure, for example like an old debt, or something you have been planning for months and months but never got the chance to take action. Also, around the 10 Jupiter is going to form an imperfect conjunction with the Galactic center, a conjunction that will perfect on the 19th, but will be felt from the 10th, and this can represent a major infusion of cosmic energies, all of which can be used for us to align with the divine plans and manifest what we desire the most.

Around the 12th of November give or take a day, deepening on which side of the planet you are on, we have an amazing full Moon in the sign of Taurus, one that can represent a major completion in your financial life, or a big acquisition, or perhaps the fulfillment of something someone promised you, that also involves material gains. This full Moon is going to be extremely potent and powerful, because the Moon is going to be conjunct Vesta, goddess of the sacred flame, so besides all of the material blessings and manifestations it can bring into our lives, it can also ignite the divine fires burning deep in our souls, and it can also strengthen our connection with Mother Earth.

Around the 20th of the month, Mars finally leaves Libra, and enters his home sign of Scorpio, a sign where it’s symbolism is greatly empowered. Even though this is going to mobilize and motivate us very much to start making choices, even difficult ones, to take action, have courage and be very honest and confrontational, express and defend our inner truths, it’s opposition to Uranus in Taurus can cause quite a lot of conflicts, outbursts of rage, violence, massive global protests, revolution, especially regarding the environmental issues, global warming, pollution, unfairness and equality in matters of material well being, finances, possessions etc. There is going to be a very strong urge to protect the weak, disadvantaged and vulnerable, so there will be a major and violent cry for social justice and equity, but this violence doesn’t necessarily be physical, even though it’s not exuded, it can also be mediatic, on the internet, social media, dark web etc.

Right around the 24th of the month we are going to have a celestial dance of absolute harmony, Venus the minor planet of good fortune dances together with Jupiter the big benefic (bestower of blessings) in Jupiter domicile of Sagittarius, as they form a trine, with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus has an incredible magnetism and can attract many things in our lives in an instant, while the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter represents an incredibly lucky energy, so during this time we can witness some great displays of good fortune with probably huge lottery wins, gambles paying off handsomely, soulmates finding each other miraculously, major scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, and in my personal opinion, the discovery of a totally new, revolutionary type of engine, or propulsion technology that can change space travel.

You can find all this detailed in the weekly horoscopes.

The next part of the forecast are tarot readings of how November’s energies are going to feel for the 4 elements of the zodiac:

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

6 of Coins reversed, 8 of Coins, Justice.

For air signs the month of November is going to be extremely important, because this is when very important alignment can take place, the kind of alignment that can cause the Universe to conspire in your favor and make things happen for you, but there is a very important condition to unlocking this: you need to observe your life, your place in the world, and your inner most desires as objectively and as detached from the collective reality as you possibly can. This detachment is extremely important, because you need to get in your most realistic vibes, because when you need physical reality and future events to align to your will, your purpose, you need the kind of clarity that can be only provided when the rationality of your mind is balanced out by the passion in your heart, this will help you eliminate false hopes, fake expectations, idealism, but also negative self talk, a pessimistic approach, and all the inner blockages that can stop you in your tracks. The ultimate purpose is for you to know without a shadow of a doubt mentally, and to feel it on a heart level, that regardless of how your past patterns and cycles were, regardless of how your life once used to be, you are not the same person, this is the new you, who doesn’t have to be restricted in any way, who can live a life of freedom and do in life what you are most passionate about. Once your mind understand that this possibility is hundred percent realistic, that there are infinite numbers of opportunities out there for you, even if non of this was ever available for your past self, the world, reality and YOU are different in the present moment, and with the expansion of your awareness and the vastness of your mind… you can create something totally different for yourself, as long as you know what you want with crystal clarity and you are connected to a higher power that can guide you and facilitate everything for you.

This is exactly the main symbolism of the 6 of Coins reversed, for in upright position it’s the card of charity, generosity, help, kindness, helping out other people either materially or with a favor/ work, and you have done all of this most of your life, so you have been the 6 of coins in the lives of so many people. Now the 6 of coins is reversed, because that period in your life is over, and you need to acknowledge that you have to surrender and allow this card’s symbolism to be reversed in your life, at least in November, for in this position all of your kindness, generosity, help needs to be directed towards yourself, and yourself only. As a matter of fact, your willingness and wisdom to allow this to happen is going to attract even more help, from people who owe you a lot for your past actions and interventions in their lives. So, the 6 of Coins reversed speaks about a potential very important material progress in your lives, where resources and help are going to come, and you will need to invest everything that you will receive in yourself. For some people this will mean balancing out their financial situations, so that they can have a very good start next year, while for others it means very important purchases of items or even goods of great value that you simply need to have, either for professional, personal, or practical reasons.

The 8 of Coins continues the reading and it also speaks about the necessity to invest every extra material resource that you are going to receive in yourself, because you are going to need a very stable, palpable and well thought out future plans, scheme or a rough estimate from a financial perspective, because your future success and advancements are going to need to to follow your own mental designs. From a spiritual perspective, we can interpret this as you need to know what you desire and how you are willing to achieve it, because this time around it is the Universe that needs your guidance, to provide it with “instructions” and preferences. The 8 of Coins can also mean new opportunities that are going to complete your future plans, because they can mean a new beginning career wise, new studies, new courses, mastery, learning and refining an existing skill, and for some of you even an offer to be either a mentor, teacher, trainer.

The Justice card completes the reading and it tells you that November is going to be a time when you need to reach inner balance and clarity, because all of this is going to be reflected in your physical reality. November and the following 11 months are going to be a very important time in your life from a karmic perspective, because they will balance out your life, in the sense that you will receive the opposite of what you have experienced the last 11 years of your life, so for many people this is going to represent a time of justice, when they will have the chance to enjoy the finer and pleasurable things in life, be allowed to do the kind of work and activity that they will be passionate about, and more importantly turn every karmic injustice that they have suffered around, and make their lives fair and complete. Breaking free from the past and all the negative events of the past was the main theme of all 2018 and 2019, but now that we are getting to the end of this cycle, everything that you have done internally, like inner work, clearing traumas and blockages, finding forgiveness etc. is going to manifest and provide you with much needed closures and new beginnings.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

The Hermit reversed, Justice, Guardian of Fire.

For earth signs, the month of November is going to be very busy both real life situations but also inner energy shifts will need their full attention and implication. Most earth signs, all throughout this year, have done some very significant cleansing work, trying to sort out their lives and eliminate everything that simply didn’t have a place in it anymore, but most importantly this affected you from a social perspective, for many past social connections disappeared from your lives, and even though you might feel a bit lonely at times, there are no regrets because you know that it was for your highest good. Besides all the inner work and tough decisions that followed it, you have been also very busy from a material perspective, for you might have started saving resources, in order to accomplish some very important future goals, that have to do with either buying a new home, securing a stable career, or a stable source of income that is long lasting, moving to a different place, city, country, or saving up enough resources to take a very long time out, allowing you to focus on yourselves and your emotional well-beings.

The Hermit reversed opens the reading and it speaks about the events of the recent past, where from almost every perspective you have found your inner truth, your hearts true desires and finally after many years of chasing certain goals, which really were just subconscious projections to prove your worth to yourself, you have found what you needed the most: your true self worth, so the lamp of the Hermit shines brightly and it irradiates from inside of your being, revealing a totally different aspect, side, possibilities of reality which always evaded your interest and focus. The unfavorable expression of the hermit in reversed position is that of solitude and isolation, and without a doubts all of this is also part of your journeys, for your inner truth has revealed to you many fake social connections, friendships, alliances that you had in your lives, and now not only are you more than comfortable with very few but real friends, but you are happy with your own being, thought’s, emotion’s company and this is a state of sacred solitude, for some people only on a soul level, for others even physically, that you do not wish to abandon, only if a truly worthy and honest new connections appears in your lives, but until it does, you might have no interest to make compromises just for the sake of not being alone.

Regarding the future, the Hermit reversed, signifies epiphanies, surprises, discoveries souring from deep within you, all of which are going to help you fall even more in love with your life’s story, and help you “write” it, or better said co-create it further.

The Justice card speaks of two different things, that are going to take place simultaneously, one of it’s meaning is a decision, choice, action that you will need to make, one that can have a legally binding effect. This can signify contracts, official documents (dealing with banks, institutions, managing a loan or a credit), changes is professional partnerships or place of work, that will need to be renegotiated, where you have the upper hand, but it can also mean court cases, legal issues, evolution of a trial, or making a choice regarding a purchase. From a totally different perspective, the Justice card speaks about karmic justice, where the month of November is going to allow you and empower you to bring a greater sense of justice in your lives. This can mean doing something that you really wished to experience in the distant past, but you never got the chance for different reasons, it could mean letting go of an old hurt, or injustice done to you and finding forgiveness and moving on, or this could mean unexpected help entering your life, due to past good karma being reflected upon you. Either way, this isn’t something that is just going to enter your lives freely, all of this requires your awareness and to actively engage and work with the opportunities that will show up.

The Guardian of Fire continues the reading, and it comes through as an advice. The month of November is going to be quite difficult regarding your spare time, so you will be quite busy and have a tight schedule, all of which can fatigue you and just tune down your enthusiasm and ambition. This card advises you, that regardless of how busy your life is going to get, you have a choice not to consume all of your energy, reserving some to keep your inner fire burning at all times. Being very passionate, approaching everything with ambition, always striving to give your very best, and facing obstacles and inconveniences with determination to overcome them is going to be an essential state of being that you need to upkeep as much as you can. Having your inner fires burning at all times is going to lead you towards success, accomplishment and significant advancements, and since November is going to be an extremely powerful karmic time because of the very strong position of Saturn, everything that you will invest time, work and effort in will have a very high chance to come to fruition quickly, so the Guardian of Fire advises you to work with the Saturnian energy and symbolism.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

The Emperor, 8 of Swords, Six of Water.

For fire signs, the moth of November is going to have a lot of karmic tests, temptations, but also delightful rewards, given the condition that you successfully navigate through the temptations. Energies, situations, interactions with other people, inner frustrations are going to provide most of the temptations, where the easy option would be losing your cool, exploding, raging, being overly assertive, while passing these karmic challenges will require a lot of inner control, self discipline, consideration, and actively seeking to turn stress, anger, frustrations into a motivational force, that can fuel your progress, instead of lashing out at others or being harsh with the Self. Because of the very strong position of Saturn, the karmic forces are going to be much quicker than usual, so keeping your cool, acting from a place of calm and diligence can have very quick positive manifestations, but equally doing the opposite can also attract a karmic reactions very quickly.

The Emperor opens the reading, and this card has a very strong association with fire energy, because it can represent severity, service to the self, a very strong and rigid ego, being obsessed by having your way, wanting to win or succeed at all costs in it’s least favorable expressions, but equally, it can also represent true leadership, leading by example, being strong for those who are weaker than yourself, this is the most favorable expression of the divine masculine using the strength of the mind, logic, but also all of the inner resources and virtues to start building, laying down the foundations of a stable and harmonious future, or future goals. Both the positive and least positive expression of the Emperor lie within all of us, but it is the power of our wisdom, emotional maturity, and courage to choose compassion instead of severity, that can determine us to invest energy within the Self, so that we can align with the aspect of the Emperor that serves us and others most efficiently with each different situation we encounter. Even though, it is perfectly natural that we choose severity and authority at times, for it is also our sacred duty to protect the Self and our most sacred principles, yet under such a very karmic sky, it is evident which attributes of the Emperor we should choose to embody. So, during the month of November, fire signs will have to do their best to represent the master builder, for there are going to be numerous opportunities that can allow you to lay down the most important “bricks” at the foundation of your future, so the more in tune you choose to get with expressing your creativity, working hard to accomplish your plans, and even helping and guiding people less fortunate than yourself, can catapult you that much closer to the future you would like to experience. Even though, the Emperor signifies that certain responsibilities, problems that are going to await solutions may enter your life from different directions, this will require you to invest extra time and effort and split your focus in several different directions, however on a soul level, you can maintain a state of singularity, of absolute focus and concentration, that requires you to attract events into your life that can offer you all the resources you need (material ones, connections, inner resources, wisdom, knowledge etc.) for building the life that you wish to experience.

The 8 of Swords, can represent a very challenging energy, that is going to trigger, the least favorable expression of the Emperor, and this can represent inner obstacles that bind you down, for example: negative self talk, not being able to see your situation and options very clearly, worries, insecurities, frustration, lack of patience taking away your inner stability, or one of it’s most common interpretations is overthinking, analyzing everything with duality, even when it’s really not the case. Of course the 8 of swords represents outer obstacles equally, and these can be morally, emotionally binding situations for example your loved ones needing your support and help, hormonal/chemical imbalances in your body that can disrupt your concentration, or it can be toxic people who use you and toy with you, without your awareness, that are gonna complicate your lives. The Emperor, representing the power of your will and ambition is more than capable of handling the situation of the 8 of Swords, but this requires the courage to be absolutely honest with yourself and see things for what they really are, because the truth is going to enter your life, both inner truth, revealing your inner obstacles and subconscious blockages, but also the true color of certain people who you keep in your life.

Getting rid of the situations symbolized by this card will be a huge step forward from every single perspective.

The reading is closed by the 6 of Water, and this card represents new social connections. So, this completes very harmoniously the situation of the 8 of Swords, for a social and heart level purge of your existing relationships, can eliminate sources of negativity and stagnation from your life, and it can give way to new people to make an appearance. This can symbolize the birth of new friendships, new acquaintances, a very inspirational figure who can give you the best advice and positivism, it can be a new pet, a non human best friend who can simply magic your life into a place of unconditional love and emotional comfort, and last but not least, it can represent a fated moment, when there is a chance for you to reconnect with a person from the past, or your childhood, someone who at that time played an important role in your life, but you were separated by events that simply didn’t depend on you, maybe a relocation, or something similar. Either way, regardless of how this card manifests in your life, it’s going to provide you with food for your soul, feeling respected and loved, and it’s also going to be a huge inspirations force in your life.

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio):

10 of Cups, The Hanged man, Guardian of the Earth.

The month of November is going to feel quite surreal for water signs, because it’s going to be full of synchronicity, spirituality, and an overflow of positive emotions, but even excesses of positive feelings need to be kept balanced and under control, for compassion can easily turn into self sacrifice, which even though is a noble gesture, there are times in life, when the karmic forces simply do not tolerate excessive expressions of altruism, because they can prevent karmic lessons from being learned, and from this perspective it’s really counterproductive. The dances of the planets, especially the very strong position of Neptune, also going direct in the last part of the month, is going to be extremely potent, since it’s in his home sign of Pisces, a deeply spiritual sign, are going to create altered states of consciousness, moments when water sign will have the chance to look back at the past and their lives in general through the perspective of the soul, and so many things are going to make sense, fit perfectly into the puzzle, and this will provide them with a very strong spiritual advantage for the coming months.

The reading is opened by the 10 of Cups, a card that symbolizes emotional fulfillment, comfort and calm that can source from a partnership of any nature, it can represent unconditional love and also romantic love, the love support of family and best friends, or generally speaking any source of happiness that other share with us, or we share with others.

For those of you who are in an established bond, this can mean a source of joy, emotional harmony or even relief sourcing from the lives of their partners, and this can lead to decisions of union, engagement, marriage, establishing a family in the future, taking their relationships on a whole new level emotionally and spiritually. For those of you who are single and looking, this might represent new love, but one that can evolve slowly from a spiritual connections, not as much from practical partnerships, sharing something, or bodily love, all of these are merely things that are going to follow in the future. Generally speaking the 10 of cups can also represent an intervention, emotional support, love, healing, spiritual work coming from your behalf, directed unto someone you love deeply, so this can mean parents -children, siblings, very close friends, soulmates etc. Of course all of this is going to come as an irresistible urge, for water signs are known for their innate compassion and altruistic instincts, but as the Hanged man suggests this can also have a bad side, because there is a tendency to overdo it, completely forget about the Self and your own life, and direct all your focus towards those who you love. This is totally counter indicated, and in your case the karmic challenge is to find balance and resist going into excessive self sacrifice, or allowing the pain and hardships of those who you love and are going through a tough time, to consume you even more than it affects them. You need to approach this from a place of balance and clarity, knowing that your well being is also very important, because the stronger and more stable you are the more you can help your loved ones.

There is another side to this, because the Hanged man can also represent your inner visionary, the openness of your mind, the complexity of your mental sphere, that can cause you a great deal of suffering, unrest, and spiritual blockages if you allow the pain of the world, all the problems, conflicts, social battles, political and financial crisis that is sweeping over the collective to influence you more than it should. In this sense detachment, and knowing that being aware of everything is enough, and you don’t need to necessarily share the pain and suffering, for it simply doesn’t do anyone any good, you can help, support whichever causes, movements, goals you resonate with, without getting buried in it and allowing it to overrule your own reality.

This card suggest that from this perspective, things are not gonna be very easy, because there will be a lot of news, conspiracies, secrets exposed, truths revealed world wide that will deeply impact you, and make you think and sometimes question all your knowledge about the world. These moments are absolutely fine because doubts, restructuring your beliefs, looking at things from many different perspectives are all very constructive and healthy, in fact those are the healthiest things, as long as you can find the inner determination to reach a conclusion that can help you maintain your inner structure, your inner truth, and the feeling of being aligned to your soul.

The Guardian of Earth is a fantastic card, because it represents material stability. This isn’t present in every water sing’s life equally, but everyone is working their way towards unlocking their inner Guardian of the Earth, the most practical, resourceful and clever aspect of their being, that can manage and keep your financial situation and your material lives balanced at all times. For some of you this card represents slow but very steady progress, advancements from a material perspective, where business, work, all your financial plans are moving slowly in the right directions, inevitably offering you a future that you are more than comfortable with. For others, this represents harvest, fruits of your past work, efforts, time invested into something like a project, lucrative goals, business starting to pay off, a bit late, but all of this is due to divine timing. For others still, this card represents a very good idea, an epiphany, the birth of a strategy, which may involve future investments or a big purchase, that can advantage you big time, but a lot of patience and careful planning is needed in order to succeed.

Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone a blessed and prosperous November!

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