Samhain/Halloween special pick a card reading

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to wish everyone a blessed Samhain/Halloween/Day of the dead, may our hearts unite as one, as we honor the spirits of our ancestors and loved ones who embraced the great journey to the other side of the veil! To celebrate this sacred day, I have created a very special pick a card reading with the theme: “Messages from beyond the veil”, where I have prayed and asked the spirits to deliver a message to anyone who reads this.

Look at the 4 piles of cards for a couple of seconds and ask the spirit to guide your intuition, then choose a pile of cards, and jump to their interpretation.

Thank you so much for reading and please do not forget to honor the spirits this sacred night, even if it’s just a simple prayer or thinking about them with love and gratitude.

Pile 1: Those of you who were drawn to no. 1, the spirits are telling you that they are aware that you have been though a lot of hardships emotionally, mentally and karmicly and also that there were moments when you felt totally abandoned by everyone and everything, including the spiritual forces and your guides. All of that hardship was necessary for you to fight off limiting beliefs concerning your own worth and strength, because once you have survived your darkest days with dignity, you simply can’t question your own strength and incredible soul level and psychological resilience anymore, also this is a lesson that is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. While, you are probably well aware of all this, here is what the spirits were trying to tell you all along (that is why you had so many dreams and moments of synchronicity): the spirit world is infinitely proud of all your accomplishments, hard work and most of all the compassion, benevolence, understanding, wisdom and spiritual maturity that you have displayed and embodied in the past 9 months. The fact that you chose to believe in your purity, your most sacred principles and not project your suffering on your loved ones and the world, choosing to suffer in silence, rather then to burden others with your pain, while at the same time being there for your loved ones and even total strangers who needed help, elevated your soul, your emotional purity and the frequency of your mind, to the most divine levels, as the Ace of Cups suggests, so even without realizing it, you have been the “hand of God”, an agent of mercy and compassion, a saving grace in the lives of others, so with or without your awareness you have been serving the spirit all this time. On this sacred day, the spirits and the divine forces that you have embodied are the ones to offer you their gratitude, and they would like you to know that what you have done will not be forgotten, and as a sign of their appreciation, but also to reflect your true worth, a major blessing is going to enter your life in such a way that you will know that this is your reward, this is your gift for choosing to be YOU. Regardless of how the blessing is going to manifest, it will bare a “signature” so to speak, so that intuitively you will know in an instant, without any doubt, that the spirit world is smiling upon you with appreciation and endless love. Expect empowerment on all levels to reach you, for you have earned it.

Pile 2: For those of you who were attracted by No. 2, the spirit is saying through the 5 of Coins, that either you have been through a very challenging material struggle, or had worrying health problems, all of which you had to face and even though you made great progress total recovery is still work in progress. The spirits say that this crisis was a karmic cleansing, which had little to do with your own personal karma and much more with your families karma, especially from the maternal line of your family, because one of your female predecessors (mother/grandmothers/great grandmother/great-great grandmother and so on) has sacrificed a lot of her life and happiness for the survival, well-being of her family, so that she can offer a future for her descendants, and this left a certain karmic void that you and your family have to compensate. This might have been the reason why you felt so lost and felt that what was happening you was unfair from every perspective, but you wouldn’t be here today, or you wouldn’t have all the blessings in your life if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of your predecessor. The Good news is that the karmic debt has been balanced and now you and your loved ones are free from fate’s grip and as soon as you recover regardless is the problems were health related, financial, or career wise, you will be able to enjoy a future, that you have always dreamed of and worked hard for. The female spirit is smiling upon you with infinite love and pride in her soul, for she finds you more than worthy, and encourages you, as the 7 of Cups suggests, that you need to gather all the power you have in your soul and fight like you have never done before in your life for your dreams. Your time is here, a new cycle where karma/fate allows you and even encourages you to aim for the stars, fight with all you’ve got for your happiness, for your most important dreams, for your success is simply a must and is going to be the major theme in this new cycle. The spirits bless you with inspiration, passion, soul level fertility, creativity, and most importantly a very special magnetism that will draw, attract everything you need in your life, but there is a big requirement, you need to own your power and follow up the inspiration, creative impulses with action.

Pile 3: For those of you who chose No. 3 the spirits have a very important message for you and there is a sense of urgency, because this guidance has reached you in many different ways (dreams, synchronicity, random songs, lyrics etc.), but the message wasn’t very clear for you guys, not because you weren’t aware or open minded, but rather it’s something that is difficult for you to accept. The Hermit suggests, that in the past 9 months you have done some ground breaking inner work, healing, cleansing, psychological purification, confronted your fears, traumas, inner blockages and as soon as the purge took place, you slowly but surely replaced the inner void with self empowerment, you have elevated all your virtues, you have found a deep sense of gratitude for who you truly are and most importantly you had a moment of epiphany, where you have finally understood that you have been blessed at birth with an innate intelligence, vastness of mind, vision, combined with an inner, soul level gentleness that has always guided you to use all your virtues in the service of others, to seek the highest good of everyone. This advantaged you with mental, soul level and emotional maturity beyond your years, for your mind was like a sponge, being able to absorb knowledge, information, wisdom, but this was also a heavy burden because thanks to your clear sight, you instantly saw the selfishness, excessive ego in many people, and you had to decline a lot of good opportunities, that would have lead you to either material, professional, personal gains and social power. This is the main reason why you could never own your luck, but times have truly changed and the spirits are strongly advising you, that this time, especially the next 8 months you need to focus on yourself, your future and your own situation even if it means cutting out other people who drain your energy. This requires a certain level of selfishness and being a bit self absorbed and it is this, (The Devil) that goes against who you are. The spirits are telling you that you are such an innocent person at soul, that even if you would try very hard, you couldn’t come across as selfish or self absorbed, it’s actually a very normal state that everyone else in your life experiences, except you, and this is where you are many times defeating yourself, being afraid of being selfish. The spirits say that if you manage to discipline yourself and stay immersed in your own story, stay grounded in your own, personal sphere and focus only on your own being, your own needs, your own plans, a HUGE display of good fortune will change your life forever. It is not sure in which way, but what the spirits are telling you is that after that lucky event, good fortune, win takes place, you won’t ever have to think about your own problems and own drama ever again, because you are gonna be safe and grounded for a very long time, allowing you to focus and do whatever you desire.

Pile 4: Those who were captivated by No.4 may have had problems and difficulties emotionally, love wise for many years. It may have been the case that you have been the victim of a narcissistic partner, or have suffered losses in love, or had many fake friends, because you might have always thought about yourself as being difficult, needy, complicated, in other words hard to love. The spirits are actually outraged every single time you think these thoughts and feel this way, and there is a certain frustration in their ethereal hearts, because the truth is actually the opposite. You are not just a person who is infinitely easy to love, but once the fire of love ignites in your heart for someone, you spiritually, emotionally and energetically raise the soul of that person up to the starts, you give them pure divine food and empower them 24/7 to be their strongest, best and most efficient version. You did receive this feedback at times in your life, and even though it did and always does make you feel better, you still do not believe it, not even on a mental level. Here is the deal, as long as you don’t wanna see your true beauty, purity, the divine strength of your heart and emotional world, as long as you keep on dwelling in a state where you see yourself as a victim or a reject, the spirits, your guides, the Universe, Fate herself can’t do anything to change this, because you close the portal that lies deep within your subconscious. The 6 of coins is reversed, because you are the only one who can change this for yourself, this is a gift, the gift of love and rejoicing in the beauty of your soul that you need to offer yourself. The moment you start doing this, the moment you start knowing just how attractive (not just on a soul level, Coins is earth energy, meaning physically as well) you truly are, the moment when you start wishing the best of the best for yourself and start affirming this, you open the portal in your subconscious, that is closed in the present moment and you invite the energy of love to manifest in your life. This doesn’t guarantee you instant manifestation, but what it can change instantly is the way other people will perceive you. Once your magnetism and true beauty crystallizes in the minds of others as well, it is then, when things will truly start to change for you, and you will be a people magnet and as the Constancy card suggests, this will be a permanent and fun part of your life, for you won’t be able to stop attracting appreciation, compliments, admiration, friendships and of course love. The Justice card represents karmic balance and righteousness, where the opposite of what you’ve had in the past needs to enter your future. So, out of the many people you will attract in your life, one will be the perfect match for you, where as the 2 of Water suggests, you will simply “drown” (in the best of ways) in each others beauty and love. If you are not single, this doesn’t have to be romantic love, but the appreciation and sincere friendship of a very strong and socially powerful person who will change your life forever. The star of Venus is ready to help you and empower you, are you willing to accept her challenge and gift?

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