Weekly Horoscope: October 28 – November 3

Hi everyone and welcome to your weekly horoscope for the week of October 28 – November 3. We have a very active and dynamic sky playing out all week, with Mercury going retrograde around the 31st of October – 1st of November depending on which side of the planet you’re on, and also around the 2nd of November Venus is changing signs, leaving her detriment of Scorpio and entering the fiery energy of Sagittarius.

We being the week with a very powerful and emotionally deeply impacting new Moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio, this energy can produce a number of different things in our lives: first of all new Moons are associated with new beginnings, so this can represent the start of a new chapter in an area of life ruled by Scorpio, which might enter your lives in the most unexpected ways, for there is an opposition to Uranus; secondly the darkness of this new Moon is going to be extremely powerful at revealing secrets, things hidden from your sight, the true colors of those people who are present in your life and have your trust (for some thing will be delightful, for others very sour), it can also bring to the surface represented emotions, old hurts and traumas and you might be forced by these energies to face the ultimate truth and change your life, so that it can reflect your inner truth; and thirdly it can also provide you with a sense of increased practicality, emotional and mental focus, to attract solution to all problems you might be facing, the opposition to Uranus has the potential to expand your mind and awareness and bring out your inner genius.

Globally, however this new Moon is going to expose and revel some very relevant and game changing secrets about the world, the true “game masters”, it can damask fake idols, it can reveal certain very influential people’s true colors, it can shed light of very controversial conspiracies, but it can also cause an increase in protests, revolutions, rebellions, civil war, citizens opposing their governors and institutions, fight between environmental protection and those who stand in their ways, so this is going to be a very very intense and hard to bare period for some people, because the very potent Uranian activity can also trigger anxiety, stress, it can put a lot of pressure on the central nervous system so sleeping patterns might be altered.

If you would like to read more about this upcoming new Moon in Scorpio, we have specially dedicated article: https://www.onemillionnights.com/2019/10/23/new-moon-in-scorpio-27-28th-october/

If, the restlessness and agitation brought on by the Uranus opposition wasn’t enough, energies and emotions are going to be very tense right from the beginning of the week, because of the conversation of tension, called a square, that Saturn forms with Mars, exiled in Libra (a sign where it’s symbolism is weaker). This can cause irritability, feeling overwhelmed by restrictions, inability to make choices, misjudgment, fatigue, and this can cause a lot of separations in inter human relationships, but also the deterioration of diplomatic relation between states and nations.

This is going to get more and more intense, as the mixture of Scorpionic energies increase, for Pluto is also going to square Mars it’s minor octave, both of them being rulers of Scorpio. This can cause rage, anger, deep hatred, intolerance and almost an irresistible urge for violence, regardless if it’s physical, verbal, emotional, or even spiritual. This aspect stresses out an already weakened Mars very much, but we must understand that all of us have the power to transform, transmute stress into motivation, and if we always stand from a place of detachment and unconditional love, we can stop ourselves from snapping and projecting violence and toxicity unto other people and the world. For the individual, this is going to be a very hard to bare aspect, because people will tend to be extremely toxic, resentful, irritable, irrational and they will snap even at the smallest provocation. The best way to navigate through this aspect to realize that most forms of violence and the impulses that govern it are born either out of fear, or dissatisfaction with the Self, and once we can see the fear that drives people to act that we, we can find understanding and sympathy for them. Now, Pluto is all about power, especially in Capricorn, it represents the power of authority people have over each other, and it is this power that needs to be close to equal, otherwise there will be a tendency to break free from anyone having authority over us, and this is mostly going to be felt in relationships, in established bonds, so many fights in couples can occur, where them main theme is going to be who is the boss, who has more influence and decision power. The best way to navigate through this hard aspect is to approach life with total clarity of the fact that in truth power is an illusion, we don’t have power over anyone except ourselves, anything else is merely a compromise, an agreement, either passive or active, which is kind of a let’s pretend I’m your boss, or you do what I say, and this can only be real once you accept it and make it part of your reality, otherwise, you can always withdraw the power other have over you and vice versa. But this leaves us to acknowledge the primal truth that we DO possess power over ourselves, we can take action, choices, react the way we see fit, and it is this power that we should value and hold sacred during this time, for no one can hurt you unless you allow them too, especially from an emotional perspective, and of course you can always choose not to snap and not to project your own frustrations on others, and this is already a major step towards overcoming this square and turning it into something positive.

Globally however, things are not as simple, for this is an incredibly assertive, toxic, violent Scorpionic energy, and it affects Mars in the part of the sky that rules relationships, diplomacy, alliances etc. so we can expect a lot of uprisings, violent clashes, use of force, even deterioration of alliances among nation, smaller scale wars, clashes, conflicts, and since Eris, the goddess of discord also squares Pluto, people world wide are going to be on the streets fighting for what they believe in.

This is a massive concentration of assertive energy, so even if a person is not part of any groups, or doesn’t support any kind of violence, by watching the news, media, etc they can still be sucked in emotionally and this can cause severe depression, unhappiness, and for some very fragile souls suicidal tendencies. It is highly advised to try everything that is in your power to detach from the drama, you need to be fully aware of that you have a choice of what you allow to enter your reality and what has to be blocked out. This doesn’t mean ignorance, for you need to be aware of what is going on on your planet, and you should also have an opinion, a preference, but always and I mean always look at it from a place of objectivity and total detachment, because the world’s drama is also your drama unto a certain extent, but not deeply emotionally, depression, being horrified, losing hope for a beautiful future, are all illusonary feelings, because at the end of the day the money most ppl fight about, the territories, even laws and rights do not exist outside the human mind, they are not part of nature, meaning that we make the real, and it is your own choice if you wish to sustain their existence with your own belief or not. Getting head over heels immersed into the drama, means that you are also allowing an illusion to rule over your soul, for money, territory, rights, laws, any product of the human imagination is not real to it, it comes from a higher, divine source, it simply doesn’t care whatsoever about any of those things, so why would you force your own soul to care more than it is willing? Once again, I ask everyone who reads this with all my heart, please observe all of this from a place of maximum detachment, and know that in order for us to evolve collectively clashes are imperative, overcoming challenges and obstacles is the only way to evolve, at least, from nature’s perspective, so please do not let all the hurt, hatred, violence and lies out there depress you and make you feel like an alien, you are the master of your own reality and you have absolute control of what should exist in it and the measure.

On the 31st of October – 1st of November, Mercury stands still in the sky and goes retrograde. The internet is already filled with a lot of Mercury rx posts, but this particular one is not really going to be as negative or as challenging as most retrogrades for a number of different reasons:

  • Mercury retrograde is actually a very useful energy especially in the sign of Scorpio, because it will provide extra clarity, extra mental power, rationality, attention and focus in order for us to figure out the most relevant and significant inner and outer truths, and the flow of energy will decrease of course, but mainly emotionally and that gives us extra time to think everything through extra carefully;
  • It promotes healing, regeneration, from a psychological but also quite physical perspective, for Scorpio also rules regeneration and recovery;
  • It gives us the chance to reevaluate the past over and over again, and rethink the future, make better, improved, stabler future plans, but it’s also a brilliant time for self knowledge self discovery;
  • It can cause feeling of nostalgia, remembering people from the distant past, and there is a chance for us to be connected, reunited with old acquaintances, people who we haven’t seen or hear about in 10’s of years.
  • It is a brilliant energy to sort out our finances, manage debts, manage relations with other people/institutions who we share something with;
  • Very good to reach emotional clarity giving birth to reconciliations, especially where bridges have been burnt;
  • It’s also a wonderful time for sacred solitude, spend time with yourself, get to know the vastness, secrets and mysteries of your mind, your own being;
  • Superb energy for research, investigations, journalism, paranormal research, science, students, much much progress can be made in these domains.
  • And given the fact that it falls on the 31st of October a very magical and holy day in many cultures, the veil between the worlds is going to be especially thin, so regardless if you celebrate Samhain, Halloween, Day of the dead, Scorpio and Pluto rules all of these, also the occult and paranormal, so this can be a very very magical, outer body experience, paranormal day, where you can use the power of Mercury rx, and the new Moon, and the opposition with Uranus to set spiritual goals, intentions, purify and cleanse your life and of course thank and honor your ancestors and loved one who are no longer with you.

Another very relevant energy shift is Venus, entering Sagittarius around the 2nd of November. This can represent our love, our passion, our soul level desire to obtain knowledge, to understand certain philosophies, the deepest and most arcane vibes and matters of the heart, love for our own spiritual practices, religion, the desire to study a subject professionally, the love for travels, especially long distance ones, where the most magical and exotic places just call our hearts to visit and experience them. In this sign Venus is extremely philosophical, very deep, very elevated, this is the kind of vibe that is called intelligent love, but since this is a fire sign, this also represents passion, devotion, taking your love for something or even someone to the highest levels of expression possible. If this wasn’t enough Venus also represent self worth and personal values, so this energy is going to be fantastic for intellectuals, teachers and students alike, academics, globe trotters, travelers, researchers, scientists, clerics, lawyers, magistrates etc. Their intelligence, knowledge and experience is going to make them extremely attractive, and during this time they can benefit even materially from everything they do.

The Culmination of this moment is going to be weeks later, when Venus the minor benefic and Jupiter the big benefic ( benefic = bestower of blessings) are going to dance together in the sky in a conjunction at the last degrees of Sagittarius, making their powers much stronger, especially Jupiter’s because Sagittarius is it’s domicile, so this can be a very very lucky, fortunate moment for certain people, life changing blessings can enter their lives, deepening on where 29-30 degrees of Sagittarius falls in their chart.

Last, but not least Jupiter, speaking from his home sign of Sagittarius sextiles Mars in Libra, and this is a very positive celestial dance that can counterbalance the stress of the square. It is said that Jupiter is the bestower of blessings, good fortune, truth and virtues of all kinds, but it is Saturn who has to decide if it allow the manifestation or not, so this sextile is a fantastic opportunity and opening to try your very best and survive the oppressive nature of the square with grace and dignity. A sextile is not a free blessing, for it is guidance, motivation and inspiration, if you choose to follow it through with action, that action is actually going to receive the full blessing of the planets, so Jupiter is all about truth, generosity, expansion, and blessing, meaning that you have a choice to be a blessing a force of emotional support, a peacemaker, a provider of clarity and objectivity in the lives of others, helping them navigate through their own darkness and fears, and choosing to do such a selfless and compassionate act may be reflected many times multiplied back to you.

Thank you so much for reading, please try your very very best to navigate through the very assertive and potentially violent squares with detachment and love in your heart, and if you feel alone and defeated please remember there are always people out there who are willing to listen and help, myself included.

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