New Moon in Scorpio (27-28th October)

Hi everyone and welcome to another astrological analysis, in this post I’m going to be writing about the upcoming new Moon in the sign of Scorpio, taking place around the 28th of October, give or take a day depending on which side of the planet you’re on. As you probably know from previous articles, new moons are usually associated with new beginnings, setting intentions and goals, which over the course of the next 6 months can turn into reality, depending on your level of alignment with the area of life where the new moon takes place. This particular new Moon, is a little bit different for a number of different reasons. Firstly it is taking place in the sign of Scorpio, and it’s symbolism has much to do with transformation, transmutation, endings, discovering the truth, but it’s also the main symbol of our repressed emotions, traumas, inner truth which is very hard for us to accept and acknowledge, and because of this, the Scorpio new Moon is also going to provide us with a very powerful inner cleansing effect, giving us the chance to become aware of even the hardest to bare inner truths, and this gives us the power to change it, eliminate what we do not need, or to give it a much more aligned manifestation with the person we know we are on a soul level. Another reason why this new Moon is special is because it’s main celestial dance is going to be an opposition with Uranus. This aspect is very relevant, because Uranus is extremely unpredictable and quick, so conversing with the conjunction of the Sun and Moon (new Moon) will tend to balance out the energies of Scorpio and Taurus, but it will do is in a very quick, uncontrollable, surprising, shocking manner, but what’s even more important is that Uranus always serves the raw, unmasked, unrefined truth, it is an extremely cerebral energy, while Scorpio is rather emotional, so this means that whatever truth is going to be revealed, it could be a huge game changer.

For the individual, the new beginnings, changes, transformations, purges that this new Moon can produce, depend very much on where Scorpio and Taurus fall in your chart. Generally speaking, this can be a fantastic time for attracting solutions to any financial problems you may have, this is a very good energy to navigate through logic, resourcefulness, ingenuity, strong tactics out of debt, it’s also a fantastic energy to make new connections and attract people in your life who you can share inner or outer resources with, so this implicitly means that it can be a new job, it can be connection with a very experienced professional who can help you is certain matters, it can be new business offers, gifts, presents, it can also create situations where you are the one who will have to share what you have, especially with your loved ones like children, family, close friends, it could also be an inheritance, healing from a psychological perspective, ending old hurts, conflicts, and finding forgiveness or it could also play out as the end of certain relationships in your life, regardless of their nature, when they do not serve your highest good.

The energy of this new Moon, can also be a very good time for spiritualists, seekers of truth, mystics, researchers, paranormal investigators, detectives, journalists, scientists because Scorpio rules both secrets, but also the occult, mysteries, magick, so all intentions set during this time to know, see, acknowledge, reveal, shed light on things hidden from your sight, or from reaching your understandings have a very high chance to produce significant results. Everything you wish to know, see as it truly is, find out about, research etc. may reach you in the most unexpected ways thanks to the opposition to Uranus, so this can also enter your life as a major epiphany, as a moment of sudden realization, as an eureka moment at it’s finest display, but it can also source from coincidences, synchronicity, from other people, from the internet and news etc. Regardless of how things reach your awareness during this time, not everything will be easy to process, for some truths can be very hard to accept, can produce shocks, anxieties, they can really shake a person up, especially if those truths are inner ones or how others truly feel for you, so the best approach to navigate through this aspect is not to have any expectations other than to expect the unexpected.

Among other things, Scorpio also rules death and transformation, which can implicitly mean your physical health, so during this time extra caution should be taken to prevent accidents, unfortunate chain of events that lead to loss of anything, doing risky physical activities like stunts etc is not really advised, neither taking huge financial risks or gambles, extra caution should be taken for health and safety measures and checking if everything is as it should be, and this even goes for spirituality, in the sense that be very careful what you wish for during this new Moon, because you might get it in an instant, but not the way you imagined it.

Scorpio also rules sexuality, carnality, fetishes, strong sexual urges, same sex relationships, so this new Moon can produce significant changes and new beginnings in this area, but since it opposes Uranus, all of this can enter your life as a shock, as a surprise, in the most unexpected fashion, so those of you who lead a double life from a sexual perspective, might wanna proceed with extra caution during this time, for Uranus can bring anything to light and to the awareness of others.

The part of the sky where this new Moon takes place also rules regeneration, so this can be a fantastic time for emotional healing, therapy and inner work might prove incredibly effective, but it’s equally good for physical recovery, healing, regeneration, detox, eliminating poisons from our bodies, alternative healing methods, breaking bad habits.

For the individual, how these energies play out and manifest will depend very much on the positioning of Scorpio in their natal charts, and how in tune they are with the flow of the energies, but for the collective however, on the world stage, this new Moon can produce some very “shocking” changes.

In this sense, one of the most important events that this celestial dance is going to produce has everything to do with secrets, especially those that affect us collectively, secrets of world powers, secrets of world leaders, secrets of military, political, diplomatic alliances, cover ups, deception, misleading the public, conspiracies, “skeletons in the closet”, mass manipulation, corruption in the media and internet, people, groups, organizations who pull strings from the shadows etc. All of these are things under the rulership of Scorpio, while it’s ruler is in Capricorn, a sign that has to do with the hierarchy of power structures which govern us collectively, so there is a very high chance that all these secrets have to do with leaders and the power they have over us. The revelation, bringing light to these secrets, the change in awareness that the exposure of all the hidden information that is being kept from us, are in perfect harmony with the symbolism of the new Moon, for the new beginning can only take place if we as a collective, know what we need to change, and this knowledge is going to be provided by Uranus, which can be seen as a huge, massive swords of ultimate truth and revelation that’s going to descend unto the keepers of the secrets. This can either be a series of events, or one event in particular which is going to spark the interests of the collective, but one thing is for certain what follows next is revolution, revolt, uprising, demand for truth and justice, for all of these have to do with the symbolism of Uranus. Now if this wasn’t enough Mars in Libra is going to square Pluto, and this is an extremely assertive, aggressive, violent energy that is going to raise tempers, cause violent protests, rebellions, fight world wide, and it can also deter, change, transform diplomatic relations between nations.

Eris, the goddess of discord, being retrograde during this time, also squares Pluto, and this just creates a very unstable “Molotov” cocktail of emotions, rage, thirst for justice, equity and equality, and this is sure to spark conflicts, civil wars, and even diplomatic wards world wide.

This can play out in a very unusual matter as well, for Mars forms a minor aspect, a quincunx, with Neptune and this can represent conflict, wars, battles at sea, maritime warfare. Another way to approach this is by putting the emphasis on Neptune’s spiritual symbolism and in this sense the quincunx can represent the combination of spirituality and aggression, which usually are totally incompatible, but that is exactly the main influence of the quincunx merging together 2 symbols that have absolutely nothing in common, so this can translate to spiritual wars, people world-wide, using the power of their emotions, thoughts, spiritual practices to influence reality, in a way determined by their principles and inner truths, in other words, some people might attack the power structures which govern the states and the world not physically, but rather spiritually, trying to manifest the “change”, downfall of the world leaders.

Uranus also rules being in touch with the future, visionaries, future technology, the advancement of technology and the internet, so all of this can play out in a very constructive was as well, for example very relevant, ground breaking scientific discoveries can reach daylight regarding genetics, decoding the genome, paleontological discoveries, discoveries in micro-biology, chemistry, bio-chemistry, nuclear fusion, but also new spiritual currents, schools, principles can also gain ground, especially those that are revolutionary, never seen or heard of before.

Last, but not least, another very probable possibility is shedding light either deconstructing or finding out the truth of the matter regarding very relevant conspiracies, speculations, theories about various subjects (aliens, the occult, other beings, secret military plans etc) especially those which spread via the internet and in on-line communities.

During the time of the new Moon and in the first weeks of November, we are probably going to see a lot of anger, violence and conflict in the world, and this can have a very devastating effect on empaths and emphatic people, for naturally they will feel the pain of the world, and seeing people hurt and suffering, even by means of media and internet can cause depression, anxiety, panic attacks or a very bad psychological state. It is highly advised to watch everything that is going to unfold from a place of healthy detachment, trying your very best to fill in the role of an observer, because feeling guilty that you are not on the streets or supporting freedom fighters or those who wish to unmask a conspiracy, won’t really help you or the world, keeping strong, sane, detached and from a spiritual perspective keeping high frequencies is more helpful than anything else.

Also, do not let the strife and conflict in the world distract you from your spiritual practices, for this new Moon in Scorpio is a very powerful spiritual boost, that can help you find answers to your deepest questions, it can offer you significant emotional healing and ultimately with the practicality of Scorpio, and the magnetism of Uranus it can help you manifest what is the most important in your life.

Thank you for reading, I wish you a blessed new Moon and please stay safe.

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