Weekly horoscope: October 21 – 27

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for October 21-17. We have a very powerful sky playing out all week, the energies are going to feel very versatile, because hope, a touch of the spirit and inspiration is going to be provided by the supremely harmonious connection that Neptune is going to make, but on the other hand we are going to have a very stressed and oppressed Mars, who is in exile in the sign of Libra (when a the ruling planet of a sign traverses the opposite sign, it is considered to be in exile, and it’s symbolism is weaker than usual) and is going to form some dances of tension with Saturn and Pluto, inciting tempers to rise sky high and there is going to be a strong feeling of assertiveness towards the end of the week. The Sun also changes signs, entering the sign of Scorpio on the 23rd, and this is another important step in the energy shift, for this concentrates the Scorpionic energies.

We start the week with Mars and Venus in exile, but it is Mars that’s really going to struggle all throughout the week, because it forms a very strong square with Saturn and later on towards then end of the week, Pluto is also going to dance in the same manner with Mars.

The Square with Saturn can have a very oppressive effect, because it restricts the speed and intensity of Mars, so this may cause us to feel very uncomfortable, it can give us the false impression that we are stagnating, not making any real progress, it’s also a source of challenges, contradictions, misunderstanding from all our relationships, regardless of their nature, it can also represent the necessity to serve others, it can create a lot of complication in our relationships, where we might be feeling as if we are morally bound to step up and help other people, we may feel a certain soul level obligation to put our strength and virtues to good use and share them with the world, and even though this should be a very positive thing, if we have any expectations attached, then we might be left feeling very bitter, for this astrological dance doesn’t really involve reciprocity, or any instant gratification. This can also leave us feeling very agitated, tired, drained, it may cause is to be extremely irritable, so negotiations, persuasions, diplomacy, finding common ground may not come very easily, for there can be a lot of resistance, both from inside of us, and other people as well. We can also see this playing out on the world stage, where diplomatic relations between nations will start to deteriorate, and furthermore it can also cause a lot of conflicts and agitation within a state, against different social categories, or people will generally feel as if the rules and laws of the state is not serving their interests and highest good at all. Sadly, this is just the beginning, for things are going to really heat up towards the end of the week, after the square between Pluto and Mars will start to get stronger. Now this celestial dance spells big trouble, because Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, and both of the rule the sign of Scorpio, so this represents a very strong energy of assertiveness, angers, rage, violence, intolerance and since Pluto also squares Eris, goddess of discord at 23 of Aries, this can even cause hatred and excessive display of violence. For the individual this celestial dance can mean a lot of anger, breakdown in relationships, power struggle, obsession with getting your way, it can also cause feeling of injustice, being disadvantaged, and there is a very high chance for these feelings to take control and cause out-lashes, violent outbursts, anger and rage, so it is expected to see very many public fights, increase in violence, crimes, rape, conflicts between people, friendships, relationships ending etc.

Globally, however, this can have very strong repercussions, for this can easily ignite a war, regardless if it’s between nations, civil war, violent protests, anti-political movement, even attempts of assassination targeting very important people, and since later on Pluto sextiles Mercury in Scorpio, this could also represent informational battles, cyber attacks, on-line war etc. The best way to navigate through this very hard aspect, is to simply try and observe everything that is going on in your life, in the world, in society standing from a place of maximum detachment. Violence, rage, anger is a choice and we always have the choice not to respond to provocations, not to project our own dramas and dissatisfaction onto the world, we are being invited to proceed with caution, diligence, and standing from a place of maximum awareness and trying our best to understand others, especially their wounds and pains that cause violent outbursts, and with this knowledge, this understanding, observing things from a place of detachment can help us make the best choices, it can give us a stronger sense of self discipline, where we can choose to not let anger, rage, impulses take over us. Globally however, this will be the start of a very tough energy shift, for every act of violence, every clash between society and the state or between 2 conflicting nations, will set the stage for the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (12 January 2020) a very strong celestial dance that will produce a massive change globally, deconstructing and then reconstructing the power structures that govern the world.

Since we are talking about military warfare, there is another aspect that can spell trouble and that is the quincunx of Neptune and Mars. Even though it’s a minor astrological aspect, that should normally have a small influence, it can still produce complications and it’s most unfavorable expression which is conflict, war, battles at sea, and a change of diplomatic relations that concerns the seas and oceans.

All of this is a pretty depressing and gloomy picture, and these aspects are really going to be tough on all of us, for even if they may not do much “damage” in our personal lives, whatever is going to play out on the world stage will affect us one way or another, so during this time being as peaceful and compassionate as possible is going to be almost a necessity, for this is the only way we can minimize the damage and the intensity of the violent vibes that are imminent.

There is a very powerful and beneficial celestial dance to help us do just that, Neptune forms trines with both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, so this infuses our minds and hearts with a touch of hope, greater sense of love, compassion, altruism and of course spirituality. This can represent a very strong motivational force, feeling guided, inspired by the divine, inspired by our own souls and the beauty and love we have within ourselves. All spiritual practices, especially those that are directed towards producing changes in our lives, within our psyches and subconscious can be very powerful during this time, for Scorpio represents change, transformation, alchemy, regeneration, purge. The emphasis is put on emotional healing, breaking free from the past, confronting traumas, removing inner blockages, reevaluating the past by trying our best to see a bigger picture through spiritual lens, but this can also represent a very relevant and strong karmic force, for the connection to source energy provided by Neptune, can help Mercury reveal to us all those karmic blockages and “debts” that we inherited from previous existences or the general karma of our family of origin and ancestors, and how to overcome it, or if it’s good karma how to put it to good use. This can represent also a very powerful time for artists, creators of art, people who work with expressing their emotions and turning them into a form of beauty, for Neptune blesses all of us with sublime inspiration, altered states of consciousness, dreams, visions and a very mysterious vibe that can be used for self expression, and since there is a sextile with Saturn, this can even turn into profit, or some material reward, honors, recognition, praises.

Pluto is also going to sextile Mercury and this is an extremely potent alchemical energy, for Mercury is traversing the sign ruled by Pluto, so the symbolism of Scorpio is greatly amplified. This celestial dance that requires action and initiative, is wonderful for investigations, uncovering the truth in all matters that were hidden from the public eyes, it can also represent the birth of groundbreaking scientific research especially in the filed of genetics, DNA decoding etc, it can create a huge wave of interests in shedding light on powerful conspiracies, state secrets, personal secrets of world leaders, damasking false “prophets”, charlatans, and last but not least this is a very powerful celestial help that promotes removing conditioning, programmings, subconscious obstacles from our minds, and it also infuses our intellect with a very powerful Plutonic practicality, efficiency, it can bring out the inner genius, it can guide our minds to see possible solutions to every problems, obstacle, it can help us get out of debt by inspiring us with all the right ideas, but as I said earlier, sextiles need action, initiative and willpower, otherwise this energy is not going to produce any changes on it’s own.

Right at the end of the week, just before the New Moon in Scorpio (we will have a separate article about that astrological events) the Sun, freshly entered Scoprio is going to oppose Uranus in Taurus, and this can be a celestial dance with many surprises and unexpected twists of situation. During an oppositions the 2 planets and the symbolism of the 2 sings tend to balance each other out, so this can be a time of significant change, more so if the major power player is Uranus the planet of revolution, shocks and surprises. Now this celestial dance will depend very much on where Taurus/Scorpio falls in your chart, but generally speaking Taurus is the house of personal values, finances, money, personal possessions, while Scorpio represents what we share with others, debt, inheritance, so chances are there are going to be surprises and unexpected twists of events regarding these matters. This can play out in a number of different ways, it can represent unexpected help and solutions coming your way if you are struggling with debt, but equally this can also represent losses, unexpected expenses, a change of circumstances. During this time it is very advised to be very careful what you wish for, for the Sun in Scorpio, a sign associated with secrets, occult, mysteries, mysticism gives us a very strong power to manifest our desires, but not in a way we can expect and anticipate, and this is more true than ever when Uranus is also involved, so for some people this can be a big surprise and delight, while for others total chaos.

This can also produce changes within all our relationships which involve sharing resources or anything with other people, so expect the unexpected from those present in your life.

On the world stage however, Uranus is associated with awareness, the sword of ultimate truth, so to speaks, so this will mean some very relevant and important secrets coming to light, and those secrets deeply rooting into the awareness of the collective, which can be a huge game changer. During Uranus oppositions, taking big risks, making huge investments, taking huge loans is counter indicated.

Thank you so much for reading, it is going to be a very intense week, with events and even karmic forces moving with great speed for Jupiter picked up significant speed and this always mobilizes energies, while Saturn picking up speed means that the karmic forces are going to manifest extremely fast, so let’s choose to always stand from a place of greater love and wisdom and let this be our soul compass to making even the most difficult choices. Have a blessed and wonderful week!

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