Weekly horoscope: October 14 – 20 + Full Moon in Aries

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of October 14-20. We have a very intense and powerful sky, with some very impactful celestial conversation taking place, there is a strong energy of primordiality, provided by the full Moon in Aries right at the start of the week, where out instincts and all feelings we keep at the deep core of our beings can come to the surface thanks to the square between the Moon and Pluto, while the opposition of Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus can provide us with a lot of surprises and unexpected turn of events, that are going to provoke very strong emotions. Of course all of this stress, tension is going to be counterbalanced by the supremely harmonious conversation of Mercury and Neptune, that’s going to infuse our lives and realities with hope and a sense of magic and mystery.

We begin the week under the influence of the full Moon in Aries, an energy that can awaken all of our primordial senses, the force of our instincts, it can empower us to trust our senses much more, to trust our impulses and of course our intuition, but it can also shed light and reveal to us all those things about ourselves, and the evolution of the person who we wish to become, that are absolutely necessary to get a very clear image on where we stand in relation with ourselves. This energy can be extremely delightful for certain people, for it can show them that their personal progress was and is much greater than they were able to see, while for other people it can provide a very strong, almost obsessive motivation and passion, to do everything in their power to match their realities in such a way that it can reflect who they want to become. This can represent a time of some very powerful personal truths, but also where we stand in relation to other people present in our lives and who occupy an important place on our hearts and minds, but it can also reveal to us where our limitations are, that are preventing us from moving forwards, and all those revelations, work very well with the aspect of tension that the Moon and Sun hold with Pluto, for we can use whatever reaches our awareness to change and transform our lives.

If you would like to read more about the influence of this full Moon in Aries we have a specially dedicated auricle:


Right at the beginning of the week we are also under the influence of another very important celestial dance of tension, Venus in the sign of Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus. Now this energy can play out in various different ways for different people, for some people this celestial dance is going to provide some very powerful, game changing truths, that can come to them in the most unexpected ways, truths about what other people truly feel about them, truth about their own emotions and of their love for a certain person, the self, or their feelings about everything they share with others, is authentic based on truth or if it’s extremely subjective, it can also create very powerful moments of confrontation with the truth where we or people in our lives may just willingly or incidentally express their feelings, which may come as a shock or delight, it can also represent some very nostalgic energy, where we might meet by accident or by chance people who we haven’t seen for a very long time, who played a very important role in our past, and this can create a surprising reunion.

For other people this energy is going to be a highly sexual one, for Venus is Scorpio is all about our most unusual, but also most intense emotional or sexual desires, that we would very much like to enact, experience or receive from other people, and chances are an Uranus opposition can deliver them to us in the most unexpected ways. This can be a very pleasant surprise, an opportunity for those of us who are single and have all the availability to experiment in matters of love and sexuality, but for those of us who are in established bonds, this can create third party situations, infidelity, and crisis in a relationships, for if there is anything that our partners are keeping hidden from us, or vice versa, chances are this opposition is going to create moments when that truth comes out in an instant despite our best efforts to keep it a secret, and if we add to this the energies of the full Moon, this can represent conflict, tension, serious discussions and radical decisions for some of us.

From a financial material perspective, this aspect can come to our advantage, for if we are struggling with debt, or would like to acquire something which is totally out of our financial possibilities (so we are merely dreaming about it), Uranus can shock you and create unexpected opportunities for you to either find a surprising solution to any financial problems that you may be facing, or deliver you what you wish to acquire in ways you would have never dreamed of. However, Uranus is the planet of chaos, so this can play out in a totally opposite way where unexpected losses, expenses and accidents (that affect your fiances) may occur with no warning out of nowhere, so this isn’t a very good time to make huge purchases, investments, or take huge loans that don’t offer you long term stability.

This aspect is not favorable to make radical decisions about separation, aesthetic, cosmetic changes, or getting in a relationships with someone new who you didn’t really have the chance to get to know profoundly. This aspect has “be careful what you wish for” written all over it, for the Universe may be very reactive to your most hidden, unusual, sexually deviant desires and it might deliver them on you on a silver place, so be sure you can handle it whatever you are wishing for.

We also inherit a very blissful celestial dance from last week, which is Neptune from it’s domicile of Pisces, forming a trine, an aspect of supreme harmony with Mercury in Scorpio. As I’ve written in previous horoscopes, Mercury in Scorpio is a very detective like, investigative, and emotionally intelligent energy that can help us dig up the past, investigate, invest heavy intellectual and mental efforts into finding out the truth in whatever sparks our curiosity, but it can also make our communications, what we express through words and writing, very edgy, critical, sometimes even toxic, because we have the tendency to prioritize our subjective truths and the way we see the world, so this harmonious conversation with Neptune can add a touch of spirituality, compassion, divine guidance, to all our communications and connections, helping us look at others with a sense of grater compassion and empathy and be very supportive wherever we can, and more importantly we can use our Scorpionic energies and intelligence to help others find their own inner truth with greater ease. This aspect can bless us with fated spiritual connections, divine help, divine guidance, it can make our intuition and our inner voice very precise, almost telepathic, especially that during this time Neptune and Mercury, later on Pluto are also going to sextile Mercury, so this is a very magical, mystical energy, that can help us manifest and influence our lives by inviting all our good karma, sourcing from the service to others, to manifest in our lives.

Additionally later on in the week, when Pluto also trines both Mercury and Venus, this can represent extremely powerful fated, magical moments, when something BIG has a chance to take place in our lives, may that be a big fated closure, a big fated encounter with a person who can help us change our lives, may that be any other fated event that needs to take place in our lives, that can enable us to live life and our wisest and most authentic version of ourselves.

It is the sextile between Pluto and Mercury that is going to empower all our actions to seek the truth, may it be truth within our lives and the Self, may it be truth about our relationships with others, may it be truth about the past, may it be psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy, wanting to look back at our past lives, or any “investigation”, that requires a lot of effort and precision, and chances are whatever we are going to discover it going to offer us a valid picture of where we stand, and what it is we need to do to reach our goals.

Later on in the Week Saturn is going to sextile Venus, and this is a celestial conversation of harmony, for it’s going to empower our actions, to bring fairness, equity into our existing connections with other people, especially whom we share resources with. This is aspect can also reflect us our own worth, as felt and perceived by other people. This is also a very favorable aspect for work, for advancing professionally through hard work, for making new professional connections, finding a new job where you fit in perfectly, to do inner work and heal traumas and pains caused by old relationships of any nature, and most of all to fight for your dreams and ambition yourself to do everything it takes to achieve their realization.

Pluto is also going to sextile Venus later on in the week, and this can represent an very potent sexual energy, where expressing your desires, flirts, or any other gesture you can possibly make in order to enact your sexual fantasies and desires can prove to be very successful. This type of energy is that of attraction, so if another person’s desire is to offer an experience, while another is to receive, chances are that all actions your take for finding each other, have a high chance to actually connect you, because Mercury also forms a sextile with Pluto, so communication and self expression can play a very important role. Of course this doesn’t has to mean sexual energies for everyone, this can be also seen as very persuasive energy, where you can actively change another person’s perceptions, vision and have a great deal of influence over their reactions. Yes, this does mean manipulation expressed in a very subtle manners, but not all forms of manipulation are negative, these can be used in the most positive ways especially when your wisdom, experience, and mental strength is much more superior than another personas, and you can use your advantages to guide them and steer them in the right direction without them even realizing it, but of course this can also be used in very selfish ways, serving your own highest good, by altering the perception of reality (lying, intentionally creating illusions, deception, manipulation, mind games etc). Even though this is a positive action oriented aspect, this tends to empower narcissists, liars, manipulators, cheater etc. the most, so please take caution not to fall victim to such a person.

There is another aspect of supreme harmony that is going to have a massive influence towards the end of the week, Neptune the higher octave of Venus, forms a conversation of supreme harmony with it’s lower octave traversing through the sign of Scorpio. Both Pisces and Scorpio are very mystical and magical energies, and when Neptune converses with Venus in a harmonious way that usually infuses everything with ta sense of unconditional love, romantic dreams and visions, and as insatiable desire to experience the kind of love you are dreaming about. This is a trine, so this is not action oriented, it can just be a free blessing, a divine help, fated encounter, that can either bring you closer, by revealing to you in dreams, visions, synchronicity what you need to do in order to experience the love you have been dreaming about, even if it’s extremely idealistic and romantic, even if it’s a daydream, or it can even bless you with the proper experience, which can feel very very real and surreal at the same time. This can also turn you into your most loving version and it can balance out the very powerful sexual energies of Venus in Scorpio, by turning your bodies attractions into a “magical” compass, that can steer you and guide you. If fate is merciful to you, and under this aspect you actually meet someone who you share a true soul connection with, all physical, emotional and even spiritual expressions of love have the potential to simply take you in a totally different dimension of love.

This is a very favorable aspect for twin flame encounters, finding soul mates, friends for life, same sex couples uniting, and even resuming old relationships, a big love from the past, where you might have been separated by fate or events that didn’t depend on you.

Mars in the sign of Libra is going to be squared by Saturn from his domicile of Capricorn, so this can add some stress, dissatisfaction and frustration, to our every day lives, for we may feel restricted, bound, suffocated by all those limitations that source from our existing relationships regardless of their nature, we may feel as if we are not doing enough to have equality and equity in our lives, we may feel as cowards at times, we may question our own courage and ambitions, but this can also spell aggression, irritability and conflict, and missed opportunities due to procrastination and just feeling sorry for ourselves. But ultimately this energy can also be very useful for it helps us find balance when we might be overambitious, when we might face our obsessions, our own aggressiveness, our egoistical tendencies, to this just provides us with enough motivation in order to find balance and become our most equitable and peaceful version of ourselves.

The end the week we have a very complex celestial formation, that astrologers call a kite. A kite is like a grand trine, a very harmonious energy, a big blessing, but one which is balanced out by an opposition, in our case an opposition between Pluto and the Moon. The energy of this kite can bring forth some very powerful fated events, may it be a big closure that will spawn a wonderful new beginning and new life, may it be true love entering our lives, may it be a big karmic harvest, may it be the most ideal job opportunity, or may it be a long lasting spiritual alliance or a mentor entering our lives.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish everyone a blessed full Moon and a magical week!

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