Weekly horoscope: October 7 – 13

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of October 7 -13, we have a very active and intense sky playing out all week, most of the energies are going to be very dynamic, quick paced, in certain situation it may be hard to keep up, and thanks to the opposition of Uranus and Mercury, and later Venus, there could be a lot of surprises and secrets brought to light that can radically change our situations. This also marks the start of yet another energy shift as Mercury already entered Scorpio and later on in the week Venus is going to follow, placing our attention and focus onto that area of life that is ruled by Scorpio.

We start the week with 2 celestial dances that we inherit from last week, which is the ongoing square between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Libra. This is an aspect of tension, that can influence us to be very critical with our selves and to analyze all of our relationships, partnership, all of our inter personal connection though a very critical eye, where we have the tendency to look if equality, morality, fairness is present in our relationships, and if not then we might wanna change them, transform them into much fairer expressions, regardless of the nature of the relationships, or if the imbalance is caused either by us or others having more influence, more decision power. The square with Saturn highlight all of the limitations that exist between us and other people, it could also be a very karmic energy, where obstacles, temptations, limiting situations come in to play, to open our eyes and see where it is that those blockages exists, if they have anything to do with our own sense of self worth, or if they source from our incompatibilities with other. The square with Pluto, is all about power games, where this tends to be a wake-up call, in order for us to realize that other people only have power over us and vice versa if we allow this situation to exist, and this is already enough to be able to change the dynamics of power in any relationship. Even thought these aspects are pretty oppressing and hard to navigate through, they serve our highest good, because certain relationships that simply can’t function under the restrictions of Saturn, need to be eliminated from our lives or transformed (Pluto), yet those that do prove themselves to be very resilient, benefit from this aspect, because Saturn is ultimately going to make the bond, the alliance, the friendship stronger and more grounded.

The very best way to navigate through this energy is simply prioritizing self love, self care and always making sure that you treat yourself with the highest respect and this way it will be that much easier to manifest and infuse all of your action when dealing with other people with the same amount of respect and love you give to yourself.

Another aspect of maximum tension is Mercury in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus. This energy is totally different in nature, for Mercury in Scorpio represents our analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, a very intuitive, versatile and flexible way of thinking, the best way to explain Mercury in Scorpio is by offering examples, so this particular energy is that of detective and detective type of work where you need both a bit of intuition, very analytical thinking, sharp awareness, but also a flexible mind where you can easily put the clues and pieces of the puzzle together. Another example is those of researchers, scientists, innovators, who might be constantly searching to decipher mysteries, secrets, or use the maximum capacity of their minds to make sense of something not very obvious. But of course there is also a downside to all of this because at certain things Mercury in Scorpio can make our minds extremely quick and sharp, but we might have the tendency to be totally oblivious and ignorant about other areas of our lives, one that do not spark up our curiosities and our interests. Mercury in Scorpio also rules secrets, information, memories, thoughts and even feeling we repress or we hide from the world, and when standing across the sky from Uranus, which is the total opposite, for it’s main symbolism is that of revelation, the truth, cold hard facts, secrets exposed, maximum awareness, this opposition can cause some unpleasant situation, for it can create random, unexpected, shocking moments when what we hide, or what others hide from us just comes out. Uranus is also the higher octave of Mercury, so this aspect can make our minds extremely sensitive and open to even the most subtle information, it can be an excellent time for epiphanies, sudden realization, getting the right clues to get us where we want to be, getting the right feedback from others, even in the most unexpected ways, it can also makes us extremely intuitive, bringing out our inner psychologist, who can easily see through others, see through what others show us and get to the core of the truth. This energy can also be quite karmic, for Mercury in Scorpio also rules nostalgia, especially when it comes to interpersonal connection, people who might have played an important role in one moment of our lives, and all of a sudden disappeared for years, so this connection with Uranus does have the chance to create very shocking and surprising moments of reunions, meeting by chance, twists of fates or it can even represent new connections, ones that can play a massive role in our futures, but ones that we can’t see entering into our lives, so the moment when it happens can be a big surprise, shock, delight.

Regardless of how this energy manifests, be aware that people will tend to be very receptive of each word you speak, each gesture you make, and they will try to interpret them, give everything a different meaning, so this can create gossip, fake news traveling at the speed of light or mouth-word.

Later on in the week, Venus is going to enter the sign of Scorpio and this is a deeply emotional energy, not always in the most positive sense. This energy can be very dreamy, extremely subjective, the subconscious and all repressed feeling, everything that lurks there can have a massive influence over our perceptions about love and beauty, sense of worth and aesthetics, and this subjectivity, especially the influence of the subconscious can make us extremely Scorpionic, in the sense that we may always question the fidelity, loyalty, true intents of others in our lives, we may seek to interpret their gestures, way may question the relationships that others have, in the sense that we may wanna judge them depending on their social connections, who their friends are, this energy can create suspicions among couples, and all discussions and everything that happens from a romantic perspective can be extremely subjective and ruled by our subconscious impulses.

Venus is not really her most loving and unconditional self in this part of the sky, so awareness and self discipline is needed in order for us not to get toxic, not to project our own, individual dark sides of Venus unto others.

Towards the end of the week, this energy may grow incredibly strong, for Venus is going to stand across the sky from Uranus in Taurus, and this can represent a number of different things.

From a strict psychological perspective, our most hidden, buried, secret and personal impulses, desires, dreams may come to the surface uncontrollably and we may have the tendency to enact them, and this can refer to acquiring things which may be more expensive than we could possibly afford, this may also be perfectly valid from a sexual perspective, for Scorpio is a very sexual energy, and it has to do with secret desires, fetishes, sexual urges and impulses that we wouldn’t normally want to follow.

So, especially with the power of Uranus, this can give birth to infidelity, very strong almost irresistible sexual desires, especially if it has to do with fetishes and Uranus might shock you with opportunities to enact, accomplish your desires, which is totally ok if you are single, but it may create big complications if you are in an established bond. This energy can also confuse, from a sexual perspective, this is the type of celestial dance which might tempt people to try out “new” things, some of which might be extremely unusual and controversial, for example heterosexuals being curious of what it would be like to experience a same sex type of encounter.

From a strict material perspective Scorpio rules shared resources, material things that we share with other people, inheritance, presents, “you scratch my back and I scratch yours” type of agreements, and it also rules debt, things that we owe to others, and what others might owe us.

This opposition with Uranus can create very surprising moments and opportunities to manage debt, find solutions to pressing matters regarding debts and things we owe, our minds and mental resourcefulness may be our greatest advantage (Mercury is also in this part of the sky and it also opposes Uranus), for we can attract help, new connections with others and even official help, or as I said earlier the nostalgic energy may draw to us, during this time, people who we might have helped and supported in the past.

The not so favorable expression of this energy is overspending, buying luxury items, huge and risky investments and purchases, excessive gambling, taking a HUGE loan which we may not be able to pay back, giving people who we don’t know we can trust a big loan, or providing them with services they can’t afford. Also, during this time it’s not the best idea to make huge cosmetic changes, to give up on a relationships because of the uncertainty or suspicions that you are feeling, not a good idea to accuse others of anything, before we have solid proof, not a good idea to make massive aesthetic changes, or to change wardrobe, for we might feel totally differently when this opposition breaks up. Another very unhealthy expression of this energy is to use our financial superiority to “buy” the affection of others, either with donations, money, presents, favors etc, because this can turn into a very toxic energy later on.

Last, but not least Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus Taurus is like an irresistible urge for independence, especially financial independence. We might rebel and revolt against anything and anyone who might restrict our freedom in any ways, we might become obsessed to obtain a state of financial freedom, or personal freedom, we might focus only on our futures, and we might invest all our efforts, work and focus into creating the future we wish to experience. For the collective however, this energy can get quite violent, for during this aspect we might not tolerate any restrictions, compromises, or inaction coming from authorities, financial institutions or governments, we might feel extremely strongly about fairness and equality, we might feel very strongly about the restrictions which threaten the expression of our individuality and unique personalities, and this might equal protests, rebellion, revolts, even civil war. This tendency for independence might also play out on the world stage between states and nations.

There is also going to be a celestial dance of harmony between the Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius, this blesses our actions, initiatives, decisions with clarity, being aligned with our inner truths, self expression and communication can create new connections, new relationships that can become a major blessing in our lives, this aspect promotes diplomacy, reciprocal respect, good fortune when we choose to be cooperative and supporting with others, it can also represent generosity, business travels, favorable evolution of legal cases.

Another harmonious aspect is going to be the sextile between Mercury and Saturn, this celestial dance has the potential to offer us ambition, wisdom and diligence to know that hard work, invested time, patience, fairness in all our communications, honesty, and a self critical approach can help us advance to where we want to be in life. Mercury in Scorpio is very analytical and critical, it has the tendency to investigate and uncover the truth in everything, so Saturn offers Mercury a certain control and stability, where we know when to stop analysis, when we know when additional information and digging even deeper is counter productive, it can help us balance out the toxicity of Scorpio and choose our world very carefully, so that we don’t overcharge what we want to communicate with emotions, and get our message through clearly and if need may be with constructive criticism, wanting to help and be cooperative, rather then to set obstacles and blockages.

This aspect can also attract people into our lives who can help us, who can mentor us, who can teach us who can be valid sources of wisdom.

If this wasn’t enough, Mercury also forms a celestial conversation of supreme harmony with Neptune, speaking from it’s domicile of Pisces. This can create a very powerful spiritual balance, for Neptune is compassion, empathy, unconditional love, a spiritual take on everything, so this can turn Mercury in Scorpio into sheer intuition, the supreme expression of emotional intelligence, making it easy for us to tap into the subconscious processes of others and stand from a place of understanding and clarity, giving our words and communications healing, clarifying, emotionally supportive properties. Beautiful friendships, spiritual alliances can be born from this aspect.

Another very important thing that we must consider is the increasingly high concentration of Scorpionic and Plutonic energy. Both, among many other things rule the occult, mysteries, magick. Mercury in Scorpio can represent practical occult knowledge and connections with occult societies, Venus in Scorpio can represent our fascinations, love and soul attraction to the occult and spirituality, especially the shadowy sides, or it can even add a sexual desires that have to do with the occult and mysteries, so this particular week and period can be extremely important, eventful, relevant, with major breakthroughs, connections being made, exchanges of information and knowledge, the birth of new partnerships, associations and an incredible celestial empowerment and divine guidance in occult practices, for everyone who might be dealing with such things, like spiritualists, seers, occultists, secret societies, practicing magicians, mystics, necromancers, paranormal investigators, parapsychologists etc.

Last but not least right at the end of the week we have an absolutely amazing full moon taking place in the sign of Aries, which will bring a completion, closure, or the birth of something totally new in that area of your life that is ruled by Aries. If you would like to know more about this upcoming full Moon and how it can influence our lives, we have a separate article with much detail:


Thank you so much for reading, have an amazing week and a magical full moon!

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