Full Moon in Aries: Becoming a new YOU!

Hi everyone and welcome to another astrological analysis, where I’ll be writing about the upcoming full Moon in the sign of Aries, taking place on the 13-14th of October, depending on which side of the planet you’re on. As you probably know from previous articles, full Moon as usually associated with completions, resolutions, manifestations, in other words the seeds of intention that we have planted are coming to fruition. This specific full Moon is quite special and unusual in a number of different ways, firstly because it takes place in the sign of Aries, the ruler of the 1st astrological house which has everything to do with the self, how others perceive us depending on what we express, and it also symbolizes our personal goals, desires and all of our inner power dynamics, in other words the person who we are becoming and working towards becoming. So, this particular full Moon is a perfect time for new beginnings, that follow up completions, depending on your desires and priorities, depending on how much work you are willing to invest in order to become the person you desire, and it can also shed light on various things in your life and within yourself that may have eluded your attention, your awareness, so this can be a fantastic time to become fully aware of just how far you have come, just what a massive inner change you have lived through and everything and everyone in our lives, during this time may reflect the results of our inner work, in the most wonderful sense possible. This can be a time to be more proud of yourself and all your achievements then ever before, especially taking into consideration all those things which you may have not focused upon or gave importance to, but this is where the light of this full moon can reflect the BIG picture, the wholeness of the results of your actions, showing you all the indirect results that your actions produced in the lives of others, in the most favorable sense possible.

Also, the Sun is illuminating the Moon from the sign of Libra, so it can shed even more light upon all your existing relationships, and since during this time there is a lot of Scorpionic energy in the air (Mercury, Venus are in this part of the sky), what others think about us, how others see us and more importantly how they feel towards us may reach our awareness, and this in it’s self can be a game changer, because it will give you all the clarity and wisdom needed to terminate all the unhealthy relationships and work towards replacing them, only inviting people in your lives who actually get you and reciprocate your feelings, respect, non judgmental approach and generosity.

This very intense Scorpionic energy is another factor that makes this full moon rather special and unusual, because the emphasis is put on revealing and shedding light on secrets, things that others may hide from you, but also vice versa things that you may also be hiding from other people, so this energy marks the start of very powerful, intense and karmicly necessary confrontations, revelations, so that the power of the truth, your inner truth but also the objective truth can govern your life, the person who you are and all your actions.

Of course this will also play out on the world stage, so during this time well hidden and guarded secrets may reach the public eyes, and it may cause controversies, conflicts, revolts, and a demand for justice to take place.

This full Moon may not be the easiest energy to work with, for it holds a number of different celestial conversation with important power players in the sky, some of which add tension and friction, but others add blessing and good fortune.

The main celestial dance that this full Moon is going to be involved in is a T Square with Pluto, that the Sun from Libra and the Moon from Aries is going to form. This is an energy of tension and friction, and it’s all about power, this can be considered as a big karmic encouragement to teach us where to seek for our own individual representations of power within ourselves, and what effect that expression of power has on our relationships and of course vice versa, how the influence of other people plays out in our lives. This aspect teaches us responsibility that comes with power, for everything that we express, all of our behaviors and reactions are actually projections, through which we project our inner states on the outer world and on other people. Aires is a very fiery, hot tempered sign, associated with courage, initiative, ambition, the primordial self, the source of all our instincts and instinctual reactions that are meant to ensure our self preservation, and that is a very great power in it’s self, and that is exactly why Pluto in Capricorn challenges the Moon in Aires and the Sun in Libra, that the only way we can have control over our actions, over what we express and project onto others is if we obtain sufficient level of self knowledge, where we have the chance to see very objectively, each second of our lives what is happening deep within us, which psychological processes are taking place inside us, and how that balance between emotions, instinct and rationality can determine what we speak, how we act/react, how we treat other people, and of course how we treat the Self. This kind of knowledge, deep self knowledge truly equals power, for knowing ourselves can help us find connections, common grounds with other people, and the experience of self discovery can guide us towards better understanding the hearts, minds and the inner processes of other people, and this can helps us approach others with minimal expectations and to stand from a place of non-judgment, for when we know and are able to understand others, better than themselves, we can choose the most adequate and appropriate actions.

This celestial dance between Pluto and the full Moon also represent the power to change, to change all those things that we simply do not like in ourselves, and most of all the clarity through which we can observe that all those things that cause us to feel rejection and repulsion towards the ways of being of other people, are also deeply rooted within us, and that is exactly why we feel rejection, for we hate those things each and every time we see them within ourselves, and we choose to act, do, express ourselves differently, thereby repressing everything that we do not like, but that doesn’t mean the tendency isn’t within us. The fact that we can actively, willingly choose to act differently is already a prime example of inner strength, self discipline, wisdom and self knowledge, and ultimately all of this leads to emotional maturity, where even if we see things that repulse us in other people, we have a choice to stand from a place of non judgment and sympathy, and that gives us the advantage to avoid conflict, to avoid misunderstandings, to avoid necessary strife and to always project onto others that which we wouldn’t mind being projected unto us.

This celestial dance between Pluto and this full Moon is like a lesson on how to be a more gentle, loving and forgiving person, but also one intelligent and resourceful enough to spot a toxic narcissist from miles away and prevent such an unhealthy relationship to exist in one’s life.

Another very important influence of this celestial dance speaks about the relationships of the individual and the hierarchy of power that governs the collective. During this full Moon Pluto also forms a square with the plentoid Eris, in 23 degree of Aries, and this can create quite a lot of tension and conflict between the ideals and principles that rule the governments and power structures, and those that rule the individual, for Eris is a rebel, a revolutionary, who demands equality, and is willing to go to any measure to obtain it, so this can incite the inner warriors of many individuals and force them to protest, turn against their rulers, leaders, power structures, this can cause violent outbursts, clashes, people demanding the truth, the disclosure of state secrets, spiritual secrets etc.

Thankfully there is a celestial dance of supreme harmony that the Moon forms with Jupiter, speaking from it’s home sign of Sagittarius. This trine is a very favorable energy for it empowers the individual on a soul level, it expands everything that the Moon in Aries represents, all the efforts, desires to become the person who we dream of becoming, everything new that we would like to have in our lives, the reality which we think would be better suited for ourselves, so Jupiter gives us it’s power and blessing and in some cases even good fortune to achieve all of this ether by guided actions and inner work, or by perhaps a major display of good fortune and divine synchronicity that can catapult us to exactly were we desire of being.

The Sun in Libra also sextiles Jupiter, so this energy offers all of our actions, especially those where we might be dealing with other people, a strong influence, for acting and standing from a place of diplomacy, balance, generosity, being aligned with our inner truths, can heal, renew, greatly harmonize all of our existing relationships, and more importantly attract new connections, new partners, new associates who are vibrationally very similar to us, and this in it’s self promises a fair exchange of energy and feelings.

Regardless of how well we master our emotional worlds, regardless of what level of self discipline we possess, the fact that the Moon is closely conjunct to Eris, goddess of discord and they form a square with Pluto, this can create a lot of anger, rage, emotional toxicity, especially when it comes to being in a position of equality with someone, or better said the lack of it, and we can also see this playing out on a world stage as a strong wave of hatred and intolerance that people project towards their political leaders, but also in relationships, because of Venus opposing Uranus, we might be absolutely obsessed with control, who controls the relationships, who has a greater influence, and if the decisions affect you as a couple, or if they only advantage one of you. Venus in Scorpio, opposing Uranus in Taurus is a very intolerant energy, that demands freedom and independence, regardless if you are in a romantic relationship with someone, or just share resources, a house, principles, friendship, family etc. there will be a very very strong urge for your independence and individuality to be respected, and a lot of conflicts, clashes and harsh worlds can source from this. This might be a very challenging time for couples, and even familiar relations, for Uranus adds chaos, the unpredictable, shocks to everything it touches, and when it holds a conversation of tension, the surprises are usually that of the unpleasant kind.

Even though there are a lot of challenging aspects taking place in the sky, I do believe that despite the challenges , obstacles and feeling pretty rebellious, this full Moon in Aries can be a time where we can make some very important steps towards becoming who wish wish to be, by changing everything that prevents us from living that life and being in that role of the “new us” (Pluto) and each action we take, each decision we enforce with work, effort, invested time and energy (Saturn) is actually going to take us closer to obtaining our goals, and having the chance to live life the way we desire it on a soul level, and all our relationships will have to either adapt themselves to align with the “new us” or be terminated if they prevent our independence.

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