Pluto goes direct

Hi everyone, this is an astrology update where I’ll be talking about Pluto direct, for today Pluto is officially standing still in the sky and preparing to go direct, an event which marks the beginning of a huge energy shift.

The symbolism of Pluto has to do with a couple of different things, but one of it’s main and most important symbols is it’s power to transform everything it touches. Death, destruction, the change from one state to another is also a transformations, so that is why Pluto is directly linked to death, rebirth and under certain circumstances even resurrection. It also rules the most shadowy sides of our beings, it can represents the power of the subconscious mind and the importance of everything that goes on in that unique dimension of the self, but it’s also linked to power, the power we have within ourselves and how we use that power to influence others, and vice versa the power that the influence of other people has on us. Pluto is also associated with the power of fate, making it an extraordinarily karmic influence, but from a totally different perspective than Saturn. Pluto is also associated with alchemy, psychoanalysis, sexual deviance, obsessions, regeneration, outer/universal/objective truth, the power of money/wealth, but of course this list isn’t exhaustive, each astrologer has it’s own special way of interpreting Pluto and it’s symbolism.

During the time it was retrograde, it’s energies turned inwards, and this started a massive journey of inner transformation for many of us, where the inner, soul level truths we were confronted with, and the knowledge we gained from observing our own beings psychology helped us to find the most authentic expression of our own individual powers, what makes us powerful, which of our skills, talents, virtues offer us a position of superiority and makes us attractive in every sense possible, and which inner states we need to change, eliminate, transform into a different expression in order for our inner worlds to have a valid influence on our physical aspects of our lives and all of our relationships. For many people a retrograde Pluto season was a time of inner cleansing, facing deep rooted fears and traumas and releasing past emotional baggage. In other words the inner symbolism of Capricorn, an area of the sky which Pluto is traversing, that has to do with our own authority which we have over our own beings, with the authority we have over others, how we take in and process all the rules and regulations of society and the material world, and ultimately what we choose to project unto the world and others. This was the main reason for all the inner work and all of the volatile emotional states, which flooded us over during retrograde, so that we can see clearly, without a shadow of a doubt, that we always have a choice of what we project onto others, and that projection is the symbol of our inner Pluto: we can either choose to give back exactly what we received from others and from life, especially the hurt and the pains, but we can also choose to do the exact opposite, to transmute the pain and sorrow into love and treat the world and others with tolerance, love and compassion, in other words we have the power to project onto the world and others what we choose, may that be good or bad, but either case requires us to be aware, to understand the deepest layers of the self, so that we can comprehend the hidden logic of our own actions.

Now, that Pluto is going direct, the energy shifts, and we have the chance to apply, express, use the inner transformations in very palpable ways, and start taking action, and through those actions which we choose to take standing from a place of being aligned with our inner truth and deep self knowledge, we can change our lives in such ways, that it can match our inner realities, regardless if that involves destructive action like burning bridges to all unhealthy and draining relationships, or constructive action where we start building our lives by laying down foundations that reflect our inner truth and our authorities which we have over our own lives and beings.

Generally speaking a direct Pluto can mobilize stagnating energies especially in that area of your sky which is ruled by Capricorn, it can give way to the flow of money and resources, it can draw into our lives all the closures and endings that we need, it can help us transform our relationships, and last but not least, since it is in Capricorn, it continues it’s main mission which is to change and transform the power structures that govern our societies through the individual, and this might cause huge protests and revolutions in the coming weeks and even months.

Even if everything serves humanities highest good, a direct Pluto can still cause a lot of pain, fear and panic, a lot of losses, but all of this serves as a wake-up call for both the individual and collective alike, that we need to find harmony and a way to cooperate with each other by taking responsibility as individuals for everything that is happening collectively and ultimately try our best to align our lives and ways of living with the sacredness of nature and of the Universe, for the only possible and viable future for human kind is one where we as individual without exception holds the highest respect for each other and any other forms of life.

The necessity to change needs to reach our awareness, not just individually, but collectively as well, and from this perspective Pluto is pretty ruthless, for as long as it’s message is ignored, it will just barrage us, as a collective with symbol of the painful truth, reflecting all of our faults and weaknesses, until we wake up and take action to change, so thanks to the ongoing square, an astrological aspect of tension between Pluto and the planetoid Eris in 23 of Aries, a symbol of revolution, rebellion, uprising and discord, there are going to be more and more violent protests, clashes between representatives of groups and the governments, and potentially even clashes between nations, until both sides, the governments and leaders representing Capricorn and the South node, and the masses of people, citizens, allied individuals, representing the North Node in Cancer, are forced to cooperate and reach a state of greater balance, where we, humanity united as one, can make good use of the opportunity that Pluto offers us: the find new rules, regulations, way of governing, new hierarchies of the power structures, new traditions, new moral standards, new customs, all meant to reflect the new unified “persona” of humanity as a collective, one which prioritizes being in harmony with nature and our planet through our knowledge and technology (Uranus in Taurus), and of course trying our very best to reach a state of greater social equality, without the need of sacrificing our individual distinctiveness (Saturn, Jupiter conjunction in Dec. 2020).

Starting from today, as Pluto goes direct, these next couple of moths are preparing us for the most important energy shift and one of the most impactful celestial dances taking place in our lifetimes: the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn taking place on the 12th of January 2020, an astrological event that has the power to bring forth a massive, never seem before change, affecting most of all the hierarchy of power structures that currently govern the world, and symbolically it marks the end of the age of Patriarchy, and gives way to the true equality and symbiosis of the matriarchal (North node in Cancer) and patriarchal (South node in Capricorn) principles.

But before we get into next year, the closest date to a very powerful Pluto aspects is going to be on the 13th of October, when we have a very powerful full Moon in Aries, when the Sun and Moon stand across the sky from each other, and both form a T square with Pluto, a conversation of tension, but one which promotes a deep and profound change, in that area of our lives that is ruled by Aries. Generally speaking this aspect is one of truth, where the light of the full Moon thanks to Pluto’s influence can reveal to us secrets, things that have been hidden from our sights, and the power of the truth and the revelations can help us make some very important decisions for our futures. It can also create momentum, initiative, courage, determinations to follow through our choices with actions, especially if those have anything to do with our personal image, the person who we are becoming, the person who we dream about becoming, and also give us the power to take control and responsibility over our lives and the direction towards which we are headed. All of this and much more is going to be detailed in a future article specially dedicated to the full Moon in Aires.

Last, but not least, Pluto and it’s home sing of Scorpio is also associated with the occult, magic, mysticism, the paranormal and paranormal investigations, so we might find that during this time the unseen world becomes much more alive, much more active, giving us the chance to use our spiritual knowledge, our own unique spiritual methodology to perform magical acts of great strength, manifestations and to attract into our lives the “hand of fate”.

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