October’s tarot-scope for all 12 sings of the zodiac

Hi everyone and welcome to your monthly tarot-scope for the month of October. Thank you so much for reading and for your support, enjoy:


King of Coins reversed, Wheel of Fortune reversed, 10 Of Swords. For natives born under the sign of Aries, October is going to be a moth of change, of purification, of overcoming challenges, a powerful transition from old routines, to new and empowering ones.

The Knight of Coins in reversed position speaks about a number of different things. Firstly it refers to your financial situation, some of you might have made a choice in the recent past to start saving, to start better managing your finances all for the sake to accomplish progress, a greater state of prosperity in the more distant future, where you see yourselves either changing career, going freelance, starting or being part of a business, or making a very significant acquisition like a new home or a car. Unfortunately, the month of October won’t allow you to as much money, resources aside as you would desire, the Knight of Coins in reversed position can speak of imminent stagnation due to unforeseen expenses, overspending, or maybe someone asking for a loan. Even though the flow, from a material perspective is going to slow down considerably, this doesn’t mean crisis or the total lack of prosperity, it just means that events might enter your life that will require you to spend more than you are comfortable with. From a totally different perspective, this knight in reversed postilion can also signify a decrease in physical well being, fatigue, lack of energy, aches and pains in the limbs and bones, the inability to focus on work, chores and routines, and even a short term illness. For some of you, this may be due to increased workload, overtime or time and energy that you invested in some kind of work, for others this might be the side effects of stress and anxiety you may have experienced in the last couple of weeks. Regardless of how this Knight plays out in your lives, it’s also a warning sign from the Universe, that you need to prioritize much more your physical well being, your health, and everything that contributes to the well-functioning of your physical self, so for some of you this might mean the necessity of a detox, diet, doctor’s visit, for others a change of mental routine where you can reduce stress, maybe take some supplements, rest more, for others still, this can mean a much greater implication, diligence managing your finances, and the need to be careful about overspending and debts.

The Wheel of Fortune in reversed position, points to certain karmic events that may enter your lives in October, and these events might not really be well received or welcomed by you, because they might produce some closures, ending, break-ups, emotional crisis, conflicts, disillusion. Even though you may not be looking forward to this kind of turning of fate, nothing that is going to happen is truly in your disadvantage, quite the contrary, everything will lead to your own well being by seeing certain truths, becoming aware of what or in certain cases who doesn’t belong in your life, what needs to be changed and eliminated. One way or another, you desire to experience the ultimate truth in your lives, and this is exactly what the Wheel of Fortune is bringing you, total clarity, being able to see who is truly on your side and who isn’t, or it could even point to your careers, jobs, something that you might be working or or trying to accomplish, and it might highlight that those things are simply not worthy of your time and effort, but you can only start working on change, once you are aware of all of these.

The 10 of swords completes the meaning of the Wheel reversed, this card symbolizes defeat, surrender, the end of a cycle, a wake-up call to withdraw your power and attention from something that shouldn’t be in your life anymore, or maybe it points to the futility of a relationship that is taking a lot of your time and energy. There is no need to fear the 10 of swords, because surrender and the apparent defeat comes from within, from your own soul’s wisdom, so all of this is going to lead you to a powerful new beginning, later on towards the end of the year. In very rare cases this might warn you to be very careful, because there is a chance for accidents, and misfortunate events to take place in your life, so do not take unnecessary risks, neither physically, neither financially, do not fall for scams.


6 of wands reversed, 10 of Coins reversed, 3 of Cups reversed. For natives born under the sign of Taurus, October is going to be quite two sided, there might be an equal number of challenges, but also opportunities to overcome them, but this apparent oscillation of fate, might tire you out completely psychologically.

The 6 of wands reversed signifies survival, it’s upright position usually is associated with success, triumph and accomplishment, but when it’s in reversed position, the breakthrough, the success is not one that we feel the need to celebrate, because it’s more like an impending necessity for survival and not really a display of a very fortunate event. Some of you guys might be going through very strict, restricted, poor financial period and for you guys the 6 of wands reversed, means that you are going to find some resources to pull through with dignity, but satisfaction and happiness are still very far. For others this might mean that debt is going to get out of control, and this is a sign, that you are going to manage, find control, stability, but with great effort and stress. For others still this card represents some very slow paced progress, which is disproportional to the effort and time you invest in it, so this might be work, a project, something you wish to accomplish.

If this wasn’t dissatisfying enough, you also have the 10 of coins reversed, which can mean a number of different things: overspending, but in the most favorable sense possible, because whatever you are going to invest your money into, will be something necessary for your futures, something that you are planning to acquire anyway, but the opportunity might be just too good to decline and you will decide to go ahead and take this risk, even if it might take a toll on your present financial situation. For others this might represent a new job opportunity, which you might have not been expecting, so the 10 of coins reversed might mean the transition from your current jobs unto a new one, which might presents slight disadvantages at first, but it will be followed by greater prosperity and the sense of accomplishment later on. This card cal also represent advantageous loans, financial opportunities with risk attached to them, it might represent a gift/present/reward you might have to offer to another person for a favor/service, or it could even take the shape of a gift or material help offered to you by your parents/family/elder person.

The Three of Cups reversed, represents new social connections, the help and support of friends, the counsel, emotional support, encouragement of people who you love, and in some cases it can even represent going within yourself and finding the most authentic expression of your inner truth, in other words, it is an emotional reality check, where you align yourself with your hearts deep desires and make decisions, choices, take actions depending on what your heart is telling you.

Reaching a state of emotion clarity might very important in the moth of October, because as the previous cards depict, you might have to face a lot of unexpected challenges, will have to make a lot of sudden decisions, you might have to go on survival mode, and this state of being, just surviving, just holding on, just hoping for a better tomorrow is not very natural for Taurus natives and you might desire much more emotional satisfaction to counterbalance the hardships and efforts you need to invest in overcoming them, so this determination to seek out new sources of happiness, emotional comfort can open very significant new doors for your futures, and it might connect you with some very relevant people who might play an important role in your lives later on.

In rare cases the 3 of Cups reversed can also represent a short term romance, flirt, a new admirer, a offer of love.


Death reversed, High Priest, 8 of Wands. Natives born under the sign of Gemini are going to have a very dynamic October, that will lead them to the implementation of significant changes that will ultimately offer them a greater sense of stability, especially from a social perspective.

The Death card usually represents imminent change, but in reversed positions that change won’t enter in your lives suddenly, without warning, but rather slowly, one step at a time, giving you the chance to oversee everything and have a certain degree of control. For some of you guys, these changes are events that you have long been waiting, planning, working for, you might be anticipating this for quite some time now, and maybe that is why the Death card is reversed, because of the intensity of your desire everything seems to move slower than it actually does. For others, these changes do not take the shape of new opportunities, but rather closures, getting rid of debts, breaking free from obligations, especially moral ones, moving out from a shared accommodation and going solo, breaking free from your families, leaving a job, career behind and starting a new one etc. Regardless of what shape or manifestation the changes that you desire to have in your lives take, it won’t be as quick, big or miraculous as you might wish for, but instead it will require your attention, focus, clarity of mind and intent, and most importantly your diligence, to make sure everything new that’s going to replace the old is stable, reliable, and it serves your best interest in the long run.

The High Priest is a very favorable card which signifies a great increase of your spiritual power and wisdom. This might have to do with an astrological event (Mercury – Venus conjunction) that is going to inspire you and bring out your very best, optimistic, hopeful, positive and inspirational selves, it can also represent a past good deed that will produce karmic ripples, which are going to reach your awareness and make you feel incredibly proud of yourselves (the deep gratitude of someone you helped, honor, recognition for your compassion, or just simply being happy that the help you offered was life-saving), or it could represent a very powerful and unexpected karmic reward in the form of a new social connection where you will meet someone very socially powerful and influential who is going to offer you help, support unconditionally, and this way the universe is going to mimic your own past good deed, when you have done the same for someone who needed help.

This card can also mean signing a new contract; being offered a position of leadership/management in a company or institution of the state; it can also represent marriage, engagement if you are in an established bond; it can mean receiving help from the state/local council/institution; or it can simply mean a big realization or accomplishment that you are going to achieve through spiritual means, with your faith so to speak.

8 of Wands. This is also a fantastic card because it promises quick paced movement, evolution and progress. This might have to do with the change described by the death card in reversed position, in the sense that it represents the follow up of the change. As I said earlier, implementing the change might be slow, but steady, but once it’s deeply rooted in existence, it’s going to enable a kind of very fast dynamism, growth, evolution that airy Gemini natives adore. This card can represents long distance travels, especially abroad or oversees, so for some of you this might translate to opportunities abroad or the chance to relocate, for others this is going to represent documents, communication, the evolution of legal matters, legal papers, court cases which are in your favor, new and very significant social connections with people abroad, new studies, higher education, or the change to use your studies and your degrees and last but not least new love from across the sea, or with a foreigner.


Knight of Wands reversed, 6 of Swords, Page of Coins. For natives born under the sign of Cancer, October is going to be quite a challenging month from an emotional perspective, because their attention, focus, and energy might be required in several different areas of life at the same time, and this is going to exhaust them emotionally, but towards the end of the month it will be well worth it, from a material perspective.

The Knight of wands is in reversed position, because many of you guys might be experiencing a karmic wake-up call, telling you that, in the present moment you simply can not be consuming your energy, focus and attention on trying to reach and sustain emotional clarity within yourselves, neither can you invest too much of your energy in relationships, friendships, social circles, because you need every spark of energy you have to spare, to invest in material progress, career (studies for some people), working towards saving money, better managing your financial situation, all for the sake to ensure a much more stable, richer and safe future, from a material perspective. The King of wands represents your drive, your ambition, your determination, all the power of your passion, which is imperative for your to overcome obstacles, find solutions and make progress, tapping into your “inner fire” may be very difficult at first, but after you see palpable results, that it is steering you in the right direction and the material aspects of your life are evolving and new solutions are entering into your life, you can consider that Knight upright, meaning that weaving your passion, power of will into your every day routines is going to become something permanent.

The 6 of Swords is a very different energy, but it’s correlated to the Knight of Wands. This card speaks about the necessity to move on from a certain situation which is blocking your subconscious, and thus blocking new things and new connections from entering your life. For some people this is a relationship, one that may have ended already, but you just couldn’t find the strength to move on and accept the new reality, that it’s no longer part of your lives, for others the 6 of swords speaks about work relations, or your relation which a company, employer which is simply not proving to be a prosperous source of income fro your future, or you may have grown very tired and fed up with the same activities and problems every day, so you might have to follow what your mind tells you and seek for a better, more suited environment, either one that provides more income, or one where you will be much more appreciated and get the chance to be in the spotlight. This can also mean something totally different, where you might either have studies, or relevant knowledge/experience in a certain domain, but for personal reasons you are not pursuing a career in that domain, so the 6 of wands could mean the start of a transition, where you might see the wisdom and usefulness to try again. For others still, this card means the necessity to break free from a financial, material perspective from your partner, family or someone you share an accommodation with. Regardless how this plays out, this is just the very first step towards transitioning, once this need to move one, progress is born in your mind, slowly but surely things will come together that will enable you to successfully complete it.

The Page of Coins is a very good sign, because it promises you financial opportunities. This can either be a project type work, a collaboration with someone, it could also represent a raise, a reward, a new position at work, or for some natives it could be a financial help from family or siblings. This Page also tells you, not to shy away from new offers, opportunities even if they only mean a very small financial gain, or even if there is no material gain just experience and honor, because investing some time and effort into something new can lead to a much greater opportunity in the months to come.


The World, The Fool, 4 of Coins reversed. For natives born under the sign of Leo, the month of October has a very potent karmic touch, rewarding you for some good and wise choices you made in the past, and it also offers you certain closures you really need, especially from an emotional perspective, giving way for new energies to enter your lives.

The reading is opened by the World card, which speaks about completion, karmic rewards, and a favorable turn in a situation you might deem lost or failed in the present moment. For some the World card represents a sense of justice, where certain people, so called friends, a toxic narcissists, or a life partner may have wronged you, not treated you very well, or forced their own truth on you. Regardless of how this played out in your life, the World card promises you fairness, justice and equity, which can come either as an apology or deep regret from a person who wronged you, it can also be the succession of events which are going to prove to everyone your fairness, the fact that you were right, or that you were truthful, but it can also represent unexpected honors, a gift, a fortunate event that is a direct consequence of your good karma. For those Leo natives who might have a legal, court case, or those who are owed legally binding compensation, or they requested any kind of help from an institute of the state, the World can can represent a favorable resolution, obtaining that which which is rightfully yours.

Last, but not least, this can also represent reconciliation, peace, forgiveness, renewed friendship with someone from the past, or a family member.

The Fool is also a very positive sign, because regardless of how the World card’s significance plays out in your lives, it’s going to turn into a very powerful motivational force bringing out your very best self. It also has a spiritual connotation in the sense that feeling guided, protected and supported by higher powers, is going to enable you to be your boldest, strongest, true Leo self, and each time in life when something like this happens, you usually make the best choices, your dream big and aim for success, follow your choices up with significant action and determination. The Fool card speaks about such a time coming for you in October, and it represent a new beginning which can manifest in several areas of your life: it can be a new job, new career, or maybe for some of you guys taking a risk to go freelance; it can also mean a fated connection with someone who is gonna become your new best friend or soulmate; for some natives this can even mean wanting to have a child, or something very positive happening in the lives of your child, you already have children; this can also mean new spiritual knowledge, an new path, trying out something totally new; it can also represent beginning new studies, a new course, the opportunity to learn new skills; and last but not lest the Fool card is also associated with taking a big risk, or better said leap of faith, so this can mean investing money into something very uncertain that is going to pay off very well. In very rare cases it means winning something, by gambling.

The 4 of Coins in reversed position closes this reading, and it’s symbolism can be interpreted in a very dual way. From a spiritual perspective, the 4 of coins reversed means the lack of materialism, in the sense that your material situation, during this time will be your last priority, and because you won’t put your focus and attention into material aspects of life, other areas are going to benefit, so this can mean more time to indulge yourself in all the emotional pleasures of life like being with friends and family without constantly thinking about the dangers of overspending; it can also mean gestures of compassion and generosity which are going to make you feel absolutely fantastic and very proud of yourself; last but not least sacrificing your material prosperity in order to invest the time and energy into your selves, purchasing something of greater value that is going to serve you well, or for others this can mean investing material resources into your health, physical well being or your aesthetics.

From a totally different perspective the 4 of Coins reversed can represent extra income, or material benefits that you are going to spend, invest in yourself, in a slightly greedy way. While there is not question about the fact that you fully deserve it, the resources could also serve you well in the future, if you would choose to save them. Last, but not least this card in reversed position can also speak about your sense of self worth, which even though is reflected very obviously by other people, your life in general, the quality of your work or your work ethic, the satisfaction of your superiors etc. you still might struggle believing in yourself fully, and because of this certain opportunities might simply evade your grasp, especially when those are gonna take the form of job interviews, or if the opportunity is a new partnership in every sense possible.


Page of Cups, 5 of Swords reversed, The World. Natives born under the sign of Virgo, despite the fact that most planets have migrated from your sign, into Libra, won’t make the month of October any less dynamic and soliciting from every possible perspective, the vibes and general feeling of September are going to extend unto the following weeks.

The page of Cups opens the reading and it is a very favorable energy which can mean a number of different things. First it represents yourself, your emotional world, the dynamics of your feelings, thoughts and the matters of heart so to speak, all of which are going to serve your highest interest, and instead of confusing you, instead of triggering insecurities and worries, this time around your feeling are going to be well grounded, you are going to be in total control and have the chance to use the love, compassion, and all of the good intent you have within you as a very potent power source to help you make progress, be as creative as you possibly can, inspirations, motivation, good relations with others, gestures of compassion and kindness are all going to ensure that you are well balanced and at least from an emotional and spiritual perspective are in your position of power.

The page of Cups besides a state of emotional empowerment can also represent a number of different things: new friendships, new alliances, based on something you love, it can also represent reconciliation, reaching a state of emotional serenity with your partner, friends, everyone relevant and important around you, it can also represent help, support, guidance, advice from someone who is full of good intentions, it can also represent new love, or new romantic connections, if you are single and last, but not least it can represent a major source of happiness coming from your child, for those natives who are parents.

In certain cases, especially for those of you who are in an established bond, this can represent a loving gesture, a surprise, or a grater expression of love coming from your partner.

Regardless how the Page of Cups plays out in your life, it is meant to serve your emotional empowerment, making sure that you can act from a place of clarity, being in tune and aligned with your feelings and giving you the chance to imbue your actions and choices with the power of your love and passion, making everything easier.

The 5 of Swords is also a very good sign, because it might speak of the recent past, maybe the last 5 weeks, where certain situations, relations, businesses, professional connections may have disadvantaged you, or certain people who you were dealing with here dishonest, backstabbing or extremely manipulative. In reversed position the 5 of wands speaks of the wisdom, diligence, and ultimately awareness needed to seek your own justice, may that be a compensation, may that be the chance to express your dissatisfaction, may that be an apology or gesture of regret that you need. Of course this is kind of double sided, because you will equally look at yourself much more objectively and identify your own naivety, your weak points, maybe your idealism for trusting certain people or situations which you shouldn’t, so whatever damages this injustice may have caused in your life, may that be on a friendship level, professionally or even legally, this is going to be a major lesson, and a valuable source of life experience.
From a totally different perspective, this card also symbolizes an inner change, a state of rationality, lucidity and logic, where you can stop yourself from all gestures of self sabotage, that source from your subconscious. For some people this might be a lower self esteem, for others this can be naivety, for others an idealistic approach to life, or quite the contrary an excessive, almost paranoid fear of failure, for other still, perhaps an exaggerated self sacrificial tendency where you blindly serve others without ever saying no. So from this perspective the 5 of Swords reversed signifies your inner work, finding a very healthy and balanced sense of self worth and self discipline, knowing when you need to focus only on yourself and your own interests, and when you are in a position from where you can also help others, or be very considerate of their own personal interests. This can also represent a very potent karmic lesson about trust, when to offer it freely and when to be extremely diligent when dealing with others.

The World card closes the reading, which further promises you karmic rewards in form of completion, closures, happy ending. This is strongly correlated to what you have been working on the last year, which goals and desires of yours have you invested much time and energy into, what changes have you been striving hard for and tirelessly to accomplish, because the World card suggest, that it is that area of your life, that goal of yours where you have invested all your focus, that’s going to show much progress, offer you rewards, or if finding solutions and clearing obstacles was what you have been working on, then in that case all those things are finally going to disappear from your life giving you a greater sense of liberty and freedom. For some people, this can represent a very powerful and fated event, that is meant to offer them a closure, or a karmic justice in their lives, and this can go back to childhood, if during that time you had struggles, injustices, a lot of problems, then chances are a new phase and cycle in your life is about to begin, to offer you the chance to live the opposite, to find happiness, more love, more joys, more serenity within your life, and thus reaching a state of balanced karma.


The Moon, 3 of Cups, Justice reversed. For natives born under the sign of Libra, the month of October is going to be quite emotional, a lot of repressed feeling and memories of the past may come to the surface, and even though they might cause some discomfort, it is a fantastic opportunity for emotional healing and releasing past baggage. It’s also the month of your solar return, so I would like to wish all Libra natives a very happy and blessed birthday, may your ruler Venus, being in her home sign bring you blessings and rewards.

The reading is opened by The Moon card, which symbolizes emotional vulnerability, restlessness, remembering old hurts and pains but also very nostalgic moments of happy times. This card may be linked to the New Moon taking place in your sign on the 28th of September, and since new moons have a sphere of influence of 6 months after, it could be the case that this card signifies the healing that the Moon in Libra opposing Chiron is going to produce. Your sign rules relationships, romance, love, partnerships, so it is wounds, disappointment, negative experiences and traumas produced by your past relationships that are going to come to the surface, reach your awareness and then be healed. This can represent a time of emotional vulnerability, loneliness, being in a constant dreamy state where it is very hard for you to focus on real life things, and this is why past experiences can have such a very strong grip on you and reach your consciousness. The positive side of this card represents moving on, fighting and conquering your subconscious fears of not being loved, being abandoned, not being worthy enough to receive the love that you are dreaming of, this doesn’t necessarily have to represent romantic love, it can do with any type of relationship like a friendship, partnership, association, parents, family etc. Regardless of what feeling the Moon is going to pull to the surface, it gives you the change to reach a state of emotional clarity, where you can obtain a very healthy sense of self worth and self love, and looking back at your life through the lens of self empowerment, you can identify where you have made mistakes, and most of these mistakes may be due to your naivety, idealistic approach or perceiving reality the way it suited you best, not necessarily the way it actually was. This is a huge source of wisdom, life experiencing, deep psychological knowledge, that can serve you very well in the future, it can prevent you from making the same mistakes again, from offering yourself as an easy sacrifice for others, it can offer you the strength needed to say NO, to follow your own best interests, and actually embody your sense of self worth and self love, not just keep it as a principle that only exist in your mind.

The 3 of Cups is a wonderful sign, because in correlation with the interpretation of the Moon card, new, fresh social connections are going to enter your lives, new people, who actually match your inner truth and through their gestures and way of being, they can facilitate your healing, they can offer you inspiration, motivation, love, friendship, moral support needed to become your very best version.

This can also represent a time of flirts, celebrations, tapping into all the small pleasures of life, socializing, celebrating, sharing emotional values with others.

For other people, the 3 of Cups can represent very significant new social connection that can facilitate the businesses, projects, lucrative goals, or a hobby.

Last but not least, this card doesn’t necessarily have to involve other people, this can simply represent your love for life, your desire to live life to the fullest, it can represent a work, efforts towards achieving emotional healing, feeling good about yourself and being proud of the person who you became and actually expressing this state, showing it to the world. For creative, artistic natives, this can also represent great inspiration, artistic vibes, creativity, guidance, appreciation of your work by others, or it can even have spiritual connotations, representing divine guidance and connection with your guides.

The Justice reversed closes the reading and this can speak of a number of different things. Those of you who have legal cases, are waiting for a legal, official response, a trial, are owed compensation or are awaiting for a decision of an authority, then this card can represent a change in the situation, where you might need to make compromises or adapt to a change of circumstances. This can also mean delays, the slow movements of documents and communication, or the need to follow additional procedures.

For other people the justice refers to very important decision that you will have to make in the month of October, a decision which is also legally binding, and in your case, the fact that this card is reversed, speaks of your inability to decide, not knowing exactly what the most ideal option for your situation might be, or it can mean oscillating between 2 decisions. The best way to go about this is to offer yourself as much time as you need, and not to base on your decision neither solely on cold logic and rationality, neither purely on what you feel deep in your hearts. You need to reverse the this card into upright position so that you can weight the consequences of your choices with totally lucidity and presence of mind, and consulting with either professionals, if the decision is of that nature, either with loved one who wish your highest good, can help you see things much more clearly and ultimately come up with the right decision.


8 of Wands, Strength, 10 of Cups reversed. For natives born under the sign of Scorpio, the month of October is going to be very dynamic, fast changing, and it can offer you a lot of opportunities to advance with the accomplishment of your goals.

The 8 of Wands is a very favorable card, because it speaks of movement, dynamics, fast paced evolution of events. From a professional perspective this card can symbolize new business, new connections, new opportunities to help you grow and evolve, but also new sources of experience, studies, maybe a new course. For those of you who run your own business, this can also represent a potential partnership from a foreign country, possibly overseas, it can also represent auctions, new contracts, new offers, or a fantastic new business idea that you are going to follow up with action.

This card can also speak about long distance travels, or possibly someone from another country who might want to visit you. For those of you who are single and looking, the 8 of wands can also represent the arrows of love, so there is a chance for you to make significant new connections, and there is the potential of love and a new relationship, but from a place, or from a source you least expect it from.

The 8 of wands generally speaking, represents very quick moving energy, so communications, documents, legal issues, official communications are going to go very well and fast paced.

The Strength card, represents a number of different things, firstly it refers to your physical bodies, to your health, and it promises healing, regeneration, more energy, more drive, more passion, more endurance from a corporal perspective. Those of you who have suffered from health problems in the past 8 weeks, or went through a psychically challenging time the past 8 months, this card represents regeneration, recovery, a doctor’s visit that is going to prove extremely beneficial and promote healing and recovery. From a totally different perspective, this card also symbolizes sex drive, passions, desires of sexual nature, and in this sense October can be a very busy and active month.

Last, but not least, this card in certain cases can also represent spiritual power, your inner Mars, or inner Sun, in astrological terms, that is going to extremely powerful and where you put your attention, wherever you place your focus, your mental and spiritual energy, the Universe is going to conspire in your favor, so during this time knowing your priorities, what you desire to accomplish and focusing on those areas of life can provide you with a lot of good fortune or easy progress.

The reading is closed by the 10 of Cups reversed, which isn’t the best energy, because it speaks of the lack of emotional support from someone you love. This might be your partner if you are in an established bond, or it could be either your family, best friend, sibling etc. for single natives. The situation described by this card may occur due to other areas of your life requiring your input and attention, a very big workload, or simply a state of emotional vulnerability, which you may not want to share with your loved ones, and this may generate some emotional conflicts, harsh words being said, or the feeling of being abandoned and disappointment.

In very rare cases this might speak of infidelity either that of your own or of your partners which can represent a big turning point in a relationship.

Regardless of how the 10 of Cups plays out in your life, there is a very easy way to navigate through any kind of emotional challenges, and that is standing from a place of self respect and self love. Knowing what respect and love means for you, gives you the chance to treat others the way you, yourself would like to be treated, and this fairness and emotional equality can guide you through every possible source of emotional discord, for if you try your very best to be as understanding and as open as you can, those who you are dealing with can follow your example and this way harmony can be reached and the 10 of Cups can bless you in upright position, where it means loyalty and emotional satisfaction.


Queen of Wands, The Devil, 2 of Cups reversed. For natives born under the sign of Sagittarius, the month of October is going to be quite intense and fiery, but perhaps not in the most favorable expression.

The Queen of wands in reversed position opens the reading, and this might be due to the astrological aspect of Jupiter in your sign forming a very powerful square, a conversation of tension with Neptune, an energy that can disappoint and cause disillusions in many areas of your life. This is exactly what the queen of wands reversed means, it’s anger, rage, frustration, inner conflict, due to the fact that many things in your life are not the way you desire them to be and despite your work, efforts, energy you invested into aligning different areas of your life according to your desire, a lot of things, especially ones that do not depend on you are stagnating, or even taking a very unfavorable course, much to your dissatisfaction. This might threaten your sense of self worth, for, physical reality, and the way the material and social aspects of your life are in the present moment might contradict the way you think your deserve them to be. During this time it is advised to think well before you speak, a heightened degree of self discipline is advised, because sudden actions, quickly expressing your thoughts and opinions might not be received very well by other people, so a diplomatic approach is highly advised.

For other this queen in reversed position might signify boredom, a passive approach to everything, the lack of motivation, inspiration and drive, and this might be the cause of dissatisfaction and disillusion.

The Devil card speaks about a number of different things, it’s main symbolism has to do with accomplishing your desires, having your way, manifestation of your will, but with strings attached, compromise, or the need of manipulating others. Usually this card appears when you might sacrifice a lot of effort, might go through a lot of trouble in order to get something, obtain something, have your way, in a very insignificant matter, one that appears to you to be way more important and relevant than it actually is. Another meaning is material gains, business, material help, relations and social influence coming from another person that can lead you to gains and advantage, but one which you will ultimately have to pay back or return the favor. It depicts a “you scratch my back and I scratch yours” type of situation, where you are being challenged to think through very well what you are doing, who you are getting into partnership and business with, where the help that can advantage you comes from, because if you are not able or willing to make compromises, it can disadvantage you greatly in the future. It’s the kind of situation where “not everything that glitters is gold”, so you must be very careful when dealing with people you don’t really trust, or if you get on offer or an opportunity that is simply just too good to be true, there might be hidden motives there.

Also the Devil has very potent sexual connotations, where you might meet a person who can offer you a lot of physical pleasure, or can help you explore your own sexuality, your fantasies, your most secret desires, but this can turn into a very tough situation either because you or that person either have commitments in your lives, or because one of you is going to develop feelings which the other won’t reciprocate.

The 2 of Cups reversed speaks about conflict and tension in partnerships. Those of you who are in an established bond, might go through challenges, obstacles, conflicts, differences in opinion and principles within a relationships, so this can spell an emotionally challenging time where you relationship might be threatened by temptations, another person or personal differences. For those of you who are single this can either mean the end of an important friendship, or it can mean a new relationship that is going to disappoint quite quickly.


5 of swords, Death reversed, 4 of wands. For natives born under the sign of Capricorn, the meeting of their ruler Saturn and the South node (a symbol of the lessons and mistakes of the past) may bring temptations, and recurring situations into their lives, thus testing their wisdom, diligence and patience, a test which if it’s successfully overcome can lead to emotional security, self respect and ultimately self love.

The 5 of swords can represent a number of different things, all of which are meant to depict temptations and karmic tests. For some of you this doesn’t have anything to do with another person, but rather an old, self sabotaging behavioral pattern, that you are inclined to play out every time you enter stagnation, procrastination, things move very slowly and you simply can’t find significant progress in your lives. For some of you this can represent the tendency to look for confirmation of your worth on the outside, something that usually attracts toxic narcissists into your lives who tell you everything that you would wanna hear, but also feed on your generosity, energy and kindness.

For others, this might have to do with some professional connections where you might be a victim of a false promise made to you, which can disadvantage you and you might be quite displeased with yourselves for being naive enough to fall for it. For others still, this card can represent the selfishness, self absorbed attitude of certain people who play an important role in your lives, for example your partner, parent, very good friend etc. and there might be a verbally aggressive, manipulative, back stabbing tendency coming from them, when you might disagree with their point of view, or have different preferences. Regardless of how this energy is going to play out, it will be a time of conflicts, polemics, misunderstanding and misinterpretations, ether with someone who you trust, or these can be inner conflicts as well. The best way to navigate through this energy is to be very patient, loving and caring with yourself. Others can only hurt you, if you allow them, even if you might find yourselves being in a situation of unfairness and disadvantage, you can simply consider this as a blessing of the Universe unmasking those people and showing you their true colors, and this in itself is a great advantage because you will know what and who to avoid in the future, and even if all of this is just something interior like an inner conflict or inner dilemma, you can tap into the knowledge and life experience of the past, to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes, bad choices and self defeating behavioral patterns of the past.

The Death reversed is a mixed sign, because it speaks about change, but one that is coming very slowly, and it depends very much on you and your actions. In this sense many of you are probably looking for new ways in which you can transform your lives, your reality, your social positions, into something that you’d be totally comfortable with living, doing, being in, for the rest of your lives. Many of you might be looking for a source of extra income or a professional change that can allow you to enjoy a greater sense of material stability, so that you can advantage, help, support other people present in your lives who are going through the same crisis or instability as you are. This kind of change is coming, but there are still unresolved issues in your lives that need closure before the change can take full effect. Those unresolved issues may have to do with some personal things like finishing your studies, finishing a course, dissolving a contractual obligation, getting totally out of debt, finding resources or the opportunity for a new home, legal issues that need time to progress, finding a new job or a better professional position, or for others it’s merely inner work, emotional healing, reaching a state of maximum inspiration and ambition. Regardless what it is in your lives that keeps the death card from being upright, those things need to find resolution, completion, closure etc. in order for significant change to enter your lives, and the month of October is going to be a fantastic opportunity to eliminate those obstacles and invite the change into your lives.

The 4 of wands is a very favorable sign, that means finding a greater sense of unity and connection. The 5 of Swords at the binning of the reading signified conflicts and challenges coming from your social connection and from people who you may trust, all of which can be a very heavy burden for some natives, because it might make them feel alone and abandoned, but this is where the 4 of wands’ symbolism comes into play, because it represent the support, encouragement, unity, solidarity coming from your family and close friends. So just as one area of life challenges you and provides you with temptations of all kinds, another one, symbolizing your closest familiar and soul connections comes to the rescue providing you with everything you need in order to find balance. Just as some people show their true colors in an unfavorable sense, others will delight and surprise you with their love, support and the belief they invest in you. For others this can also represent celebrations, reunions, homecoming, the decision to relocate, a new house, new home, or establish a family of your own.


4 of Cups, Page of Wands reversed, Ace of Wands reversed. For those born under the sign of Aquarius, the month of October may present a lot of evolution and progress, but this dynamism will require a lot of your focus, attention, and hard work and most importantly a very high level of self discipline.

The 4 of Cups opens the reading and it represents epiphany and sudden realization, especially from an emotional perspective. This can offer you moments of great pride a valid source of self love, because life might prove to you, from an emotional sense, that you have made the very best choices in the past 4 years, breaking free from unhealthy, toxic relationships and preventing others and society in general from taking advantage of you. This can also represent moments when you are at the peak of your spiritual power, a state of being that grants you clear vision, and allows you to make the very best plans for your future, set out new goals and new intentions while applying wisdom, diligence and perfect harmony and equilibrium between your heart and mind. This card can also represent divine guidance, divine help, as a response to your prayers, contemplation, meditation where you desperately desire to attract something in your life, may that be a new relationship, something you desire to accomplish or a big purchase. Not only will you receive significant guidance in this sense, but also the Universe will try to conspire in your favor, to enable you to get what you want, as long as you proceed with patience, diligence and maximum rationality.

The Page of Wands reversed signifies your impulsivity, quick actions, hasty decisions, spur of the moment choices, which might not always advantage you, it can also symbolize quick words, speaking before thinking thighs through profoundly and also taking rather foolish risks. As the 4 of Cups suggests, you are going to be quite strong and well balanced emotionally, you are going to feel guided, supported and steered in the right direction by the Universe/your soul/the power of your mind, and that can lead to certain actions, choices, reactions which are a little bit too overly confident, so during this time it’s not really advised to rush things, it’s not really advised to act on sudden impulses, no matter how strong they may be, because the guidance and emotional clarity that you are going to benefit from, requires you to think things through very clearly and go into the smallest details, not to just focus on the big picture, ignoring anything else. If you can control your temper, the sense of urgency and haste, then you successfully reserved this Page, and it will mean grabbing opportunities when it’s most ideal, taking all the right initiative, having courage, ambition and determination to get what you want.

The Ace of Wands closes the reading and it’s also reversed, which may not be the very best sign, because this can warn you not to rush anything, not to take unnecessary risks, not to force opportunities to come to you, not to let your desires and dreams turn into obsessions, because everything that seems very good and positive can be a source of disadvantage and negativity if we blindly choose to leave everything else beside and blindly, without consideration rush to the “finish line” or bullseye.

In certain cases the Ace of Wands reversed can speak of accidents, unfavorable events (material loss, false promise, missing out a one in life-time opportunity, getting involved in heated conflicts etc.), it can also represent a huge conflict, angry words, rage, burning bridges, or offending someone with an uninspired gesture, ego crisis.

Just as the situation described by the Page of Wands, it is in your power to make sure to either avoid the negative representations of this Ace (misfortune) by acting with calmness, diligence, and self discipline, or you can turn it around transforming it into a huge advantage, a big opportunity that you can cease with careful planning, a lot of patience and by putting your wisdom, life experience and the sharpness of your intellect to good use. In other words, if very advantageous offers enter you life, be sure to think it through and double check their authenticity, if it’s an opportunity to make a big purchase be very sure that it won’t cripple you financially on the long run, if it’s an offer of love and romance do not believe empty promises and sweet words, rather wait and take things very slowly, and if it point to a big conflict, in that case be sure to always act and speak from a place of equality, compassion and the desire to honestly understand the perspective of another person, not just to blindly enforce your own.


The Fool, Knight of Swords, The Chariot. For natives born under the sign of Pisces, October is going to be a month of progress, clarity and finding new ways in which you can attract success and well being into your life.

The Fool card opens the reading and it speaks about the recent past, where you might have been “forced” by life to step out of your comfort zones much more than you would have done under normal circumstances. Even though there were situations, social connections, having to deal with people with very diverse backgrounds which may have caused you a certain inner discomfort, you are going to see the results of your work, of your courage, of all the risks you took throughout the month of October, because either some of the new connections you’ve made, or certain risks that you took are going to return into your life as opportunities for new business, collaboration, you might be invited to travel and make visits, especially oversees, you might be asked to share your professional expertise in very rewarding ways, you might be invited to take part on a conference or even the opportunity to learn something new which you might have shown interest for.

Another connotation of the Fool, doesn’t refer as much to events that have to do with your professional life, but rather your personal life, the Fool can symbolize the desire to live life to the fullest, to do what your heart dictates, the chance to enjoy your freedom and independence, lightheartedness, laughter, play, sharing your joys with others, so this might indicate that besides professional connections and advancements, it’s also going to be a time to immerse in the pleasures of life, to align with the inner child, and let your spirit of youth and lightheartedness shine truth, all of this can recharge your batteries on a soul level and give you the empowerment and courage to face everything that life throws at you without any kind of fear in your heart.

The knight of Swords promises you communication, advancement of documents, relations with authorities, organizations, new contracts, new offers, new business, or the completion of pending promises. Regardless if this has to do with your professional life, or with personal issues, this card is very quick energy and it promises you clarity, very good communications skills, reaching consensual agreements, relevant information, knowledge and data reaching you.

Also, it can represent your sense of logic and rationality, the quickness of your mind, and in this sense you are definitely going to be in the best shape, you are going to make all the right decisions, take the right actions and your diplomatic skill are going to advantage you greatly.

The Chariot is also a very favorable sign because it means triumph, victory, relevant progress. If there is stagnation in a certain area of your life, then this card means dynamism, mobility, a state of empowerment and guidance where you can take very important steps in the right direction, if you are working on something important, that you would like to accomplish, then this card represents the results of your efforts and hard work, in some cases it can represent healing, recovery, regeneration, especially if you had problems with a dual organ (lungs, kidneys, eyes etc), last but not least this can also mean travels, invitations, going on a journey.

Regardless of how the Chariot manifests in your life, the progress, accomplishment, triumph it promises is the result of your own inner stability, balance and acting from a place of wisdom, taking into consideration your life experiences, so this comes as a sign from the Universe to show you that inner work can actually influence in the best of ways our realities.

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