Weekly horoscope: September 29 – October 6

Hi everyone and welcome to your horoscope for the week of September 30 – October 6, we have an active and powerful sky playing out all week, where the energy shift that has started to take place last week, is going to continue with Mars entering Libra, and Mercury entering the sign of Scorpio. Also, the tensionate aspects that we inherit from last week are slowly going to start to break up, giving way to the very powerful sextile between Jupiter and Venus to bless at least one area of our lives, but as we start to head towards the end of the week, there will be more challenges, more obstacles, perhaps more karmic test awaiting us, which source from the square between Saturn and the Sun and later on Pluto is also going to form the same type of celestial conversation. Another important celestial movement that is going to provide a massive impact over the next couple of weeks is Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is going to stop in the sky and prepare to move direct, around the 3rd of October, and this is going to mobilize the stagnating energies in our lives and helps us advance further with the changes we wish to enable in our lives, but also it’s going to favor the elimination of all those things that no longer serve us.

We start the week, being still under the sphere of influence of the very potent Libra new Moon, that took place on the 28th of September, and this celestial dance of the Sun and Moon opposing Chiron is meant to bring balance to our existing relationships, but also provide us with healing for all traumas, negative experiences hurts etc, which source from past partnerships, and through this it gives us the opportunity to attract and experience a fantastic new beginning in that area of our lives which is ruled by Libra. The square, a conversation of tension, that both Pluto and Saturn hold with Venus, may force us to ground ourselves and the way we think about love and relationships and it also invites us to act from a position of balance, dignity and most importantly accept nothing less coming from other people, than that which we also offer unconditionally. As I said in previous horoscopes, the square between Pluto and Venus is a source of truth of where we currently stand regarding all our relationships, and the truth, an objective perception helps us and guides us to heal all our relationships, where both us, and those people who we are dealing with approach each other standing from a position of equality and fairness. If this is not the case, Pluto provides us with the strength to change everything that we must, in order for our relationships to be healthy and balanced, otherwise they may risk termination, an ending which we must do for ourselves without regrets and hard feelings, for a relationship that doesn’t treat us as equals, can’t never have truly positive effect on either one.

As we start to head into the week, the power of the square is going to lose intensity, giving way to a conversation of harmony, a sextile between Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius and Venus, who is also in her domicile of Libra. Even though this aspect is going to exist simultaneously with the square with Pluto, this is actually a wonderful sign, because the sextile can provide us with very lucky energies, very fortunate breakthrough, and the fact that both Jupiter and Venus speak from their home signs, makes the power of the sextile extremely potent, and the square serves as a permanent energy of awareness, guiding us to act with dignity, equity and fairness, so that we can cease every opportunity that the sextile can offer us. Both Jupiter and Venus are considered planets of luck, good fortune, protection and prosperity, so this energy can be very beneficial, if you are willing to work with it. This can provide you with very lucky connections to people who can play a very important role in your lives, regardless of the nature of the relationship, it can make you very attractive, not just from a physical perspective, but everything about you, speech, mindset, principles, your passions etc., it can attract help, generous offers, promises from other people who see your true worth, it can represent very lucky connection for those of you who are single and looking, but it can also offer moments of bliss and serenity for those people who are in an established bond. Your work, self expression, everything that you put out there has the chance to attract all the right kind of attention, so this energy favors those people who know what they want and are not afraid to express it. This energy also favors those who have legal issues, court cases, are owed compensations, are waiting for legal documents to come through, are looking for a job, partnership, association, new contracts and legally binding agreements can come into existence during this time, and it also favors travels, especially long distance ones.

Another very important aspect with some tension to it, is the square between the Sun traversing the sign of Libra, and Saturn in Capricorn. This energy is predominantly Saturnian, for Saturn speaks from his domicile of Capricorn a sign where his symbolism is amplified, while the Sun speaks from a sign where it’s symbolism is at it’s weakest, so this represents a very karmic period, where we are being challenged to respect our own being’s rules and regulations, our own morality and moral integrity but also those of others, for during this time Saturn may challenge us to be quite critical with ourselves, and only after we pass our own soul’s and morality’s judgment, to point the finger at others, or to start questioning the honesty and efficiency of those present in our lives. This celestial dance, can also be considered as a wake-up call, a karmic test to see just how seriously we take our self worth and self respect, for we are being invited to embody our principles, to wave our inner truth into all our actions, choices, communication and relations with others, we are invited to accept and process all the criticism that may source from people who surround us, and use their feedback in the most constructive ways possible, while also offering constructive feedback to others, but in a way through which we still offer them the highest degree of respect.

This aspect can challenge and test certain relationships regardless of their nature, those with a strong emotional bond won’t just survive the energy of the square, but it will strengthen and consolidate their unity, while those who might not share a very strong bond or if that bond is not based on soul level truth, but rather necessity or comfort, then, chances are it won’t survive the energy of this square.

Later on in the week, Pluto is also going to square the Sun in Libra, and this can represent very potent karmic moments, fated encounters that can change our perceptions about relationships, it can be a powerful eye opener, and ultimately it gives us the chance to change all those things within ourselves that simply don’t do us justice, all those traits, forms of self expression, which we use as tools to show the world who we are. This can be a very powerful time of auto-psychoanalysis where we might be given the opportunity to observe in a very objective manner, how others see and perceive us, and this in it’s self gives us a massive power, a power to understand to correlation of the inner processes that govern our behaviors and in which form is our inner configuration expressed, shown to the world, and if we manage to bring to our awareness all those obstacles, all those subconscious programmings, all the influences coming from the outside (TV, internet, circle of friends, society etc.) which may flaw or distort the way people perceive us, opposed to what we wish to show, or the truth that only we can see in ourselves, then we posses everything we need to change and to find a greater sense of balance. Seeing ourselves from a very objective point of view can also dispel misaligned beliefs and fears about our past relationships and why they didn’t work out, for when we lack the ability to observe the self from the outside, from the perspective of an observer, we are unable to identify and become aware of our mistakes, excesses, self sabotaging attitude, negative self talk that we project on the outside, all our fears and insecurities that we also project upon others without even knowing that we actively do this. Even though seeing the uncensored truth about ourselves is painful, disillusioning, quite challenging for many people, at the end of the day, this is something imperatively necessary to find balance by taking the blame, the inner critic for everything good or bad present in our lives, and since the Sun is not very strong in the sign of Libra, this means that the Ego won’t fight back at the truth so fiercely, giving us the chance to change and eliminate from our behavior everything that we simply can no longer accept to project unto others, and this way we achieve a state of balance for we stand from a righteous place when we have the pretense that others respect us, the way we respect them.

Another very significant celestial energy shift is going to be Mercury reaching 30 degrees of Libra, a very important and critical moment for communications and connections to take place, after which is enters zero degrees of Scorpio. In this part of the sky, Mercury infuses it’s symbolism with the power of emotions, increasing our emotional intelligence, giving us a huge advantage to navigate through our own emotional states, but also to observe, analyze those of others, and this can help us figure out, deduce, intuitively “guess” what is going on inside their emotional worlds, what they are thinking and feeling, if they are being honest or deceitful, if they are acting from a place of truthfulness or if they are covering up secrets. Mercury in Scorpio is quite a “scientific” energy, where we might be inclined to do research, try our best to figure out all those things that are hidden from our sight and our awareness, to satisfy our curiosities, uncover secrets, mysteries, conspiracies, but it’s also very powerful when directed at the self, because Scorpio is the symbol of our repressed feelings, most secret thoughts, desires, our most unusual and “arcane” dreams.

If this wasn’t enough, towards the end of the week, we have a very strong opposition between Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus, this is going to be an energy of maximum tension, for as I said earlier Mercury in Scorpio is quite emotional, perhaps not always in a very rational way, it can represent out most secret, hidden repressed emotions and thoughts which we may not even admit to ourselves, where Uranus is the total opposite, it always promotes the truth, it tends to uncover, expose all secrets, it is very rational, cerebral, logical, it’s all about the mind and most elevated thoughts and not as much about the heart and feelings, so this opposition can be quite challenging, given by the fact that Uranus is associated with shocks, surprises, instant, sudden realizations and chaos. During this time secrets may be exposed in the most unexpected fashion, may it be our own secrets, or may it be those of other people, or even on the world stage, it’s a time of conspiracies, it’s a time of emotional cleansing and clarity, but one that challenges us to access all our repressed emotions and things we may not want to admit even to ourselves, and find a healthy balance between our rationality and sense of logic, and our emotions and the power they hold over us.

This will be a very powerful time, when many people will want to fight for the truth, for disclosures, to prove or disprove conspiracies, and we might be seeing all of this on the world stage, where world leaders might be challenged by revolutionaries, visionaries, freedom fighters etc., certain subject long buried may be exposed, and the interest to reach the truth may be sparked up, this can also represent the beginning of a powerful financial crisis, for we are being challenged to manage our debts before they get out of control, and this will also be a very important theme of the world stage, the balance between prosperity and debt, for during this time it may come to our awareness that certain people, organizations, nations who apparently are very prosperous may have a financial “black hole”, their debts may get out of control.

This is not a favorable time to make huge purchases, take financial risks, but it’s might be a very good time to manage debts and personal finances with a clear sense of logic, diligence and thinking and prioritizing the long term future.

This aspect can cause nervous breakdowns, anxiety, psychological instability, extreme emotional vulnerability, for Uranus can pull everything that we hide, repress, do not want to acknowledge to the surface and we won’t have much choice, but to work with this energy and try to reach balance.

Surprising communications, unexpected turn of events, very powerful “coincidences” may shock us and form a few days they may turn our worlds upside down, but this can also play out in a very favorable ways where epiphanies, sudden realizations, coincidences, secrets revealed can guide us exactly where we wish to be, and this can also offer us very surprising, delightful, unexpected solution to our financial problems, perhaps coming from areas which we never ever considered until this present moment.

Mercury, a symbol of our speech, communications and thoughts tends to be very “poisonous” in the sign of Scorpio, so we might be very quick to express our hurts, dissatisfaction, disappointments, we might be very critical and unforgiving, so this can spell conflicts, misunderstandings, dramas.

Another important energy shift is Mars entering 30 degrees of Virgo and then into Libra. 30 degrees of Virgo is kind of important, because it represent a critical degree, where Mars is especially strong and not always in the best of ways, so this can represent conflicts, frustrations, intolerance, irritability, hot hotheadedness, the unwillingness to compromise, accept defeat, surrender etc.

Last, but not least, perhaps the most important moment of next weeks celestial configuration is Pluto standing still in the sky and going direct on the 3rd of October. While in retrograde phase it’s energies turned inwards, so we were invited to cleanse ourselves, do inner work, change everything that we needed to within ourselves, in other words, during it’s retrograde phase, the change came from within and only after it was obtained within ourselves did it manifest on the outside. Now, with a direct Pluto, things will pick up speed, and the power of change, transformations, regeneration, alchemy is going to enter our lives without warning, regardless of how we are on the inside. This is the time where outer influences, events, scenarios taking place in our lives can impact us and force us to change, realign our inner worlds and our inner truths, this can also represent the power of fate, the hand of destiny.

Since Pluto still dances together with Saturn, who is also in his domicile and touching the South Node, this can represent a very powerful karmic period in our lives, when karma, the consequences of our actions and choices take effect immediately, with great haste, and force us to break old patterns, learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. This can also be interpreted in a very positive way, because this is also valid for positive manifestations of karma, for if we were very busy and did as much inner work and change as we possibly could during it’s retrograde, then we are very likely to benefit from our hard labors, it can truly represent a time of harvest.

Thank you so much for reading, I wish everyone a fantastic and blessed week!

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